Sunday, April 18, 2010

More on Jackie Recording Blue Sky

With the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games approaching, one from the Asian Games, jointly initiated by China Hand Jackie Chan "Action Blue Sky" will be kicked off in May. Recently, as the ambassadors of Jackie Chan's secret Asian Games in Shanghai in a studio appearance for the "Action Blue Sky" sing the theme song. This activity is different from the public, it did not focus on material assistance, but through music and Asian public welfare activities, in people's minds sowed the seeds of love, the wish of peace for generations pass,

"Action Blue Sky" from Jackie Chan as a desire for many years, mostly old material support charitable activities, while the emphasis of "public spirit", that is, to create a blue sky, children Men jointly call for peace, so that each person carried beginning see the deep blue sky. Games work with Jackie Chan, this wish was finally realized, this is also very fit Asian Games "Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia" concept, the event will summon representatives of all sectors will be in the "Action Blue Sky" with Jackie Chan in Big Brother concerned with peace, love and dedication.

Jackie Chan in Shanghai recorded the activities of the theme song "Blue Sky", also achieved the first upcoming debut for Asian Games. Jackie Chan has always been critical for the song, this song "Blue Sky", has a different kind of feeling, "this song will be a new starting point. Previous public donations, such as a pair of shoes, a backpack, the material assistance exhausted all the time, but spiritual help is for life, even from generation to generation, this is the "spirit of public service." willingness for the Asian Games Jackie Chan singing "Blue Sky" is like a sports event in Asia days, able to convey this idea out.

新浪娱乐讯 随着2010年广州亚运会的临近,一项由亚运牵手成龙中国共同倡导的“蓝天行动”将于5月揭开序幕。近日,作为亚运宣传大使的成龙秘密现身于上海某录音棚,为此次“蓝天行动”唱响主题歌。此项公益活动不同于以往,它不是侧重物质资助,而是通过音 乐与亚运公益活动,在人们心中播下爱的种子,将和平的心愿世代传递,是一种精神。





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