HD Photos from PS2013 Today

A few HD photos from the press conference for the official release of the trailer.

During the press conference Jackie confirmed that he would no longer be doing 'big' stunts and hoped that the audience would forgive him for using a stunt double for dangerous stunts. He also confirmed that he would be making a movie with Zhang Yimou sometime next year.

Jackie also called for lower ticket prices in theaters saying that high prices were keeping the audience away. He said that lower prices would draw people back to the theater.

Jackie also responded to a recent rumour that he has lost all hearing in his right ear, saying that it was an old injury that every one knew about. Jackie has certainly said quite openly that he sustained some hearing loss in his right ear as a result of the Armour of God accident.


Police Story 2013

Today, in Beijing, a very important and long awaited event occured - the trailer for Police Story 2013 was released.



Dragon's Heart Charity Tangshan

Jackie was in Tangshan today delivering warm winter coats to to the Dragon's Heart School in Tangshan. In total more than 10 000 winter coats were distributed to the Dragon's Heart Schools across China.


China Light - Person of the Year For Disseminating Chinese Culture

Jackie, along with Song Zuying, and other scholars, has been nominated for the "China Light - Person of the Year For Disseminating Chinese Culture" Award. The award is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television as well as CCTV.

The 5 winners come from 5 different continents and deciding the winner is a 5 month long process that involves filming a documentary about the candidates and gathering information. The 20 finalists are nominated by central media, well-known experts and scholars and Chinese embassies and consulates in foreign countries. This is one of the most prestigious cultural events in China and brings together Chinese people from all around the world.


Translation of Charity Video!

Start - 00:27 - Jackie said he has thought about whether he should bring vitamins for the kids and how to go about doing it. He said he thought about having them (vitamins) at the entrance of the school and when students come, each would take two. Jackie said having vitamins is important, and to look at how much taller Western children are as compared to the kids here because they do not have enough vitamins.

00:28 - 00:40 - The reporter's mumbling but said something about the happiness of doing charity work. And she talked about the feeling of Jackie's car being chased by fans when he's in the car on the way to somewhere or leaving somewhere.

00:40 onwards - He said he knows people want to see him so he lets them because he knows they really want to see him. When he was on the road, he saw a whole bunch of children running towards his car after school as he was driving towards them. So he asked his volunteer driver to stop and he wound down the window. When he said "hey", they all screamed and ran to him. And when they got there, all they did was look at him and didn't say a word. When he asked "Has school ended?", they just nodded. They didn't say anything. And he didn't know what to do. He had a lot of sweets and snacks and he gave all of it to them till he didn't have anything left in the car. The snacks and sweets were actually meant for themselves. He said no and gave all of it away. And he was very happy.

1:30 to 1:34 - The reporter said she realises that when Jackie does charity events, he usually brings kids to see/experience it.

1:35 - 1:57 - Then Jackie said how his friend's son and daughter were supposed to come along but it was too early and they had examinations so they couldn't come. Or else his friend would have asked to take his kids. Then the reporter asked why and he said to let them understand what charity was, what it meant to help others and what it meant to be poor.

1:58 - 2:28 - And that was what he taught Jaycee because he didn't know what being poor was, having lived in the states and in Beverly Hills... staying in a upper class neighbourhood, going to an elite school, having a nice car bring him to school and back, and playing basketball. That Jaycee didn't have any idea what it meant. When Jaycee watched TV, he watched cartoons and basketball.. and doesn't watch charity stuff.

2:29 - 2:47 - Jackie, on the other hand, watches charity events and says things like "Yuan Nong (Jackie's manager and business partner in China), send $20, 000 over, send $30, 000 over." Regardless what channel it was, he would make the call. And people trust him that after he makes the call, he would donate the money straight away. And it makes him very happy.

2:48 - End - He said when Jaycee first came back to Hong Kong, the first thing Jaycee did was to buy a car because Jackie wouldn't allow him to drive his car..... (The video cuts off here).


