Jackie on Fireworks

Following Jackie on Twitter today he made the observation that fireworks pollute the sky/air. While I am aware of the noise pollution associated with fireworks (any one who has had pets around fireworks will be aware of the trauma the noise causes) which is more than enough reason for me to want to ban them, however I was entirely unaware of the other forms of pollution associated with them.

This article (one of the more accurate ones I found) is too long to reproduce here but it goes into (without too much detail) all the sources of pollution from fireworks:


Despite these - my strongest objection to fireworks is the other damage/risks associated with them when they are let off in an irresponsible manner. These examples in the linked articles are a very very small illustration of the problem:


Every single year all around the world countless people, children and animals are either traumatised, killed, injured, or disabled because of fireworks. Those pretty displays come with a high price tag.

Jackie and the Bear

Source: In this image released by Emperor Motion Pictures, Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan, bottom right, plays a farmer-turned-reluctant soldier in ancient China, and American-Chinese actor Wang Leehom, up right, beside a black bear in their new film 'Little Big Soldier.' (AP Photo/Emperor Motion Pictures)

This photo is interesting because in the Asia Uncut Interview Jackie and Wang Lee Hom were asked about the bear - if they really were that close etc. In this photo you can see that they really were but also in the interview Lee Hom mentioned that they used a man tou (bun) with honey to 'direct' the bear. In this photo you can clearly see the bun on the ground in front of the bear.

English Review of Little Big Soldier

'Little Big Soldier' innovative starring vehicle for action star Jackie Chan

The Canadian Press, 2010

HONG KONG - We've seen Jackie Chan, the nimble action hero who takes down the bad guys. Enter Jackie Chan, the timid soldier who will do anything to avoid fighting, even using a prop arrow and artificial blood to fake his death during major battles.

In the veteran action star's new Chinese-language release, "Little Big Soldier," Chan plays a farmer-turned-reluctant soldier in ancient China whose survival strategy is feigning injury.

After escaping unscathed from another battle through trickery, he stumbles upon his biggest prize - a surviving general from a rival state. The general becomes his hostage - the hope being that turning in the wounded soldier to the king of his state will win him riches and exemption from military duty.

The treacherous journey back to the farmer's home state, fending off assassins and indigenous bandits, and the comical interplay between Chan's happy-go-lucky farmer and the fearless, snobbish general who looks down on his opportunistic kidnapper drives the 96-minute film.

At first glance, Chan and co-star, singer Leehom Wang are hopelessly miscast. How can the world's biggest ethnic Chinese star pass for a small-time soldier? And how can a Chinese-American pop sensation raised in Rochester, New York and known for his good looks convincingly play a brash general from ancient China?

Wang's portrayal is indeed tenuous - he still speaks Chinese with a noticeable American accent. But Chan shines in his offbeat role, bringing a lovable folksiness to his lowly character. He's infectiously carefree and upbeat, putting a positive spin on the most desperate of situations. "Things are going pretty well" is his mantra.

And the chemistry between Chan and Wang is obvious, their awkward attempts to thwart their attackers reminiscent of Chan's successful comic pairings with Chris Tucker in the "Rush Hour" series and Owen Wilson in "Shanghai Noon" and "Shanghai Knights." The biggest running joke is the farmer's utter lack of kung fu prowess. Chan is shown pointlessly waving his wooden baton when facing down more competent opponents.

The two leading men are helped by the superb and tightly written script by Chinese director Ding Sheng, who beautifully teases out the personalities and personal histories of the two characters.

"Little Big Soldier" also reinforces Chan's trend of taking greater creative risks in his Chinese-language work than his Hollywood productions, where he rarely strays from action comedy. It's his second innovative Chinese-language role in a row. In one of his darker roles of late, Chan played an illegal Chinese immigrant who becomes a hit man for the Japanese mafia in his last Chinese film, "Shinjuku Incident." In a departure from his usually wholesome image, Chan is shown committing murder and paying for sex.

Chan's new movie also shows that it's possible to be creative within the often-soulless genre of the big-budget Chinese epic that has come to dominate the local industry. Superficially, "Little Big Soldier" is another action-packed war movie featuring grand battle scenes set in the vast Chinese outback. Except it's anything but. It's a lovely story of friendship and humanity in the face of endless warfare and destruction.


Good News for Natalie

Hope grows for Pleasant Hill 8-year-old with leukemia

The odds were against them, but friends and family were recently overjoyed to learn that a bone-marrow donor has been found for 8-year-old leukemia patient Natalie Nakatani.

The story of the Pleasant Hill resident's battle with acute leukemia, reported in the Times this month, has inspired thousands of people in the Bay Area and around the world to get their cheeks swabbed for a possible genetic match.

Finding a bone-marrow match is often difficult, and was more challenging in Natalie's case because of her multiracial heritage— she is Japanese and Chinese, with a trace of Vietnamese.

Donor registries contain a small percentage of minority donors, and even fewer multiracial donors. Leukemia patients from minority backgrounds have only a 35 or 40 percent chance of finding a donor, according to Carol Gillespie, executive director of the Asian-American Donor Program.

Natalie's supporters have been working to get as many people registered as possible, spreading the work through media outlets, social-networking sites, and a public service announcement from international movie star Jackie Chan.

Drives at Natalie's elementary school, Gregory Gardens, and her parents' alma mater, UC Berkeley, have attracted hundreds of would-be donors. The Asian-American Donor program has been receiving about 100 requests a day for home-testing kits, and has mailed out 500 "drive-in-a-box" kits to communities across the country wanting to stage drives for Natalie.

As is normal in these situations, Natalie's family has not been told the identity of the donor, or where the donor was found. They do know that the donor is a nine out of 10 match for their daughter, and is Asian.

Before the transplant, the donor will take medication to make the body produce more blood stem cells, and a doctor will remove these cells via a needle inserted into the hipbone.

Natalie will undergo another round of chemotherapy before the procedure. She remains ill, and her transplant does not guarantee recovery.

"It's a tough road, but it's what gives patients the chance to have their new lives," said family friend Maritza Kim of the operation.

For now, hopes are high.

"We are so happy a match has been found," Natalie's parents wrote in a blog post. "What a special and wonderful gift this person has given our family."

Natalie's parents also hope that newly registered donors who were not a match for their daughter will go on to help other leukemia patients.

"For those of you who are still doing drives and getting people registered, please don't stop," they wrote. "We really want the registry to grow with more minorities."

Kim, who has been working intensely with the Save Natalie campaign, plans to continue advocating on behalf of child cancer patients.

"I would love to see a day come when parents hear their child needs a bone-marrow transplant, and they already have a donor," she said. "I never want to see another family be told, 'We have a lifesaving procedure for your kid, now go find a match.'"


Little Big Soldier Box Office Excitement

As of 2.30pm yesterday the official box office for 'Little Big Soldier' was 1.0175 billion yuan. Jackie is reported to have been very excited when told about the news and will hold a large scale celebration on about March 5th in Beijing. In addition mention was made of the possibility of making 'Little Big Soldier 2'

(Just a note about counting a billion - there are two systems of counting 1 billion: a short system where 100 million = 1 billion and a long system where 1 million = 1 billion. The UK and Europe follow the long system, the US followed the short system but has since adopted the long system, China follows the short system)

《大兵小将》票房过亿 成龙闻讯显得异常兴奋
2010-02-27 10:22 南方都市报 网友评论 条, 我有话说

  本报讯 (记者孙锐)上映12天票房过亿!昨日,电影《大兵小将》在北京华夏电影发行公司总部召开发布会,宣布《大兵小将》勇夺春节档华语影片票房冠军,并将于3月5日前后举办大型的庆功晚会。据华影老总谷国庆介绍,他们已经在第一时间将《大兵小将》的票房成绩通知到了成龙,成龙对此也显得异常兴奋,并表示这更加增添了自己拍摄《大兵小将II》的信心。



First Photos from Shaolin Temple

Top row, left to right: Yu Shao-qun, Jacky Wu, Xing Yu, Corey Yuen. Middle row, left to right: Liang Jing-ke, Yu Hai, Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung, Benny Chan.

