I just saw the image of Shanghai World Expo, Ambassador Jackie Chan, Jackie is wearing a black casual wear, holding SLR camera, stop taking pictures, pictures taken, we can see their enthusiasm for the World Expo. Jackie Chan is fleeting, however, after a while he would drill into the field of performers waiting area, the opening scene Jackie will have some performances. With the opening of the Expo is getting closer, Park Lane is also a festive mood



EXPO Extravaganza

A magnificent fireworks spectacular, gala performance showcase and star-studded solo acts are set to thrill dignitaries and the viewing public alike Friday evening as the purpose-built Shanghai Expo Cultural Center hosts the much-anticipated opening ceremony of World Expo, ushering in six months of all that is Expo in Shanghai.

"Set against the backdrop of the Huangpu River, accompanied by dazzling fireworks and light displays and participated in by hundreds of thousands of viewers on the spot, it will be an exciting, magnificent yet simple ceremony," said Wan Jifei, chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

"Culture, technology and development are the themes of Shanghai Expo and will all be highlighted in the opening ceremony," added Zhu Yonglei, deputy director general of the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination.

Featuring opera, international pop acts, folk performances and classical pieces, tonight's event is not aiming to be too grand, according to the organizers, the focus instead turning to Expo itself.

Beginning with traditional Expo rituals such as a flag raising ceremony, a parade by participating countries and speeches from officials, Expo Image Ambassador Jackie Chan and famous soprano Song Zuying will open the celebrations with Expo song "Invite the World to Share."

"I will take Expo as a great opportunity to share Chinese music with the world," Song commented.

The opening ceremony will also feature Andrea Bocelli and Japanese pop idol Tanimura Shinji as well as piano sensation Lang Lang.

Traditional folk performances will be prominent, with acts performed alongside state-of-the-art lightening and 3D LED screens.

A Miao and Tu ethnic group will present "Play the Drum and Sing the Song," Suzhou Pingtan will be performed in Suzhou dialect and a group of 30 Dong ethnicity singers will present "Song of the Cicada."

The second part of the evening will see the cultural center's stage transformed into a global village, with performances from across the world including New Zealand, Japan, Lesotho and Italy.

Many foreign leaders have also confirmed their presence at tonight's opening ceremony, including French President Nicolas Sarkozy, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and President José Manuel Barroso of the European Commission, according to Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu.

The last session will promote Expo's theme Better City, Better Life through the involvement of local residents, culminating with the song "Tribute to the Expo" jointly performed by well-known singers of varying genres, Liao Changyong, Tanjing, Sun Nan and Huang Ying.

"I'm expecting an opening ceremony which is innovative and fresh!" said Expo volunteer Xiang Mengyi. "I'm also prepared to be surprised because Expo will demonstrate the latest in technology."

After the performances, a spectacular fireworks extravaganza will light up Shanghai, set against the Huangpu River.

Hundreds of sailboats decorated with the flags of participating countries and organizations will cruise on the water, with the music fountain in Central Square dancing as fireworks take to the skies above.

Every 30 seconds, images of peonies and willows will explode overhead, with heart-shaped fireworks symbolizing love and passion.

According to the organizer, the quantity and design of the fireworks will be better then the Beijing Olympics and much more environmentally friendly. Low carbon, low-smoke and residue-free fireworks are being used to coincide with the green theme of the event.

The 90-minute opening ceremony begins at 8pm this evening and will be broadcast on Shanghai satellite TV station, Dragon TV.


This made me smile ...

Jackie Chan-edition EOS 550D probably won't do stunts

What can lock eyes with the baddies, perform death-defying jumps, leap off tall buildings (and helicopters) and save a little girl while wearing an amicable smile? Jackie Chan? Spot-on! Who better to flash that million-dollar smile for the camera?

Enter the Eye of Dragon EOS 550D released by Canon China, with gold accents around the camera's name and logo near the hotshoe. The US$1,450 package will also come with a specially designed camera strap and leather case. And, instead of the usual 18-55mm kit lens, the snapper will ship with the 18-135mm glass. Did we also mention there's a Jackie Chan photo album bundled as well?

Strictly for fans of the action auteur, only 2,010 sets of the Eye of Dragon EOS 550D are produced. Just remember that the camera's warranty doesn't cover damage caused by stunts


So if you are lucky enough to get one of these limited edition camera's ... don't forget ... it won't do stunts!

'Green' Fireworks Debut at Expo Opening

Rehearsal for Expo on Tuesday night
Source: Associated Press

According to THIS news report a technological innovation has resulted in environmentally friendly fireworks that have very little or no smoke, no residue, no odour and are low carbon. This is the first time these fireworks are being used.

LINKS & VIDEO: Jackie singing at Artistes 414 Concert

Jackie L7 and Ajia 'Believe in Yourself' LINK

Jackie, Sun Nan, Emil Chau 'Sincere Hero'



"Artistes 414 Fund Raising Campaign" held in Hong Kong

BEIJING, April 27 -- The charity event "Artistes 414 Fund Raising Campaign" was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Monday, raising 35 million Hong Kong dollars (4.5 million U.S. dollars), Sina.com.cn reports.

More than 300 entertainers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland came together for the fundraiser.

Stars including Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan and Sammi Cheng participated in the five-hour event to raise funds for the victims of the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province.

Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen explained the significance of the event, saying that "we as a group of artists should make use of our influence to encourage everyone to dedicate their support in any form, especially at such a critical moment. The Chinese should be united to help the people in Yushu."

Mainland actor Zhang Guoli echoed the sentiment, "We're not only giving financial support to the area. More importantly, we're giving the people our love and emotional support."

The event started at 6 p.m. and was broadcast live on TVB, ATV, Hong Kong Cable TV and Phoenix TV without commercials.


WOW look at the CROWD!


PHOTO: Jackie singing at 414 concert


JC Auto Network Pavilion

JC Auto Network Pavilion at the Beijing Autoshow:

Source: AUTO.163.COM

Sincere Hero Animated with Lyrics

Really kind of cute animated version of 'Sincere Hero' / 'Zhen Xing Ying Xiong' with lyrics....


If ya love cars like i do ....

The Bugatti Jackie was sitting in ......

Bugatti Director of Sales and Marketing Alasdair Stewart, and the Bugatti Mr Kuo-chung, chairman of China signed Mr. Tim




"The feelings of Yushu, Great Love - a large earthquake relief fund-raising activities, special events," donations for the disaster raised 2.175 billion yuan, the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild also launched "Department of Yushu love love show business operations" fundraiser. "Department of Yushu love love show business operations," the show held at the Coliseum. The picture shows the Sun Nan Andy Lau Jackie Chan.

“情系玉树,大爱无疆——抗震救灾大型募捐活动特别节目”为灾区筹得21.75亿元善款后,香港演艺人协会也发起“演艺界情系玉树关爱行动”筹款晚会。“演艺界情系玉树关爱行动”大汇演在红馆举办。图为孙楠刘德华成龙 。


Jackie with the new EOS 550D


Video: Jackie @ Press Conference with Ajia

Jackie at the press conference with Ajia LINK

Jackie and Ajia Press Conference

Ajia of Mandarin album "meet you" press conference, the public goods in the Beijing International Cultural Exchange Centre. This also marks the first Tibetan woman with known A good portfolio mix, to bring new album, the official return of pop music. This opportunity, I believe Chinese music scene following the 'Chinese style' in power, the 'national style' will be a strong return. International superstar Jackie Chan to bring new disciples to the scene to congratulate Seven Little Fortunes, a famous singer Yang Kun is also busy scene site. Ajia of the circle of friends was once a teacher Dolma, Tan Weiwei, Pu Pakistan A, Tashi Dhondup, also to bring good luck for their VCR.

"Possession of home girls" Tibetan opening

The conference opening, abandoned the practice of opening the current host, but choices directly from the A jia of power rock out a new album song "collectors girl." Moreover, "possession of home girl" or to Tibetan singing. This opening can be called ingenuity. As a prelude to the beginning, Ajia of voice at the scene sounded Tibetan characteristics. They use are unique to their music, tell all the people who love folk music: "We're back, with a dedication to music!"

As the chorus enter, Ajia their interpretation is also getting better. The audience you have year-round media to participate in the conference, the record companies can be said is an industry veteran. Ajia of media to give up you are familiar with Chinese, Tibetan on Ajia for the fact they are more difficult. If you choose to interpret because the Chinese, some of the lyrics for the melody will increase the score, more likely heighten the atmosphere of songs. Ajia of the Tibetan language in the conference opening, just to let all of you media and guests, rendering the lyrics aside, more attention to the quality of their music. While singing the Tibetan language, but the audience is still a lot of friends in the media with the rhythm of the music gently nodded. With the Chinese, the same as the Chinese people, the kind of blood connected, even the heart of national understanding through music performance the most. Ajia many of the media's singing is also appreciated.

