Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hangzhou Concert Part 1

Tonight was Jackie's "100 Films" Charity Concert in Hangzhou, China. Guests included Nicholas Tse, Jaycee, New Seven Little Fortunes, G-Dragon, Joey Yung, Zhou Wei, Li Yuchun, and Yang Mi. Jackie kicked off the evening by playing drums and singing Nan Er Dang Zi Quan 《男儿当自强》. Jackie also sang the Wong Fei Hung 《黄飞鸿》 theme and the Police Story 3 - Supercop theme song.

Jackie reminded the audience not to litter and that he hoped none of them would drop their tickets because 100 lucky ticket holders will get an invitation to the charity concert in Beijing next year. The evening ended with Jackie singing 'Hard To Say Goodbye'.



Anonymous said...

Sigh...I would like to be tehre soo much ...!!!!! <3

Dagmar said...

I am very thankful for these great photos and also for the text because Jackie mentioned a concert next year in Beijing so let´s hope he mentioned the concert i nconnection with his birthday and with the fan party. Great!

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