Interesting to see they opted for a hat to get around the hair issue for Jackie - I so did not see him agreeing to shave his head LOL - and we know from movies like "The Forbidden Kingdom" how much he hates the whole make-up glue thing.

Anyway to see the rest of the photos - KUNGFU CINEMA.COM

Karate Kid International Trailer


THE KARATE KID - In Theaters 6/11. Tweet us your favorite movie mentors @KarateKidMovie & follow us at http://twitter.com/KarateKidMovie, Become a Fan on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/TheKarateKid & Visit the Official Site at http://KarateKid-TheMovie.com/.

In Columbia Pictures' The Karate Kid, 12-year-old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) could've been the most popular kid in Detroit, but his mother's (Taraji P. Henson) latest career move has landed him in China. Dre immediately falls for his classmate Mei Ying - and the feeling is mutual - but cultural differences make such a friendship impossible. Even worse, Dre's feelings make an enemy of the class bully, Cheng. In the land of kung fu, Dre knows only a little karate, and Cheng puts "the karate kid" on the floor with ease. With no friends in a strange land, Dre has nowhere to turn but maintenance man Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), who is secretly a master of kung fu. As Han teaches Dre that kung fu is not about punches and parries, but maturity and calm, Dre realizes that facing down the bullies will be the fight of his life.

The Book of Songs

For those of you (like me) who are curious here is some information about the Book of Songs:

Shijing (The Book of Songs) is the earliest collection of Chinese poems including 305 poems of the Zhou Dynasty (1122-256 B.C.). It was originally called Shi (Poems) and Shi Sanbai (Three Hundred Poems). It was the Confucians of the Han Dynasty who gave it the name Shijing. It is also called Maoshi (Mao Poems) because it was by the hand of Mao Heng of the Han Dynasty that Shijing was passed down to the present time.

It was said that the poems in Shijing could all be sung as songs. According to the tunes they were sung by, the poems were divided into three categories, namely, Feng (Ballads), Ya (Festal Odes), and Song (Sacrificial Songs). Feng consists of 160 poems , including those of 15 countries and areas. They are: Zhounan (Zhou and the south) , Shaonan, Bei, Yong, Wei, Wang, Zheng, Qi, Wei, Tang, Qin, Chen, Gui, Cao and Bin. Most of the poems in Feng are folk songs from along the Yellow River. Only a few of them are works of the nobles. Ya consists of 105 poems which are divided into Xiaoya (The Minor Festal Odes) and Daya (The Major Festal Odes). The poems in Ya are basically written by the nobles. Song consists of 40 poems including the sacrificial hymns and songs in the courts of Zhou, Lu and Shang.

In general, the poems from the common people are rich in content, fresh in style and varied in form, while those written by the nobles lack the flavour of poetry and seem inferior.

Shijing is the source of Chinese verse and the starting point of the Chinese epic. It includes history poems, satirical poems, narrative poems, love songs, odes, seasonal songs and work songs. It covers all aspects of the society of the Zhou Dynasty, such as work and love, war and corvee, oppression and resistance, customs and marriage, sacrifices and feasts, astronomical phenomena and landforms, animals and plants. Therefore, Shijing is not only a mirror reflecting the Zhou Dynasty, but also the most valuable and important material in the study of the Chinese language from the 11th century to the 6th century B.C.

Shijing has spread widely in China and abroad. Shijing has been translated into many foreign languages such as English, French, Japanese, Russian. Jacob Lee's The Chinese Classics is the earliest translation in English, which was published during 1861-1871 in Hong Kong. Arthur Waley' s The Book of Songs, though published later (in 1954), is a better version.


For a far more detailed explanation of the book - WIKIPEDIA

A selection of poems are available HERE

An e-book is available to download HERE as a trial version only. You can of course pay to unlock it LOL

Otherwise another e-book is available HERE which I think is free.

A free copy of it entirely in Chinese (no English translation of the text) is available HERE

"Little Big Soldier" Stills


Little Big Soldier Just Keeps Doing Better


"Little Big Soldier" at the box office-breaking 100 million

Jackie Chan, the audience recognition of income recognized in transition

Morning News (Reporter Lian Jie), according to China's film distribution news, Jackie Chan, Lee Hom starring film "Little Big Soldier" who started from the first month after release, the box office has been steadily rising, as of yesterday, they had a breakthrough billion mark, becoming the first mainland box office over the Ministry of 100 million of "Jackie Chan movie." On the other hand, with the Lunar New Year stalls Amongst these lousy movies than "Little Big Soldier" also made a good reputation, and even considered to be "one of the most successful transformation of Jackie Chan." Ding Sheng said the film director Jackie Chan for the film at the box office is very pleased with planned celebration party was held early in March.

Box-office star effect Guoyi

"Little Big Soldier" ranked number one on the first day of release fetched 15.06 million in just 6 days time on the week at the box office topped the table top, doing well. Yesterday, the film distribution company for Valley Square China National Report, "Private Game" released 12 days and has been breaking box-office billion mark, as the Spring Festival Chinese-made films in the file title. Gu Guoqing said that the film is able to gain market recognition, in addition to Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom Lao Shaopei this star effect, but also because the film is copied from the movie Jackie Chan has always been humor, and full of humane care.

In fact, place names, including Jackie Chan, although the first loud, but he starred in the film - in particular, a strong personal touch "Jackie Chan movie" at the box office did not consequent correspondingly. Prior to "The Myth", "Rob-B-Hood" are in the brink of million threshold. "The Forbidden Kingdom" surprisingly easy to approaching 200 million, but after all, Jackie Chan and Jet Li co-operation, plus the Hollywood production, not really real "Jackie Chan movie." By contrast, "Little Big Soldier" starring Jackie Chan is not only, but also as investors, is a typical "Jackie Chan movie."

Successful transition was good

And the Lunar New Year stalls compared to a number of speculative film making money, "Little Big Soldier" Although there are many shortcomings, but it could be considered as one of faith. Movie playing in only at the box office rosy reputation is also relatively good. "Little Big Soldier", Chan changed the role of past heroes, who was playing a cowardly deserter and a bad martial arts, accidental capture of Lee Hom plays the generals.

Reporter found that many viewers have seen Jackie Chan in the film changes, and expressed support for such a change. Students Li Chen said: "Jackie Chan's older brother played a soldier in this very witty funny, made me laugh had been the more moving. He did not know great truths, do not want to fight. Even if the strange combination of circumstances captured by the enemy generals, but also just want to have his Quhuan a few acres of land, good farm home. In fact, most of our people is one such idea, so I think this soldier's role is very cordial. "Of course, there are viewers dissatisfied with the performance of Jackie Chan, Ren evaluation of Mr. said, "Little Big Soldier" to fight Jackie Chan's previous film was not as exciting, and obviously feeling old Jackie Chan, playing no more.



晨报讯(记者 杨莲洁)据华夏电影发行公司消息,成龙、王力宏主演的电影《大兵小将》自正月初一上映后,票房一路走高,截至昨天已经突破亿元大关,成为首部在内地票房过亿的“成龙电影”。另一方面,与贺岁档的芸芸烂片相比,《大兵小将》也取得了不错口碑,甚至被认为是“成龙最成功的一次转型”。该片导演丁晟透露,成龙对该片票房十分欣慰,计划在3月初举行庆功宴。

  票房过亿 明星效应



  成功转型 口碑不错



"Little Big Soldier" at the box office Guoyi Jackie Chan in March celebration will be held in Beijing

Investment by the Jackie Chan films starring with Lee Hom "Little Big Soldier" from the February 14 New Year's Day has been released as of today (February 25) at the box office has exceeded 1 billion mark. Video issuers China Film Company and Jackie Chan's team is very excited to learn this news, Jackie Chan, head of the team also revealed that Jackie Chan will be around March 5 celebration will be held in Beijing.

