Pasadena Jackie is headed your way

Apparently Jackie's appearance on the Shanghai World Expo float in the Rose Parade, Pasadena, California is confirmed while Yao Ming's appearance depends on his foot.
Hong Kong film star Jackie Chan and NBA star Yao Ming will probably appear on a Shanghai World Expo float in the upcoming Rose Parade new year celebration in Pasadena, California.

Chan's appearance has been confirmed but Yao's appearance depends on the fracture in his left foot, according to Chinanews.com. The duo are promotion ambassadors for World Expo 2010.

David Mark Winfield, an American former major league baseball player, and US Expo Commissioner General Jose Villarreal will also board the float.

The float measuring 16.8 meters long and 5.5 meters wide is being decorated with up to 100,000 flowers. Many overseas Chinese are busy at a workshop in suburban Los Angeles for the decoration.

A float from Shaanxi Province will also take part.

The 121th annual Rose Parade is scheduled to take place on January 1, featuring dozens of variously themed floats and spirited marching bands from across the United States and those representing foreign countries.

Since it was launched on New Year's Day in 1890 in Pasadena, about 20 kilometers east of Los Angeles, the Rose Parade has become an international event watched by millions of people.

A Beijing Olympics float appeared in last year's parade.


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You almost never hear about the recipients of Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarships so here are three for you:

Marcus Choy

Doris Yu

Max Chan

Other news:

Make-A-Wish Foundation - I want to meet Jackie Chan

Jackie off to the USA?

On Jan 1, a little piece of Shanghai, China, is set to roll down Colorado Boulevard in the Tournament of Roses Parade, to promote the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

The Rose Parade is in its 121st year, but the World Expos have been going on even longer - 159 years, dating back to the first fair in London in 1851.

More than 70 million visitors are expected to visit Shanghai from May 1 to Oct 31, with 200 countries exhibiting. Though a more historical event, the Expo's exposure is not all that different from that of the Rose Parade, with 100 million people from 217 countries expected to watch the event on television.

It's not uncommon for cities to enter floats in the Rose Parade, but the Shanghai Expo float this year, and the Beijing Olympics float in 2008, are firsts for China.

Pasadena's mayor, who has traveled to China four times, sees the event as a reflection of the Rose Parade's reach.

"It's locally produced, but globally enjoyed," says Mayor Bill Bogaard.

Replicas of Shanghai's signature skyscrapers have been built to adorn the float, with action-film star Jackie Chan and other dignitaries on board, while 86 roller-skating dancers representing China's 56 ethnic groups are flying in from Shanghai to perform on skates around the moving monument.

The float has its origins in a group of men and women who are part of Southern California's Chinese-American community.

Sue Zhang, chair of the Roundtable of Southern California Chinese-American Organizations, traveled several times to China this year to convince organizers that the Rose Parade was worth the effort.

An engineer by trade, Zhang went to the United States as a visiting scholar in 1981 and decided to stay.

It took some convincing on Zhang's part to show that Pasadena was important to expo officials, who had their minds on Paris and New York.

"They are not in Los Angeles," she says. "They don't understand how good the Rose Parade is. They said 'why?' They think about the whole world, why would they put their energy into the US and Southern California?"

Once Zhang got permission from Beijing to use the Expo logo and slogan, and the Shanghai Information Office was on board, the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles also helped facilitate the Shanghai float's participation in the Pasadena parade.

"The Rose Parade is a celebration of different cultures, and also I believe it's a very good opportunity for various cultures around the world to know each other," says deputy consul general Sun Weide, in an interview with China Daily US Edition.

Next, Zhang had to find a way to pay for the project. Luckily she had some practice the last time she put a float in the Rose Parade, to promote the Beijing Olympics.

For the $400,000 Olympic float, Zhang found a sponsor in Pasadena-based office-products manufacturer Avery Dennison. For the Shanghai Expo, the budget is slightly smaller, at $340,000.

"Instead of five mascots for the Olympics, the Expo only has one mascot - Haibao," Zhang says with a smile.

Zhang and her colleagues were able to meet the budget by dividing sponsorships among the roundtable's member organizations, as well as the New York City-based Committee of 100.

The group is a national organization founded by I.M. Pei, Yo Yo Ma and other influential Chinese-Americans. Members work to foster good relations between the United States and China and encourage "the full participation of Chinese-Americans in all aspects of American life".

Under the theme "Better City, Better Life," the Shanghai World Expo aims to offer the best practices of each exhibiting country, with an eye toward harmony between people and nature.

It will be the first time that a World Expo is held in a developing country, organizers say, and it promises an unprecedented use of renewable energy and green standards.

Zhang and her colleague, roundtable vice supervisor Charles Lu, want to do their part in showing Americans what China is all about.

Lu says: "Chinese people in China know more about the United States than Americans know about China. With a big event like this, we can get more understanding of each other."

Chinese are similar to Americans, he adds, when it comes down to the basics.

"They are very traditional," he says. "They care about family. It's very simple, they want to make money for a better life."

