Let The World Be Filled With Love Concert

Last night Jackie and many other well known performers including Lucky 7, Steve Yoo Seung Jun, and the JC Girls took part in the 'Let The World Be Filled With Love' Concert in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Proceeds of the concert were donated to support local students. 5 people were given a citizen's award during the concert and were saluted by Jackie.

Concert Poster

Jackie honours local citizens at concert

Jackie's 100 movies

With all the speculation about just which movies were being counted to arrive at "1911' as Jackie's 100th - I finally remembered this talk show in which they gave Jackie a banner with the 100 movies on it. Somehow I get the impression that Little Big Soldier was #100 but anyway. So here is the footage. See if you can identify them. Have fun!


Update on Karate Kid 2

Well its not so much of an update as a rehash of old news but it seems the movie is still in the pipeworks.

The Karate Kid 2

Going wildly against expectations, the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid actually turned out to be a pretty decent, if rather long movie.

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith will thus be returning for a follow-up, with director Harald Zwart looking to do a different story, rather than remake one of the earlier sequels.

We won’t get the film until 2013, and the last we heard was that the writers of Kung Fu Panda, Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff, had been tapped to pen the script.


14th World Conference on Sport for All

Jackie will be one of the speakers at the 14th World Conference on Sport for All in Beijing in September.

Registration opens for the 14th World Conference on Sport for All

Sign up now for the 14th World Conference on Sport for All, which will take place in Beijing (China) from 20 to 23 September 2011. The focus of this edition will be on the practical implementation of Sport for All programmes, and high-level speakers from around the world, including IOC President Jacques Rogge, Chairman of the IOC Sport for All Commission Sam Ramsamy, United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace Wilfried Lemke, Deputy Mayor of Beijing and Vice-Chairman of the Beijing Olympic City Development Association Liu Jingmin, Ambassador for Beijing’s bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games Jackie Chan, Chairman of the UK-based International Inspiration Foundation Keith Mills, SportAccord President Hein Verbruggen, WHO representative Timothy Armstrong and Olympic medallist Paul Tergat, will attend to share their expertise in this field.

In regard to Beijing as host of this Sport for All summit, Jacques Rogge said: “The location of this Conference in Beijing Olympic Park is highly appropriate. The Olympic Games left a fantastic sporting legacy, with a number of iconic venues and a major increase in sports participation, especially amongst the younger generations.”

Save your place here

The event will also look at academic studies on the cultural importance and health benefits of physical activity. The format of the Conference will see emphasis placed upon the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of best practices, including workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities for the participants.

In particular, discussions will centre on the following themes:

  • Follow-up of the 2010 World Conference on Sport for All;
  • Health and social benefits of physical activity;
  • Programmes and policies: the practical and theoretical foundations of Sport for All;
  • Development and promotion of Sport for All, in particular the roles of different stakeholders; and
  • Future directions.

The attendees will have the opportunity to hear case study presentations in which presenters will share their secrets on the successful implementation of Sport for All programmes. Furthermore, the Conference will provide participants with the opportunity to meet the experts and leaders of the global Sport for All movement, with specific times set aside for networking and communication. The academic content of the Conference will be supplemented by a number of sporting and social events, such as traditional Chinese morning exercises and Olympic venue tours.

Read the full final announcement here (pdf)

Learn more about the Conference at www.sportforall2011.org



The 14th World Conference on Sport for All

WHEN: 20-23 September 2011
WHERE: Beijing, China
WEBSITE: www.sportforall2011.org/en/

The World Conference on Sport for All is organised under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, in cooperation with the World Health Organization and SportAccord.

The World Conference on Sport for All has since its formation been dedicated to promoting broad dissemination of the sport for all philosophy globally; pursuing the promotion of health, fitness and well-being and the harmonious development between mind and body and between men and nature by motivating, inspiring and encouraging more people to participate in sports activities. This is a direct and effective way to carry forward the Olympic spirit.

The 14th World Conference on Sport for All will focus on the practical implementation of Sport for All programmes. On this occasion, speakers from all over the world as well as high profile personalities will share their expertise on the fascinating topic of Sport for All.