Press Conference Beijing

Executive Chairman - Huaxia Film Company

Representative for Jackie - GAO Wen-ning

Director Ding Sheng

Netease Entertainment February 25 reports from investing in and with Jackie Chan - Lee Hom starring film "Little Big Soldier" from the February 14 New Year's Day has been released as of today (February 25 ) at the box office has exceeded 1 billion mark. Video issuers China Film Company and Jackie Chan's team is very excited to learn this news, Jackie Chan, head of the team also revealed that Jackie Chan will be around March 5 celebration will be held in Beijing.

The leading box office-breaking 100 million early in March the Lunar New Year stalls Chan celebration will be held in Beijing

"Little Big Soldier" is a Jackie Chan brewing for 20 years of effort from the film, Jackie Chan over the past few heroes on the screen image of the soldiers played a afraid of death, and with Lee Hom plays a teenager created a large number of joke.

According to film distributor Huaxia Film Company Executive Chairman Fang Gu Guoqing, a huge market appeal because of Jackie Chan, as well as theaters, cinemas in the row on-chip support, "Little Big Soldier" released at the lunar New Year's fetched 15.06 million yuan on the same day in just 6 days on the highest profile domestic movie box office of the Chinese New Year the first to reach 8000 million yuan. As of today, around 2:30 p.m. at the box office has exceeded 1 billion yuan mark, becoming the Spring Festival, 14 films released files in the box office of the crown. Once at the box office results so gratifying to make Jackie Chan and directed by Sheng Ding can not believe a bit worried that there will be water at the box office. However, according to Gu Guoqing, chairman, said that China's box-office figure was spent 200,000 yuan specially developed and patent-pending software statistics of the results, there is no fake. China's manager, Jian Wei said that although the "Sherlock Holmes," released in the Mainland, starting from today, but "Little Big Soldier" exclusive film screenings little impact, so the box office in the future will be a new high.

Entering the film has successfully promoted "billion club" director Ding Sheng modestly says, "Little Big Soldier" to achieve such good results is not the credit for himself, "I was lucky on the Dragon Boat." The person in charge of the team Jackie Chan Wen Gao Ning was revealed that Jackie Chan will be in early March (March 5 or so) celebration will be held in Beijing to thank the media and spectators for their support.


《大兵小将》票房过亿 成龙3月在京举办庆功会






网易娱乐2月25日报道(文/宇文翮 图/春哥) 由成龙投资并同王力宏主演的电影《大兵小将》自2月14日大年初一上映以来,截至今日(2月25日)票房已经突破1亿元大关。影片发行方华夏电影公司和成龙的团队得知此消息后十分兴奋,成龙团队的负责人还透露,成龙将会在3月5日左右在北京举办庆功会。

票房破亿领军贺岁档 成龙3月初在京举办庆功会



(本文来源:网易娱乐 )

Little Big Soldier Tops Box Office

Little Big Soldier is the highest earning Chinese Language film at the box office this week - unfortunately not toppling Avatar from it's top earning perch - but still has an excellent return.
New Year's Day release Jackie Chan's new work, "Little Big Soldier" on the first day of up to 13 million yuan at the box office, released its first week at the box office total 80 million yuan. Screening in more than 4,000 theaters a total of about 34 million viewers watched the film. Chinese New Year holiday at the box office seven days from the point of view, "Little Big Soldier" to become, in the interim period, the highest Chinese-language film at the box-office. Many viewers have given a very high evaluation. Jackie Chan returned to the Lunar New Year stalls evaluation of this masterpiece. In response, Chan thanked fans for support, intends to open the celebration to thank the audience.

"Little Big Soldier" as a "Family" New Year film, the first day of release, many audiences have watched with great satisfaction after, "Little Big Soldier" played a very lively plot, suitable for the whole family to see. Wang Lee Hom also the audience's costumes surprised - singer Wang Lee Hom also did not expect to become such a 'dirty', very different, but also the special surprise. When Wang Lee Hom appeared a lot of audience could not help but marvel. A wider audience is that "Jackie Chan movie" With the new breakthrough is no longer a pure play, and funny, but with more meaning and content, at the end of subversion is so that everyone may feel emotionally final. Snapshots are so that everyone laughter.

Feedback from the audience is not difficult to see Jackie Chan returning to New Year everyone to make very satisfied with the new film. As the film at the box office record breaking achievement, are also very grateful to Jackie Chan fans to support him, "Thank you for 'Little Big Soldier' support, I hope you have more suggestions and recommendations."




Interesting Article/Review on Little Big Soldier


Source: WXRB.COM

Translation: MUCH MUCH THANKS TO DACREJAMES - explanatory comments have been added in red at various points.  

Little Big Soldier:Promotes the "Book of Songs", Pays a Tribute to Salinger

    (Under the mountain, the soil is fertilized on five acres of land. What should I grow on five acres of land? The chickens are fat, gooses are fat, cows and goats are strong. Plant beans, plant paddies, canola flowers! - Indeed, the dream of an insignificant figure is to have a peaceful farmland and peaceful ranch.)


    A fox lopes slowly, on the stone bank of the Qi River.
    My heart is worried, that you don't have warm clothes.

    A fox lopes slowly, by the river ford.
    My heart is worried, that you don't have a belt.

    A fox lopes slowly, on the other side of the river.
    My heart is worried, that you don't have a new coat.

    (This is a poem from the "Book of Songs". A fox refers to a man.)

Hearing the "Book of Songs" in a Jackie Chan film is no less amazing than seeing a song and dance duet in a Zhang Yi Mou film. I don't know how many people actually understood that scene because it is as complicated as the look in Yu Ce Cheng's eyes (he is a character in a Chinese drama series called "Lurk" who is somewhat based on a true historic figure working for the KMT Military Council)After the Liang soldier (Jackie Chan) captured the Wei prince (Lee Hom Wang), they met a wandering female singer (Lin Peng) on the journey back to the Liang state. In a scene, she left poison on their food, loosened her clothes and sang "There's a Fox". That scene wasn't long and wasn't necessary to the plot but it carried a lot of meaning:

  • The reason for poisoning and causing harm to the Liang soldier was because her kin died during battle and she thought he was the Wei prince because he wore the Wei prince's helmet. 

  • The poem "There's a Fox" is generally a love poem about a woman courting a man. It talks about how one can love the other despite the other being poor and having nothing to wear. This poem was suitable for flirting in the scene because the Liang soldier was dressed shabbily and at the same time, the poem asked an indirect question: "Why are you dressed like a beggar although you are the Wei prince?" Unfortunately, he couldn't have answered because how would he have known these things?
  • Although the Liang soldier did not understand, the Wei prince did. But he thought the singer was someone from the Wei state so when she came towards him to give him the soup, he whispered to her for help. The singer's initial plan was indeed to help him (The one that the singer wanted to harm was the Wei prince, not the Liang soldier. But since she thought the Liang soldier was the Wei prince, OBVIOUSLY she thought the Wei prince was the Liang soldier! So no harm in helping the "Liang soldier"!) but, for some reason, she said, "I wasn't going to make you drink this at first." and then she made him drink the soup.

