Jackie Gets Handprints at Chinese Theater

Despite Jackie having already put his hand, foot and nose prints in cement outside the famed Chinese Theater in Los Angeles on 5 Jan 1997, he will be honoured again on June 6 2013 at 10 am.



China Popstar Launch Photos

On May 22, 2013, Jackie attended the launch ceremony for Shandong Television's new talent contest - “China Popstar” in Beijing. On hand was a young reporter who got a big hug from Jackie.


Charity Research Center Part 2

From Jackie on Weibo and a few more photos:

Yesterday I was at the Communication University of China to co-found China's first charity research center to study how to disseminate a culture of charity. I have been doing charity for 30 years, and I have recognized that charity is an attitude to life. To donate one yuan is charity, to donate ten million is charity, filial piety is charity, and to work as a volunteer and more are all good deeds. I co-founded the media research center with the University so that, through research, we can promote the concept of charity, to implement activities, and to train personnel for charity work and in conclusion to determine what is needed to make charity become the Chinese people's way of life? I hope it will bring more positive energy to society. The culture of philanthropy starts with ourselves, but can eventually affect the whole world. Only on the day when charity is not "charity" but a cultural norm, can we say, on that we achieved our goal!

昨天,我在传媒大学挂牌,成立了中国第一个研究如何传播慈善文化的学术中心。我做慈善30多年,一直認同它是一種生活態度,捐一元是慈善,捐一千万也是慈善,孝顺父母和当義工,更加是善行。我与传媒大学共同成立这个研究中心,就是要通过课题研究、理念推广、活动执行、人才培养四项工作得出结论 怎样做才能让慈善成为中国人的生活方式?我希望它能带动起社会更多正能量,把慈善文化,由自己做起,最终可以影响全世界。只有当慈善不是“慈善”而是文化常态,那一天我们的工作目标就达成了!


Charity Research Center Opening

Jackie attended the opening ceremony for a research center dedicated to the development of professionals in the charity field and research into new propogation models for charity and related matters in Beijing today. The Center is co-sponsered by the Beijing University of Communication and Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.

A number of media students at the university grabbed the opportunity to take photos of and with Jackie, who was happy to oblige.



Interview from 2010:



An assortment of clips that have been uploaded of the China Popstar Launch Ceremony.


A Busy Weekend

Jackie had a busy weekend this weekend, visiting the 9th Beijing Garden Show on Saturday, and on Sunday he attended the Departure Ceremony for two truckloads of supplies for Ya'an, made an advert for the Ya'an tea farmers and visited the showroom for BNBM houses who are helping the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation build 100 houses for the elderly in Ya'an with their eco-friendly green houses.


Salute to Jackie Chan


A "Summer of Kung Fu" with the Academy has a special treat for Jackie Chan fans. They are showing a special screening of "Police Story III" with an onstage discussion / introduction to the move with Jackie on June 3 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles.


Video: Jackie Chan Interview Cannes 2013

Jackie gives an interview in Cannes 2013.


Video: Concert in Cambodia 2009

2009 Concert in Cambodia thanks to The Peace Foundation:


Jackie Brings Awareness to Old Houses

After all the controversy around Jackie's donation of four of his old buildings to Singapore, this article points out the heart of the issue and why its important to focus on conserving heritage buildings.

Speaking to China Central Television recently, Jackie Chan said he would go ahead with his plan to donate four old buildings purchased from Anhui province to a Singapore university. "I have done nothing to taint my country. I do not pursue fame and wealth as I already have them," Chan told CCTV. Chan bought the buildings two decades ago because he realized their historical and aesthetic value. That he is donating the buildings to a university rather than selling them to make profit is a welcome move, says an article in Yangtze Evening News. Excerpts:

No one knows whether the buildings would have existed until now, let alone being considered heritage structures, had Chan not bought them 20 years ago. In fact, only a handful of people knew about the buildings before Chan announced that he would donate them to a Singapore university.

For many people, such buildings don't have any aesthetic, architectural or even financial value, and it is highly likely that they would have been demolished if these people had had their way. And it is a pity that many of those who oppose (and condemn) Chan's decision to donate the buildings to a Singapore university are involved in activities that damage (and even destroy) the few existing ancient buildings or turn a blind eye to demolition of heritage structures.

It is easy for such people to use the Internet to criticize a celebrity but very difficult to do something concrete to protect old buildings. Therefore, we should try to find out why ancient buildings are sold in the first place and what should be done to protect them, instead of quarreling about whom Chan has donated the buildings to.


Assorted News From Cannes

Assorted news from around the web.

Jackie messages on Weibo about meeting Pele:

Cannes For me from the moment I wake up is work. Meeting, meeting, dinner, a party is indispensable socialising - for me it is not entertainment but work. Every time I see a friend or stranger in a different place or restaurant, I will politely get up, sit down, then get up, sit down and say hello, extra work. See I am most happy when I bumped into the world champion Pele at dinner. A lot of young people may not know him, but in our generation Pele is a legend forever! He is a legend! In the coming year, he will be very busy, because next year's World Cup will be held in Brazil. I am very much looking forward to next year's World Cup!

Jackie talks Expendables 3 - no decision yet on whether he will join the cast:

"[The Expendables team] did contact me, but right now I have not read the script yet," says Chan. "I’d love to work with Stallone, but until I get back next week and meet Stallone and his manager, see the script… that’s when he’ll tell me what happens."

"I’d most like to have a fight scene with Stallone. Though I’d like to team up with him against the bad guy. There are so many action stars involved, it must be so difficult being the director. How do you share out every scene? 'I want to do something special, I want to do something special!' At the end, it’s all small parts, small parts, small parts. I want a big part! I hope I have a big part with Stallone!"

But this fight scene with Stallone... who would win in that fight? "I would", replies Chan with a smile. "I run faster than him."

Police Story 2013 has acquired a number of distribution deals and will be coming to Japan , India, Singapore, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. It will also be showing in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos, Malaysia and Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The plot focuses around Jackie as a police officer who is taken hostage with his daughter and a group of strangers by a bar owner demanding the release of a long-time prisoner.

Jackie reaffirms his commitment to 'less' action even though his upcoming movie 'Skiptrace' is another action film.

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More photos from Cannes - Emperor Movies Lunch: