The Green Monster Goes To Beijing

The Green Monster managed to sneak onto the plane, leaving the excitment of the movie set behind for 2 days, and flew to Beijing with Jackie to attend the CAC - Cathay Courtyard endorsement ceremony. Jackie was surprised to see him!

I have Kung Fu!

Where did he come from? Look! Behind you!


Ready For Action

The Green Monster has his special JC Action Power gloves and Dragon Blade T-shirt and is ready for action!


Jackie's Historic Buildings Near Completion

The antique Chinese buildings film star Jackie Chan donated to Singapore are getting spruced up before making their public debut next year.

The Singapore University of Technology and Design, at 8 Somapah Road, behind the Max Pavilion at the Singapore Expo, will be the new home of the historic structures from the Hong Kong action star.

The university awarded a tender to TKT Development, which then brought in Suzhou master craftsman Zhu Hua Ming, 46, to restore the architectural gems. The university declined to say how much the restoration works cost.

The buildings, from China's southern Anhui province, are said to date back to the Qing and Ming dynasties, around 370 years ago, and will be displayed in the university's new permanent Changi campus. They will be located near the student hostels and faculty residences.

Mr Zhu and his team of 24 craftsmen are working on a pavilion, an opera stage and two houses, named Da Tong and Du Zhe, after places in China's Zhejiang province. Their work includes staining the wood pillars and beams of the 12m-tall pavilion, which was built during the early Qing dynasty. At least six types of wood, such as pine, fir and maple, were used in its construction.

The team also has to fix some broken stone columns in the opera stage structure. To do so, the craftsmen are embedding a stainless-steel rod in the structure to stabilise it. Once repaired, the stage will be used for performances by students and faculty members.

The team will also retile the roofs of the houses using made-to-order tiles from China and put in new timber flooring. The houses, each about 7m tall and 10m wide, will be displayed side by side and used as event spaces.

Assembly work began last October. Last month, there was a roof beam- raising ceremony for the houses.

The good condition of the pieces is making the assembly process a lot easier, says Dr Yeo Kang Shua, who is overseeing the restoration project.

"A majority of the parts are still intact so we just have to piece them back together carefully," says Dr Yeo, an assistant professor of architecture and sustainable design at the university. "There are signs of degradation, but it is common for buildings of this age."

In 2009, Chan donated the four buildings to Singapore, reportedly after talks with the Hong Kong government to find a home for them went nowhere.

The structures were part of his collection of 10 buildings which he bought for an unknown sum. These were kept in storage before he donated four to Singapore.

He expressed interest last year in donating the rest of the buildings to Singapore, although no decision has been made.

The Suzhou craftsmen, based in Singapore for the duration of the project, are using mainly old techniques to restore the structures. All team members are specialists, including carpenters, tilers, masons, painters and carvers. Most of them are more than 50 years old; the youngest is 32.

Mr Zhu, from Suzhou's Wuzhong district, started as a carpenter craftsman and picked up other trades along the way. He named his 11-year-old restoration firm Kuai Xiang, after the Ming dynasty chief engineer who designed the Forbidden City in Beijing, one of Suzhou's most famous sons.

"I thought it was good to have skills where I could use my hands," says Mr Zhu on choosing a trade where one trained for three years to qualify before working towards master status for many more. "Now, a lot of people don't want to do it anymore. The younger ones have moved to the city to work, so it's hard to find people to do this."


World Premier of Jackie Chan's Endorsement of Cathay Courtyard

Jackie's endorsement of CAC Cathay Courtyard was officially launched at a ceremony in Beijing today 27.4.14.

You can read a transcript of proceedings here: http://house.focus.cn/news/2014-04-27/4978644.html (translation from Chinese required)


Amazing Pieces of History

Two amazing pieces of history:

This is the original contract Jackie signed with Yu Jim-Yuen when he entered the China Drama Academy, age 7.
It is on display in the JC Film Gallery in Shanghai.

This is an original handbill from a Hong Kong Opera Theater advertising a performance. Jackie (as Chen Yuen) is listed as one of the performers.


Spokesperson for Cathay Courtyard

Cathay Courtyard Homes are designed to incorporate the best of traditional Chinese architectural styles with the best of modern design. Jackie has signed on to be their spokesperson as the ethos of the company is in keeping with his ideals of preserving and promoting Chinese culture.


Jackie And The Green Monster Two

The continuing adventures of Jackie and the Green Monster


Beijing Cultural Assets Chinese Film & Television Fund Launched

At a signing ceremony today at the Beijing International Film Festival the Beijing Cultural Assets Chinese Film & Television Fund was launched. Dragon Blade is the first film to receive an investment from the Fund. A release date for the film of 19 February 2015 was announced at the ceremony. It was also announced that the film will be shot in 3D. Neither Jackie nor Daniel Lee was prepared to confirm Mel Gibson's participation in the movie, only saying 'it is a big Hollywood star". Filming is underway in Hengdian before the production is slated to move to Dunhuang, a city on the Silk Road in North East China. Jackie expressed concern about working in the heat of the Gobi desert in June / July.



Jackie to Narrate Peter and the Wolf?

Jaap van Zweden, music director for the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra dreams of inviting Jackie to perform "Peter and the Wolf".

Action star Jacky Chan could one day take a break from performing in front of film cameras and appear on stage alongside Hong Kong Philharmonic if the orchestra's music director Jaap van Zweden gets his way.

Getting Chan to tell Sergei Prokofiev’s classic children’s story Peter and the Wolf, accompanied by classical music performed by the Philharmonic, is one of the dreams of Van Zweden.

The Dutchman is planning to build up the city’s flagship orchestra into a top cultural attraction in the city.

"How about we play Peter and the Wolf with Jackie Chan as the narrator?" van Zweden said. "My gut feeling tells me he would say ‘find me a date and I will come’."

Van Zweden said he hopes to organise the concert for the city’s handicapped people, including those who are bed-ridden, so that they also have the opportunity to enjoy classical music – “the food for the soul”.

He said: “We the Philharmonic are part of the community, which is not only made up of successful businessmen.

“Such a concert would enable those with special needs from Hong Kong to enjoy the music and see Chan in real life – something that he cares about as much as we do.”


Dragon Blade Starts Filming

Dragon Blade officially got underway today in Hengdian with some battle scenes. Filming conditions were difficult, as a combination of heat, heavy costumes and a long day took their toll on cast, crew and extras alike.


A Birthday Song for Jackie

Malaysian artist Namewee composed this beautiful tribute song for Jackie's birthday.


Jackie on the Red Carpet HK Film Awards



33rd Hong Kong Film Awards

Jackie was a special guest at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards. He presented the award for Best Film to 'Grandmaster' directed by Wong Kar Wai.


Jackie and the Green Monster

During rehearsals for the Love, Peace and Friendship concert a glowing green monster was discovered lurking under the stage. It is suspected that it is a former staff member who was left in the dark for too long with only a potent glowing green energy drink to sustain them. Transformed in the dark into a glow-in-the-dark monster, it has been spotted following Jackie around. It is not known where it will be spotted next. Keep a look out!


But I need it!

The Green Monster Returns!

The Green Monster Rides Again!

My buddy and me!

Hide me!

Love, Peace And Friendship Concert Video

Fancam of the concert in full.


Red Hongyi's Portrait of Jackie

Read more about Red Hongyi's portrait of Jackie


From Chopsticks to Jackie Chan

Hongyi turns 64 000 chopsticks into Jackie Chan.

SOURCE: (with additional photos) FEELDESAIN.COM

Peace Song

Jackie's latest song - 不再失去


Canon Eos 2014

A new Canon Eos advert.


Karate Kid 2 ...

... moves one step closer to being made with the appointment of Breck Eisner to direct.


Peace, Love and Friendship Concert Videos

An assortment of videos from the Peace, Love and Friendship Concert.


Peace and Love Concert Photos Part 2

Second set of photos from the Peace, Love and Friendship Concert held at the Workers Stadium in Beijing 4 April 2014 as part of Jackie's 60th birthday celebrations.