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Lots of video clips of various lengths leading up to the National Day Celebration in Beijing.



Old MTV interview


In honour of China's National Day...

Here are all 3 versions of Guo Jia


Old Interview from April

This is an old interview from April in which Jackie semi-explains his comments at the Bao Forum that created such a stir when they were taken out of context.

He says that it is not worth explaining why he said what he did and that he would rather do charity than take the time to do so. He also said that whatever comments he made were out of a pure heart because he loves China, loves Hong Kong, loves Macau and that we are all Chinese people.

He also mentions that "The Chinese Zodiac" will film in Beijing, Hong Kong, Australia and France.

BEIJING, April 30, according to Xinhua in Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" report, due to a "Chinese people need to be regulated" in the troubled words of Jackie Chan, who has for the first time responded to the matter, saying: "Qingzheziqing, Cloud by Since the cloud, I have done everything there is no objective. "

Jackie Chan interview with Phoenix TV "entertainment storm" program on an exclusive interview, about his remarks led to uproar, he said: "Qingzheziqing, muddy those now muddy, I have done everything without ulterior motives, but from a Heart - love Hong Kong, Taiwan, love, love China, love Macao, because we are all Chinese, and so I am going to talk about the bad. Recently, they asked me to come out to explain, I think this matter is not worth me to talk about, the time to explain it, I might as well go and who do charitable works, explanation is unnecessary, but will do so in their terms, so I have ignored the fundamental reasons."

The Jackie Chan appointed a further director, shot his first 100 film, and have recruited an old friend of Stanley Tong, the opportunity to participate. Raiders of the background to the story, "Zodiac" will be in Beijing, Hong Kong, Australia, France viewfinder.

May 1 concert will be held at the Bird's Nest will be the Jackie Chan, the earlier introduction of the "six star arch month", said to every corner of the six stage, to achieve universal Party, so that each direction inside the friends who could have an immersive sense of on-site interaction. Unfortunately, the mainland media found the main stage and six points separated a bit too far, to the real test of Big Brother was a lot of physical strength. The concert will be quite a luxury reverberates light, light on the main stage is equipped with 32 lamps, each sub-stage, there are at least 24.



OLD NEWS: Jackie appointed Publicity Ambassador for Anti-drug Campaigns

BEIJING, June 26 Xinhua news from the Ministry of Public Security, said the Narcotics Control Bureau, the National Narcotics Control Commission held its 26th international film star Jackie Chan appointed anti-drug publicity ambassador for the Chinese ceremony to hire Jackie Chan anti-drug publicity ambassador for the Chinese.

National Narcotics Control Commission Office of the Deputy Director of the Narcotics Control Bureau Director Yang Fengrui Ministry of Public Security of China Ambassador Jackie Chan anti-drug publicity issued letters of appointment, and wear a ribbon.

Rui Yang expressed the hope that Jackie Chan seriously take up the image of China's anti-drug publicity ambassador duties, and actively play themselves as a powerful influence on public figures, as always, care and support for anti-drug cause, more active participation in anti-drug publicity and education activities, care and help for drug addicts, full use of every opportunity to publicize the danger of drugs, promote anti-drug awareness, and guide the public in particular young people against drug abuse, actively participate in the fight against drugs, in order to promote development and progress of China's drug industry and make due contributions.

Jackie Chan said he was very concerned about the anti-drug public welfare undertakings and hope in the future and the National Narcotics Control Commission to have more cooperation, to do our own strength for the anti-drug publicity and education to make more contribution.

Translated text: Sohu.com

Original Text: Sohu.com


Jackie elected to China Overseas Exchange Association

China news agency, Beijing, September 30 (Reporter Zhang Dongdong) - Renowned Chinese actor Jackie Chan on the 30th in an interview with reporters, was asked what his were aspirations for Beijing to participate in the National Day ceremony, he thought slightly, said: "I hope the days of our country's future good weather, tranquil and peaceful, and now has been in the prayer for 'tomorrow, the sun'. "

China Overseas Exchange Association held the fourth General Assembly held in Beijing on September 30th. The first time, overseas director of the General Assembly appointed an additional 144 people, executive director of two hundred and consultants 20 people, Jackie Chan was hired as executive director from overseas.

