Stumbled on this fascinating glimpse into body casting Jackie for Around the World in 80 Days. I recognise the head from the sequence on the steam engine in the beginning of the movies from the goggles outlined on them. But why would they also need a full body cast? For the same scene?

A suggestion was made for when the tablet from the statue of liberty 'squishes' Jackie near the end of the movie but that is so quick it doesn't have to be a life cast.

Ideas anyone?

ADDENDUM - just discovered the body casting was to mold the jetpack and helmet for ATW80D

February 2003, Babelsberg Studios in a freezing cold Berlin. It was my first proper feature film junket, Around the World in 80 Days. The prop-making department had to make a steam-powered jetpack and helmet for Jackie Chan to wear which would fit him perfectly, so a life cast of his head and body were required.

I’d been reading about Jackie in a magazine on the flight over. I found incredible the suggestion that he travels with three pairs of Y-fronts that he washes in the hotel sink. Imagine my surprise when having handed him some Speedos to get cast in, he returned in a saggy old pair of Y-fronts stating he’d keep the Speedos as they were nice.

Hair isn’t the ideal covering for anything you want to cast. Silicone rubbers that are more forgiving weren’t widely available then. To cast using alginate you have to smooth down all the hair with Nivea.

It’s not nice having your head or full body cast. It is uncomfortable, claustrophobic and undignified. He was a real star, he didn’t complain and was smiling throughout. Afterwards he sat around signing autographs and chatting with our little crew. What a gent.




Jackie Chan's head cast for the film Around the World in 80 Days

Portrait bust with no hair and eyes closed



Body mould of Jackie Chan for the film Around the World in 80 Days

From the site:

Full body casts

Full bodies refer to casts of whole or nearly whole 3D bodies. These casts are used for statues, full body portraits, architectural features, art installations, exhibitions and in the TV and film industry. Like all my body casts they are suitable for both indoors and out, so they make the most fantastic sculptures for your home or your garden. Mostly I make these for exhibitions and the film industry, where they are used for prosthetic make-up, wounds, body parts, corpses, doubles etc. Most battlefield corpses are lifecasts (they don't need feeding or paying!). Amputees are used in war films, with prosthetic limbs explosively detached. It's all part of movie magic; smoke and mirrors and fair amount of silicone rubber!


The direct links above are 'safe' - navigate further at your own risk.

PHOTOS: Shanghai Expo Closing Ceremony




October 31, 2010 hearing, Shanghai, 2010 Shanghai World Expo will close on the closing ceremony of World Expo Performing Arts Center will be held at the Expo. Watch an exclusive rehearsal before closing press site, the Shanghai World Expo Expo Ambassador Jackie Chan and Tan Jing volunteer ambassador, Jin Jing, Huang Yi, and ambassador of the Expo and other gestures in the rehearsal scene, Wong, Tan Jing, Jin Jing onlookers in the background as more Long Big Brother IPAD, explaining how Jackie enraptured the content on the display, and Wong, Tan Jing three expressions are all laughing, leaned to look, the screen was actually two dolls dressed in gorgeously dressed in panda, I do not know whether and Jackie adoption of the two giant pandas on before.



Closing Ceremony: Shanghai World Expo

An image from the rehearsals 29/10/10

Length of the closing ceremony
of the Expo program 16 hours
A Jackie Chan show finale appearance

A period of 184 days of the Shanghai World Expo will be 31 in Shanghai came to an end last night, the Expo closing ceremony rehearsal party, the international sports star Jackie Chan to lead the theme of the show love scene is particularly striking.

Programme duration 16 hours

It is reported that Shanghai World Expo closing ceremony of the program will be 16 hours long form and the whole world to celebrate together, special events will be at 8:30 on October 31, has been continued until the evening of 24 points, the use of live connections, news, guests interviews and other various means of broadcast Expo Forum, the World Expo closing ceremony, flag-lowering ceremony, park and other major events to highlight the fun atmosphere, and say goodbye to the world with 184 days of the Expo feast.

