Friday Night with Jonathon Ross

So Jackie will appear with David Beckham on the final episode of Friday Night with Jonathon Ross sometime in July. I am sure to coincide with the UK premier of 'The Karate Kid' on the 15th.

SOURCE: http://www.rte.ie/ten/2010/0630/rossj.html

More Karate Kid Interview Clips


Li Yuan Yuan recalls Singing 'Guo Jia' with Jackie

[Host] in the past year, various major activities we can see your shadow, particularly impressed us is the National Day last year, you and Jackie Chan together in the Great Hall of the roof singing the song on "national" feeling. Last year you came to Xinhua, we are talking about the song "State", was shot cut to the Great Hall of the roof is amazing, you feel?

[Liu Yuanyuan] was still a little afraid of heights, but Jackie says you do not tense, I have a skill, you need not fear, but more is still to our happiness and excitement. Because it can stand on stage singing, as on the two of us is really never imagined would ever come, in fact, the 60th anniversary of National Day of the largest fireworks show, we are proud that we can stand position as a stage and sing this song, mainly because of the "State" this song to all of us a force and conviction, there is a strong in our country, as obtained in various aspects of very large Progress is also concern around the world.

[Moderator] I believe that the "country" song, you and Jackie performing more than once, and in a variety of occasions are sung, then the "11" That night at the Great Hall of the House top of the feeling of singing this song What is the difference?

[Liu Yuanyuan] the feeling that all the performances are really not the same with a few days ago, really not afraid of you joke, I sleep well almost every day.

[Moderator] so familiar with that song, but last time I let you come to our studio to sing, you came casually, but there is no difficulty singing skills, why nervous?

[Liu Yuanyuan] In fact, what nervous is the fear of their not done perfectly, not in place. In fact, we performed the evening, we went to more than 12 noon, and we lounge in the roof below - Sichuan hall for the two of us constantly back training with the lyrics and, in fact, Jackie has hardened, the stage The expression is no problem, especially when facing the crowd, without any problems of. Nevertheless, the two of us Why nervous? Feel that this occasion is too big and too important, and also singing in such a position now flashing really like a lot, think too much, it will feel a bit nervous.

Later we both got to the end that fixating, no problem, no longer practiced, rest will. But who could not sleep, 12 more to the, at 9 pm more than just play, is the last one finale song. Big Brother while I said you asleep? He said while you asleep? Not, then sing it and then practice. How at that time wanted to practice that song, anything else for us to have access to less than our thoughts and minds of the. So that was really too memorable performance was.

I am particularly impressed that the two of us waiting field when approaching us, we both stand by our performance on that site, on the roof of the. Not to us, about the previous song, and older brother to keep his hands to have a camera, is someone else's camera, Take up and he kept shooting, he himself can not be excited to restrain their emotions, and I can see out, he really is some nervous.

I say brother, approaching us, we hurried to prepare. He is like, good, he can not stop his hand movement. We both turned to see the whole of Tiananmen Square, is really a boiling sea. I also was excited that I could not come, all tears, and the hope that this time the performance of the two of us, he with larger, it should be said to be among his artistic career, certainly the best time to do too grand of that occasion. So far thought of it, said this, I is excited.










SOURCE: news.xinmin.cn

New Seven Little Fortunes Join Cast of Yue Fei

Recently appointed by Jackie Chan Producer, Stanley Tong, director of the TV drama, "Yue Fei" held a press conference in Shanghai. The New Seven Little Fortunes will play an important role in the TV series and have entered the training phase of the film.

Seven Little Fortunes, as the new Jackie Chan's disciple, have been involved with Jackie Chan, and participated in the filming of "Little Big Soldier". It can be said in two years, has been changed from the Master's words and deeds of many, from the little things, details decide success or failure is the master Jackie Chan to them about the most simple truth.

The TV series "Yue Fei" the shooting, the five big boy is the first play of the first film starred as Jackie Chan's partner and friend Stanley Tong in the treatment when the new Seven Little Fortunes quite severe, not only personally demonstration the loyalty to boxing, but also, and the sea captain Andrew was more than a set of trick play action drills.