  • Maybe it was because she wasn't sure of their identities but she didn't harm them further. She merely whispered the word "retribution" in the real Wei prince's ear (whom she thought was the Liang soldier). And this word was only revealed by the real Wei prince at the end to echo the glory of the word "peace" that was hung on the wishing tree. That "retribution" was: The Liang soldier sacrificed his life for his state in the end but the brave Wei prince surrendered to the Qin state.

  • (Another interpretation of "There's a Fox" is "a wife longing for her husband who has gone away for a long time". I guess when the singer sung that poem again under the wishing tree, she was trying to implicate "peace" - to become a better person from her flirtatious self.)


This Jackie Chan film is a tribute to the late J.D. Salinger, which surprises me more than him talking about the "Book of Songs" on "Bai Jia Jiang Yun" (a Chinese show). Especially in this dream scene: "The Liang soldier was running happily on a land full of canola flowers when suddenly he sees a young beggar whom he once saved aiming and shooting an arrow at him." That young beggar is a symbol that signifies something very strong in the film. He appeared a number of times so if you are interested, watch out for that. I guess Jackie Chan wanted to use that "field" scene because he wanted to convey a "save the children" message like Holden. Because he loves peace, he was willing to be a canola flower field watchman (like Holden's Catcher in the Rye).

Besides canola flowers and the young beggar, there are lot of other things that symbolized something in the film. Those who have a liking towards information, you may check up on the following:

    • The film begun with a raised flag and ended with a raised flag. At the beginning of the film, the Wei army was ambushed by the Liang army. In order to protect the Wei flag, the Wei prince fought hard with his life, only to encounter a sneak attack by a Liang soldier, who pretended to be dead, and end up as a captive. Yet at the end of the story, when the Liang soldier returned to his state and realised it had already been defeated, he, who initially was a coward and was afraid to die, died protecting his state's last flag.

    "My Father Said"
    • This was the most frequently used line in the film. And this "father" is an important "hidden" character. The line, "My father speaks well, draws well and writes well." is like a line said by Zhao Ben Shan (a Chinese skit and sitcom actor)who frequently quotes his father. In the film, the father has the ability to draw maps. But what's important isn't the map itself but the word the father wrote behind it: Peace (In that era, those who can write were not your average person).

    "How Marvelous"
    • This was the second most frequently used line in the film. It's the Liang soldier's catchphrase. In his heart, he felt: "As long as you live, all will be well because troubled times will always pass." It's like the Wei prince who wanted glory for his state but who decided against war in the end and surrendered to the Qin state.

    "Insignificant Figure"
    • Another greatly used line. The Wei prince's catchphrase. Because it was used too many times, it gave people the feeling that the phrase was rather stiff and rigid. It became a strong tag (on the Liang soldier) for the purpose of telling everyone that: Jackie Chan really is a little insignificant figure in this film. But in the film, there is another meaning to this phrase: When a small figure does the work of a big figure, he will only bring harm to himself. But when a big figure possesses the tolerance of a small figure, great things can be achieved.

    Five Acres of Land
    • The Liang soldier captured the Wei prince for the reason that, in return, he wanted five acres of land to plant canola flowers, marry a wife and have a bit of land to lead a happy life. Actually, 100 acres at that time is like 29.07 acres today which means he would have gotten a mere 1.45 acres of land in exchange for the captured Wei prince. But that is his dream - to have a peaceful piece of farmland.

    To have so many things symbolizing different things in a film, Jackie Chan continually reminds us of his change: That Jackie Chan films are getting deeper. But despite having its depth, films like "Hero", "A Battle of Wits" and "Wheat" have already touched on topics like these. Still, Jackie Chan was able to find a different perspective and also discover a rather good newbie (Lee Hom Wang). Together with the film's action scenes and funny elements, the film would still have been the most worth-watching new year film even without the symbols or its depth.


When you go and watch a film, you're always afraid there will be a lot of children. On the list of new year films this year, there are already three films that are suitable for children to watch: "Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf", and two Jackie Chan films, "The Spy next Door" and "Little Big Soldier". Maybe in the eyes of children, Jackie Chan is as adorable as the grey wolf. But in "The Spy Next Door", this 56-year-old "grey wolf's" comical parts had me feeling a little heartache.
  • I always get his films mixed up because every film is so similar. Jackie Chan is always just Jackie Chan. So, just for his effort in making the country more peaceful, I'll give the film three stars this time:

One star is for the two beauties in the film: Lin Peng and Lucky 7's Xu Dong Mei. Lin Peng's two routines of song and dance were breath-taking but might not have been necessary for the film. As for Xu Dong Mei, because she acted as a barbaric female leader, she had no proper dialogue except for a lot of "hems and haws". But her appearance gave off a sense of wild beauty which many would admire.

Another star is for Lee Hom Wang. He is a "king" in the musical world but has nothing to show for in term of film achievements. He even had to act in an x-rated film like "Lust, Caution". But acting as the Wei prince this time round with no glamourous clothing, his charm was still magnificent and he acted as a very calm and indifferent person. There was also chemistry between Jackie Chan and Lee Hom Wang. Finally, 34-year-old Lee Hom Wang is led on the right path by Jackie Chan.


The film's story is timed near the end of the Warring States period, with Wei and Liang at war. The story contradicts historical facts because during the Warring States period, Wei state was such a weak state, it got defeated a number of times. It was always other states who helped restore the state. Because it was so weak, Qin Shi Huang did not bother to destroy it. It was only later when the second emperor of Qin abdicated the Wei ruler (that's the Wei prince in the film), that it was considered officially destroyed. This was already twelve years after the rise of Qin dynasty (In the film, the rise of Qin dynasty either happened when the Wei prince was not yet the ruler or happened at the same time when he became a ruler. It wasn't clearly shown). For a weak state like Wei, it would be totally nonsensical to say that it had the ambition to rule the world. As for the Liang state, it is historically the Wei Kingdom (this is a different "Wei" from Wei state) , one of the seven strongest states during the Warring States period. It was a kingdom stronger than Wei state by a thousand fold. In this film, it is called "Liang" because the capital of Wei Kingdom at that time was called "Da Liang".

Of course, for a good film like this, to complain about such a small defect is to be hypercritical.

Some information on the reference to J.D. Salinger:

J.D. Salinger - Catcher in the Rye WIKIPEDIA

The relevant quote/thought from the book is this:

Mr. Antolini tells Holden that it is the stronger man who lives humbly, rather than dies nobly, for a cause.

The comparative scene to the canola field scene is this:

Holden (the main character) shares a fantasy he has been thinking about (based on a mishearing of Robert Burns' Comin' Through the Rye): he pictures himself as the sole guardian of numerous children running and playing in a huge rye field on the edge of a cliff. His job is to catch the children if they wander close to the brink; to be a "catcher in the rye".

I must point out that I don't believe one can take the comparison further than just a superficial level as the book and in particular the entire symbolism of the scene from the book is entirely different from what I understand the scene in the movie to convey. Superficially the desire to 'save the children' is the only parallel I can see. Although I have not seen the movie yet but I do not believe that the deeper themes of the book can possibly apply to the movie.

Jackie at the People's Choice Awards

I know this old news now but it's worth watching:


New Trailer for Karate Kid

New trailer for Karate Kid - starting to seriously look good!!!

Jackie on Asia Uncut


Jackie Operation Smile New Photos

Jackie Chan, originally uploaded by kakastar.

Jackie wearing his award for "peace and friendship between nations”

Click on the photo to go to this stream for lots more photos and large size downloads of these images

Nice Set of Photos of Jackie in LA last year

Found this set of photos on Flickr that I would like to share with you all ... Jackie Chan & Friends Free Concert in Chinatown. Enjoy.