A bit of History - Jackie's Stamps 1997

Hong Kong's most beloved film star, Action Hero and stuntman Jackie Chan was honored at the Hong Kong '97 Postal Expo with the issuance of a stamp sheet in his honor. Seen here is the ceremony and Chan's authograph session along with assorted news footage from around the world. Also shown is the postal sequel for Jackie Chan in January of 1999.

Very interesting bit of information in the clip - Jackie was only the third living film star to get honoured on a stamp. Barbara Streisand and Sylvester Stalone were 1 and 2 respectively.


1911 - A First Look


Jackie's Logo Wallpaper Collage


Jackie's Water Bottle

I just had to share this. We have all seen and heard about Jackie's habit of marking his waterbottle so as not to confuse it with other bottles resulting in wastage, and his habit of pouring any left over water on any nearby plants as well as crushing the bottles afterwards to reduce space in the rubbish (Good habit BTW). So this is a post from Jackie's stylist Zhou-zhou saying how Jackie has inspired him to do the same. However I shared this because the picture is of Jackie's water bottle which made me smile. I would have assumed that Jackie would write his name on the bottle - but - look it says Da Ge (Big Brother).


SOURCE: http://t.sina.com.cn/1336365145

He also happens to have some very nice photos of the opening of the Beijing International Film Festival as well as Jackie's birthday at Nobu on his blog.

Jackie Chan Expo Ambassador

Jackie is (of course) the Ambassador for the Canon Expo in Shanghai. He gave an interview today which I have quoted below. The Expo runs from 19.5.11 to 22.5.11 in Shanghai.

Canon Expo 2011 Shanghai - Interview with Ambassador Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan loves photography, the camera almost every day to leave the body. Can inspire creative inspiration when I see the action, scene, he would take pictures with the camera, the audience works in the Jackie Chan film see the special action, props, costumes, etc., are based on his computer in the photo material retained evolved, the camera can be said to Jackie Chan as an important tool to absorb knowledge. In addition, Chan also love to shoot like animals, clouds and other natural features.

Jackie Chan Zhong Aijia energy, he is still very early collection of Canon products. He said half-jokingly, that is a very valuable camera, have the opportunity, he may get the first generation of Canon Internet to sell, sell Canon. The Canon's high-quality service, advanced technology, ergonomic design, and so are the reasons for Chan select Canon cameras, while Canon has always been committed when he found the field of innovation research, such as the medical technology and high quality Su effective integration of technology imaging technology, etc., but also allowed him to have a deeper understanding of Canon.

Chan said the world is now more and more attention to China's every move, although he do not understand the economy, but to take his own experience is concerned, the past is to find someone they want to fly abroad to talk about cooperation. Now, people from around the world flew to China to take the initiative to their movies. Therefore, he believes we should cherish this opportunity, to live up to expectations, the basic things we do. Jackie Chan film requires a lot of high-quality equipment, whether it is the camera Ye Hao, Ye Hao cameras. He said he envisioned using the Canon camera to image photographed at the same time to break out with a photocopy machine, do the first array, so that we very specifically what he thought. As a result, filming went more smoothly. And he felt that we should with an open mind, to meet people from different worlds come to China to make a film, or cooperative and learn knowledge and progress.

Canon in Shanghai, China for the world exposition held in 2011, Chan was valued, he called (encourage) people together to visit, study, it is important to go to understand the application and the invention of the Canon it created. Maybe, you will also find him when visiting this fair







You can read a message from Jackie HERE on the Canon website.

Tsinghua University Centenial Celebration

Today Tsinghua University, Beijing celebrated 100 years of providing education.

An extract from Wikipedia gives the following brief history:

The Tsinghua College (清華學堂 Qīnghuá Xuétáng) was established in Beijing, China, on 22 April 1911 on the site of a former royal garden belonging to a prince. It was funded by the Boxer Rebellion Indemnity Scholarship Program, which consisted of unexpected surplus money from indemnities China had paid the United States following the Boxer Rebellion. It was first a preparatory school for students later sent by the government to study in the United States. The faculty members for sciences were recruited by the YMCA from the United States and its graduates transferred directly to American schools as juniors upon graduation. In 1925, the school established its College Department and started its research institute on Chinese Study.

