ChannelNewsAsia Interview Part 2

Here is part 2 of the ChannelNews Asia interview with Jackie.


HIV/AIDS advert

Advert (unknown date) for People Living with HIV/AIDS with Jackie to end discrimination.


ChannelNews Asia Interview with Jackie

Part 1 of a two part interview with Jackie.


Jackie Rewards CZ12 Success in Malaysia

Jackie took approximately 70 staff as well as Zhang Lanxin and Yao Xingtong to Malacca City in Malaysia to celebrate the success of CZ12. Amongst the various activities planned over 2 days Jackie prepared lucky red envelopes for every one as well holding a lucky draw at dinner.


Running Man Preview

Jackie recorded an episode of popular Korean TV show Running Man when he was in Korea promoting CZ12 recently. The show is episode # 136 and will air on 10 March in Korea.


Black & Blue Wallpapers

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Red Carpet for CZ12 in Korea

Jackie and Kwon Sang Woo attend a red carpet premier of CZ12 in Korea as part of the promotions for the film which opens in Korea on February 28th.


Videos: Jackie in Korea

Assorted video clips of Jackie in Korea:


CZ12 Press Conference in Korea

Jackie attends a press conference to promote CZ12 in Korea.


Jackie Talks about Cars and Charity

Jackie on cars, philanthropy
The famous Hong Kong actor spills the beans on living life in the fast lane

It is a January night in Beijing and Jackie Chan is in the back of his Bentley Mulsanne. And cars, fast and luxurious cars, are on his mind.

A cloak of leather, dark glass and white steel is all that keeps Chan from a world of adoring Chinese fans on the urban melee beyond. Mayhem would ensue if his fans clocked it was the action hero cocooned in the mammoth Mulsanne.

There's no security detail with us as we cut through a squirming sea of traffic. Destination: a charity auction where Bentley have donated a Flying Spur for the benefit of Chan's charities.

Tonight the martial arts hero will tell the media he's stepping back from making only action films. He's broken bones and beaten up his 58-year-old body enough. Moviemaking is still his future _ his latest film The Chinese Zodiac opened across Asia late last year _ but he is increasingly focused now on philanthropy. He gives US$5 million (about 150 million baht) a year to charity and China's billionaires are handing him millions in cash and cheques for him to assign to causes.

It's a watershed day and Chan is thoughtful. His screen action heroics and his life have been, at times, indistinguishable. A self-confessed petrolhead, he learned to stunt drive in a rental car on Hong Kong streets, for instance.

"I got into cars from the movies. When I was young in the martial arts school, we didn't know about cars. And when we get in the film business then... you know modern film, the old day film, [they all had cars] so I wanted to learn how to do stunts. But I'm 16 and I don't have a licence. I have to rent a car with another man. We pay the money and he rents the car. After that, we start driving it like crazy, doing 360-degree handbrake turns... Afterwards we send the car back and it's useless!"

Chan grew up in Hong Kong and Australia, where his parents worked in an embassy. But martial arts and movies were his obsession. In turn, moviemaking financed his new found passion for the automobile.

"When we were filming there you see all the big stars, they're driving [nice cars]. I remember this famous actress - she drove a 450 Mercedes-Benz, another famous girl driving a Mustang. Then I start buying cars but also crashing cars. But I love cars. I love cars... I just love cars," he grins.

Not content with getting his adrenaline fix on set, Chan looked for other ways to get a buzz. Hong Kong was under British control at that time and the city's spectacular tunnels and mountain roads made for a perfect urban track for young drivers.

"In the old days I always drove crazy," he says, his eyes twinkling. "At night. Four o'clock. I check around, I know the road. In Hong Kong - we don't have a racing club track. So with some friends, we drove around on the highway."

It was talk-show host Jay Leno who once declared Chan the most famous man on the planet. Chan's garage might be a little more modest than Leno's but it is still impressive. It includes everything from one of the ultra-rare street-legal versions of the Paris-Dakar Mitsubishi Pajeros to Ferraris, a Rolls-Royce and a Bentley Continental GT.