Interview with Jackie about Little Big Soldier and Chinese Zodiac

The evening of February 3, Jackie Chan to bring Lee Hom, Seung Jun, Baoqiang, the new Seven Little Fortunes, Lin Peng, and directors and other creative staff appeared Ding Sheng Beijing Wukesong Sports Center, "Private Game" Spring Festival Gala Premiere, more kin, Jonathan Lee, Jaycee Chan, Zhao Benshan, a small Shenyang and other stars to help out, in order to film the campaign.

Zhao Benshan expressed support for a brief appearance

In Beijing for Spring Festival Evening sketches and busy Zhao Benshan and small Shenyang mentoring, in order to support an old friend of Jackie Chan, deliberately rushed to the premiere ceremony of the scene. Zhao Benshan and small Shenyang teacher and student were presented in addition to Jackie Chan's blessing, but also the host and the audience's request, the small Shenyang impromptu imitation of Jackie Chan sing their classic tracks, attracted to the scene applause. Jackie Chan the audience not contain himself, snatching the microphone shouted: "This song is not so sing!" Also tried to sing a few. Zhao Benshan said with a smile: "I thought to myself how little of Shenyang sing this song so cruelly, the original on the original singers sing so ugly!" Grand Comedy. The thought I could use the opportunity to ask a few on the Spring Festival Evening Zhao Benshan problem, but Old Zhao obviously knew what to say at the moment are not too desirable, so there does not appear in the background and access to area, but the stage next, after secretly left the scene. As a starring Jackie Chan, on the duty-bound to accept the reporter's interview.

Little man with big ideas

Reporter: "Private Game" is that you played a minor, with the former's role is very different ah?

Jackie Chan: Yes, this movie does, I played was an ordinary man. How to tell it, cowardly, afraid to die ... ... whether it is modeling, ah, ah are related to the previous role of dialogue is far too small, the character design and movement are also very different.

Reporter: But this little guy who has had a particularly strong on the faith in peace.

Jackie Chan: In this movie, a lot of places in the war, some people do not want to fight, but the emperor's idea is to unity it is absolutely necessary, it in fact a confrontation inside, I and my Lee Hom opposition, in the end is a war that we can enjoy a better life, or whether we can enjoy a better life do not fight it? I played this little guy does not fight what I feel will be able to go home, and that time will be able to enjoy a better life by.

The initial fee of only 3,000 yuan

Reporter: After some calculations, coupled with this "Private Game" is your first 99 movies starring, and you feel that these works you are satisfied? Are there lousy movies do?

Jackie Chan: Can making 100 films are good films but if want to be very, very difficult, I used a fee of 3,000 yuan, have enough to eat to eat the next day, do not know where to find food to eat, there was no choice, at that time to make a living is simply impossible to choose what went to shoot the film, to be called what you want to make what you shoot. In that case, there would be quality and not do the work, but at that time the film is because there are a variety of limitations, or it can be said that no money went to shoot.

Reporter: So it can be said not long ago Paipian Zi, and now you beat the purpose of these films have very different?

Jackie Chan: Indeed, before the Hollywood film crews are actually for the money, there for me to spend the fee of a high, so I will take pictures. But Hollywood will not give me the money Toupai "Shinjuku Incident", "Private Game" this side of literature and art films, but returned to China, I can do whatever they shoot, I want to make movies, that is what I focus on the domestic causes. In the film "In Search of Jackie Chan," When I was a dime confiscated, airline tickets by themselves, the. In fact, one is to help the kids.

Reporter: ask a question of more cliches do you think so many movies where it is considered a masterpiece you do?

Jackie Chan: In fact, when a small beginning to the martial arts from child star to guide, I probably took 48 years to more than 200 movies. There are 99 as a male lead. But today, in the end I do not know which department to be my representative, each one thought - for example, "Private Game", we still feel that inside a lot of defects, the next one will be better, there will always be under a . To the back, and then we draw a conclusion from the bar.

"Zodiac" after fierce fighting never make another film

Reporter: "Private Game", your next film was the first 100, and this very memorable film you have any plan?

Jackie Chan: who want to make, "Zodiac." Talking about the Chinese zodiac animals returned to China in the first story. As early as six years ago, I saw the first foreign animal in the auction, a great touch. At that time wanted to why our national treasures are always lost it in overseas? That when you want to start to do. Last year, there were two animals in the first auction, but also caused me to shoot, "Zodiac," the idea. Many large countries keep saying it is the world's heritage, nominally to take custody of this actually is an appropriation. Is very shameful! To make the film, they want to this phenomenon manifested.

Reporter: So you did before the movie ready?

Jackie Chan: Haha, actually a year when the auction in the Summer Palace, I have come up with over 30 million U.S. dollars, would like to quietly put an animal in the first film to come back. However, the final price is 100 million U.S. dollars shoot, too, and I can not afford to give up.

Reporter: "Zodiac" is still the action film?

Jackie Chan: Yes, because this is the first 100 Well, so the production is also very serious. In fact, I hesitated for a long time, many people also said that action movies are just too money-burning, and advised me not to shoot because there is a fight scene just to be able to cost 70 million. But in the end decided to do. This movie will be a lot of intense action shots, almost from scratch, hit the tail.

Reporter: Are you from a video film made since the movements are basically opera, I heard that you have broken every bone in it?

Jackie Chan: It's a bit exaggerated. However, from scalp to the soles of the feet, every inch of skin and are trained in injury is true. Fortunately, however, have to shoot a scene for nearly 50 years of martial arts only been to two hospitals, one is cracked skull, and going to sew; the other one was a broken leg play gypsum, the other injuries I seem to have nothing.

Reporter: This is 100, you will repeat the act do?

Jackie Chan: Action film will be shot, but like so fierce fighting, "Zodiac" should be the last one had.



























Clips from CCTV New Year Concert


Catching up with VIdeos

Jackie and Zhou Libo:
(This is really funny! Well worth watching!)

Jackie in Berlin Chinese Interview:

Jackie at the Hong Kong Premier of Little Big Soldier:

Lin Peng and L7 talk about working with Jackie:

Jackie in Berlin:


Bazaar Men's Feb/March Issue Cover

Just a teaser ...


The magazine website can be found HERE

Jackie's PSA for Bone Marrow Donors

Martial Arts Master, Jackie Chan, asks you to join him in the fight against Leukemia. In this 30 second Public Service Announcement, Jackie urges you to join the bone marrow registry on behalf of 8 year old leukemia patient, Natalie, and others like her. Please join today. All it take is a simple swab of your cheeks to find out if you are the perfect stranger who can save someone's life!

If you have been following Jackie on Twitter you will know that he sent out an appeal for potential bone marrow donors to register at dkmsamerica.org to help an 8 year old girl, Natalie overcome her struggle with leukemia. You can also access more information HERE

Serialized Books on Sina.Com

One of the nice things about Sina is that they have a section with serialized books (like Readers Digest if you know what that is).

This is an extract from a book (sān lián wén cóng:xiù cháng hòu tái) by Weng Jing about Jackie and charity:
Jackie Chan, the general chatter like a preacher preaching to his philanthropic theory, he does not deny some people will think that he was putting on a show.

, Called "Angel Wings" campaign is to improve student life in poor areas of Yunnan. There is a school can get 21 per person per month potatoes, there is no alternative other vegetables, the first grade students to cook their own food; the other students in the region only cabbage soup goes well with rice, no oil salt. Jackie Chan's original plan with the Huayi Brothers from the new movie "Baby Project" in box-office come up with one million yuan as a donation, but before the event to have found provides a 2 million yuan China Merchants Bank sponsorship. Jackie Chan in the interview have always stressed the need not ask him about his new film, originally scheduled to attend the other two main characters are Louis Koo and high round for fear of overwhelming and did not come.

