Monday, October 14, 2013

How Many Movies Can You Spot?

Photos of the sign for JC Film Gallery in Shanghai. How many of Jackie's movies can you identify that have been so cleverly incorporated into the sign?



Anonymous said...

That is a shame because there is so many videos of JC in chinese and not many translations. That means people like me who even use the english as a second or a third language can't understand anything. I understand nothing in chinese.
I wish there would be one who willing to translate for me !!! :)

SuperChanBlog said...

Take a close look at the pictures and you will see that the sign is made up of PICTURES of Jackie from various movies. There is no problem with language.

Anonymous said...

The first picture there is a movie Dragon's head on a pedestal. Was this borrowed?
The new poster is great, I love it - Superman, with volcano in background! I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH..... not problem with language sport strye's

Anonymous said...

wow Awesome !!!
i can find movies like - The Myth, Rush Hour, Drunken Master 2, Project A, Super cop, First Strike, and many more. Great !!!
Anu Singh, INDIA

Anonymous said...

Such a great design !!!!!!!

Pang Mekboonsonglap said...

i can't see clearly
but i saw rushhour fearless hyeha dm2

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