Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jackie in Yushu

Jackie on plane with injured people

April 18, Jackie brought new disciples Seven Little Fortunes take a flight full of relief supplies arrived in Xining, low-key, then ride into the Yushu cargo plane to visit rescue workers and victims. In order not to burden the disaster areas, Jackie is very low-key visit to the Yu-shu, travel is not disclosed to any media, in order to save space as much as possible to transport goods and materials, most of the staff to stay in Xining, Yushu alone aboard cargo aircraft to enter.

Yushu in Qinghai earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred when the Expo is the work of Jackie Chan, when he heard the news close to the staff immediately arranged to buy needed supplies affected areas, hoping to help as soon as possible to the affected compatriots. While the preparatory work in progress, Jackie began to receive a friends phone, familiar with Jackie Chan's friends were aware of the disaster, a place where there are difficulties, there will be Jackie's shadow, so the entertainment industry and business friends who have commissioned Jackie funds, materials, blessings brought disaster.

Just 24 hours later, the CEA's support and cooperation of Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou and other places, relief supplies quickly concentrated in the Shanghai Pudong Airport, including Jackie Chan himself, friends in the glory, Vivian Hsu and others love business assistance for the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, food, drinking water, blankets, clothing, etc., in the receiving and inventory is complete, up to ten tons, Jackie led the disciples and several tons of relief materials from Shanghai through Xining , arrived in Yushu disaster.

Beijing took the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, the emergency relief supplies including Xining 1,000 quilts, 1,500 boxes of food, 100 boxes of water, 700 cotton-padded clothes, 200 sets of thermal underwear and three million of funds. While the Jackie Chan and his entourage did not have any luggage space all materials used for shipping, but the charter flights can carry only a small part of all the materials, other materials will be arriving in the area as soon as possible.

Jackie, after the plane, went non-stop town in Yushu County Results disaster relief command post, and shortly after leaving the airport, "abandoned the vehicle and" walk more than an hour to reach the command post, along the road has been for local people and boost the morale of armed police, and agreed to the reconstruction process in Yushu, Jackie Chan himself building green homes.








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