The Pajero is about to go into a Jackie Chan museum in Shanghai, but most of his other cars, including a Mitsubishi GTO and a Jackie Chan edition Evo, remain in the garage of his Hong Kong mansion. An Evo was in his film Who Am I? but his most famous driving role was also one of his earliest, as one half of the team driving a gadget-laden whistling Subaru GL in the 1981 coast-to-coast film Cannonball Run.

Would he like to try the Cannonball Run in this Mulsanne? Chan grins.

"I'd like to," he says. "Time is the problem. No time." Chan has raced in touring cars and enticed other celebrities to compete in a race at the Macau GP event where the likes of Michael Schumacher cut their teeth.

Earlier in the day, Chan showed off his driving prowess by powering the Mulsanne through the hills above Beijing on which the Great Wall of China sits. He played the paddle shift like an accomplished pianist tinkling the ivories. He spends a lot of time in the back of luxury cars, but relished the chance to jump in the front.

"It's quiet and fast, but you don't feel it," he commentates as he tillers it with neat precision. "In it you are talking, driving, listening, boom! One second _ you end up where you are..."

He delivers his lines as if he is acting, with gestures and the rat-a-tat-tat of an action hero sequence. His driving is what an Edwardian English gent might have called "press-on" motoring. He likes the right pedal.

Cars and charity are his passions. Tonight they come together.

In Beijing we are close to the venue for tonight's auction. The great and the good of China's capital turn out to support Chan and expectations are high to turn the car into cash.

As the flash guns blitz, he says bye-bye, bracing himself with a big public smile and leaping, with a hint of action hero, into the fray.

His charm offensive and star turn worked. By evening's end, the Flying Spur had gone for $1 million. Such is his horsepower.


Jackie Arrives In Korea to Promote CZ12

Jackie arrived in Korea this morning for a two day promotional visit for CZ12 and was greeted at the airport by aproximately 600 fans. Jackie will be meeting the press, recording a TV program, attending a red carpet premier of CZ12 which opens in Korea on 28 Feb, and last but not least, meeting with fans.



Valentine's Message (Of Sorts) From Jackie

A valentine's message from Jackie:

Director Ding Sheng called to say he began editing. I said a few days ago that he is really lazy to have done nothing so far. "Police Story 2013" finally wrapped. Thanks to the staff who accompanied me while shooting in the coldest months. The stunt team often came to visit a good friend. Fans gave me this warm package. I know it it represents all the fans who care about me! Today is Valentine's Day. If there are lovers, love will find find a way to come together. I hope/wish that every day is like today. Warmth and happiness.


A New Year Gift From Wang Lee Hom

Wang Lee Hom has sent everyone a new year gift - an MP3 of the new version of 12 Zodiacs he sang for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Just right click and save.

How Jackie Spent New Year


New Year by myself has been a little boring, just learning how to use the Internet. Took a look at everyone's messages to me. Saw your hopes and comments. Good or bad, I have received them, thank you! New year wish that everyone every day, "accompanied by singing, and not have to worry about the road. Do not worry about poverty. How much love, how much hate, these are not attributed to you." To replace the old saying with a modern one, social harmony, everyone is friends, world peace! Starting today!

过年每天呆着本来很无聊,刚好可以学学上网,去龙吧看看大家的留言,看到你们对我的期许和意见,好的坏的我都接受,感谢你们! 新的一年希望大家每天都“有歌声相伴,不忧道,不忧贫。多少情,多少恨,不记存。” 把这句古话换成大白话就是,社会和谐,人人友好,世界和平! 今天先發過!

Wang Lee Hom CCTV Spring Gala

Wang Lee Hom sings 12 Zodiacs at the CCTV Spring Festival on the 9th of February. He is dancing with DaMove.