In an interview, he said, "I thank the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, China Overseas Exchange Association, and thank Haifeng eldest sister for giving me this honor. If you can on behalf of overseas Chinese, I feel is a very high position, I will try to do my best" .

Jackie Chan also said that this is a good job for me, because I am filming often around the world and see the different overseas Chinese, and get to understand their feelings and aspirations. I am honored to be able to serve the China Overseas Exchange Association as overseas executive director. For me, this is a very new position, I will slowly learn along with other executive director.

Jackie Chan said that tomorrow will be my fiftieth anniversary of new China in 1999 following the National Day, after the second National Day ceremony, but also shows one of the guests, very happy, very excited. Afraid of their own mistakes, fear of that time played a good move.

He said all of the friends from all over the world, and today's overseas Chinese are proud of China, often running around the world, has never been so proud of too. Country is strong, so we went to where people around the world are more to be recognized. "This is the country's honor, but also overseas Chinese paid results."

Jackie Chan also said that many students encounter in foreign countries, tell their parents how to work hard and sent abroad for himself that he must study hard, go back and serve the country. "I have heard many, many such stories, which I was very moved."

Turning to tomorrow's National Day military parade and mass demonstrations, Chan said: "Let us look forward to it together."

China News Network

中新社北京九月三十日电(记者 张冬冬)知名华人影星成龙三十日接受记者采访,被问及赴京参加国庆观礼有何愿望时,他略加思考说:“希望国家未来的日子风调雨顺、国泰民安,现在一直在祈祷‘明天出太阳’。”











All-star auction raises US$4.5 mln for children

Jackie Chan attends the 2009 Bazaar Charity Gala held in Beijing on September 28, 2009. [sohu.com]

Chinese entertainers gathered in Beijing on Monday for the annual Bazaar Charity Gala, which raised a record 31 million yuan (US$4.5 million) for needy children.

The 7th Bazaar Charity Gala, consisting of a red carpet show and an auction, attracted such stars as Jackie Chan, Carina Lau, Zhou Xun and Vivian Hsu, as well as a number of socialites and influential entrepreneurs.

Among the 17 items auctioned was an oil painting created by contemporary artist Liu Ye that went to entrepreneur Shi Yuzhu for 7.8 million yuan ($1.1 million), the highest bid price of the night. A set of Beijing Olympic souvenirs autographed by opening ceremony director Zhang Yimou was successfully bid for by Jackie Chan for one million yuan ($146,488).

Jackie Chan himself donated a jade-carving work from his personal collection, which raised 3.99 million yuan ($584,487). He also made unexpected on-site donations by taking off his white jacket and a shirt and putting them up for auction. The clothes together raised 5.87 million yuan ($859,884).

All the funds raised will go to Jackie Chan's charity foundation and China Children and Teenagers' Fund.

The Bazaar Charity Gala, initiated in 2003 by the fashion magazine Bazaar, has become one of China's major fundraisers.


Video of Jackie selling his jacket and shirt

Video from SINA.COM of Jackie selling his jacket and shirt.

Final List of Items sold

Ostrich leather handbags treasures(Aston Martin cars Kwok Shing 400,000)

Kiss of the Dragon Can Jewelry Necklace (Huayi President Wang Zhong-Jun 680,000)

Ceramic Sculpture handbags (Ms. A 800,000)

Classic Business Briefcase (A man 400,000)

Armani evening dress multicolor (China and the United States Star Liu Yifei 350,000)

Black Box High Crocodile Pilar pole (A man 900,000)

Lindy Handbag (Artist nursery 600,000)

Lucky The Number 88 Limited Edition fountain pen (Artist Vivian Hsu 1 million)

Tiffany Tesoro clock gem (Kwok Shing 400,000 Aston Martin car looks 450,000)

Women's wrist watch and a butterfly style brooch (A man 700,000 )

"Myth" Private Collection props armor (Jackie Chan fans 2.18 million the WONG)

Fiber jade carving "the State" (3.99 million Chinese Association)

Sandalwood Officer Hall building models Home Delivery (Jaycee Chan 3.88 million)

Zhang Yimou Signature Collection List (Jackie Chan 1 million)

"The garden of the sisters" (Shi Yuzhu 7.8 million)

Jackie Chan Jacket (A men's 4.87 million)

Jackie Chan Shirt (Bazaar Group 1 million)

Total Turnover 31,000,000


As you can see Jackie only purchased one item - Zhang Yimou's Olympic commemorative set. Jackie said that it had great meaning to him because of his own involvement with the Olympics starting from the very first bid and that he had worked very closely with Zhang Yimou through the entire time.