New Seven Little Fortunes of the Tang-hsiang sea captain's skill guide envy, Tang Hoi-cheung said the guide had been a long time do not do action guidance, but also in upholding his daily practice, physical condition and explosive power to maintain the very, very good This is our example of these martial arts person, and that under the guidance of the Tang guide allows us to enter as soon as possible to the requirements of the master and crew.

Tang said all those involved in TV Guide, "Yue Fei" the main actors have to be taken to accept up to 6 months of basic training, including the role of visual imagery, physical training, horse riding and so on. Because this is Jackie's first investment in the Mainland television series, so be sure to put all the links in meticulous, well.






SOURCE: ent.qq.com

The J-Project

Apparently a new MMORPG is being developed (nearing completion) featuring Jackie's image. Dubbed the 'J-Project' the as yet unnamed game features a story with a mysterious oriental background with interactive fighting and a diversity martial arts. Unlike other games such the one developed for Little Big Soldier this game is targeting an international audience.

SOURCE: news.duowan.com

Jackie off to Cambodia?

Jackie Chan, one of the most easily-recognisable faces in world cinema, will be strutting his stuff in Siem Reap and Cambodia in July for nearly two weeks as he brings his film-making roadshow to the Kingdom. I've heard different versions of what the film is about though information that emerged recently suggested it will be called Cambodia Landmine, a drama-comedy with a $25 million production budget, to be directed by Ding Sheng. Though at the time filming was scheduled for February next year. Chan first visited Cambodia in 2004 to promote awareness of HIV/Aids, in 2005 to focus on landmines and was back a few months ago to give a lecture and to get permission to film at Angkor Wat. He's known as Chin Long amongst the Cambodian community and to the world for his acrobatic fighting style, his innovative stunts and his comic persona.

SOURCE: http://blog.andybrouwer.co.uk/

Oldies but Goodies

I was digging around the internet this morning, and as usual looking for other information when I came across these old but still good articles:

Q & A with Jackie Chan

He's the guy who dangled from a helicopter, slid down a 21-story building and jumped off a cliff onto a hot air balloon. But nothing took more courage for superstar Jackie Chan than facing a college audience and speaking in English. It was a first-time experience for the actor whose dangerous stunts and comedic genius have made him a global hero.

"I'm really, really nervous," he told a cheering crowd. "I'm honored and scared." Jackie was about to shake things up at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, a sedate southern university with a Colonial flavor. He was there at the invitation of Mitchell Reiss, Dean of International Affairs and Director of the Reves Center for International Studies.

The Center was sponsoring a week-long Jackie Chan film festival (students got one college credit for attending and writing a paper) and Reiss wanted to cap it with Jackie in the flesh. "It was a daunting challenge for him," Reiss says, but Jackie finally agreed to show up as long as he didn't have to give a speech. (It's one of the two things he's afraid of. The other is needles). He settled for an afternoon question and answer session with the students.

Tickets were free and became a hot item. Most were distributed at the College and a limited number were offered to the public. They got snapped up in 15 minutes. Some people camped out overnight in sleeping bags to be first in line.

You could feel the excitement in the huge athletic hall hung with W & M banners, where a temporary stage had been set up flanked by two screens. The lights went down and the screens came alive with a montage of clips from Jackie's films

By the time Jackie made his entrance, the college crowd had warmed to a fever pitch. He was greeted with clapping, cheering and stomping feet. Jackie broke into a big grin, grabbed the mike and confessed how nervous he was. "Right now my heart is beating. I'm 37 years in the film business, doing stunts, difficult actions and I'm never scared." He wasn't sure he had anything to say to "well-educated students," but he decided "if I do not try once, I never try in my whole life. I'm not going to die. Today I'm here!"

Jackie is wearing a black silk suit and a simple white T-shirt. He looks slim, tanned, very fit and smaller than he appears on screen. He talks a blue streak in his charming English (a challenge for the woman using sign language whose fingers are flashing nearby), and he never seems to stand still.

The stage is an arena where he jabs, kicks and leaps, twists into animal poses, shoots an imaginary gun, blocks a punch, does a flip (screams from the audience) and dances. He also sings, but that comes later.

