Monday, October 28, 2013

Making 3D with CPG

Beijing International Cultural and Creative Group and CPG China will produce the world's fourth certified 3D movie. The first movie produced under this certification system was Avatar, followed by Hugo and Life of Pi. 《阿笈摩》(Book of Teachings / Sacred Texts) will star Jackie (who can be seen below discussing the script with Zhang Lijia) and is now in pre-production. Jaycee is also expected to have a part in the film. Described as an action comedy fantasy not much else is known about the film.

Beijing International Cultural and Creative Group produced Karate Kid, The Forbidden Kingdom and Little Big Soldier. CPG China is a production company set up in China by James Cameron in Tianjin, to develop 3D technology in China. CPG's certification system is intended to improve the quality of 3D productions.

With Skiptrace going into production in January, and other projects announced for 2014 don't expect this one soon.



Anonymous said...

Great !!!

Anonymous said...

First picture real glasses, second picture fake glasses... :P I wonder why he wears those glasses without glass.. Only for fashion??

Anonymous said...

Jackie,looks good on the new hairstyle, but I like your long hair!
Jackie you are unique!

Anonymous said...

Jackie love you so too very much for making movies and wish u to make more so we can watch more some and more...

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