Some video clips of the Auction

Jackie buying Zhang Yimou's Olympic Signature Collection (NETEASE)

Jackie singing "Guo Jia" (NETEASE)

Videos from SINA.COM

Bazaar Charity Auction 2009

September 28, from fashion magazine "Bazaar" sponsored by Charity Festival - the seventh "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" at the Beijing Yintai Center. Jackie Chan, "Bazaar" the editor of fashion magazine Su Mang, deputy director and Liu Jiang, deputy editor announced that 31 million yuan was raised through the fund-raising auction.



Jackie on the Red Carpet

Video of Jackie on the Red Carpet: NETEASE.COM


Another photo of Jackie

Jackie and David Wu


Jackie sells off clothes for Charity!

Jackie sold his suit for 4.87 million (SINA)

Jackie models his jacket

Jackie signs his shirt after taking it off backstage

Jackie rewards the buyer with a kiss of gratitude

Jackie's signed shirt

all photos: NETEASE



Netease Entertainment September 28 hearing today, by the "Bazaar" to create the seventh "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" gala held at Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing. Jackie Chan also particularly came from the studio to participate in activities in the charity auction, it is also strip auction, raised 5.87 million. In order to repay the seller, Jackie Chan is also the site with 4.87 million men buy their own jackets buyers kiss.

The auction drew to a close, suddenly there are buyers who claim to want to buy the clothes Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan said, "This dress went to Cannes, he went to the Academy, also went to the Bird's Nest. I can sign at the scene to the clothes." Subsequently, there is Buyer said, "According to the current auction of the total price, if less than 30 million, there is still much, we will use this difference to buy this dress." After some calculation, Jackie Chan, this big brother to 4.87 million pieces of clothing shoot out. Emotional Jackie Chan, has also stepped forward to kiss the men's buyer.

Jackie Chan has just sell coats, purchasers are in the audience shouted to one another, to a one million to buy Jackie Chan's shirt. Frustration, to charity, Chan hid at the backcourt, and took off his shirt to sell for one million. The next stage to Jackie Chan can not help but to take a bow: "I am grateful to each and every charitable person, thank you."

Subsequently, those pieces of 4.87 million, Chan coat, was again changed hands as the buyer gave the clothes to Bazaar as a charity to commemorate.


The Jade Carving "Guo Jia" sold for 3.99 million yuan (SINA)


Jaycee purchases Model House

Jaycee purchased Jackie's Zitan wood model house for 3.88 million for Mr Wang (on behalf of? or donated/gifted to?)



Full Coverage of the Event

The full list of auction items can be seen here:


Full coverage from SINA can be found HERE

For lots of photos of all the celebrities - HERE

Moment by Moment reports: HERE

Jackie's Armour from "The Myth"

Jackie's armour from "The Myth" has just sold for 2.18 million!



More on the Auction

Jackie and Jaycee admire Zhang Yimou's Signature Collection


Bidding on an item


Zhang Yimou's Signature Collection (bought by Jackie)

Photos of Jackie - Bazaar Charity Auction

Filled with emotion

Singing "Guo Jia" with the Seven New Little Fortunes:


First Look at the Bazaar Charity Auction

This news is so hot I am posting while it's happening so stay tuned for more updates as information becomes available.

Jaycee on the red carpet jokes his presence (or outfit) will drive up the auction prices.