Jackie has them in the palm of his hand for more than an hour. He is funny, modest, endearing and down-to-earth. He talks openly about his tough childhood, his brutal training at the Hong Kong opera school, Hollywood's attempt to turn him into Clint Eastwood 20 years ago, his involvement with all aspects of film making from camera angles to editing, and his insistence that there are "no sex things, no F-words, no dirty jokes" in his family-oriented movies.

Reiss shuffles a handful of index cards with previously submitted questions, and Jackie tells an audience of 3,000 that he's "come here to learn something. Now gimme the questions!"

Q&A with Jackie
It's a story that begins when he's left by his parents at the Hong Kong Beijing Opera School when he was only 6 1/2 years old. He remembers the tough training there, practicing from 5 a.m. to noon and not allowed to go to the bathroom. "You couldn't pee in the morning, because your sweat was the pee."

He became a child actor in Hong Kong at the age of seven and began to love making movies, because, "I have one lunch box and can eat by myself, and I'm away from training and can sleep." When he left the opera school at 17, and became a "low-class stuntman. I make $10 a day, $20 for a dangerous stunt. It takes me four months to save up for one pair of Levis." His dream was to become a stunt coordinator.

"Superman and Batman when I was young, my Master and Bruce Lee. Now my real heroes are Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd. Also Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Really geniuses."

This sets off a display of Jackie's skills as he runs through various styles he's studied over the years, from traditional kung fu, to the influence of Bruce Lee, to his transition from Chinese martial arts to action/comedy. "I kept on changing from old kung fu, to difficult action to dangerous stunts. Don't learn from me," he warns. "This is not for young kids."

"Jet Li took his chance, but he's a role model in Asia and they don't like Mel Gibson beating up on Jet Li." Jackie says he turned down the role of a bad guy in a Michael Douglas film and the part of a drug dealer in Sylvester Stallone's proposed Rambo IV, "because so many children in Asia watch me."

Jackie laughs. "I'm a very good singer, but not rap." He learned English from TV news and listening to country music, he says. In country songs "they speak slowly, so you can understand." He sings a bit of Willie Nelson's "You Were Always on My Mind" (more screams) and croons a few bars of the Elvis classic, "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You." He IS a good singer.

"Editing helps your career. That's why I'm still here. I know how to fight and I know camera angles." He illustrates one technique. At 30 when you fight, you take one step backwards, at 40 you take two steps, at 50 or 60 ten steps back! Editing is the most important. That's the trick."

"Long time ago in Hong Kong. After I changed character and played the underdog in movies-two people I fight, four and I run away-nobody challenged me."

I like Hong Kong because you have control and can just go out and do it. American is more professional, make sure the actor is safe, but sometimes when it takes too long, the mood is gone."

Jackie hesitates and looks almost shy. He searches for the right word and says it in Chinese for his cameraman to translate. Then he faces the crowd and says humbly, "I want to be a scholar. When I was young I didn't understand how important is education. I was gambling, fooling around. Who cares? Education is important now and especially in the future." He still needs help reading English and is struggling to learn about computers.

"Yes, it will start filming this year with Chris Tucker. It will be shot in Hong Kong, China, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas. You can imagine Chris Tucker in Hong Kong. That's MY hood, not his hood."


Jackie Chan Answers alot of questions!!! Rambo 4, The Accidental Spy, Drunken Master 2 + More!!!Folks, Harry here with our Guy on the site of a fairly rare live Jackie Chan talk... Personally, would it not be the coolest thing in the world to take Jackie Chan into the toughest bar in the world... get drunk and just watch him kick ass with various bar stools, pool cues, bowls of peanuts and beer bottles? Sigh... It is just a dream. hehehe... Anyway, if you're a Jackie Chan fan... this is the report for you... He spills on quite a bit. Personally I'm not looking forward to the new score on DRUNKEN MASTER 2... Especially since that score was BEAUTIFUL as it was. Here's Guy...

Hello internet movie buffs!