There's also the global picture of China and the US as world leaders in a time of uncertainty.

"Right now, China and the US are two big, very strong countries," Zhang says. "If you want the whole world to have peace, America and China have to get together. We are friends. We are not enemies. We are not competition."

Source: People's Daily Online

Bawang Shampoo

More about the new range Jackie has just been asked to promote

Bawang Group Launches 'Men's Series' Shampoo & Hair-care Products

New Professional Chinese Herbal HPC Products for Men

Aims to Enhance Product Portfolio

HONG KONG, Dec. 30 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- BaWang International (Group) Holding Limited ("Bawang Group" or the "Company", HKEx Stock Code: 1338), a leading enterprise in Chinese herbal shampoo market in the PRC, announced the launching of Bawang Men's Series ("Men's Series"), a new product series under Bawang brand, which will be available for sale in China through various distribution channels.

(Photo: http://www.prnasia.com/sa/2009/12/30/20091230818589.html )

Men's Series is the first high-end professional Chinese herbal shampoo and hair-care series launched in China market. It has been developed by the Group's R&D center after years of product R&D. Men's Series consist of three product categories covering shampoo, hair-care and shower gel products. Its shampoo products include the "Professional Anti-hair Fall Shampoo set" and 5 single products of "Daily Hair-care Series", totaling 6 products. The "Professional Anti-hair Fall Shampoo set" is used for prevention of men's hair loss, while the "Daily Hair-care Series" comprises 5 products, namely "Darkening & Strengthening Shampoo", "Strengthening & Shining Shampoo", "Refreshing & Activating Anti-dandruff Shampoo", "Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo" and "Darkening & Anti-dandruff Shampoo", all of which are designed for men who face different hair-care problems.

Following the launching of Royal Wind branded shampoo and hair-care products and Herborn branded Chinese herbal skincare products, Men's Series is another major new product line under Bawang brand. To effectively promote the new product series and carry through its image of "Mature, Successful and Real Man", the Group continues to retain the international superstar Mr. Jackie Chan to be the brand ambassador of the Men's Series. The Group will implement multi-facet sales and marketing strategies to promote the brand. Apart from tapping into the nationwide marketing campaign of the movie "Little Big Soldier" starring Mr. Jackie Chan, Men's Series will also be promoted through different marketing channels including TV, newspapers, magazines and internet so as to build up the professional Chinese Herbal HPC products series for men and make it a well-known brand in market.

Ms. Wan Yuhua, CEO and Executive Director of Bawang Group said, "Being the leading brand in Chinese herbal shampoo market, Bawang brand has won widespread market recognition by its inherited traditional Chinese herbal culture and the accumulation of product formula, researches and experience. It has laid a solid foundation for Men's Series and created synergy in brand marketing, product promotion and distribution network. It will also benefit the Group in implementation of product promotion campaigns in an effective manner. We will continue to introduce more diversified HPC products in the future to further enhance our brand and product portfolio."

"Inherited the legacy of traditional Chinese culture, the Group is determined to advocate the culture and spirit of Chinese herbal medicine through introduction of quality Chinese herbal HPC products to cater to market demand especially consumers who pursue a natural and healthy lifestyle. Going forward, we will further extend our product lines and continue to implement multi-product and multi-brand strategies, aiming to become a global leader of branded Chinese herbal HPC products," said Mr. Chen Qiyuan, Chairman and Executive Director of Bawang Group.

About Bawang Group

Bawang Group primarily designs, manufactures and markets Chinese herbal shampoo and hair-care products as well as other products such as toothpaste and shower gels. Awarded the Well-known Trademark of China in 2007, Bawang brand has become the leading Chinese brand in the Chinese herbal shampoo market in the PRC. According to Euromonitor, Bawang brand had the largest market share among all Chinese brands in the overall shampoo market in the PRC in terms of retail sales in the first half of 2008 of approximately 7.6%. Its market share in the Chinese herbal shampoo market in the PRC in terms of retail sales in the first half of 2008 was approximately 46.3%, far ahead of the 2nd player. As of 31 December 2008, the Company has an extensive distribution and retail network comprising 567 distributors and 46 KA retailers, covering 24 provinces and four municipalities in the PRC as well as Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

Apart from Bawang Brand, the Company has introduced a new Royal Wind branded Chinese herbal shampoo and hair-care products and "Herborn" branded Chinese herbal skincare products in May and December 2009 respectively. Bawang Group successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 3 July 2009 with the stock code 1338.
For further information, please contact:

Porda International (Finance) PR Company Limited
Ms. Sharis Siu
Tel: +852-3150-6771 / +852-9316-8576
Email: sharis.siu@pordafinance.com.hk

Ms. Fiona Ko
Tel: +852-3150-6750 / +852-6025-0533
Email: fiona.ko@pordafinance.com.hk

Ms. Agnes Liu
Tel: +852-3150-6739 / +852-9319-8360
Email: agnes.liu@pordafinance.com.hk

SOURCE BaWang International (Group) Holding Limited


Pictures from NIST, Bridges Visit

There is an entire directory filled with pics of Jackie's visit to the New International School, Thailand to be found on their website HERE.