Making 3D with CPG

Beijing International Cultural and Creative Group and CPG China will produce the world's fourth certified 3D movie. The first movie produced under this certification system was Avatar, followed by Hugo and Life of Pi. 《阿笈摩》(Book of Teachings / Sacred Texts) will star Jackie (who can be seen below discussing the script with Zhang Lijia) and is now in pre-production. Jaycee is also expected to have a part in the film. Described as an action comedy fantasy not much else is known about the film.

Beijing International Cultural and Creative Group produced Karate Kid, The Forbidden Kingdom and Little Big Soldier. CPG China is a production company set up in China by James Cameron in Tianjin, to develop 3D technology in China. CPG's certification system is intended to improve the quality of 3D productions.

With Skiptrace going into production in January, and other projects announced for 2014 don't expect this one soon.


Yibin Concert

Jackie has been busy with a series of charity concerts, this one in Yibin on 26 October, over the past few weeks. He sang Guo Jia. There is another one in Nanjing on 1 November.


The Talk Clips

Clips from Jackie's apprearance on The Talk to promote Chinese Zodiac


A Few More Photos of the Duck!

A few more photos of Jackie, and Beijing, saying goodbye to the duck.

Jackie with Dutch artist and creator of the duck Florentijn Hofman

Jackie with the President of the China Fan Club of the Giant Duck

Who presented Jackie with his helmet to 'protect him while doing stunts'


Saying Goodbye to the Duck

Jackie arrived by dragon boat across Kunming Lake to attend the farewell ceremony for the Giant Rubber Duck in Beijing today 24 October 2013.

The Summer Palace hosted a farewell ceremony for the giant Rubber Duck on Thursday, in the presence of its creator Florentijn Hofman and movie star Jackie Chan.

The Summer Palace hosted a farewell ceremony for the giant Rubber Duck on Thursday, in the presence of its creator and Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, as well as movie star Jackie Chan.

Visitors to the Summer Palace in Beijing on Thursday bid a fond farewell to the giant floating Rubber Duck, a 26-meter-tall art installation which had been on display at the park's Kunming Lake since Sept. 26.

The Rubber Duck came to the Summer Palace on Sept. 26 during its second leg of its Beijing tour, after completing a 20-day display at Beijing's Garden Expo Park.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, dubbed the "father of the rubber duck," appeared at the ceremony along with Chinese kung fu star Jackie Chan, chairman of the Chinese Rubber Duck Fan Club.

Hofman said the Rubber Duck was a symbol of people's childhoods, in which a small rubber duck would float around in the bathtub. He hoped his creation would be evocative of "people's fondest memories" and the giant Rubber Duck world tour could contribute to world peace instead of war.

Chan, who arrived at the lake-side scene in an unexpected manner -- by dragon boat, echoed the notion, but said he was "too old to have a floating duck when he was young," but his son Jaycee Chan, also known by his Chinese name Fang Zuming, did have one.

The Rubber Duck is a present from the Netherlands, Hofman's native country, since the Dutch capital of Amsterdam was chosen as the guest of honor for the 2013 Beijing Design Week, an annual event that invites a foreign city to present the city's design sensibilities to Beijing citizens. "Design Goes Dutch" was this year's theme.

The art installation has immensely boosted the two parks' popularity. The Garden Expo Park received some 1 million visitors during the Rubber Duck's stay, and the number of tourists hit a historical high from Oct. 2 to 5, during China's national day holiday Golden Week (Oct.1 to 7), up to 100,000 per day.

The sudden influx of Rubber Duck fans has helped generate more than 100 million yuan (US$16.3 million) in admission fees for both parks. In the bigger picture, the service sector -- Rubber Duck product sales, restaurants, accommodation and transport -- was among the biggest beneficiaries in the Duck craze.

Fans who have visited the Rubber Duck displayed in Beijing claimed that the duck was "a nostalgic thing," though most of them admitted they did not have one when they were young because it was a typical Western toy, but "would immediately place it in tub water the next time" they take a bath.