I just got back to my dorm room from a Q&A session with the man, Jackie Chan. He's at William and Mary down here in Williamsburg, VA for parent's weekend, which is amazing since we don't get many celebrity speakers. Apparently this was the first time he had spoken at a college or university before. Naturally he was amazing! Very energetic and happy to be in front of a crowd of rabid college fans. He said far too many interesting details about his life and his work to mention here so I'll hit the highlights (and be sure to check out bullet point #11):

1) Rush Hour 2 begins shooting Nov 6 in Hong Kong. The shooting schedule has him and Tucker travelling to San Francisco, LA, New York and Vegas. Apparently this time out the roles will be reversed with Tucker being the fish out of water in Hong Kong. As Jackie put it "This time he's in my 'hood!"

2) He had been approached a few years ago about playing the bad guy in Rambo 4, but turned it down since he feels that alot of kids look up to him and he wants to be a good role model, ergo he never plays the villian. This time though it was especially hard for him to turn down since he has always admired Stallone (he told a very moving anecdote about how Rocky really did change the course of his life) and really wanted to work with him. Additionally the character was a drug dealer and Jackie has a very personal reason for not wanting to play any character associated with drugs (his father made him promise to never do drugs and he takes the promise very seriously). Apparently though, the feeling was mutual and Stallone is supposed to be working on a revised script in which Jackie and Rambo are both good guys.

3) Along similar lines as #2, he had been offered a chance to play the villian in a Michael Douglas movie in the 80s. He was really torn, but again decided to turn it down because he wanted to continue to be a good role model.

4) When asked about working with Sammo Hung again, he said that he and Sammo have talked about the idea, but that it probably wouldn't be until next year as both are very busy.

5) The person he'd most like to work with is Jodie Foster since her career reminds him a lot of his own (child actor -> actor -> director).

6) He's very, very excited about the pending wide US release of Drunken Master 2 since he's very proud of the final scene, and he says it will be the first chance that a wide audience will have to see "a real Hong-Kong style action film" since most of the other films of his that have made it over here have been seriously Americanized. In this regard he particular wants people to note the long takes and full-body shots that make the audience realize that these fights are real, not the result of alot of editing tricks. He also mentioned that the film will be graced with a new score and dub.

7) Along similar lines he really loves his saturday morning cartoon on the WB since it introduces young kids to him. He also made certain that all the kids know what the real-life Jackie Chan looks like.

8) His idols include Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Bruce Lee, and his master at the opera school.

9) He tends to prefer Hong Kong style filmaking since there's less waiting around, more doing. He said on Rush Hour he found it some what annoying that every time he wanted to do a stunt it would have to be cleared by the safety people and producers. He did say though he thought the technical quality (film stock, sound editing, etc) of American films were much better. He mentioned that over the past few years he's been trying to meld the American and Hong Kong styles. He also noted that every year he puts out an American film (Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon) and a Hong Kong film (Rumble in the Bronx, Who am I?).

10) Jackie gave a lengthy talk about martial arts styles, punctuated be several demonstrations! He mentioned that in his early films he used more traditional, and more beatiful looking styles. More recently he's been working on faster, modern style fights, but he'd like to use some of the old stuff again (another reason he's very happy about the Drunken Master 2 rerelease). He also talked about adapting his style as he gets older to allow for the fact that even he isn't quite as agile as he used to be.

11) Just to make this report go to 11 Chan ended with an exclusive first look at the trailer to his new film, The Accidental Spy, which he also directed. It's set in Turkey, and has Chan through as series of plot twists ending up as a spy. He didn't know yet if the film would get released over here or not. The trailer had some amazing action including a funny bit with Jackie getting pushed around on a slippery floor like an air-hockey puck, the usual fast-and-furious kung fu, some neet car chases and a terrific number with a giant white tarp that drew great applause. Looks to be a terrific film!

So there you have it! Truly a great day down here in Va!

Guy Martin


Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and Lin Peng build Dragon's Heart School

Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Beijing set up a special fund, "Lin Peng Gold". The first item - "Dragon Heart" library-building activities launched today. Ambassador Lin Peng, as the task with Jackie, personally went to visit Gansu Wen County premises, during the time when Lin Peng's grandfather died. Funeral arrangements were being made during the period, but Lin Peng felt she was duty-bound to devote themselves to charity.