Hubei Spring Festival Gala

The Hubei Spring Festival Gala was broadcast last night.

Here is Jackie singing Guo Jia.

Jaycee sang "Life on a String"


Amazing Technology Used in CZ12

In CZ12 Jackie's team uses a 3D printer. It's an amazing technology. Here is a short introduction to the subject of 3D printing.



Along with the news about wrapping today Ding Sheng (Director) posted a "first look" poster for Police Story 2013. Looks very gritty.


Police Story 2013 Finished Filming

Police Story 2013 officially wrapped last night.

Just an aside - there are NO official or even unofficial posters for this movie yet. Any posters you see online are photoshopped.

One more Photo With Variation Added

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32 HK Film Awards Nominations

The nominations for the 32nd HK Film Awards were announced today. CZ12 has received 4 nominations:


BEST VISUAL EFFECTS ( Han Yeong-u,  Victor Wong, Patrick Chui, Jang Seong-ho )




The full list of Awards and Nominations is:


Best Film

The Bullet Vanishes
Cold War
The Viral Factor

Best Director

Soi CHEANG 鄭保瑞 (Motorway)
Pang Ho-cheung (Love In The Buff)
LO Chi-leung 羅志良 (The Bullet Vanishes)
Dante LAM 林超賢 (The Viral Factor)
Longman LEUNG 梁樂民, Sunny LUK 陸劍青 (Cold War)

Best Screenplay

Pang Ho-cheung, LAM Chiu-wing 林超榮, Jody LUK 陸以心 (Vulgaria)
Pang Ho-cheung, Jody Luk (Love in the Buff)
Lo Chi-leung, YEUNG Sin-ling 楊倩玲 (The Bullet Vanishes)
Longman Leung, Sunny Luk (Cold War)
Alan MAK 麥兆輝, Felix CHONG 莊文強 (The Silent War)

Best Actor

Nick CHEUNG 張家輝 (Nightfall 大追捕)
Chapman TO 杜汶澤 (Vulgaria)
Lau Ching-wan (The Bullet Vanishes)
Tony LEUNG Ka-fai 梁家輝 (Cold War)
Tony LEUNG Chiu-wai 梁朝偉 (The Silent War)

Best Actress

Zhou Xun (The Great Magician)
Miriam YEUNG 楊千嬅 (Love in the Buff)
Sammi CHENG 鄭秀文 (Romancing in Thin Air)
Elanne KWONG 江若琳 (Love Lifting 高舉・愛 (2011))
Zhou Xun (The Silent War)

Best Supporting Actor

Ronald CHENG 鄭中基 (Vulgaria)
LIU Kai-chi 廖啟智 (The Bullet Vanishes)
Gordon LAM 林家棟 (Cold War)
Chapman To (Diva)
Alex MAN 萬梓

Best Supporting Actress

Susan SHAW 邵音音 (Vulgaria)
Dada CHAN 陳靜 (Vulgaria)
JIANG Yiyan 江一燕 (The Bullet Vanishes)
Elaine JIN 金燕鈴 (The Viral Factor)
Mavis FAN 范曉萱 (The Silent War)

Best New Performer

ZHANG Lanxin 張藍心 (CZ12 十二生肖)
Joyce FENG 馮文娟 (The Last Tycoon 大上海)
Jayden YUAN 袁曉超 (Taichi Zero 太極1 從零開始, Taichi Hero 太極2 英雄崛起)
Alex Tsui 徐家傑 (Cold War)

Best Cinematography

Andrew LAU 劉偉強, Jason KWAN 關智耀 (The Last Tycoon)
CHAN Chi-ying 陳志英 (The Bullet Vanishes)
Kenny TSE 謝忠道 (The Viral Factor)
Jason Kwan, Kenny Tse (Cold War)
Anthony PUN 潘耀明 (The Silent War)