Jackie Chan's debut show finale

Shanghai World Expo closing ceremony party fun as the highlight of the Expo will also be closely linked to "successful, splendid and unforgettable" This commitment to the Expo. The Secretary said Hong Hao, according to the Expo, 1 hour show will include the closing ceremony of the Expo down flag, the transfer of the next World Expo in Milan, Italy and some other ceremonies, but not the same as the opening ceremony held in grand display of fireworks. But is actively preparing for the Asian Games in Guangzhou Sun Haiping, Liu Xiang, mentoring, and "Prince of Gymnastics" Li Ning Sports representatives will attend the closing ceremony as the event, also including Jacky Cheung, Tan Jing, Han Hong, Lin Chi-ling, Wong and other performing arts stars Maoshan Yu, Qian Hui Li, Shi Yihong other opera celebrities will also be on the same stage, the international superstar Jackie Chan as an ambassador for the Expo will be the finale appearance.

Purposely arranged volunteer link

Shanghai World Expo to thank the many volunteers who give up to 184 days of hard work, show the director group, and invited international superstar Jackie Chan as a representative, to express love and caring volunteers. Jackie Chan very much in favor this, he said: "The expression of practical action is the most sincere and most at the moment to express my feelings of gratitude and respect of."

Towards the end of the party will play a big-screen introduction Expo volunteers VCR, at the same time, "Ambassador Expo" Jackie Chan side of the stage from the stage, walked quickly ran up the stage and volunteers Shenqingxiangyong representatives, with one sincere hug to show their gratitude to the volunteers and care. Later, Jackie Chan will lead the volunteers to the other side of the stage of children with disabilities, encourage and help children with stage and play back through this again to the world during the Expo volunteers, as always, the spirit of dedication and love. Finally, under the leadership of Jackie Chan, star of the closing ceremony will kick off the party's many stage appearances, with volunteers and children hugged each other and encourage interaction between the truth and love the expression of the screen, with live music in contrast to infection everyone

世博闭幕式节目时长16小时 成龙晚会压轴亮相










Background Information on Yang Family Movie

I thought this was very interesting information on the historical background to the movie Jackie is producing (Directed by Frankie Chan)

Mu Guiying: Chinese Woman Warrior
(This is the role played by Cecilia Cheung)

“Her swinging sword flashes like nine falling suns shot by Yet the legendary bowman; she moves with the force of a team of Dragons driven by the gods through the sky; her strokes and attacks are like those of terrible thunder; and when she stops all is still as water reflecting the clear moonlight.”

— Tu Fu, “Viewing a Student of Madame Kung Sun”

The army of the Song dynasty was in the heat of a seesaw battle with the invading armies of a militant nomad state - the Great Liao from China's north. The Great Liao recruited a Song army advisor, Lu Zhong who knew how to deploy what he claimed to be an invincible battle array: the Heavenly Gate of Seventy-Two Moves, or simply the Array of Heavenly Gate ("Tianmen Zhen" in Chinese), and challenged the Song army to defeat it within a hundred days. Otherwise, they had to surrender their recently unified motherland to the Great Liao. In the Song army, there was a family of generals named Yang, who fought hard and victoriously in many a battle against the invading enemy. However, they were either sabotaged by the capitulation wing of the Song Court or distrusted by the Song Emperor. Eventually, the Yang army was defeated by the Liao with tremendous losses: all but three of the eight brother generals perished. One of the survived quit fighting and became a monk; another was captured by the enemy and became the Liao's first son-in-law. Yang Yanzhao was the only survivor who became the Commander-in-Chief. Except for the couple's very young sons, the positions of the generals missing in action were now filled by all the women of the family: Yanzhao's mother, his wife, his two sisters, and three of his brothers' widows. Together, they are known to the Chinese as the "Women Generals of the Yang Family.

They fought courageously and ferociously, but still failed to break the Seventy-Two Moves. As the hundredth day deadline was drawing near, an advisor remembered and recommended Mu Guiying, a young and beautiful greenwood chieftain in the nearby mountains, whose father had been a friend of the Great Liao's army advisor, Lu Zhong, and had been the only person on earth who knew how to break the Seventy-Two Moves formation. With her father's death, she became the only person who knew that secret. Her talent and skills soon made their due impression on friends and foes in her first battle. For the first time, the Song army had made a break-through against the formidable Seventy-Two Moves! The Commander-in-Chief thus decided to entrust his authority to Guiying.

Mu Guiying assumed the command without hesitation. Like a veteran general, she was composed and confident, calling the muster roll of officers and assigning them to different tasks. She taught and then ordered them to break the different moves of the formation one by one by the counter measures she knew. She did not forget to send a surprise detachment to cut off the enemy’s supply line by burning all their food and fodder to ashes. Lack of fodder, the Liao cavalry, the major component of their army, would be rendered useless. Without food, an army of tens of thousands strong could not sustain a protracted war out of its base. As for the base, the City of Youzhou lost to the Great Liao in a previous battle, she ordered a third army to recapture it and thereby ridding the Liao of its bridgehead to invade Song.

Then the Song army engaged the enemy in the final battle and won. Guiying, with her talent and gallantry, also won the hearts of her elders and her peers. Upon their triumphant return, the emperor greeted Guiying as well as the courageous men and women of the Yang Family in person, and conferred titles they well deserved. His majesty also gave Zongbao and Guiying a grand wedding.

The story has been told and retold in fictions and operas alike and known to the Chinese old and young. Of the many episodes the most popular have been “Mu Guiying Assuming Command” and “Yanzhao to Execute His Son.”


Jackie Movies and Chilean Miners and Hope

After THIS story broke yesterday on Twitter I searched out the source story and also to verify the question mark about psychologists picking the movies for the miners. I found the following:

The New York Times — August 27, 2010 — Even a tiny home theater is being funneled down in plastic tubes to occupy the 33 miners stuck in their subterranean home.

A miner on Thursday wrote the name of Juan Aguilar, one of the trapped miners, on a flag commemorating Chile’s bicentennial.

Chile is sparing no expense or attempted innovation in trying to rescue the miners trapped by a cave-in on Aug. 5, fully aware that the country — and the world — is closely watching the ordeal.

But like everything else being done to maintain the psychological health of the miners over the weeks or months they may remain nearly half a mile underground, officials will carefully control what they are exposed to, down to the messages they receive from their families or the kind of movies that might be projected on the wall of the mine.

“Movies are possible,” said Ximena Matas, a local city councilwoman. “But the psychologists will decide what movies they will see. It’s up to them if something like ‘Avatar’ would be too upsetting.”


and this:

Stories of hope and hardship of 'Los 33'


Psychologists treating the men through telephone and video links from the surface were worried enough about them that they began filtering virtually everything family members sent down a relief shaft. Cheery letters were all right; notes about troubles at home were not. Some letters were never delivered and others were edited, according to Mr. Ojeda, who called the actions "unjust."

After about two weeks, the miners demanded that the censorship stop, arguing they were not as vulnerable as they seemed.

But medical officials remained cautious. Psychologists selected the movies that the men watched on a cloth hung on a cave wall using a smart-phone-size video projector. They were allowed to view Mr. Bean and Jackie Chan movies, but not films about natural disasters or terror.

"We wanted them to relax and enjoy, not get into deep reflection," said Alberto Iturra, the lead psychologist dealing with the miners. Eventually, the psychologists stopped filtering what went down the hole, feeling the men were stable enough.



Many fans can give witness to the feelings of positivity and hope watching Jackie can generate. Many have their own stories of how Jackie has inspired them to greater things, not give up, to keep trying and never give up.

If you have a story to relate of how Jackie or one of his movies gave you hope I would love to hear it.

Lady Generals of the Yang Family




Trip Down Memory Lane 2

Handover Ceremony Hong Kong 1997


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Two video's highlighting the skills of the Seven Little Fortunes.


Jackie to Play Golf ???

Well this one falls into the category of "I will believe it when I see it." So lets wait and see...

UPDATE: 30th October 2010 - and I was right - Jackie is still in Shanghai and about to appear at the closing ceremony for the Shanghai Expo on 31 October 2010 NOT in Hainan playing pro-am golf. So in answer to my question Jackie is NOT playing golf.

Hainan rolls out the red carpet for Hollywood A-listers

Haikou’s Mission Hills golf club is set to welcome some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to the golden shores of Hainan for the first annual Mission Hills Star Trophy celebrity pro-am tournament, which will be held from 28 to 31 October. The ambitious event, which will carry with it a grand prize of $1.28 Million, has attracted a host of big names from across the world including Matthew McConaughey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Hugh Grant, Jackie Chan as well as Olympic gold medallists Michael Phelps and Li Ning.

With a range of other local celebrities including Eric Tsang, Aaron Kwok and golfing icons Greg Norman, Colin Montgomerie, Nick Faldo and Annika Sorenstam it is set to be one of the biggest events on the golfing calendar in 2010. Norman who played his role in developing Mission Hills is right behind it highlighting that “the time is right for Asia to create an event that combines golf and entertainment”.