Peng Lin since her debut, has been adhering to older brother Jackie Chan's charitable philosophy and has been very positively engaged in philanthropy. The "Dragon's Heart" library preparation activities with the cooperation of Chinese security will build a complete and authoritative study environment for students to build a good environment for future development.

First stop to visit with teams to Lin Peng Wen County in Gansu Province, Jiuzhaigou airport from the plane, which lasted more than 4 hours of twists and turns, Wen County reached around, "Dragon Heart" addresses the construction of the school. To the scene, Lin Peng was shocked to site conditions. The school building also no shape to site has just built the foundation, the school's playground was also the construction of temporary quarters occupied. Lin Peng and principals share that, this school site since the earthquake of 2008, has not been Haohao Di building, the students are still next-door neighbor of the plant were used as temporary classrooms, the classroom is open, the face of rain, students in the classroom can only Chengzhuoyusan classes, and winter, they can only give you a few pieces of clothes and stoves for heating. As the conditions of the reasons, students have a long time have not been to physical education, and a distant journey, also makes many students need to rush home, 10 km from the temporary classrooms to learn. Here are some bits and pieces, all recorded in the Lin Peng heart.

President said, the schools, in accordance with the planning and implementation, the future construction of six classrooms, four classrooms and offices, in addition to now being in school more than 70 students, the future will hold more than 600 students from the village school. At present only 6 teachers resources exist and will expand. Since 2008 the earthquake, Gansu Province is the text of the most affected counties, many in addition to a variety of other school facilities need to be rebuilt. For this school, also after a period of several principals of communication, it obtained the results of this time and time again, we can see difficulties in the way school construction

The school building is based on the nine seismic infrastructure, and entirely to the students in order to ensure a practical, safe learning environment. Of course, as geographical reasons, many building materials require far more than 20 kilometers from the county to transport outside.

Lin Peng's visit also attracted the attention of many local residents, they hope the future for their children to have a good learning environment. Lin Peng at the scene a lot of things themselves, they communicate with the President personally, view the classroom and interact with the scene kids, give them candy to eat, the children's optimism and enthusiasm of the villagers were also impressed by Lin Peng, it is to do their best efforts for their contribution to the future to make up their.

Through this visit, Lin Peng know that this is a special fund their activities in the beginning, but will still have a long way to go, she will always carried the big brother of the faith, an effort to do their best , the charity has been carried out in the end.

新浪娱乐讯 本月23日,成龙北京慈善基金会向下设立的专项基金的“林鹏基金”的第一个项目——“龙子心”图书室建设活动今日启动。担任大使的林鹏带着成龙大哥 的任务,亲自带队远赴甘肃省文县考察校址,期间正值林鹏的爷爷去世,奔丧期间,但是林鹏为了慈善事业,义无反顾的投身到考察队伍当中。







Please use the link to view photos of the visit.


Beijing Premier of The Karate Kid - Full Video


Millenium Development Goal Video Contest

While not being quite certain precisely what these types of things achieve beyond giving people a voice - I am however 100% behind the Millennium Development Goals.

You can read more about the MDG's through these links:





UN invites ‘Citizen Ambassadors’ to film anti-poverty goals in action

23 June 2010 – The United Nations launched today a video contest inviting people from around the world, particularly youth, to tell leaders what the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) mean to them by uploading short films on the UN YouTube channel.

“Use your voice as a global citizen to tell world leaders in a short video what you think needs to be done to make this world a better and safer place,” the contest website reads, featuring messages from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassadors Angelique Kidjo and Youssou N’Dour.

Additional videos featuring UN Messengers of Peace Stevie Wonder and Princess Haya of Jordan, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors Lionel Messi and Jackie Chan, and UN Development Programme (UNDP) Goodwill Ambassador Maria Sharapova, will be posted throughout the contest.

Starting today and until 23 August, people will be able to upload short videos answering questions such as “What is your community, city or country doing to achieve the Millennium Development Goals?” or “How can the international community better work together to achieve the Millennium Development Goals?”

The six winners will be announced during the high-level MDG summit in New York hosted by the Secretary-General on 23 September, and will meet with him on UN Day 2010 on 24 October.