Shows the three grown VCR "Gesang Hua"

This new album, "meet you" song from the collection, recording, filming MV, issued to the press conference today, after nearly three years experience, can be said is crafted. The difficulty of which only Ajia they know. Stop a song, Ajia of deep feelings. In particular, growth of the organizers prepared a VCR, invited Ajia and you the media and guests present at the common review Ajia combination of fighters, past young look. VCR little bit of showing the three "Gesang Hua" - A good combination of the beauty of transformation.

Through the growth of VCR, so come along with review of all conference and recalled A Sentimental look good combination, since in this way, Ajia growth, at every stage has pleasant surprise. Ajia and then brought the new album title track "to meet you." "Meet you" catchy melody, lyrics frank sincerity. Ajia they sighed and said: "In fact, we feel that" meet you "is not only broke our hearts miss a love of regret, but also reflect on a lot of good feelings. And the people are wonderful affinity between. You may meet is love, you can meet friends, meet a family you can, as between mother and child is a life meet. Today, the media and guests, and you do not also by chance "met" you? "

"Tri-color ring in the action" was officially launched

A good combination has been committed to environmental protection, precisely because they come from the snow-covered plateau near zero pollution, exposure to the city Ah good, the face of the dying green, endangered lives, face the stale air, A more immediate hope of good, every inch of land, every city can have the same home with their clean air, blue sky.

In the conference comes into play, each scene the guests and the media were all given a red ring. This tri-color ring is made from white, blue, green three color composition. White represents the air and water, which is an important element in the survival of life. Blue represents the sea and the azure blue sky. Green symbolizes the meaning of life in fact. Just a simple word of life, but because the earth gave birth to life, only now we are and what we saw. The event aims to protect the common earth, as an opportunity to carry out a series of environmental protection activities.

Declaration of the stars corresponding homogeneous environment

Ajia of very good relations with others in the circle, and many artists have responded to the call Ajia, together with Ajia for the environmental protection was only once the teacher Dolma, Tan Weiwei, Pu Pakistan A, Tashi Dhondup and other stars are recording the environmental declaration, which is worth mentioning that the "Beijing Kingsoft on" the original singers Cedain Zhoima teacher despite advanced age, but Getting Ajia of hair piece, recorded the first to congratulate VCR, Let A good moved.

Ajia as soon as Tibetan treble sounds of nature, all the spotlights are collected in one person, he is an international superstar Jackie Chan. The Jackie Chan busy schedule to bring a new Seven Little Fortunes come to this conference, for the Ajia of refueling stations. Ajia of fat, to congratulate the film, Jackie Chan himself prepared for the Ajia of small trees as a gift. Asked Jackie why the delivery of small trees, the older brother that nurtured a seedling of hope, as if Ajia were the same as good, I hope they grow. While a small symbol of green seedlings of hope, a symbol of environmental protection of the road long way to go, hope that we can to protect Mother Earth. Jackie implantation of small seedlings in soil, Ajia of irrigation on the Namco precious alpine holy water.

Particularly worth mentioning is that the press conference Jackie admitted and "not like" Ajia, just like Ajia good song. Let all the people present were very puzzled. Jackie explained: "So although the joke, but also for fear of paparazzi false reports, write baffled and Ajia good sex scandal." Brother also spoke to the conference site to Yushu in Qinghai and Yunnan arid disaster sympathy for the situation. Very pleased that Big Brother is preparing to leave in Yunnan, the kind of weather, experiencing over 200 days of drought, the Yunnan finally rain. Big Brother joke: "If this can be brought to Where the rain, I will not do anything else, and everywhere the rain." And then Jackie and Ajia of songs from the new album with the song "Call . " "Call" is April 22 "Earth Day" tribute song. With Big Brother and A good song, the entire conference to a climax.

百度娱乐讯 4月24日阿佳组合国语大碟《遇见你》新闻发布会,在北京品众国际文化交流中心举行。这也标志有着藏族第一女子组合之称的阿佳组合,携新专辑正式回归歌坛。以此为契机,相信华语歌坛继‘中国风’当道后,‘民族风’将强势回归。国际巨星成龙先生携弟子新七小福到场表示祝贺,著名歌手杨坤也百忙之中到场站台。阿佳组合的圈中好友才旦卓玛老师、谭维维、蒲巴甲、扎西顿珠等也来为她们送上祝福VCR。




  成长VCR 展现三位“格桑花”











Photos: Jackie at the Beijing Autoshow