“We envision it becoming Asia’s equivalent of the Pebble Beach At&T Pro Am”, said public-relations manager for the event Stephen Reynolds. The tournament, which will span four days and 72 holes, will feature 20 stars, 20 professionals and 120 amateurs, with the first two days featuring 4-ball teams of one celebrity or professional with three amateurs. The last two days will then see celebrities and professionals pair up and compete for a special $100,000 prize on top of the overall $1.28 Million grand prize.

The event is also set to mark the full opening of the Mission Hills Haikou resort, an enormous 10-course complex, which has been designed by some of the most legendary names in professional golf. Built just east of a 42km volcanic national park, this enormous club is set to become the largest golf club built on Hainan Island at a cost of around 25 Billion Yuan. Featuring more than just a clubhouse, this golfing paradise is also adorned by a 423 room five star hotel and the largest natural hot spring treatment centre in Hainan, which features over 230 pools, making Mission Hills a paradise of luxury that is unparalleled anywhere else in Asia.


Alternative Ending Karate Kid - FULL


Jackie invited to Join Air Supply on Stage in Shanghai

Jackie has been asked by Air Supply who are on their 'Love Never Ends" World Tour to join them on stage during their concert in Shanghai on November 5th (Bookings HERE). Jackie is a big fan of Air Supply.

European and American veteran band "Air Supply" world tour concert in Shanghai will be landing on November 5th Shanghai International Gymnastic Center. This seventies and eighties of last century of excellence in the Forbes ranking of the band, sang songs too extraordinary, an "All out of love", so that the world of soft rock and pop songs off the wave. That "Air Supply" is about to come to Shanghai, a lot of songs they grew up listening to the music people, it exciting.

It is reported that many domestic singers and musicians, has made the best position groups to purchase concert tickets. Sun Nan , Han Hong , wolf , Zheng Jun , Gao Xiaosong , Zhou Xiao Ou, Zhang Yadong, Yie Bei other 60, 70 after they said, "air staging" singing the song Love and cardamom their prime years, and even Chen had , Li Xiaoyun and so the young singers The concert will be shown on the interest. Sun Nan said, as long as the schedule does not conflict, he must listen to the scene.

According to the organizers said, "Air Supply" loved China, Shanghai four years ago, the enthusiasm of the fans and give them left a good impression. Band members also filed a special Jackie Chan , and Jackie Chan tells the unforgettable encounter on the plane, and thus to know each other is the other "fans." Jackie Chan said he treasured a lot of "Air Supply" of the album, when driving is the most listened to their songs. The two band members through the organizers, would like to invite to Jackie Chan to the concert site, if possible, to perform the same stage.

晨报记者 高磊






VIDEO: MTV Music Awards Beijing 2010 - Jackie Chan & Sun Nan


Vote for Jackie for People's Choice Awards

Jackie has been nominated for the Favourite Action Star for the 2011 People's Choice Awards so come on fans let's see if we can get it right this year.

Vote for Jackie HERE


You can vote by tweeting the following text:

#jackiechan #actionstar #peopleschoice

Jackie Chan produces 'The Break-up Artist'

Jackie is the Executive Producer on a new movie "The Break Up Artist" starring Lin Peng and Steve Yoo Seung Jun and Van Fan. It is directed by Steve Woo (IMDB). It is expected to hit screens on 14th February 2011.

Jackie did not attend the press conference on Tuesday but did send a message of support.

Steve Woo is remaking his own movie from 2009 of the same title. When asked why he is remaking the movie he said that he wanted to explore the themes better.

Jackie Chan is producing a romantic film titled "The Break-up Artist" ("Fen Shou Da Ren") that will hit Chinese cinemas next Valentine's Day, Ifeng.com reports.

The film stars actress Lin Peng as a woman who runs an agency that helps estranged couples break up peacefully.

Jackie Chan introduced Lin Peng to the spotlight with the film "Little Big Soldier" ("Da Bing Xiao Jiang"), for which he was also the executive producer.

Steve Yoo, who also starred in "Little Big Soldier", joins Lin Peng again this time.

"The Break-up Artist" also features Van Fan, the lead actor in "Cape No. 7" ("Hai Jiao Qi Hao").

Steve Woo is the director.