Jackie Chan, the general chatter like a preacher preaching to his philanthropic theory, he does not deny some people will think that he was putting on a show. After all-star charity has long been regarded as a means of propaganda, in fact, some stars did. One of the Northwest region last year, looking for water-related activities, invited a large number of stars, many of whom have collected appearance fees. In fact, free-Star appearance would have been willing to due diligence, the Hong Kong every year organization "Star Yao Bao-liang," fund-raising, appearances will be followed by two young singers back in hand basket, went before the audience, who are not embarrassed pays for.

Reporter: When did you start to do charity? Jackie Chan Charity Cup is said that you do the Tour because of Moxi shoot, when to stay at home is too boring?

Jackie Chan: In the past the government wanted me to do, saying that a child wants to see you. At that time I was idol when I say 30 years ago, I said: "No, I have nothing to see it?" Filming to make money the most important. But I forgot hours the Red Cross gave me a big raise. Called many times, and finally I went once, that the moved. They arranged that those children had taken me hold me, say one for each host I am very ashamed, he said: "Jackie Chan's uncle is very happy to see you!" I am not delighted? "Jackie Chan's uncle in order to see that you bought a lot of gifts." That's a gift someone else to buy 呀! Have been cheated, I have been so ashamed. "If you want do not want to know what Jackie Chan's uncle bought a gift to you?" "If you want!" Ah! I do not know what is inside. I opened a sub to them, they thank my queue. At that time, I put to utter shame, the original whole event I have a lie, a sham. To the back repeatedly said, "Jackie Chan's uncle next year you will see us?" I said: "Yes, the whole event is false, this can not be false." That year I went back there, which I really over. Ball-like snowballing, and I said fans should not donate anything to me, like donate money, and then set up a fund developed to Hawaii, the United States, Japan, Jackie Chan fund. I would also like to honor the Americans give money only to local Chinese, and I hope that the fund is no race, no boundaries, regardless of color, it's that slowly grew and grew.

Reporter: In addition to donations what else way?

Jackie Chan: a hospital. I have two hospitals in Canada, San Francisco has a center for the elderly, many Chinese immigrants to go over there, sons and daughters of big run away, the elderly nobody. Australia to my mom named Science Center, a gym, too much.

Reporter: Yang Lan said, the charity can not be the basis of personal passion, must be the introduction of commercial mechanisms, how do you think?

Jackie Chan: Be sure to have. How much of my personal power? Not much only use my friends, relations, and now buy my films, distribution of my films, first promised to do charity. My agent brands of clothes, how much money each year to bring it to do charity, because you sell clothes, I know how much you can lie to me, but you do not deceive yourself. I moved so many people had never lied to me. Last year, my "Dragon trip" project, built more than a dozen schools, returned to Hong Kong have dinner, I took a picture to the big business bosses friends, seeing, see their tears on the spot has donated more than 200 million HK dollars .

Reporter: What to do charitable activities, difficulties in the public do not know? Such as fund-raising is difficult?

Jackie Chan: Fund-raising is definitely more difficult. People to spend money on is always difficult, and I come and go and raising money are always a few great friends, I can not always ask them to donate, but the endless charity work, how can the community do it? I have to do a Shanghai 8 million people in concert, Lohan easy to please please Guanyin, Guanyin please Lohan hard to find, out of 18 individuals each one is 18. Walking in the street, people tell you that you donate 100 to the Jackie Chan funds, people would certainly say: if it is true? Jackie Chan also need to donate money Mody? If the concert, 100 tickets, some people will buy a 10. Become a habit for so many years past, they do not believe me, now I say what they believed. Because I went to mountains, money and efforts, they see it.

Reporter: Why do not they believe you?

Jackie Chan: They do not believe that a very young person to do such a thing might be doing propaganda bar. I have no past performance to you see, your heart first thought was he was doing publicity. Today, so you do not think that there is no such "Baby," I will do in next month I went to Harbin, Nanjing, charity concerts, mid-to Shaanxi for them to build a primary school, the Jackie Chan Charitable works have I positive industry. There is also a desire, I have too many fans around the world last month, has received contributions from 19 countries, 15 languages, more than 30 kinds of coins, I think it's to build a peace park, whether in Yunnan, or the big cities, which Apart from loving the world, the greatest need is peace.

Reporter: Now, some people will use other people's love for profit, and even the beggars have a professional, you have not received any cheat?

Jackie Chan: too much. I give people to take advantage to do charity work, too, keep track of. A kind of rice will raise a hundred people, such persons will not be easy, I hope he will change the future. Everyone has good-hearted, a momentary greed would go a crooked path in hopes that through different channels to correct them.

Reporter: But relying on a person's strength can affect the world people?

Jackie Chan: I think so, not influence it does not matter, I have influenced my own, I am better, I am taking each step forward and every word I will be very loud speakers all over the world including Hong Kong Chief Executive, Chief Executive of Macao call me soon as Jackie Chan's older brother, I can stand the name. This is what I go now, everyone believed that I speak, I am happy, I fall asleep to sleep before you have done bad things, all I can not sleep. I photographed bad movies, cheating the audience, every film released, I saw the movie's name is very afraid of. I have to learn from our mistakes corrected, I hope that through this visit, the impact of those deceptive people.

Reporter: I had an eye for girls funded activities to see you cry like this kind of thing much?

Jackie Chan: That was a small cry, I cry Xilihuala last year in Yanbian, too many things that moved me. Look at your little girl eyes and dare not, and my mother said, for fear her mother worried that such a small girl would have thought that Hong Kong will be with her mother to a child what kind of phone. I went to Yanbian, so many deaf children use sign language to sing "A Hero Never Dies" and I watched them that there are no tears from tears, I have been crying, this is moving.

Reporter: You will use this moment in the movie good?

Jackie Chan: casually will be used in the movie.

Reporter: a kind of argument is that the foreign charity can be tax-free, but China's contributions to tax-free has not really implemented, how do you see?

Jackie Chan: Taiwan does not have duty-free Mody? I am a person who does not count, I have never thought about tax-free, how to avoid law I do not know.

Reporter: I heard you are a very saving people.

Jackie Chan: What's been saving, I am saving and I like to clean the degree can be annoying. Shampoo signs of shape I have to straighten out, I would like to make people around me so that they are afraid of me. If my brothers line up five individuals to urinate can not urinate finished according to each one, to five people finished with the press. 5 times on a dozen gallons of water, they do not imagine that it was water to do.

Reporter: Do you have the way to teach his son do?

Jackie Chan: I have asked Fang Zuming (Jaycee Chan) urine using a grid paper, stool with two grid paper. He came back from the United States to buy a new computer, I object, he was not happy. South Asia floods, Performing Arts's union sent him to, he came back to donate 30 million and says that he bought, I asked why, he said: "I find that they need clean water is more important than I need a computer." Big city child think that there is an open tap water, reaching there phones, it is not, we are suffering them there. We would like to eat a vegetable tofu to master playing, sleeping on the floor Exalted urine, cat urine all, is what I came for. A new generation of young people is not without rules, but for me, they do not have rules. Their culture is so, for me, is that no culture, we respect your teacher, they are all "Yeah!" (So Jay-style gestures)

Reporter: I heard that you are in Hong Kong Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director, with the intention to do in the future in politics?

Jackie Chan: Yes, the vice president of the National Environmental Protection Association, I am old and I make a mistake. Not come before politics, now must pick up and can not delegate what I do. I will do the environment that I will crack down on triad.

Reporter: Do you want to be the chief executive do?

Jackie Chan: No, I do not, I am not the kind of talent. I want to manage traffic, garbage, triad.

Reporter: That is a Chief Superintendent of the.

Jackie Chan: Yes, the police do more film, my film is that I want to do. Police, FBI, fire can be.

