China wins 2022 Bid

and Jackie expresses his delight ...


New Photoshoot!

From the photographer - Alexvi Li Xiaoliang.


Jackie's New Jet Almost Ready for Delivery

Embraer secured Chinese validation for the Legacy 500 on 24 July and is now preparing to deliver the first midsize business jet to Chinese launch customer and ambassador of its executive jets division, Jackie Chan.

The 10-seat twinjet entered service late last year and Embraer had shipped 14 of the type by the end of the second quarter, according to Flightglobal’s Ascend Fleets database.

While the USA is, and will continue to be the largest market for the Legacy 500, Embraer expects the aircraft to be popular in China, despite a preference for long-range and large cabin types in the country until now.

“Today, Chinese customers’ expectations for executive jets are evolving, from seeking large, luxurious, ultra-long-range jets, to finding midsize jets that can satisfy the business needs of most entrepreneurs,” says Guan Dongyuan, president of Embraer China. “Having identified this market trend, we are confident that more potential customers will turn to midsize jets like the Legacy 500 due to its exceptional innovation, efficiency and technology.”


David Ogilvy Interview with Jackie

The irrepressible Jackie Chan talks about the phenomenal determination and personal work ethic that has transformed him from a Hong Kong martial arts movie star, into a global cinematic and cultural phenomenon.


Interview Rush Hour

Old rare interview of Jackie about the time of Rush Hour.


Incredibly old CM starring Jackie

Selling what appears to be mosquito spray.


The Toughest Jackie Chan Quiz Ever

Are you a 'Super-Fan'? Give this quiz a try!

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The Tale of Three Cities

A period film set in the turbulent 1930's The Tale of Three Cities is a sweeping romance based on the real life story of Charles and Lee-lee Chan. It is co-directed by Mabel Cheung and Alex Law and due to be released in August. It stars Sean Lau (劉青雲), Tang Wei (湯唯), and Qin Hailu (秦海璐) and Jing Boran (井柏然).

Some stills from the movie:


New Cover

Jackie's book "Never Grow Up, Only Older" has a new cover for the Hong Kong edition.


It's Cold

Jackie and Alan Ng (JC Stunt Team) on the set of a movie Alan is working on today - it was cold.


Railroad Tigers Steams Ahead

A casting call has gone out for Railroad Tigers (directed by Ding Sheng). Filming will start on 16 October 2015 in Beijing and Shandong. The budget is $50 million.


Video: Jackie on the Red Carpet

Jackie on the red carpet at the Cross-Strait Award Ceremony


PHOTOS: Jackie Receiving His Award

Jackie receiving the award for his special contribution to Chinese Film from Han Meilin. In his speach Han Meilin said that Jackie Chan is not only a Chinese movie star, providing impetus to the international trend for Chinese films, but he also represents our Chinese heart to the world, truly represents our Chinese spirit.

Han Meilin is a famous Chinese artist. He and Jackie serve on the CPPCC together, and have become friends as a result.


What Next?

A message from Jackie on which film he is making next.


...I have also heard that you are very concerned about which movie I am going to make next. In fact several projects are in development, however my usual practice has always been to see which project genuinely matures, to achieve a point where it is good enough to go ahead and make. I do not blindly follow the crowd, and I do not rush the time it takes for the movie to be good, to naturally find it's audience. On the other hand, if a project still has not reached my standards, then I will immediately work at polishing it, I am not afraid to take the time to expend a great deal of effort.


Cross-Strait Top Ten Chinese Film Festival

Jackie attended the Cross-Strait Top Ten Chinese Film Festival in Qinhuangdao yesterday. The festival was established three years ago to promote and strengthen relationships in film industry in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Jackie was given an award for his special contribution to Chinese Film. During the award ceremony Jackie was forced to leave for a short time for safety reasons because press and fans crowded around. Watch video HERE After order was restored Jackie was able to return to the ceremony.

Jackie walks the red carpet surrounded by Jackie Chan Stunt Team members

Jackie and Frankie Chan

Jackie and Ng See-Yuen

Fans crowd around.


Chris Tucker about Rush Hour 4

So don't rush out and queue for tickets yet ...

What are your feelings about the last "Rush Hour" movie?

I had fun doing it. It was great working with Jackie, and it was lots of fun. I don't know if we'll do another one, but Jackie and I are talking all the time about working together again.

So there's the possibility of another "Rush Hour"?

If they come to me, we'll see what happens. I don't know what they're thinking. But I'm definitely open to it.


And the winner is ...

Rush Hour 4!

Actor Chris Tucker Has Confirmed Rumours Suggesting He Is Planning To Reunite With His Rush Hour Co-star Jackie Chan For A Fourth Instalment Of The Action Comedy Franchise.

Tucker tells U.S. talk show The View, "We were talking about some stuff (for a sequel) so we're thinking about doing something like that."


but never fear Chinese Zodiac 2 is also in development.

Jackie Records New Songs

Jackie was recording two new songs for his next album in Beijing today. He was working with composer Hu Li who composed 'Blue Sky' which Jackie sang with Sun Nan and 'Tiantian Yue Yuan' with Chen Sisi.


Rush Hour 4 vs Chinese Zodiac 2

So...Chris Tucker is in Beijing to meet with Jackie and Frankie Chan to discuss Chinese Zodiac 2. Is that a 'no' on Rush Hour 4 then?


Today in Beijing ...

Jackie was signing more copies of his book ...