Wang Pingjiu posted some amazing photos from the Commemoration Ceremony on Monday night:


French respond to Call from China about Relics

PARIS — France called Tuesday for the fate of relics looted with British forces from the Old Summer Palace in Beijing exactly 150 years ago to be discussed calmly after China renewed calls for their return.

"The pillaging of the Summer Palace was a tragedy and is part of the history shared by our two countries," foreign ministry spokesman Bernard Valero told journalists at a daily briefing.

It is also "a story that we can study together, scientifically and serenely," he said as China marked the 150th anniversary of the looting, seen as a cause of national humiliation at the hands of Western armies.

The Yuanmingyuan, a summer resort garden for the emperors of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), was pillaged by a joint British and French military expedition during the second Opium War on October 18-19, 1860.

Valero said the world had given the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO the means to resolve such conflicts, including a 1970 convention which remains "the judicial framework of reference for France."

"It is within this framework that we should, collectively, fight against this plague" of art thefts and protect "the cultural and artistic heritage that humanity has in common," he said.

The Yuanmingyuan park authority has called on museums to return looted items, and for a boycott on auctions featuring the relics.

A petition has been started and martial arts film star Jackie Chan has been brought in to support China's effort.

In February 2009, two bronze fountainheads looted from the palace that belonged to late French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge were auctioned at Christie's for about 20 million dollars each.

The sale enraged Beijing, which accused the house of regularly selling smuggled Chinese relics. The mystery Chinese bidder later said he would not pay and the items were returned to Berge.


Jackie Awards Sun Nan "Best Mainland Singer"

Last night at the MTV and CCTV Music Awards Jackie was the presenter for the Best Mainland Singer. When he read the list of nominees Jackie commented that he could not have won the award himself because there was the list. When he read that the winner was Sun Nan Jackie was quite possibly more excited than Sun Nan was. You can see Jackie's delight in the photos below.

Jaycee won 'Best Music Video' which he joked that his father 'had not given to me'.

Jackie and Sun Nan

Jaycee receives Best Music Video

That night, Jackie Chan, "Mainland Best Male Singer" award, he was funny to read the list of finalists, said: "There they are, I can not have won the prize." And when he read the Sun Nan winning friends, the more is excited, walking up to "swoop", said with a smile: "how I'm still excited than the Sun Nan, feeling as if I won the prize!" won the "Best Music Video Hong Kong, Macao regions," the Jaycee since heard press the issue clear in the interview room to emphasize: "This award is not my father gave me." implying that he won by strength, and then excitedly said Jaycee many friends will be invited to join the celebration party, but said with a smile so Jackie Chan dad pay.



Best combination of the Mainland / Band: Phoenix Legends

Best combination of Hong Kong, Macao regions / Band: Mayday

Mainland Rookie of the Year Award: Chang Lei

The potential of the mainland's most popular singers year: Ma Haisheng

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions most popular potential annual Artist: Yoga Lin

China Best Music TV: Tan Jing

Best Music Television Hong Kong, Macao regions: Jaycee Chan

Mainland Year Favorite Male Artist: Han Geng

Year Favorite Female Artist Mainland: Na Ying

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions most popular male singer the year: JJ

Hong Kong, Macao region's most popular female singer Year: Elva Hsiao

The year's most popular songs: Li Jian, "Legend"

Best folk singer: Yan Weiwen Zuying

China Best female singer: Han

China Best male singer: Sun Nan

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions best female singer: Chang Hui-mei

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions Best Male Artist: David Tao










  内地年度最受欢迎男歌手: 韩庚





  年度最佳民歌手:阎维文 宋祖英







More On Yuanmingyuan


Jackie and Wang Ti sing Guo Jia


Summer Palace to pursue stolen treasures

Yuanmingyuan officials issued a call Monday for China to pursue treasures stolen from the site, also known as the Old Summer Palace, about 150 years ago.

The proposal called on entities and individuals that possess those stolen treasures to return them to China. It also called on people all over the world to boycott auctions and not to buy or sell Yuanmingyuan relics.

It was issued by the Yuanmingyuan Park authority at a gathering held last night in front of Dashuifa (Great Fountains), the palace's biggest attraction.

A drive to collect signatures of supporters was initiated Monday and will last one year. Jackie Chan, a famous kung fu movie star, was invited to act as a spokesman for the effort and he was the first to sign.