(Editor: kiki)

Article taken from the "sān lián wén cóng:xiù cháng hòu tái" Author: MENG Jing Publisher: Living SDX Joint Publishing Co.





  成龙:以前是政府要我去做,说小孩子想见你。那时候我是偶像派,我讲是30年前,我说:“不去了,我有什么好见的?”拍戏赚钱最重要。但我忘记了小时是红十字会给我养大的。叫了很多次,终于我去了一次,那次就感动了。他们安排好的,那些小孩子抓我抱我,主持人每讲一句我都很惭愧,他说:“成龙叔叔见到你们很开心!”我没有开心呀?“成龙叔叔为了见你们买了很多礼物。”那礼物是别人买的呀!一直在骗,我一直很惭愧。“想不想知道成龙叔叔买了什么礼物给你们?” “想!”啊!我都不知道那里面是什么。我打开一个个分给他们,他们排队谢谢我。那时候我无地自容,原来整个活动我都在骗人,是假的。到后面再讲,“成龙叔叔明年你会来看我们么?”我说:“会,整个活动是假的,这个不能假”。那年我又去了那里,这是我真正地过来。滚球似的越滚越大,我说影迷不要捐东西给我,捐钱就好了,然后成立一个基金,发展到夏威夷、美国、日本的成龙基金。美国人给钱我还要兑现,只能给当地华人,我希望基金是没有种族、没有界限、不分颜色的,就这么慢慢越做越大。








  成龙:他们不相信一个年纪轻轻的人做这种事情,可能是做宣传吧。我没有以前的业绩给你看,你心里第一个念头是他在做宣传。今天你不会这么觉得,没有这个《宝贝计划》我还是会做,下个月中我到哈尔滨、南京做慈善演唱会,月中到陕西,为他们盖一个小学,成龙慈善工程已经是我的正业。还有一个愿望,我全世界有太多影迷,上月收到的捐款有19个国家、 15种语言、30多种钱币,我想不如盖个和平园,不管在云南,还是大城市,这世界我们除了有爱心之外,最需要的就是和平。






















文章摘自 《三联文丛:秀场后台》 作者:孟静 出版社:生活·读书·新知三联书店


An Oscar for Jackie at last????

These news reports just in!

WOW I can't believe it - this would be just so amazingly fantastic for Jackie!!!!

Jackie Chan's New Year movie "Private Game" sold at the box office during the Spring Festival yesterday, reporters from the relevant sources that the film has been determined to compete on behalf of the China Film Oscar "Best Foreign Language Film," the award. Afterward, the reporter to call Jackie Chan's Mr. Gao, the other side, said: "In the absence of an official answer before I can not say, but the film is indeed very suitable.

(Reporter Yan Wei) Jackie Chan's New Year movie "Private Game" sold at the box office during the Spring Festival yesterday, reporters from the relevant sources that the film has been determined to compete on behalf of the China Film Oscar "Best Foreign Language Film," the award. Afterward, the reporter to call Jackie Chan's Mr. Gao, the other side, said: "In the absence of an official answer before I can not say, but the film really fit."

"LITTLE BIG SOLDIER" pointing its sword towards "Golden Boy" (Oscar)

East Asia News (Reporter Qi Xin) in the Chinese New Year stall with you to meet Jackie Chan's Lunar New Year film "Little Big Soldier" today can be described as news of success, in addition to sold outside the box office, according to the sources, this Jackie Chan's new work is expected to be the impact of Chinese film Oscar next year, the main players, on behalf of Chinese film competition, "Best Foreign Language Film," the award. As a member of Hollywood's Jackie Chan, surely makes Oscar shines, and "Private Game" in the plot and concept, seems to have very much in line assessment of their appetite, "Little Big Soldier" is able to "red Austrian," the success of this Jackie Chan said that they would leave a suspense for everyone to guess.

Compared to the "Olympic," the success of Chinese films as "red Austrian" in the past few years has a crop failure. Although the domestic box office movies growing up enough to show that China's progress, but many works focus too much on the form and ignore the real Chinese thought and culture.

In the "bid" on the Jackie Chan had already done a lot of contributions, the recent spread of "red Austrian," the organizing committee has invited Jackie Chan's portability "Private Game" to participate in competition, "Best Foreign Language Film" message, is participating in the Berlin Film Festival Jackie Chan have sold off a child: "Since you all feel that "Little Big Soldier" there is hope that together we may look forward to what, but I also hope you will Before this can take a serious look at the film."

As for whether "Little Big Soldier" will be nominated for an Oscar, Century Fox did not give an official answer. According to the official spokesperson, at this current moment, a final decision has not been reached for this film. But "Little Big Soldier" definitely has the potential and qualification to be nominated for an Oscar.

In Hollywood, Jackie Chan has been among the star ranks, starred in several movies, "Kung Fu King" image deep-seated, and "Private Game" played in the success of Jackie Chan not only has a little guy, but also played a very is a color, such a figure the image is also very easy way out, to Hollywood actor as "impulsive, Austria," Probably have to come easier. Recently, the Berlin Film Festival, Jackie Chan fans will be numerous enough to explain the scene in the international market, Jackie Chan's martial arts name is a guarantee.

Jackie's Response is that expectations are 'Premature'
Daily News yesterday reported that New Year film "Little Big Soldier" is expected to impact on behalf of the Chinese Academy Film Awards judging and competition "Best Foreign Language Film," the award. Jackie Chan's response "premature."

Chinese martial arts kung fu after another, in this "me too" in too many works focus on the form while ignoring the real Chinese thought and culture. As the Oscar-standard changes, this film is difficult to satisfy the appetite of the Oscar judges tricky. If a film is award-winning, sometimes not only depends on the film itself, but also depends on external and internal common elements. "Little Big Soldier" story can happen anywhere in the world, about the idea are the same, the larger it is war and peace.

As for whether "Little Big Soldier" will be nominated for an Oscar, Century Fox did not give an official answer. According to the official spokesperson, at this current moment, a final decision has not been reached for this film. But "Little Big Soldier" definitely has the potential and qualification to be nominated for an Oscar. In Hollywood, Jackie Chan has been among the star ranks, starred in several movies, "Kung Fu King" image of deep-rooted. "Little Big Soldier" played in the success of Jackie Chan not only has a little guy, but also played quite a color, such characters are very easy way out, to Hollywood actor as "impulsive, Austria," Probably have to come easier.


For the "Little Big Soldier" will represent China, "Chong Austria", issuers, and China did not give a positive answer. According to the relevant parties to explain: "The film is now whether to participate has not been finalized, but the "Little Big Soldier", there is great 'red Austrian' potential and qualifications." And Chan said the company's staff to discuss "Little Big Soldier" is currently whether "red Austrian" still too early, but he admitted that "Jackie Chan on the Hollywood model is very familiar with the operation of either public relations or propaganda and public opinion, are very much in line with Hollywood distribution concept, these seemingly insignificant business operations, but in reality Oscar is also imperceptibly affect the assessment. "In his view, "Little Big Soldier" of the theme, story, character set are very bear close scrutiny, Jackie Chan is pondering on this story for twenty years," Whatever happened to this story any one in the world, about the idea are the same, amplification, that is to war and peace. "


Little Big Soldier, Chinese Zodiac, News

Some interesting bits of information in this article:

Jackie Chan says new war film 20 years in making, credits director for help

By Min Lee (CP) – 16 hours ago

HONG KONG — Jackie Chan says his new Chinese movie was some 20 years in the making, crediting an unknown director for helping him develop the story of the friendship between a soldier and a general in ancient China.

The veteran action star said at his hometown premiere for "Little Big Soldier" on Friday night he first wanted to make an inspirational war film two decades ago, but suffered a bad case of writer's block.