The campaign – organized by the Department of Public Information (DPI) in partnership with YouTube, UNDP, the UN Foundation (UNF), French broadcaster TV5Monde and with support from Flip Video – is part of a UN initiative to utilize the Internet and social media “to engage a new generation of world citizens in the importance of international diplomacy.”

In a related development, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched today the annual MDG assessment report. It showed that while countries continue to make advances despite the global economic downturn, the rate of improvement remains too slow and countries must step up their efforts if the MDGs are to be achieved by their target date of 2015.

The MDGs will be discussed at the G-20 meeting in Toronto, Canada, this weekend, and at a special high-level summit at the UN Headquarters in New York.

SOURCE: http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=35122&Cr=mdg&Cr1=



UN Secretary-General invites you to be a Citizen Ambassador
United Nations, New York, 23 June 2010:

Video Contest: Tell the World Leaders what YOU think about the Millennium Development Goals.

Contest Rules:

Only entries submitted via the YouTube platform will be eligible for consideration. To sign up for an account on YouTube, please visit http://www.youtube.com/create_account.

Video entries should be two (2) minutes in duration or less.

The contestant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to enter the contest.

Video submissions should be original and unpublished work by the contestant.

The submitted video must address at least one of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) listed in the United Nations Millennium Declaration. For more information about the MDGs, please visit http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals.

The submitted video should address one of the following challenges:

1. "Why are the Millennium Development Goals important to you and your family?"
2. "What is your community, city or country doing to achieve the Millennium
Development Goals?"
3. "How can the international community better work together to achieve the
Millennium Development Goals?"

Submitted videos must be recorded in English or French, or in any other language but with English or French subtitles.

Please see http://www.youtube.com/t/captions_about for simple instructions on how to create closed captioned subtitles for YouTube videos.

The nationality and age of the contestant must be clearly indicated in the YouTube user profile to be eligible for consideration.

Video submissions may not contain any offensive or inappropriate content, according to United Nations principles and practices, and must comply with YouTube's general terms and conditions.

Current or former staff members, interns or retirees of the United Nations Organization, its Agencies, Funds or Programmes and any family and/or house-hold members of these staff members are not eligible for consideration in the contest.

Submissions will end on 23 August 2010 at 11:59 p.m. New York time. Any entry submitted after this time will not be accepted. Any video modified after the end of the contest will not be eligible.

The results will be announced in late September 2010 on the official Citizen Ambassadors website, on http://www.uncitizenambassadors.org and on the UN Channel on YouTube.

Please visit: http://www.uncitizenambassadors.org for more information on the Terms and Conditions, including the Selection Process.

Jackie On Lopez Tonight


Catching up on a Slow News Day

It has been rather slow news for a few days but there have been some small bits of news.

Shanghai International Film Art Exhibition

Jackie Chan , Stanley Tong, Richard Taylor
(Richard Taylor has won five Academy Awards for visual effects)

First up is the Shanghai International Film Art Exhibition which will display original props and manuscripts from movies from Hollywood, Hong Kong and Japan. Brainchild of Jackie and Stanley Tong the exhibition was created as an opportunity to further promote Western film culture and the dissemination and exchange of film technology. Some of the films featured are Avatar, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and King Kong. The famous Japanese director Akira Kurosawa will also be represented at the exhibition.

In addition the organizers also intend to hold a charity auction of movie prototype works. The auction proceeds will be donated to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation (Yushu Disaster). As one of the participants of this event, Jackie said in an interview yesterday that one of the reasons he participated in the event "charity through art". Jackie guaranteed that every penny will be spent where it is needed.

TO READ MORE: NEWS.163.COM and news.163.com 2

UW Film office set up training courses to train the next action stars

Stanley Tong and Eric Tsang

June 18, a company called Great Pictures of the new China Film Group Corporation was born in Shanghai. Conference on-site film director Stanley Tong, Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild president Eric Tsang, manipulator of Mr. Su Zhihong, senior entertainment media to join hands in Chengdu, Wanda Group, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai Theater Academy and other agencies announced the establishment of China Great Pictures.