The proposal came during a month of commemorative activities. Under the theme "Peace, cooperation and harmony," a series of commemorative activities including academic conferences, exhibitions and Sino-foreign culture exchanges are being held in Beijing through the end of this month, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Located in northwest Beijing, Yuanmingyuan, which workers started building in 1709, was once a resort for imperial families in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Yuanmingyuan was pillaged and burned down by British and French troops on October 18 and 19, 1860, and again sacked in 1900, when the Eight-Power Allied Forces - troops sent by Britain, the US, Germany, France, Tsarist Russia, Japan, Italy and Austria - occupied Beijing.

Experts estimated that about 1.5 million pieces of relics were stolen and taken to many countries.

In 2006, the Yuanmingyuan Administrative Office called for the public to donate lost treasures and 85 pieces of previously lost treasure were recovered from universities, public institutions and citizens in Beijing.

The total number of the pieces of recovered treasure stands at about 150, according to the Beijing News.

Last year, the office sent a group of researchers overseas to look for those lost treasures.

The plan, however, fell apart after their first stop in the US because some overseas museums reportedly refused to cooperate.

The lost treasures were repeatedly sold in auctions overseas. Last year, two controversial relics, the heads of a rabbit and a rat, were auctioned in Paris for 14 million euros ($17.92 million).

They are among 12 animal head sculptures that formed a zodiac-themed water clock decorating the Calm Sea Pavilion in Yuanmingyuan.

So far, five heads that appeared in auctions have been bought and returned to China but the other five remain missing.

Xie Chensheng, an expert at China Cultural Heritage Association, said searching for lost treasures takes time.

"We should reserve the right to take those illegally exported treasures back," he said. "But we need to be patient."


Yuanmingyuan Commemorates 150th Anniversary of Looting

Jackie sang 'Guo Jia' at the commemorative ceremony for the 150th Anniversary of looting of Yuanmingyuan.


He was also the spokesperson for the missing relics and was the first signatory on a proposal for the Global Heritage of Yuanmingyuan in which it was asked for the return of relics whether held by individuals or cultural institutions, that people boycott the auctioning of relics. Signatures on the proposal will be collected for one year.

Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park in the party issued a global heritage for Proposal Yuanmingyuan Diaspora: Global Initiative Yuanmingyuan relics held by the return of cultural institutions or individuals, the world peace-loving people to boycott the auction Yuanmingyuan relics, trade, academic institutions worldwide Yuanmingyuan cultural heritage do research, conservation, dissemination and utilization. Proposal from the date of this release will be furnished in the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park, the signature collection for one year. Night became the first person to sign Jackie Chan, and served as the spokesperson return Yuanmingyuan relics.



A large evening party, held at the Dashuifa of Yuanmingyuan this evening, marks the 150th anniversary of the looting of the imperial garden in the northwest of Beijing.

Exhibitions are also open to the public as part of a series of activities to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the looting.

Chen Mingjie, the director of the Yuanmingyuan management department, said, "Most of the 150 exhibited repaired relics have never been open to the public before, including porcelains, jades, statues, musical instruments, stone cuttings and azure stones, which were made during the reigns of Qing Emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong."

A half-length bronze statue of French writer Victor Hugo was unveiled on Oct. 16th to memorialize the 150th looting anniversary. "To Captain Butler," a letter written by Hugo to condemn the British and French troops, who pillaged and burned Yuanmingyuan in 1860, is carved in the base of the statue.

Other activities will include Sino-foreign culture exchanges and even a soiree, and will last through the end of this month.


Jaycee wins Music Awards

Jaycee wins Best Music Video Hong Kong / Macao Region at MTV and CCTV Music Awards. This is the first music award Jaycee has won. He revealed that earnings from the album will be used for charity and that this was very meaningful to him.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18 evening, by the central television and MTV, jointly organized by the Music Festival - 2010 Music Awards in the Beijing Wukesong Sports Center held. Access to "Best Music Video Hong Kong, Macao regions," the Jaycee frankly this is the first award of his new album, which his father Jackie Chan may "come to me to eat." He also revealed that the income of the new album will be used for charitable, feel meaningful.

Wearing a suit and hat and refined appearance of the Jaycee show faction, but he entered the interview room to the media group was "molested", holding a trophy photo, the parts of the media "on the left!", "Middle !, "" right! "cry come and go, let him somewhat confused, and finally also the media," forcing "the holding trophy, made a gesture of Liberty, this start a group visit. Jaycee frankly, this is his first new album got an award, not enough time to tell Dad Jackie Chan: "I have ten days, twenty days have not seen him." Asked if his father knew how would award winning, Jaycee Chan said with a smile: "Please I eat it."