100 Stars!
Spot Jackie's Signature


LOS ANGELES September 28 17 am, from fashion magazine "Bazaar" sponsored by Charity Festival - the seventh "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" at the Beijing Yintai Center. Will Jackie Chan said at the dinner - Smith should have arrived at the scene, but because of studio is not busy filming the scene, Will specially entrusted Jackie Chan apologized and donated 100,000 U.S. dollars.

Jackie at the opening of Richard Mille Boutique

Jackie was present at the ribbon cutting ceremony for a brand new Richard Mille Boutique (watches) in Beijing 27th September 2009.


Introducing Dragon's Heart

Very moving video published by JC Group introducing Dragon's Heart Charity.

The video is subtitled.

Source: 56.COM

One more photo


Gentleman Jackie (but this we know)

Baidu Entertainment News yesterday (26) National Day Festival last big joint training of a National Day military parade on the outskirts of Beijing within the training points, Jackie Chan, Song Zuying, Tan Jing, Zuhai and other stars have appeared.

Song Zuying a simple dress, Su Yan appearance, but the noble spirit of trans-pacific is still overwhelming. Jackie Chan and Liu Yuanyuan while performing grand finale, the two still hanging in the construction of a fence high platform rehearsal after rehearsal, the two down the stairs, Jackie Chan is a gentleman of the tight pull the hand LIU Yuan-Yuan, Hu Hua during the whole trip


Charity Concert in Taiwan

Small report on the concert Jackie bought tickets for 300 elderly people to attend. If you follow the link there are some pictures of the event.

Today (September 26) at the Taipei International Conference Center, the "Global Life charity concert classic songs like" warm the stage, oldies fans love emerge, on-site fully packed, this for the care of elderly people in 88 flood-affected sing, international superstar Jackie Chan's purchase of nearly 300 tickets, inviting the affected households in southern elderly people living alone the elderly, assist in the reconstruction of the volunteers appreciate the concert, etc., so that elderly people affected by the scene very gratifying to see, exposing a long absence, smile!


October 1st Rehearsals

Jackie arrives at the rehearsal center

On the afternoon of the 26th of September at the 60th anniversary of National Day Celebration Evening Star Lake Park training base, one of the highlights of the thousands of people show choir's final dress rehearsal. Song Zuying, Jackie Chan, Geng Feng, Tan Jing and other star of the show were all present to participate in drills.

1000 choir on stage

By the Beijing public, pupils and students together make up the choir of 1,000 people put on the performance clothing. Great people wore red Chinese outfit, the children were dressed in bright yellow clothes. It is understood that the choir of the Hsin-Yi Ho youngest child was 6 years old, while the oldest over 80-year-old actor. Throughout the evening, they will be singing or performing on stage with the star accompaniment. One performance down, they have to sing a total of more than 20 songs.

2 command Tanlihua and Akiko Ki are responsible for the second half, to make 1000 look at the command of gesture actor, commanding the stage deliberately installed a camera at the same time, facing the performers put a four sub-NTU's LCD TVs.

Li Gu Yi, Song Zuying, Jackie Chan singing

In addition, this celebration can be said to show Celebrities gather. By design, the party has just begun, by Lang Lang on piano accompaniment (on the 26th was not present), Liao Changyong, and Tan Jing chorus "Today is your birthday my country," Subsequently, Li Gu Yi, Song Zuying, Jackie Chan and so on will be on stage perform. Among them were like "revival" of the class song composed specially for this evening.

"I'm not a singer, performing in the oldest, the oldest 70 years old. Hope that the next decade, I can sing the National Day evening." Older generation of singers, 65-year-old Geng Feng with emotion, time really flies, participating in the 1999 National Day party, the flash ten years have passed. Decade, Beijing had become the beautiful, and everyone's life better. Highway to the field to see more and more to Shandong, Shaanxi and other places to go fast soon arrive. "We want to sing country, singing for the motherland."

Song Zuying: will be the best state to attend the National Day Evening Performance

"This show is very relaxed and in good shape." Evening at the National Day to show "good days" and Song Zuying, said the state would be best to attend the National Day evening performances.

"To participate in the show, there is indescribable excitement." In the evening, and Yuan-Yuan Liu will be singing along with "state" the song Jackie Chan, the last link in the rehearsal appearance. Jackie Chan's hope that this song is not only able to let the Chinese people can understand it and let the whole world could understand, so that everybody knows how powerful our motherland.