UW Pictures by China International Media Group Limited owned enterprises and the domestic industry's elite co-operation established by the set of film production, stars brokerage, investment in one of the movie theater industry group. Briefing, in addition to introducing brokers are per star culture, cinema Great China Film Company, and Mr. Tang Jili dominated areas of film production companies in the business, but also declared that the positive element culture (mega star) to set up action star courses Project - "Wah Star."

UW Film interested in creating a new generation of Chinese film industry, expertise in training system, transport for the Chinese film and television industry from directors, actors to the producers, brokers, post-production all-round professionals. And this training program is the first project, "Wah Star - the first action star training." It is reported that the project has been invited to the former Hong Kong International Limited Television Broadcasts (TVB) artist training principals Mr. Shi Chengchu as project lead. Through professional investment funds, at least annually Toupai a movie, a television series and a stage play, produced by the participants to the training course of professional practice the most direct opportunity to participate meaningfully in the film and television production industry.

In the interview, director Stanley Tong said: "The traditional Chinese martial arts Chinese martial spirit of fans around the world are very attractive. Ziyi Zhang with" Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon "star, Stephen Chow, the director from his own" Shaolin Soccer "," Kung Fu "after recognition. But now action star status in China is the emergence of dating." Therefore, he hopes to cultivate through the couple made the film for the motherland to contribute to a better go.

6月18日, 一家名为华大影业的全新的影业集团公司在上海诞生。发布会现场著名导演唐季礼、香港演艺人协会会长曾志伟、资深娱乐操盘手苏志鸿先生携手成都传媒、万达集团、上海文广集团、上海戏剧学院等机构共同宣告华大影业成立。

华大影业公司是由中国国际传媒集团有限公司所属企业与国内的业界精英们共同合作成立的,集电影制作、明星经纪、影院投资于一体的电影产业集团公司。发布会上,除了介绍明星经纪公司正元文化、院线公司华大影业、以及唐季礼先生主导的电影制作公司的业务范畴外, 还宣布了正元文化(mega star)将开设动作明星培训班项目——“华大之星”。




Jackie will attend Indonesian Moon Festival

JAKARTA, June 17 (Xinhua) --- Top Hong Kong actor Jacky Chan will perform in the Moon Festival in Indonesia's East Java provincial capital city of Surabaya on Sept 22, Antara News Agency quoted an artist as saying on Thursday.

James Chu, an Indonesia-born Hong Kong musician, told the agency that Chan will perform as the main guest star in an event that will be packaged in an atmosphere of Indonesia-China at Kenjeran Beach of Surabaya.

"Chan's presence will make the program more joyful," Chu said.

He also said that Chan's presence will be a mark of 60th anniversary of Indonesia-China friendship.

The event arranged by Indonesia-China Friendship Association will be filled by songs and dances from Indonesia and China.


Jackie's Hands

I went on a small spree searching for Jackie photos yesterday and came across this photo of a casting of Jackie's hands! I have no idea where this is or when this cast was made but it's really cool.


Jackie Tops $1 Billion at Box Office Mojo

Jackie's lifetime earnings for the US box office topped $1 Billion on Friday. The latest figure from Box Office Mojo is $1,000,731,739.

He made Brett Ratner a 'Billion Dollar Director' with the bulk (around $600 million) coming from the Rush Hour Franchise so is there something special when you are a 'Billion Dollar Actor'?

Of course these are just US Box Office results; Jackie's real life-time earnings from all his movies worldwide exceed $2 Billion.

I must say that what has shocked me, reading his statistics on Box Office Mojo, is how few of his movies have actually been released in the USA. I am sure that if they had to add in all the straight-to-DVD earnings it will be much more. What a shame that is.

Jackie, Ajia, Music Videos

Interesting little article about the making of the videos for Love Flying and Calling - the two songs with a strong environmental message Jackie collaberated with Ajia to record.

Jackie Chan Contributes to Music for Charity, Appointed "Sixth Generation Director" Zhang Yang Takes the Helm Behind the MV

Recently, the MVs for the charity songs 'Love Flying' and 'Calling', a collaboration between Jackie Chan and Ajia, which are currently playing nation-wide have been causing another wave of charity in the country. These two MVs were filmed by the famous director Zhang Yang who has once received the title of 'Top Ten Most Outstanding Film Portrayal'. He has frequently promoted his works as a showcase for European culture, many of which have received good reviews.

