Friday, April 16, 2010

Jackie to make personal appearance at Beijing Auto Show

April 25, 2010 -5 2, two-year term of the Beijing International Motor Show will once again dressed in the new Beijing International Exhibition Center debut. International superstar Jackie Chan will be appearing live show audience with friends, "a smooth green cars to enjoy life."

Beijing auto show this to "enjoy smooth green future" as the theme, advocating green, energy-saving, low-carbon living concept car, which was founded by Mr. Chan "Jackie Chan vehicle network" always adhere to the media concept, the Jackie Chan Beijing Auto Show will be coming out with many friends, talked about the green car manufacturers common life, and more riders through the lens of the audience to promote the green concept of low-carbon public; the same time, Jackie Chan vehicle network booth, Mr. Chan will also User interaction with the site, distributed through on-site green quiz show their autographed commemorative compassionate environment.

According to the relevant person show preparation, said the show than Jackie Chan, but also, or will be Schumacher, Han and many other stars involved in the scene, while the stars are invariably involved in activities focused on promoting environmental protection related to the theme of green efforts , public rely on us, believe in the "two sessions" in the context of the concept of low-carbon economy, the green concept of this show will not only far-reaching impact in the automotive industry, but will star, boosting the media under the low-carbon energy-saving car owners living off the public the new fashion.


本次北京车展以 “畅享绿色未来”为主题,倡导绿色、节能、低碳的汽车生活概念,而这正是成龙先生创办“成龙汽车网”始终坚持的媒体理念,成龙此次现身北京车展将与众多网友、汽车厂商共同畅谈绿色爱车生活,并通过镜头向更多的车友观众宣传绿色低碳的公益理念;同时在成龙汽车网展台,成龙先生还将与现场网友互动,通过现场绿色问答派发其亲笔签名的车展环保纪念体恤。




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