In 1928, the authority officially changed its name to National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). During the Second World War in 1937, Tsinghua University along with Peking University and Nankai University, merged to form Changsha Temporary University in Changsha, and later National Southwestern Associated University in Kunming of Yunnan province. After the war, Tsinghua moved back to Beijing and resumed its operation.

Jackie sang a song with Tan Jing and both Lucky 7 and the JC-Girls also performed at the celebrations.

Some photos from Weibo:
(Source embedded on the photos)

Jackie behind the scenes

JC Girls

JC Girls and Lucky 7 with Jackie

Tsinghua University usher Centennial. More than fifty thousand Tsinghua alumni from home and abroad, and the teachers and students together to celebrate their alma mater years birthday.

April 24 evening at eight, "Tsinghua" Centennial variety show held in the square in front of the main building of Tsinghua University. Party into "water" and "Wood", "clear", "China" four chapters. Thousands of students, alumni will be on hand to watch. Wu Xiaoli, will serve as party hosts well-known host, Gao Xiaosong, Shui Mu Nian Hua, Li Jian and other musicians who graduated from Tsinghua University, one by one on stage, singing birthday for their alma mater. Gao Xiaosong sing their classic songs in which the campus "at the same table for you," Li Jian, singing his masterpiece, "Legend."


  4月24日晚八点,“水木清华”百年校庆文艺晚会在清华大学主楼前广场举行。晚会分为“水”、“木”、“清”、“华”四个篇章。万名师生、校友将到场观看。著名主持人吴小莉将担任晚会的主持人,高晓松、水木年华、李健等毕业于清华大学的音乐人一一登台,为母校生日献唱。其中高晓松演唱经典校园歌曲《同桌的你》,李健演唱他的代表作 《传奇》。


More Photos: Beijing International Film Festival


A Glimpse Inside Jackie's Newest Theater

Thanks to the fan who posted these we can get a glimpse inside the theater:

Inside the Jackie Chan Design Store:


Jackie Records TV Show

Jackie recorded a TV show in Beijing today (SOURCE: T.SINA.COM.CN/JACKIECHAN). Here are some behind the scenes photos of the recording:


La and Zy also made a TV appearance:


Beijing International Film Festival

BEIJING, April 23 (Xinhua) -- The First Beijing International Film Festival kicked off Saturday, rolling out the red carpet for more than 100 world-famous actors and directors at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

Kung Fu star Jackie Chan, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, "Lion King" director Rob Minkoff and Darren Aronofsky, director of the Oscar-winner movie "Black Swan", are among those attending the red-carpet entrance ceremony.

The festival, to run till next Thursday, has scheduled activities including screening of films, forums, film marketing discussions and film concerts.

The festival is organized by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) and Beijing Municipal Government.

The event seeks to provide a platform for world filmmakers and film festival chairmen to discuss industry development, for film buyers and sellers to share business opportunities, and also for foreigners to learn more about Beijing, said Li Chunliang, chief of the Beijing branch of SARFT.

Zhang Huijun, president of the China Film Academy, said the world had a glimpse of Chinese culture in Hollywood movies such as "Kung Fu Panda" and "Mulan" , while the festival provides a vital opportunity for the world to learn more.

"Chinese culture should be better known, and so should the Chinese movie market," he said.

According to Zhang, China produced more than 500 movies last year as China' s total box office revenues reached 10 billion yuan.

Yin Hong, a film and TV communications professor with Tsinghua University, said China had seen a movie market with an annual growth rate of 30 percent, compared with an average world growth rate of 7 to 8 percent.

"The purpose of the Beijing International Film Festival is not only to promote communications in the industry, but also to promote multilateral cooperation among different cultures," Yin said.