Best Film Editing

YAU Chi-wai 邱志偉 (CZ12)
David RICHARDSON, Allen LEUNG 梁展綸 (Motorway)
KWONG Chi-leung 鄺志良, Ron CHAN 陳忠明 (The Bullet Vanishes)
Azrael CHUNG 鍾煒釗 (The Viral Factor)
Kwong Chi-leung, WONG Hoi 黃海 (Cold War)

Best Art Direction

YEE Chung-man 奚仲文, Eric LAM 林子僑 (The Last Tycoon)
Timothy YIP 葉錦添 (Taichi Zero, Taichi Hero)
LAU Sai-wan 劉世運 (The Guillotines)
Silver CHEUNG 張世宏, LEE Kin-wai 李健威 (The Bullet Vanishes)
MAN Lim-chung 文念中 (The Silent War)

Best Costume & Make Up Design

Yee Chung-man, Jessie TAI 戴美玲 (The Great Magician)
Timothy Yip (Taichi Zero, Taichi Hero)
Dora NG 吳里璐 (The Guillotines 血滴子)
Stanley CHEUNG 張世傑 (The Bullet Vanishes)
Man Lim Chung (The Silent War)

Best Action Choreography

Jackie CHAN 成龍, HE Jun 何鈞 (CZ12)

Sammo HUNG 洪金寶 (Taichi Zero, Taichi Hero)
CHIN Ka-lok 錢嘉樂, WONG Wai-fai 黃偉輝, Thomson NG 吳海棠 (Motorway)
Dante Lam, Chin Ka-lok, Wong Wai-fai, Thomas Ng (The Viral Factor)
Chin Ka-lok & Wong Wai-fai (Cold War)

Best Original Film Score

Comfort CHAN 陳光榮, Yu Peng (The Last Tycoon)
TEDDY Robin 泰迪羅賓, Tommy WAI 韋啟良 (The Bullet Vanishes)
Peter KAM 金培達 (Cold War)
Eman LAM 林二汶 & Veronica LEE 李端嫻 (Diva)
Comfort Chan (The Silent War)

Best Original Film Song

The Last Tycoon
The Guillotines
Romancing in Thin Air
Lan Kwai Fong 2 喜愛夜蒲2

Best Sound Design

Kinson TSANG 曾景祥 (The Guillotines)
Benny Chu & Steve Miller (Motorway)
Phyllis CHENG 鄭穎園 (The Bullet Vanishes)
Kinson Tsang (The Viral Factor)
Kinson Tsang (Cold War)

Best Visual Effects
HAN Yeong-u 한영우, Victor WONG 黃宏逹, Patrick Chui, Jang Seong-ho (CZ12)
Chas CHAU 邱志盛, Kim HO 何培堅, NG Yuen-fai 吳炫輝 , A Law 老A (Tai Chi Zero, Tai Chi Hero)
Victor Wong (The Guillotines)
Law Wai-ho & Hellowing Cheung (Motorway)
Cecil Cheng (Cold War)

Best New Director

Roy CHOW 周顯揚 (Nightfall)
Brian TSE 謝立文 (McDull, the Pork of Music 麥兜當當伴我心 )
Andrew FUNG 馮志強 (The Bounty)

Best Film from Mainland and Taiwan

Back to 1942 一九四二
Gf*Bf 女朋友 男朋友
Love Is Not Blind 失戀33天 (2011)
Painted Skin: The Resurrection 畫皮Ⅱ
Love 愛

Two New Photos/Wallpapers

Two new wallpaper type images of Jackie. Just right click and save for fullsize.


Assorted Recent Photos of Jackie

An assortment of photos from various recent events.


CZ12 on Pre-Order!

CZ12 is on pre-order at YesAsia! Expected release date for the Hong Kong version (VCD, DVD and BluRay) is 7 March 2013.


Buying Jackie's Movies

We all know how challenging it can be at times to find copies of Jackie's movies for sale - well this website has taken all the work out of it for you.