Friday, April 23, 2010

Jackie brings water and other supplies to Yunnan

Network television news in China (Liu Yi, Lee Kum front reported): April 22, the famous Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, personally led a Beijing show love to the disaster areas in Yunnan Province, a total of serious drought in Yunnan to the Fumin County East Tsuen 8 hydraulic models and cabins donated 1.2 million yuan, 25 tons of rice, 12,000 bottles of bottled mineral water. Implementation of drought relief in this task of an artillery brigade of the Chengdu Military Zhudian full well the second battalion ceremony of venues, security and post-transfer work materials.



April 22, 2010, the famous movie star Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation to bring Beijing to the Fumin County East Tsuen donation drought supplies, county Zhao Shuji, County Party Standing Committee, the main county office Renchen Hao, vice mayor Li Canhui participate in donation.

In the most severe drought in East Tsuen Wan Pao Village, Chan Yi Miao condolences to the compatriots in the disaster area, and lead the Foundation's volunteer door-home, the mineral water, rice and cooking oil and other materials personally delivered to people in disaster areas. Miao Yi hit fellow singing and dancing to ethnic courtesy expressed gratitude to Jackie Chan presented a side of "drought relief, Great Love" banner. In the East Village at the donation ceremony, Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, on behalf of Beijing and east respectively, and the affected village committee Tsuen People's Government signed a donation agreement, presented the donation plaque. Zhao Shuji at the ceremony, representatives of county government and Beijing on Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, thanked the generous donation.

The event Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and the Beijing Water Water construction funds donated 1.933 million yuan, 25 tons of rice, bottled water, 12,000.






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