Friday, January 1, 2010

Jackie Chan, Yao Ming, Rose Parade

The very first reports about the parade are hitting the Chinese networks.

Good to see Yao Ming found a way to get on the float. Good to see the New Little Fortunes are there with Jackie. Float looks fantastic. I am sure they all had a great time and the Expo had some fantastic exposure.

Morning News in 2010 the first ray of dawn is coming, millions of viewers from across the United States have arrived in Los Angeles near the Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, eagerly looking forward to the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. In order to "City Better Life" as the theme of Shanghai World Expo float the U.S. local time January 1 debut here, and she slowly onto Parade Road, drew the audience cheers.

The audience exclaimed, "absolutely fabulous"

When entering the float Expo exhibition, the crowd burst into warm applause and cheers. Russell tourists from Chicago, exclaimed: "absolutely fabulous! She brought me a sense of the rainbow." Gelei Shi told reporters in Los Angeles, two months later to become a bride's dress she was selected "World Expo float models cheongsam is too elegant, and I want to wear it into the marriage hall. "Gelei Shi said.

Many in the audience said that the Expo parade inspired them to Shanghai and the Shanghai World Expo will be of interest, they look forward to after the opening of the World Expo in Shanghai experience.

This is the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade 121-year history, the first time to the Expo theme of the float. Float parade participated in the Shanghai World Expo ambassador Yao Ming, Jackie Chan and Yue Fei guests of Friends of the United States, James La Feiwo and from Shanghai's performing arts groups, the site attracted more than 100 million viewers. More about the world's 150 areas, 500 million viewers watch live television spectacular event.

Chinese donate 350,000 U.S. dollars

The Expo 35 million on the float is fully funded by Chinese Americans, overseas Chinese investors. Is responsible for fund-raising led by the President of South Hualian Chang Su-old said: "This hard-earned 350,000 U.S. dollars." She told reporters that the initial program is 10-bit Chinese, overseas Chinese donated 20,000 U.S. dollars per person, and the other by a company alone invested 150,000 U.S. dollars . However, for various reasons, the company's interim decision to quit.

In the face of insufficient funding, making the float into the predicament, has invested 20,000 U.S. dollars for 100 people members of Mr. Xie Ming added an additional 150,000 U.S. dollars to ensure the Expo floats completed on schedule.

Expo float designer Lao Erluo Rodriguez said he hoped to arouse people to float in Shanghai and the Shanghai World Expo is more interest. "I have childhood pictures and movies from the known Shanghai, Shanghai, like to imagine, but it was witnessed and realized the beauty of Shanghai," Rodriguez said, "I hope people watch the Shanghai World Expo float resulting from such a The idea - which is one I long to visit, re-visit the city! "

Of this parade's theme is "2010: superior." Float Committee Chairman杰夫斯罗普said that the theme and the Expo theme of "City Better Life," contains a similar blessing. "Wishing the parade more exciting, I wish life getting better and better." Northrop said.

Northrop said that the Expo with the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade will be the marriage of both a positive role in promoting. Northrop wish the Shanghai World Expo will draw on parade platform to play a more significant influence.

Expo and Parade marriage

Shanghai Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Mayor of Shanghai Yang Zhenwu rates on behalf of the delegation of the Shanghai World Expo site to watch the parade. Yang Zhenwu acceptance of the mainstream U.S. media in the local American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and told them to Chinese elements float Expo, the Shanghai World Expo features reflect the contents of a message to the Chinese people and peoples of the world to enhance cooperation and deepen friendship, information and hope through the parade, let more people understand the World Expo to participate in World Expo.

The People's Republic of China in Los Angeles Consul General Zhang Yun, vice minister of Propaganda Department of Shanghai Municipal Committee, Municipal Government Information Office Director, Song Chao took part in the Expo floats selection activities.

Expo participation in Tournament of Roses Parade float was in 2010 before the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai, Shanghai World Expo to attract attention to the American people will be a major promotion activities.

The dissemination activities by the State Council Information Office, the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles in support of the Information Office of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau, the Shanghai Municipal Culture, Radio Television Authority, the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration jointly organized by the South China Expo Rose Union (the United States of Chinese Associations of Southern California) co. (Jae-Fei)



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