"This is the great motherland is where I grew up, in this vast land, full of bright sunshine." Tiananmen Square along with the National Day Festival's opening song "My Motherland", yesterday, 14 o'clock, a mass Choir and a host of guest performers, a training base in Beijing Tongzhou a final dress rehearsal. Newspaper reporter at the scene watched the full dress rehearsal.

Event is organized by Jackie Chan finale of the sign language interpretation of "national"

Because it is officially the last dress rehearsal before the performance yesterday, apart from thousands of actors outside the choir, there are more than 20 stars have arrived at the scene sing, 100 square meters greenroom was packed with visitors. 14:00 rehearsal started Song Zuying, Zuhai, Tan Jing, Liao Changyong and others on stage one after another, and by the pupils, students, elderly choir choir composed of thousands of people with the commissioning, rehearsal hall sounded from time to time, "good days", "Let's Dangqi sculls," "Today is your birthday" and other people familiar songs.

17:30 left, hand-held paper fan of Jackie Chan in a dozen appearances on the stage, surrounded by security guards. Jackie Chan while singing "country" side of the sign language presentation. It is learned that Jackie Chan would be coming to an end in the evening when the roof in the Great Hall of the finale of the singing.

Nearly 50 singers on stage with patriotic songs pierce

According to reporters from the rehearsals for the scene to get single-song show, the night appeared a total of almost 50 singers, singing over 30 songs. Singers, in addition to Peng Liyuan, Song Zuying, jade and strong power to sing will, Xie Xiaodong, Sun Yue, Yin Xiangjie, Qian Baihui and other pop singers will be encouraged to come forward.

Evening begins with the flag pole in Tiananmen Square as the center, a children's blowing trumpet at the scene sounded melodic "My Motherland", the net curtain fireworks show, "This land so Jiao" message. Next, Lv Wei, Li Danyang such as singing, "I love China," first chapter "This is the great motherland," the beginning, the audience nearly 11 squares 60000 people jump dance at the same time. The second chapter, the "take-off in China" has become the theme of Tan Jing, Liao Changyong chorus a "Today is your birthday," Song Zuying, Chen Sisi, jade and strong singing "good days", "Zhu Jiuge", "we walk in the big on the road "and so on.

The third part of the show "Fashion Youth" of China. Dress rehearsal in the evening of the 12th, Sun Yue, Xie Xiaodong, these young singers of the "youth of China," "Let us Dangqi sculls" and other songs, accompanied by "Lantern Dance", "Lala-speaking" and other steps. It is reported that Nicholas Tse and Xiongtian Ping will also appear in this session. Finally, from a small songs, Peng Liyuan singing "Sunshine on the road" to show to a climax, "Dancing with the song" big get-together started. In the Jackie Chan and Liu Yuanyuan chorus of "national" and "Youth Friendship Waltz" and the music plays, audience nearly 60000 people enjoy dancing, singing, the whole square will be boiling.




Unseen Photos from the Premier of Jianguo Daye


Shanghai Knights Chinese Puzzle Box

Being a curious sort of person while watching Shanghai Knights (again!) I decided to find out more about the Chinese Puzzle Box Jackie has to open.


Chinese Puzzle Boxes? Japanese puzzle boxes are often erroneously called Chinese puzzle boxes. Although a few Chinese puzzle boxes may exist, the Japanese puzzle box is what is usually inferred when Chinese puzzle boxes are referred to.

Japanese Puzzle Boxes are called "himitsu-bako" in Japan, which translates to "Personal Secret Box". The first Japanese puzzle boxes were designed over 100 years ago in the Hakone region of Japan. The mountains in this region are known for their amazing variety of trees. Japanese puzzle boxes take advantage of these natural wood colors and textures to produce their elaborate geometric patterns.The techniques used to make these puzzle boxes have been used for generations in Japan and have been surpassed by none.