Jackie Opens New Cinema

Jackie opened a new branch of the Jackie Chan Yao Lai International Theater in Shenyang City today. In addition to the opening ceremonies a charity auction was held, the proceeds of which went to the Liaoning Province Assistance Fund, specifically to assist 9 year old Wang Mei Jiao who has aplastic anaemia. It will also assist other youth who need financial help for medical treatment.

As the ceremonies drew to a close, Jackie and provincial leaders poured colored sand into a tree of hope, to sowing the seeds of hope that in the future the tree of charity will flourish, and bear fruit.



Jackie Chan: I came very hard competition

"I'm late?" This is the face of Jackie Chan's first words when the media, but instead he went on to explain: "The plane was delayed not my thing ah!" Jackie is a very smart man , the up to fire ourselves, no wonder it is the martial arts master. But yesterday the opening of the Jackie Chan comes to international cinema Sparkle Roll, Jackie Chan is confident: "I have come to be tough competitors, others the purpose is to make money to open studios, open studios and I do not for money, just to let more people into the cinema. "

One problem: Jackie This is not your first visit to Shenyang, the trip to Shenyang, the feeling is different?

Jackie Chan: Shenyang, each to have different feelings, the addition of high-rise buildings, the addition of the building, and each time has changed. Many people say, why does see you, you are so active? In fact, I do not active when you do not see, I fell asleep on the plane, got off the plane I was active.

Second problem: As Asia's charity model, this time you also participated in the rescue of leukemia to Shenyang in the girl's activities, would like to ask you to do what the power source of charity?

Jackie Chan: I really do not deserve charity model, I think charity on your side, you only help people who need help around, that is, to charity. As for power, a sense of responsibility from public figures, as you just said, relief leukemia girl thing, you do not say I forgot, I think helping others is a very happy thing. You think China has 1.3 billion people, the earth 60 million people, if 600 million people in China will help other 6 billion people, then China and the earth are so beautiful.

Problem Three: Big Brother talk about your new status quo of Chinese film making and opinion?

Jackie Chan: I just finished filming "Revolution", 5 would go to France at the end of filming "Zodiac." As for the Chinese film, as a Chinese filmmaker, I am proud, and now the world's filmmakers flew to China to discuss all thing film, which proves that China is strong. But as a member of the Directors Guild, we will talk about meeting the status of Chinese film, very robust, but still do not shoot the same type of movie as well. Like the previous Hong Kong films, zombie films fire, and suddenly there can be 800 zombie films, suddenly shot dead. Now the Chinese film, too, a film, "Kuan" is four, a film, "Xiang Yu" is four, I think that directors should take a variety of types of video viewers have more choices.

Question four: each has a Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Design Studios Room, and there you design things that are selling it?

Jackie Chan: It looks messy, but there's something really close to all my staff for the design. I remember, at the Berlin Film Festival, we will be affixed in the vehicle license plate of our own design, the results posted a lost one, where people too fond of this thing. In other countries, an auction, one drawn in 2000 U.S. dollars of people literally do not want money, I have to design down jacket, then I know my stuff so expensive, so now in my own studios for sale.

Five questions: how do you view the Awards has just ended?

Jackie Chan: You can say that I walked all the way to accompany Awards for 30 years, from a small ceremony, and now, really a very easy, I think this award will certainly received more attention in Southeast Asia Award.

Six questions: Do you think Jackie Chan Lai Yiu International Studios, where the biggest advantage?

Jackie Chan: advantage, of course, Jackie Chan's name, put it plainly, I am not doing this to make money Studios, is to do thing. Open Cinema is my dream, I hope the fans can watch a movie into the theater, rather than buying CDs at home and look into the cinema can learn a lot, as I opened this cinema, is to use the cheapest tickets price, so fans came, and now it's too expensive tickets. However, competitors will do so very hard, but there is no way.

沈阳网讯(记者 张奇玥)4月20日,国际巨星成龙“空降”沈城,为其联手耀莱集团共同打造的沈阳耀莱成龙国际影城剪彩。活动中,成龙还借机为慈善事业出力,参加了一场爱心捐助活动,用自己的爱心为东港市身患重型获得性再生障碍性贫血的9岁小女孩王美娇延续着生命的希望。