"I couldn't write a script that would last 1 1/2 hours. I wrote half-an-hour worth of material but couldn't continue, no matter what. So then I made 'Police Story,' 'Project A,"' Chan told reporters, referring to two of his films in the 1980s.

The project was kept on hold until he met director Ding Sheng several years ago. The little-known Chinese filmmaker has spent the bulk of his career shooting TV commercials before moving to the big screen.

"He's better educated than I am. He's studied history. He knew how to weave together my story and the characters," Chan said of Ding.

The result is a 96-minute drama set in ancient China when the country was split into warring states. Chan plays a rank-and-file soldier who captures a wounded general from a rival state, hoping that his feat will win an honourable discharge from his superiors. But the two develop a friendship during their travels as they fend off desperate refugees, a preying bear and an assassination attempt.

"Little Big Soldier" is Chan's first widely released Chinese-language movie since his 2006 action comedy "Rob-B-Hood." The director of his previous Chinese film, "Shinjuku Incident," decided not to release the movie in China because he was worried its explicit violence would offend censors, but it was released in Hong Kong, a former British colony that enjoys a special political status under Chinese rule. The 2009 release featured Chan is one of his darker roles of late - as an illegal Chinese immigrant who becomes a hit man for the Japanese mafia.

Chan, also seen in the recently released Hollywood action comedy, "The Spy Next Door," said his next stop is Shanghai, where he will shoot cameo scenes for "Shaolin" - a Chinese production about the famed temple known for its fighting monks. Then he will start working on his 100th movie, "Chinese Zodiac," in a shoot he said is expected to last until the end of 2011.

"You won't see me for a while," Chan said.

The 55-year-old actor also gushed about his multitalented co-star, heartthrob Leehom Wang, who plays the general. The successful Chinese-American singer-songwriter is now making headway in his acting career after appearing in Oscar winner Ang Lee's 2007 spy thriller "Lust, Caution".

"He's so perfect," Chan said. "If I were a woman, I would like him too."

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Little Big Solder Premier Hong Kong Photos

Slideshow on SINA.COM

Cast and Crew

Lin Peng

Jackie and Steve Yoo Seung Jun

L7, Jackie, Lin Peng, Ding Sheng, Steve Yoo Seung Jun

Jackie and Lucky 7


In this article it mentions that Jackie said that the audience response to 'Little Big Soldier' in Berlin was extremely good.

HK Premier Little Big Soldier

Photos of the premier of Little Big Soldier in HK 19th February 2010 LINK

Little Big Soldier does well in Singapore

Jackie Chan rules box office

DESPITE opening only on Sunday, Jackie Chan's Little Big Soldier was among the top three movies at the local box office over the Chinese New Year long weekend.

The period drama starring Chan and Wang Lee Hom has made $900,000 as at Tuesday, coming in just behind Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief and Valentine's Day, both of which opened last Thursday.

20th Century Fox's Percy Jackson came in tops with $1.57 million in receipts. The movie, based on a series of best-selling fantasy novels, tells the story of Percy, the teenage son of mythical sea god Poseidon.

A 20th Century Fox spokesman says: 'The long holiday weekend provided us with the widest demographic possible for Percy Jackson, which appeals to families, teens and young adults.'

Valentine's Day, Warner Bros' star-studded romantic comedy, took almost $917,000 to come in second place.

The movie from the director of Pretty Woman (1990), Garry Marshall, is about the romantic entanglements of a group of people living in Los Angeles. Its stellar cast includes Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Garner, Jamie Foxx and Jessica Alba.

Read the full report in Saturday's edition of The Straits Times, Life!.


MORE photos! Berlin! Enjoy!


Nice Article about Reactions in Berlin

Nice article outlining the reactions of journalists, fans and audiences to Jackie and "Little Big Soldier" in Berlin:
Beijing February 17, Jackie Chan "Little Big Soldier" was held in Berlin, the European premiere of a grand ceremony, Jackie Chan and Members of major crew 11 appearances, which can hold 1,800 people theater was packed, but grew up after the end of the moviegoing 5 minute standing ovation, proved once again that as an international superstar Jackie Chan's global appeal, but also let "Little Big Soldier" this in good faith Movies Received the wholehearted approval of the European audience.

European media has been hailed as "great film"

European audience can understand the humor in China do? The answer is yes. Last night, 1800 European audience and Jackie Chan watched the "Little Big Soldier". It is remarkable that all of these audiences to come to their own tickets. The middle of the moviegoing audience laughing, all the humor, accept the European audience, the audience applause pay tribute to up to five times. While viewing the end of the audience responded with a collective stand up to 5 minutes of applause, as an expression of their international superstar Jackie Chan, for this life, rich in humor, he also implies that the "Little Big Soldier" in a sincere tribute. Jackie Chan has said that his film of the international, European premiere ceremony yesterday once again demonstrated the demeanor of the international star, but also proved once again that Jackie Chan's movies are international, no wonder the media briefing the day before yesterday , a German media, the "Little Big Soldier" described as a "great movie."

1800 foreign audiences want to see the film

To participate in the premiere ceremony yesterday, and watching film audience to come to his or her own ticket, the face of 1800 the enthusiasm of the audience, Jackie Chan Bao Quan brother is also on stage to hand over the site in order to thank the fans of Chinese-style ritual, while frequently bow, kiss, making heat up the atmosphere of the scene bursting, Jackie Chan, and the audience surround the key creative crew asked for an interactive, how Jackie Chan, who is not willing to leave such a scene also made Jackie Chan, as well as the film crew moved.

In fact, the enthusiasm of the audience watching the films already beginning to be felt before, and had only arranged Film Festival red carpet in a brief session, about 5 minutes, but Jackie Chan and "Little Big Soldier" has a whole crew walk for 20 minutes, on the red carpet on both sides of the enthusiasm of the audience and the media made every major crew had to stop several times a photo camera, in order to satisfy the fans request, Jackie Chan, Big Brother is run on the altar several back and forth. Since yesterday, the local temperature of only minus 12 degrees, the film crew were dressed in flimsy dress, but the enthusiasm of the fans and the media so that they can feel the deep warmth.

The European fans crazy star-chasing - Jackie Chan appeared touched by Berlin

As early as Jackie Chan to Berlin moment, the enthusiasm of fans in Europe had been very high. Starting that day, Jackie Chan, the rate of crew members of the eldest brother in the air nearly 20 hours flying from Hong Kong to Moscow to Berlin. After a blizzard because of the way, private aircraft than originally planned time as late as some, but have already learned that Jackie Chan's journey of media and fans waiting at the airport early in the morning, even if the aircraft delays still persist. While a group of reporters waiting for a long time because of a private airport, are too restrictive and does not allow filming, and even then are not hindered the enthusiasm of journalists.

When Jackie Chan's car came to staying at the hotel, hundreds of fans and the media have already arrived here, because it can not stop the enthusiasm, the hotel had doubled to dispatch security personnel, that we finally put Jackie Chan in a crowd welcoming into the room. Jackie Chan fans in Germany can be described as a lot, even the taxi drivers are very excited to bring one: "My son Favorites him!" Press conference was over, a senior reporter at the door on the early specifically so I hope to be Jackie Chan to his daughter's signature.

After the interview, it is late at night, when the film crew out of the VIP lanes on both sides from the European winter snows in the hundreds of fans waiting for the idols, and immediately exclaimed bursts autograph. Among them, a young man from Hamburg, came specially excited, saying: "Jackie Chan is the big star in Hollywood, this time in Berlin, I can get the signatures of Leonardo, and Jackie Chan, too lucky!"


A positive response like this can surely only mean good things for the world-wide distribution of the movie so lets all hold thumbs for that to happen in a big way soon.