The “Himitsu-Bako (Personal Secret Box)” is a traditional Japanese puzzle box that was designed over 100 years ago in the Hakone region of Japan. The Hakone Mountains are noted for their great variety of trees. The Personal Secret Box takes advantage of this wide variety of natural wood colors and textures to produce their elaborate geometric patterns. The appeal of the Personal Secret Box is not merely in its entertainment qualities. It is valued as a Yosegi-Zaiku is a mosaic woodwork usually applied to small handicrafts such as trays, boxes and chests. This marquetry technique is originated in the late Edo Period, and in May of 1984, was designated a National Traditional Handicraft by the International Trade & Industry Minister.

For many years, the town of Hakone was a relay station on the main road to Edo (present day Tokyo) and Hakone-yosegi-zaiku was developed as souvenirs for travelers. The geometric design is made by binding together various shades of wood. Shaved off with a special plane, very thin sheets of wood are then used as an outside finish for various objects such as boxes. For a craft item to be designated a Traditional Craft Product under the Law for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, it must satisfy the following criteria:
The article must be used mainly in everyday life.
The article must be primarily manufactured by hand.
The article must be manufactured using traditional techniques.
The materials should be mainly those that have been traditionally employed.
The industry must be of a regional nature.

Most Japanese Personal Secret Boxes (Puzzle Boxes) have a variety of difficulties ranging from 4 to 66 moves. From a puzzler’s point of view the 59-move box has the most interesting sequence of moves, even better than the 66. A few large puzzle boxes have exceptional numbers of moves, such as 78, 122, 119, or 125

To read more about the interesting history of the boxes and some of the designers:

Puzzle Boxes on WIKIPEDIA

The village of Hakone is located about 100 kilometers east of Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture not far from the shores of beautiful Lake Ashi. Dominated by the slopes of Mount Fuji rising in the background, Hakone lies in the heart of a region known for its traditional Japanese handicrafts. It was here that Yosegi, Japan's centuries old woodworking technique, was born.

Hakone is famous both for its traditional Japanese Yosegi and for Himitsu-Bako, or Japanese Secret Puzzle Boxes, which the International Trade & Industry Minister designated as a Traditional National Handicraft in 1984. And it is from the renowned woodcraft guilds in the area around Hakone that Bene Gifts acquires all of its Yosegi products.

Yosegi is the complex process of repeatedly binding and cutting different colors and species of wood to create elaborate mosaic wood patterns. These patterns are in turn bound and cut into patterns of increasing intricacy. This process is repeated again and again, until a mosaic block is produced. This block is then sliced, shrunk and lacquered, eventually creating the paper thin mosaic wood veneer that is traditionally used to decorate Himitsu-Bako.

Originally created as hiding places for jewelry, coins, and the occasional secret message, Himitsu-Bako boxes date from Japan's culturally rich Edo Period (1603-1867). They are designed so that they can be opened only by the creator of the box or its owner. Some boxes rely on a secret pressure point or "kannuki" built into the sides or lid of the box to open them, while others require a precise sequence of consecutive moves to release the internal locking mechanism. Without knowing the precise pressure point or the proper sequence of moves the box will remain securely sealed and its contents hidden.

Traditional Japanese Secret Puzzle Boxes range in size from the width of your thumb to over a foot in length and the combinations that unlock them can involve a single precisely executed manipulation or several dozen complex sequential moves. The legendary master craftsman, Yoshio Okiyama, who passed away in March of 2003, is renowned not only for his flawless artistry, but also for making the most complex Secret Puzzle Box of all, a Himitsu-Bako that required 125 different moves to open.

Secret Puzzle Boxes have appeared throughout the world in different cultures. Puzzle boxes can be found in Turkey, Morocco, Poland, Vietnam and as far away as Costa Rico. But Japanese Puzzle Boxes are especially prized by serious collector not only for of their ingeniously clever locking mechanisms, but for the exquisitely complex and uniquely stunning Yosegi veneers that are traditionally used to decorate their exteriors. Yosegi Collection

Each Yosegi Puzzle Box that we acquire is handcrafted by a traditional master craftsman. The painstakingly precise process for their creation has survived intact for centuries, handed down in strictest confidence from master to apprentice from generation to generation.


Posters for the Concert in Yantai, Shandong