Have FUN!

Little Big Soldier Poster Launch

This report translated better than usual. I must confess only Jackie could a laugh out of the audience by referring to his own movies as 'dog ***'.

There is video of the event at SINA.COM and I must say the New Seven Little Fortunes have improved by leaps and bounds. They are singing as a group now and have the choreography of the dance down pat. Really good to see all the hard work is paying off.
By Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom starring film "Private Game" will be held February 14, 2010 New Year's Day release. Yesterday morning, Jackie Chan attend the "Private Game" the official poster ceremony. For this the fruit of more than 20 years, Jackie Chan is very confident that film is absolutely not a "Drunken Master 1", "Drunken Master 2" kind of dog ***. Apart from Jackie Chan, other participants will perform the new Seven Little Fortunes, Seung Jun, Lin P also performed posters ceremony.

At the press conference scene, Jackie Chan, the film theme a cappella song "rape," why not allow for the Lee Hom concert? Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom side of learning to the R & B style of singing, while singing the words that make Lee Hom put inside the local flavor have to sing out.

"Private" preference "potato"

"Private Game" Although Jackie Chan's new work, but Jackie Chan revealed that 20 years ago thought about the story: "This story is only two people, the story is difficult to think, then the script is to provide Jaycee Chan and Jiang Wen played, but the Jiang busy shooting his film, sight, and later wants to Sammo Hung, and my acting, and eventually me and Lee Hom, make their own soldiers had. "It took 20 years for this effort works, Chan said the domestic audience of high quality, not indiscriminately shoot, or film the first day of release, the next day can be scolded into a web.

In the active site, referred to Jackie Chan movie completely unstoppable when it comes to Xing Department, Jackie Chan Ching suddenly open throat singing video has local flavor of the song "rape," and then we in the field Let's talk about the creation of this song , the original Jackie Chan is very Italian "potato" should be felt on singing this song in the very feeling. However, as directed by Ho Ping's "Wheat Field" came out, as incompatible with the historical emergence of the "eat potatoes" of the lens, have been condemning the audience, Jackie Chan had to part with, "such good lyrics, can not be inconsistent with the history to go into ... ... "

"Soldier" from the grassroots level

Before Jackie Chan debut, "Private Game" in the actor a new Seven Little Fortunes, Seung Jun, Lin Peng and other "soldier" on stage one after another just give wonderful performances, and talk about Big Brother and the master Jackie Chan co-operation feelings. The new Seven Little Fortunes disclosed in the "Private Game" they want to play dead, carry the lighthouse and so on, Jackie Chan to teach young people they are now easier to Xinfuqizao, a lot of things from the grassroots level.

Korea Dance singer Seung Jun in the "Private Game" is also an electric shock the big screen, and the idol Jackie Chan co-brother for the first time. For this and the experience of filming with Jackie Chan, Seung Jun disclose to work together with their idols are very excited to get the script just can not stand when you are too let him completely unable to sleep. To get a good film, Seung Jun in Chinese is also a great progress in the field will be able to freely exchange complete without an interpreter, he boasts that he is South Korean singer in the Chinese put it best. With Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom's "dirty" shape is different from Seung Jun praise themselves on a white horse in the film is truly a "Prince Charming." (Spring City Evening News)


More Dragon's Heart News

Beijing Hyundai have joined up with Dragon's Heart to provide audio-visual equipment, computers and training in several Dragon's Heart Primary schools in Guizhou, Liupanshui, Shuicheng County and Tamanoya River Village.

December 23, Beijing Hyundai, "Dragon Seed Heart" audio-visual student activities in the forest city of Guiyang, cosmopolitan shops and special shops to start. Sponsored by the Jackie Chan and the endorsement of the charity brand "Dragon," says an official with the public interest in the automotive industry has a strong reputation of the Beijing Hyundai to join hands together to launch Beijing-modern "Dragon Seed Heart" audio-visual systems engineering student. The project will be donated over the years by Mr. Xiang Chenglong's "Dragon Seed Heart" School donated audio-visual equipment, installation of computers, providing volunteer training services, etc., continue to improve the relatively poor areas of educational resources teaching conditions. Since then, the "Dragon-line world," With a public good "modern mind", the automotive industry has also been a symbol of student brand.

According to reports, as the public project forward, Jackie Chan in "Dragon Seed Heart" school where there will be "Beijing Modern Electric classrooms" and the corresponding audio-visual student. As Jackie Chan's "Dragon Seed Heart" project closest strategic partner, Beijing Hyundai will be 1-3 every year by the "Dragon Seed Heart" School donated audio-visual equipment, and organized by Beijing Hyundai employees to donate time to time to go to school volunteerism. Meanwhile, online recruitment will be donated by the netizens around the school, the owner, to be donated to the school computer teaching guide for teachers. Student in this audio-visual activities, the Beijing Modern local dealer had given a very close cooperation and great support and help. Beijing Hyundai dealers are not only large numbers of employees, the team will be sent to the audio-visual equipment, donated by the school, while the 4S shops, especially in Beijing, Guiyang cosmopolitan modern special stores, through call-store publicity means more owners to participate in the Beijing Hyundai to the student activities, to achieve broad participation of public action to allow more students to benefit.