Speaking of his new album results, Jaycee pleased to reading about it: "I heard that song" the best of me, "Many people like it, July 1 million in the lyrics online content, August 2 million September 3 million, Oct. 4 million. "Mo Yang does not make sense to a laughter. He also said revenue will be donated to charity album, feel meaningful.

 新浪娱乐讯 10月18日晚,由中央电视台和MTV音乐电视台联合主办的音乐盛典——2010年度音乐颁奖礼在北京五棵松体育馆举行。获得“港澳台地区年度最佳音乐电视”的房祖名坦言这是他的新专辑首次获奖,对此父亲成龙可能会“找我吃饭”。他还透露新专辑的收入会用来做慈善,感觉很有意义。




150th Anniversary of the Destruction of YuanMingYuan

Today is the 150th Anniversary of the destruction of YuanMingYuan. Jackie will attend the ceremony at the Garden this evening. There will be a performance of the song 'Unforgettable Memories' (不能忘却的纪念) written by Wang Ping Jiu and performed by Tan Jing and Han Geng. It is a very beautiful song.

To read more about the Summer Palace Gardens - WIKIPEDIA

Beijing Guide to the Summer Palace Gardens.

To read more about the Zodiac Water Clock which is perhaps the most famous relic looted from the Garden - WIKIPEDIA

Wang Ping Jiu has put the lyrics on his blog:

(There are also some photos of the filming of the MV on the link which was filmed in YuanMingYuan.)

And another post HERE



























Tan Jing:

Many years always forget to forget

Now, let me also hurt in pain


Why did not understand that fire burned my heart

Today, many want to see those days

Tan Jing:

Each stand here yesterday looking for the

He played in the heart of this historic tide V


Turned around and sway in a hundred years of dust

Nirvana came to desire the sun

Tan Jing Han Geng:

To not forget the Memorial

The heart we are ready to plant

Tan Jing:

Vicissitudes of life can be beautiful and rich land


To develop tomorrow's prayer injury

Tan Jing Han Geng:

In order to not forget the Memorial

No matter how painful or replace the love hate

Higher to the sky can not forget

Love of the world to see original here

Some English News Reports:



Who would have thought?

Imagine there is a song by Jackie I have never heard. This is from a 1997 TV series 'Last Tango in Shanghai' and is called Wu Ye Yu Ying (午夜舞影). I am not sure if this is the entire song as it is only 2 mins in length. It does seem to cut off a bit abruptly at the end.


Filming on Xinhai Revolution Moves to Shanghai

Filming of Xinhai/1911 Revolution has finished in Fuxin and moved to Shanghai. The Director thanked every one for working with the "highest professional quality" under extremely difficult conditions. He also said that the battle scenes were filmed in the coal mine for added realism and that when bombs went off etc everyone turned black and were covered in clouds of dust.

Epic blockbuster "Revolution" has been in the formation of shooting. The day before yesterday a reporter from the executive producer of the film put up the king was informed, "Revolution" was officially the end of the scenes in Fuxin, film production has been moved to Shanghai to continue shooting. Put up the king told reporters, as the film the entire film is shot in the formation of most of the war scenes, including the location of the reasons, the key creative hard exceptions, can be described as experiencing "the most tired Golden Week." However, he then said, Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Sun Chun and other big names actors showed the highest professional quality, "Environmental hard, but we are very dedicated." Released that Wang put up that "party-building cause" not "Xinhai Revolution, "" imaginary enemy "," After all, the two different types. "

Hard look at the king put in the "Revolution" features the greatest scenes in Fuxin. He said the film surface mines in the sea state was filmed very special, "called the mine, in fact we are the best cat in the coal inside. A major studio film a few hundred meters deep coal mine in the bottom of trenches, surrounded by huge the mine. "war scenes to create a natural and ultimately, the effect of guns," basically an explosive down the whole group of people all turned into a 'black', with the rolling action drama about briquettes; sometimes actors get even simmering gas play, because the ash into his mouth, the entire people will be very difficult to breathe. "National Day holiday period," Revolution "cast in such an environment, shooting a three-piece into the scenes of the total number of battle," basically every day call it a day, the first thing we do take a bath, mouth, nose digging, Taoer Duo. "