Friday, May 10, 2013

"Love Like a Mountain" Micro-Film Launch

A series of 15 micro films which were made about the Ya'an earthquake by a team of directors was launched today at the Beijing Sparkle Roll Theater. The series will air on CCTV from 12 May 2013. Jackie has donated a year's endorsement of Ya'an tea for free to hard hit tea farmers in the region. He has also donated 1 million Yuan to help tea farmers as well as calling on all friends to buy Ya'an tea to support the farmers.

Recently I have been locked away preparing a new script. But I have still kept a close eye on Ya'an and Guanxi. I suggested that Wang Pingjiu take a team of filmmakers go to the scene to take some footage help us understand where the real need was, under the conditionthat it does not affect the rescue efforts. I heard that in the famous Ya'an tea producing area, 350,000 tea farmers are hard-hit, I immediately asked to be their public spokesperson, calling my celebrity friends and friends to buy Ya'an tea, to help them overcome their difficulties.




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You are soo GREAT Jackie !!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU !!!<3

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