Detailed reporter learned that in 2009 the first batch of modern audio-visual contributions to accept Beijing's "Dragon Seed Heart" schools in Guizhou township level 3 primary schools, including six DC Liupanshui langdai a small, two-Shuicheng County water a small and Tamanoya river village primary school. Pairs of water a small and a small langdai respectively 2435 and 1344 students, but only one electrical classrooms, computer severe shortage of school and sometimes only four people are sharing a computer. The child's jade has 342 primary care rural stream is still no electricity classroom. Beijing Hyundai will be donated 150 sets of computer equipment and supporting tables and chairs as an electrical classrooms, teaching projector, cabling equipment.

Said Zhang Zhiyong, deputy general manager of Beijing Hyundai, Beijing Hyundai has been the spirit of "the pursuit of excellence, and create better quality of life" business philosophy, constantly improving its product quality and technology at the same time, has always actively supported social welfare and charitable undertakings. The past seven years, Beijing Hyundai to carry out various types of student activities, education, Beijing Hyundai passionate. Be able to contribute to China's education cause modest means, is the social responsibility of Beijing Hyundai, Beijing Hyundai also has consistently adhered to the return of social enterprise development concept.

"Dragon-line world" is a well-known charity brand, which aims to integrate and Mr. Jackie Chan Jackie Chan vehicle network edge resources for Chinese charity to contribute. With the Beijing Modern "Dragon Seed Heart" audio-visual student activities start, and various "Beijing Modern Classroom with" The establishment of Beijing Hyundai will also be online recruitment of "Beijing Modern audio-visual student volunteers", and under the opportunity to be in the right donated school teaching assistant, for more students to open the skylight and spiritual wisdom.


And in a related report:

Dragon's Heart Tour:

Summary: The weather is cold, but in the course of bursts of warm my heart been an impact to see the kids happy in the eyes of my heart to be a hint of comfort. Through this event I realized that there were indeed many people who need our help, then I will be in public service activities as a part of my life, hoping for whatever circumstances we offer a helping hand to a dedicated their love .

In the rapidly developing economy and society, people every day for money, housing, good jobs ... ... rushing forward to a time seemed to favor the well-being, social harmony are the people forgotten. A few days ago, Hubei Yangtze University Student groups have the heroic deeds of rescue, let me emotions.

More than 10 university students to connect with their tender arm played a leading life-long ladder, the students want to give the others will be left to his own death threats, in the Yangtze River era sounded a loud and clear Zhuangge. They were young and fearless spirit of the ladder, the interpretation of "90 after" a new generation of responsibility and play, they used the precious lives of the young, pass a courageous sacrifice for justice - the Chinese traditional virtues. In them, we are pleased to see the contemporary college students, young people's new spiritual outlook and excellent overall image, they are worthy of pride and example for young people.

This event not only allowed me to see the human side of Sound of Music and also made me realize I should not do something. Precisely at this time, Beijing Hyundai to recruit volunteers, as the owner even gave a thought I have not joined the ranks of honor. Received by the first task is to follow the "Dragon Heart" Love the team went to the Liupanshui 6 SAR langdai a small donation of computers and other school supplies.

Our convoys crossing the mountains

Living in the metropolis, I did not think these places still so backward.

By langdai a little I have seen children's happy to play, to see our team is so shy look.

Donation ceremony, Beijing Hyundai's leadership to bring us the goods handed over to the school, the children cheered surprise us moving.

The weather is cold, but in the course of bursts of warm my heart been an impact to see the kids happy in the eyes of my heart to be a hint of comfort. Through this event I realized that there were indeed many people who need our help, then I will be in public service activities as a part of my life, hoping for whatever circumstances we offer a helping hand to a dedicated their love .


Dragon's Heart News

Jackie sent 84 sets of warm clothing to poverty stricken and disabled residents of Yanji City, Jilin Province. 28 families attended the ceremony to hand over the warm winter clothes.

The afternoon of December 22, the state-cum-together was held in Yanji City, Charity Chan's "Dragon Seed Heart" project of the Working Group as "Dragon Seed Heart" poverty-stricken people with disabilities residential homes winter clothes distribution ceremony. The ceremony, on behalf of 28 residents came to the scene for themselves and their families received the cotton-padded clothes. Although they each person has different degrees of disability, but after wearing cotton-padded clothes, his face showing a different kind warm smile.

It is understood that Jackie Chan went to Beijing a few days ago when he heard "Dragon Seed Heart" project of the Working Group will go to some parts of Jilin Province condolences miss played a new Economic Development Zone is located in Yanji city, "Dragon Seed Heart" place to live inside the 28 poverty-stricken Area families of disabled people, asked Miss Deng Jun, director of the Working Group said: "The cold winter of the Northeast and hope 'Dragon Seed Heart' homes residential households in the attention of the body, do not cold, I will see them empty." Jun Deng said, , in addition to people warm words, Jackie Chan also sent someone ordered the 84 cotton-padded clothes, transportation to the Yanji City Charity Federation, through the charitable arm of a unified distributed to 28 of 84 populations.

LI Zhen-Yu is a resident on behalf of physically disabled persons, the age of six suffering from polio left leg disability. She told reporters that when she and her family life is very embarrassment, when the mind has become very fragile, "Dragon Seed Heart" Home Safety District Office, she had a place to live. The formal inauguration of this year after the district's first winter, the family has put on a special ordered for them, "Dragon Seed Heart" cotton-padded clothes, this care if a fire, people with disabilities in the poverty-stricken heart is always warm, and bright.

Source: Yanbian News or TRANSLATED

Jackie to attend People Choice Awards?

According to this Jackie is part of the star studded line up expected to attend the People's Choice Awards on the 6th of January.

A star-studded selection of talent from film, TV and music including Sandra Bullock, Colbie Caillat, Mariah Carey, Steve Carell, Jackie Chan, Chevy Chase, Kaley Cuoco, Ellen DeGeneres, Jenna Elfman, Johnny Galecki, Ginnifer Goodwin, Tim Gunn, Taraji P. Henson, Josh Holloway, LL COOL J, Hugh Jackman, Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Laurie, Taylor Lautner, George Lopez, Kellan Lutz, Kathryn Morris, Jim Parsons, Paula Patton, Ryan Reynolds, Nicole Scherzinger, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Sofia Vergara and Kate Walsh are scheduled to attend the People’s Choice Awards 2010 to be broadcast live from the Nokia Theater L.A. Live in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Jan. 6 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network. The night will kick-off with an all-star musical number with host Queen Latifah and surprise guests and later will feature a dynamic performance by Mary J. Blige.

The People's Choice Award winners are determined by the fans and currently the 2010 show has logged in a record-breaking 60 million votes. The categories of Favorite New TV Comedy and Drama will remain open at www.peopleschoice.com until show night on January 6. For Favorite New TV Comedy, fans can vote for Accidentally On Purpose, The Cleveland Show, Cougartown, Glee and Modern Family. For Favorite New TV Drama, the nominees are Flash Forward, The Good Wife, NCIS: LOS ANGELES, V and The Vampire Diaries.

Source: RBR.COM

More Photos from Poster Launch

Jackie also did a promotional presentation for Bawang Shampoo at the same time:

Source: 21.CN

Official Poster Launch 'Little Big Soldier'

Jackie and the cast of 'Little Big Soldier' held an official poster launch ceremony in Guangzhou today.

Official Chinese Poster

Jackie singing the theme song A Capella

The full cast


A series of new stills from 'Little Big Soldier'

A series of new stills from 'Little Big Soldier' have been released.

Photos: QQ.COM

Haicang Charity Foundation

A very short video can be found HERE. (50 sec)

Another longer video HERE. (3:37) featuring actress Wei Wei and her 3 sons.

Longer video of Jackie interacting with the children HERE (2:43).

One more HERE (1:43)

2 more photos:

Netease Entertainment December 29 reports (text / Zhang Na) Haechang Charitable Foundation Anniversary of the establishment of a small stand-cum-welfare fund launch yesterday (28) in Beijing, such as the World's Children Center, Jackie Chan brought Seven Little Fortunes, Yvonne Yung Hung ( blog) his wife, Wei Wei, and three sons, Wang Zheng jointly arrived at the scene of activities to help out.

Jackie Chan to accept a child "Interrogation"

Yesterday launching the "public good little idea," the ceremony, the sea warehouse Charitable Foundation said it would collect the children a broad variety of public interest advocates, such as the world's children through the screening committee for the screening out of a small public advocate, sea warehouse Charity Foundation and for example the world will come up with nearly one million of the funds to help children achieve their dreams of public service.

In the active site, the children of the provisional form a small press corps to question Jackie Chan. Everyone rushes to mention a bunch of problems, leaving them struggling to defend themselves against Jackie Chan. Big Brother Jackie Chan to teach himself "into a Dragon Punch" to the children, the children see a very Qijin Er, from time to time to imitate the moves of Jackie Chan gestures. The singer Wei Wei is with three half-breed child to the scene to help out and sang "Love the dedication," Wang Zheng also a co-blind children singing "We are all good boy."

When he died at zero deposits to achieve

Jackie Chan keen to charity in recent years, but he believes he has not done enough, hoped to have more people to join the ranks of charity. He repeatedly put forward the "zero deposit" was yesterday, he again mentioned: "I took me ten years ago, half of the property donated to my foundation, I have to do in my time of the death of deposits is zero."

He disclosed that his childhood home because of the poor, and later, after seeing what fame had wanted to buy something like a result, have saved up a full six large warehouse, "Every one is on a million, but for me it is rubbish, So now, if what a friend likes, I have bought them, and then deposit the money into my foundation to help others. "


And a varied collection of photos of the event HERE.

Here are a few of Jackie from the collection:

Some interesting Old Video clips

Found these browsing youtube today:


Jackie attends charity, explains and has a moan

Jackie attended a charity event today in Beijing celebrating the anniversary of Haicang Charitable Foundation. During the event they looked back over the past year's events, interacted with children who were a 'mini press' asking questions and taught 'Dragon-style' kungfu.

Later Jackie answered some questions from the 'big' press about the upcoming Spring Festival which is where the 'explain' part of this blog title comes in. There have been questions asked about exactly what Jackie was going to do for the spring festival. I reported that he had recorded a version of Guo Jia for the show with the New Seven Little Fortunes but the internet has been buzzing on and off since then with questions about a comedy routine with Zhao Benshan or a skit with New Seven Little Fortunes based on 'Little Big Soldier'. Today Jackie explained that he has been approached by the organisers to do something but that with Zhao Benshang still recovering from illness that will not take place. In addition a skit based on 'Little Big soldier' (apparently there were 2 separate ideas in the works) has come to nothing with both sides now not wanting to do anything.

Then we come to the moaning part. Jackie, speaking about the charity event, said that children as recipients of charity had largely been ignored and that if he could choose his career he would most like to be a traffic policeman. He said that the traffic in Beijing was horrible. There are too many cars and people do not pay attention to the rules of the road. If he was a traffic policeman he would fine every one with special penalties and use the money for charity! LOL Jackie, Jackie, Jackie!

Now we get to the fun part:



This year's Spring Festival Evening, Chan was invited to his friend Zhao Benshan sketches appear, but for various reasons did not take place. Yet to be determined later this year, recovering from illness Zhao Benshan partner, Jackie Chan, will cooperate with Zhao Benshan is the focus of everyone's attention. Yesterday, Jackie Chan in Beijing to attend the event, said, "Although Spring Festival Evening crew approached me, but now nothing certain."

About Spring Festival Evening

Very much like the cross-bank performance

Prior to exposure of Jackie Chan on the network next year, Spring Festival Evening Show, "Jackie Chan's older brother to be played on the Spring Festival Evening skit called" Private Game "is a funny musical comedy drama, is also another skit scripts form of singing." "Private Game" is a preparation for Jackie Chan a 20-year blockbuster film, how could it become a comedy? Yesterday's confirmation on the matter to Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan said that the two sides are now determined nothing, so do not easily answered. However, he said that he likes to cross-bank performance.

About Charities

Blame themselves insufficient attention

Yesterday, the world held in Beijing, such as an anniversary celebration Haicang Charitable Foundation charity-cum-small stand to start the ceremony, Jackie Chan, blame themselves for adults only concern the past, but paid little attention to the children. Chan said that if they could choose their own career, he most wanted to be traffic police, "Beijing's car too much, and the roads can often see the driver does not abide by law to pay, if I were when the traffic police, special penalties for such an initiative would person, the fine money to use charitable cause. "

LOS ANGELES December 28, 2009 afternoon, the sea warehouse Charitable Foundation Anniversary of the establishment of a public-cum-small-claims action in Beijing, "such as the World" held at the launching ceremony. International movie star Jackie Chan, Yvonne Yung Hung wife, singer Wei Wei, Wang Zheng appeared together with the Fund reviewed the activities of the site over the past year charitable events, and with "little press corps" to question and answer interaction with children to have a cordial exchange, but also to teach the kids playing the "Dragon-style" shadow boxing.

Organized by the well-known host the spring of Ni-chaired an international movie star Jackie Chan attended the Seven Little Fortunes brought jointly review the past year the Foundation charitable events, and with "little press corps" to question and answer interaction with children to have a cordial exchange, but also teach children to play played a "Dragon-style" Tai Chi Chuan. Jackie Chan's older brother on his own charitable cause for the views and attitudes and the presence of friends in the media were also conducted in-depth exchanges. Jackie Chan spoke: "In the past we are always concerned about the adults for the charity's view, this sea-store charitable funds raised by 'public good little idea,' Let us for the first time expressed concern about the child's good. I think this event not only for our provides a new direction on philanthropy, but also makes us aware that the concept of charity should start from the child. "

The singer Wei Wei with his three sons, were at the event to share with you child's education from childhood stars Charity Thanksgiving heart experience. The best female singer singing the title of Wang Zheng in cooperation with the blind pianist performing the classic song "We are all good boy." Finally Jackie Chan, Yvonne Yung Hung his wife, Wei Wei and other celebrities and the Haicang Charitable Foundation leadership positions handprints pressed together to start the sea-warehouse Charitable Foundation charity small claims action. Zheng Fude / text and map


This is the Haicang School Project

And just reading on the site news Jackie also participated in a 20th Anniversary dinner on the 22nd of October this year.

Autumn in October, is the harvest season, Haixin Group also welcomed the 20th anniversary of her birthday. October 22, "20th Anniversary Celebration Haixin Group Charitable Fund-cum-sea-store launch" ceremony was held in Taiyuan Jinci State Guesthouse.

Shanxi Province, the leadership of Zheng Li-wen, YANG, and, Hu Ping, Zhang Ping, Guo Xiao, Removing the United Kingdom to ensure that policy to attend the opening ceremony. LI Zheng-wen, Hu Ping, Gao Wei-dong, Pei Liang-Jie delivered speeches respectively. Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Yu Quan combination, Chen Kun, Han Xue show business stars such as the establishment of the Foundation expressed warm congratulations.

United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation announced the official launch of the sea stores. And pointed out that the Foundation's first charity project in the next 10 years to help 1.2 million yuan a year from the difficulties of living in Shanxi Province 200 old Red Army, Eighth Route, the old party members and families to develop production and improve their lives.

Haixin Group, a long-standing philanthropy, the Foundation Chairman Li Zhaohui told reporters: "As one of the sponsors of Glorious Cause, from the Haixin Group, founded, we will - straight to charity作成Haixin Group, an important component of social responsibility part. Since 1990, Haixin Group accumulated to nearly 2 billion on social contributions, donated schools, rural health clinics, homes for the elderly, for the surrounding towns and villages to drill wells, bridges, roads, for the poor residents, the elderly and the disabled, donated money and goods. May 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Haixin Group is funded contributions to hit 12.19 million yuan. Through years of practice in the field of charity, we are also aware that, charity is also a highly professional: working not just money and things as simple as that, but it needs careful to run. to get every penny donations can play a greater role, not live up to the donor's good intentions to attract more people into charitable causes, which require specialized agencies and professionals to manage. Therefore, we decided to set up Haixin Group, Mr. Li Haicang, former chairman of the non-public offering, named after the Foundation --- 'Hai Cang Charitable Foundation' to a more professional team will Haixin Group's luster the cause of persistence to do so and make it flourish. Haixin Group also rely on the influence of efforts to mobilize more social resources and contribute to the community. We believe that the 'sea-warehouse Charitable Foundation' will not only promote the company's progress, but also shows that the sea Xin Group's commitment to corporate social responsibility for the confidence, but also to my father, Mr. Li Haicang best way to commemorate. "



為慶祝兒童權利公約20週年及加強大家對兒童權利的認知,聯合國兒童基金會國際親善大 使成龍特別向大家介紹兒童權利主題曲,籍此希望世界都能關注兒童權利。

(To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and raise the awareness among the public of CRC, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan introduced the UNICEF anthem to draw the worlds attention to childrens rights.

"Hello everyone. I'm Jackie Chan. November the 11th is International Children's Day, and it's also UNICEF's 20th anniversary. Over the past 20 years, UNICEF has continuously promoted the awareness of children's rights, protected the dignity of children, and have ensured that children receive sufficient love and care. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of UNICEF and upholding children rights, we especially composed a song in the hope of dissolving the borders between different customs, cultures and nationalities. We hope to use our music to unite our strength and efforts for children. Please continue to support UNICEF. Thank you very much, thank you."

Source: JackieChan.com

This is the anthem:

'Lullaby: The UNICEF Anthem' is a new composition by UNICEF Canada Ambassador Steve Barakatt.

The Anthem was composed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Produced in collaboration with other UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, musicians and video artists from around the globe, Lullaby is dedicated to the world's children and the realization of their rights. Mr. Barakatt also directed this music video featuring stirring images from UNICEF's photography archive (second director Allan Legarth Nielsen) .

To learn more about the Convention on the Rights of the Child...please visit: http://www.unicef.org/rightsite/

Jackie talks about producing The Myth Series

Very interesting what he says about his feelings about helping develop/promote new actors, and interesting what he says about the themes of the series.

Reporter: How did you shoot initiation TV version of "myth" the idea of it?

Jackie Chan: To be honest this movie began as a producer actually a bit hesitant about the film version is too deeply rooted among the concrete in this film is often very difficult to interpret on the basis of new content, the audience already has an established concept. But when I turned a few pages of the script, he immediately attracted by this script, read in one breath, and then produced and directed research in some scenes what lens, what is the idea of composition of such substantive issues. I think the script is very important, a good script to the actors and directors can be more play space, and "myth" of the script gave me the first impression is very rich and full of limitless possibilities, proved true.

Q: how do you think of the number of directors to choose to work together?

Jackie Chan: TV for lack of space cooperation between the issue of directors is necessary. But the number of films to participate in the work of understanding and communication on the existence of the problem, such as the general director Jiang Jiajun and blue Zhiwei directors, and they sometimes play together for discussion, in particular, are the highlight of filming will be repeatedly discussed plans, they are more than a dozen co-operation year partner, are familiar with each other, often tacit, so I think that everyone is very understanding and co-operate. We also have a group of dedicated shooting military plays. Industry specializing in surgery, making sure the guidance Wu martial arts movie director than the line, so that the scene shot on arms control by the involved parts of the text to show Chiang guide them. Clear division of work between us, cooperation, very happy.

Reporter: You have promoted a lot of new people this time, will worry about this?

Jackie Chan: promotion not really, I just like to give the audience something fresh, "knowledge person" is very important, because it is a stress cooperation, team work, so that everyone can work at the appropriate play to his talent one aspect of my job, so selecting partners often determines the success or failure. I like the actors with the potential cooperation, which is my a personal hobby, to explore these kids do not see a bright spot someone let me enjoy it, there are many talented actors, the whole body exudes star quality, but the because of the lack of Bole and slowly depressed, and I think it is a kind of heartbreak losses.

Reporter: What film had the difficulties encountered in the process?

Jackie Chan: Actually we have been struggling with the difficulties. Among the technology, the time, there are funds on, as well as to communicate on. For example, when it rains there is still hope God does not rain, anxious to catch the play when the spate of rain and the like, and these estimates are for each crew will encounter problems. However, there are some really allow me to still feel a little regret, such as lack of time, later broadcast on CCTV in order to cope with the time, we visit a shrink and then shrink the actors time slots are also renewed many times, it is no later approach had to delete some very exciting show, which is a pity.

TV version of story a boy's growth process

Reporter: Compared with the film, TV series version of And how about the inheritance and new ideas?

Jackie Chan: First, a lot more characters than the film, both in comparison with the film although the main line is very similar, but because TV allows you to have a lot of lines at the same time, so we have longer hours, and joined the overlord of the early Han Dynasty Qin Mo competition, also joined the other Vice-line, but also to the modern part of the alternating part of the fusion of ancient times to improve pace of play tension, more than when I film a lot of rich content.

Reporter: TV version follows the film version of the name for what considerations?

Jackie Chan: TV version of the film version of the continuation and complement, but also has helped me in the film some regrets. But the drama is not to reproduce the film, screenwriter has her own ideas, her own did not bring the two versions of the "myth" as the same one, and she expressed in both the theme of the play is different, we feel that even though with the same name also does not matter. TV drama "myth" is more large, we show a boy grew up, how he stood years of history to understand human Xing Huai, different audiences here will be a different inspiration.

Reporter: From the film to spend point of view, describing a lot of people play the dark side of such a design would not make work the tone is too dark?

Jackie Chan: TV version of "myth" describes the dark side of human nature some people, but the direction is very positive. The main theme of this movie, or love, Ogawa, and Yushu Princess love, Xiaoyue love with Xiang Yu also Okawa and high-lan love. Love itself is bright, love is a hope that this is a very cliche to say, but very appropriate. The original intention of this movie is not going to explore the humanity of the people are basically good or evil, this philosophical speculation on the television show levels will appear heavy, but because the relationship between the core of the story, which also inevitable. In troubled times, the most can not stand the test of a person's friend and brother, but ultimately victory is precisely the person's feelings, let this kind of emotion spread down, which is the love Ogawa and the value of Yushu. TV drama "myth" is still a tragedy, but can also give people hope.

Predicted ratings, the audience reaction to some apprehension

Reporter: "myth" and the early years of TVB's "Step into the Past" theme is very similar to the theme?

Jackie Chan: "Step into the Past," I have seen, Louis Koo to Xiangshao Long played this role very vivid. There are two drama in the historical background of the subject matter is very similar to, but I believe the audience if the "myth" of reading, you will find there is no overlap of the two plays, because it is entirely two stories, had done absolutely nothing to reference it, I think that brought is not fair to compare to one another.

Reporter: The movie "Myth" in 2005 have already been released, this will make TV version of the lack of a certain sense of mystery?

Jackie Chan: all my own work, I do have a starting point to such concerns. But the drama to attract viewers of them are listed the factors that could lure audiences into the theaters with differentiated elements, the film emphasizes mystery, but each episode has a TV transforms, as long as a good beginning, and will be able to form a power read on the audience. We shot for nearly five months time, not the least bit of slack, this film when I found a young actor of those passions. TV is a work of art with a commercial property, while it is impossible to achieve excellence, as the film did, but I still strive to do our best in every way. "Myth" the film version of the end of the Qin Dynasty, while the drama is more grand and historical background. The film's focus is on love, television is indeed a man's struggle is the history of the main line.

Reporter: Did the TV version of this ratings What are your expectations?

Jackie Chan: I do not want to predict the ratings, it is not controllable. Relative to the high ratings, I also look forward to TV version of "myth" in people's minds a little longer. After all, I was starring in the film, and in television that I became a key creative. This shift gave me the impression that the responsibility for this work more, so now for the audience's response is still some apprehension.


For a whole lot more photos of the event go HERE

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And in a little snippet in another report apparently Jackie mentioned that he is working on the idea of converting Project A and Police Story into a television series citing the fact that the story line can be explored in greater depth in a series than compressed in a film. Jackie said that the original director's cut of The Myth was 3 hours *** but because they had to cut it down to half of that a lot of the story was cut from the movie. He said that there were people particularly interested in Project A but that he would not just sell the script/storyline but had to have a comprehensive evaluation of the production and direction because he wanted to ensure the quality of the end result.

Source: SOHU.COM

*** Lets have a show of hands for a full length directors cut of The Myth!

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