'Calling' and 'Love Flying' have reflected the issue of environmental conservation through the songs themselves and the MVs. Ever since their release, they have received the support and praise from people passionate about charity and the environment. International megastar Jackie Chan, who has always been passionate about charity and has a love for donating, used the production of these two songs to call for everybody's participation in charity through music. He specially invited the famous "sixth generation director" Zhang Yang to film the MVs for both songs. Response has been good since the release of the MVs as Zhang Yang used his own unique filming style, perfectly displaying the different concepts of the songs.

In recent weeks, Jackie Chan has used many charity and environmental events to support his charity and environment career and to call for society to promote the spirit of "giving, loving, helping, improving". The two MVs in which he personally performed in have rapidly become hits on major websites. Zhang Yang praised Jackie Chan and said that he admires his relentless spirit on calling for public awareness on charity and wishes to do his part by spreading this spirit to the entire society. Zhang Yang also stated that love and charity are our responsibility as part of giving back to society which was the most important message and attitude he wanted to convey through the production. He further stated that he will continue to participate in the filming of other charity productions with the hope that he would be able to spread the spirit of love and harmony to the public through his lense as an effort to contribute to charity.

成龙为公益献身音乐作品 钦点“旅法导演”张洋为MV掌镜

近日,大哥成龙和阿佳组合合作的公益歌曲《爱飞翔》和《呼唤》的mv正在全国热播, 掀起了全国又一次公益热潮。这两支MV均由曾获“人像摄影十杰”称号的著名导演张洋执镜拍摄,他多次携自己的作品应邀参展欧洲文化活动,作品好评如潮。




The Karate Kid Beijing Premiere Media Interview


Photos: Beijing Premier The Karate Kid

From the blog of stylist Zhouzhou a collection of photos of the Beijing Premier of The Karate Kid


An assortment of very short clips from the Beijing Premier of The Karate Kid.


Jackie and Jaden on Lopez Tonight

Assorted clips from Jackie and Jaden on Lopez Tonight.


Press Conference For General Yue Fei TV Series

Today 17 June 2010 there was a press conference for the TV series about General Yue Fei in Shanghai. It was attended by Jackie (producer), Stanley Tong (director), Steve Yoo Seung Jun and Emil Chau Wakin. An unusual feature of the production is that there will be an international recruitment for members of the two armies. You can log on to http://http://www.岳家军.com/ to register. There will be a selection and training process. The New Seven Little Fortunes and Steve Yoo Seung Jun will be responsible for the two opposing armies.

LOS ANGELES June 17, rates of Stanley Tong Jackie Chan, Emil Chau, Seung Jun, the new Seven Little Fortunes and other people who own the historical facts as produced TV series, "Yue Fei" promotional activities. It is reported that this Stanley Tong Jackie Chan, who meticulously planned the 10-year-old TV series will be "loyalty to the New Army" and "Golden new army" actors in the global recruitment. But when asked about the play the main role of the actors and story time, Jackie Chan, who are collectively sealed, claiming that to leave to the last announced.

Global recruitment of "Yue Jin Xinjun"

"Yue Jin Xinjun" global network of training camps recruitment held in 17 epic system "Yue Fei" news conference officially started. The recruitment activities, "Yue Fei" cast for the world to play two excellent Teams - loyalty to the "New Army" Golden House "New Army" the selection of performers. Everyone can log on recruitment official website application, while the final selection out of the elite, after comprehensive training, have the opportunity to participating, "Yue Fei."

New Seven Little Fortunes captain kindled He Korean actor Seung Jun Jiang respectively as "loyalty to 新 army" and "the gold New Army," Zhe 2 Dui Wu Di coach, right out of De actor Jinhangweiqi Zhenxuan half of training. And Stanley Tong as "Yue Fei" and the martial arts director of the system, for loyalty to the "new army" and the gold "new forces" these two teams have a very profound insight: "They are loyal Fuji soldiers, afraid of life and death move forward. In fact, no matter what the time, this spirit we need. "

In addition, Stanley Tong said, "We recruit the way through the selection of actors, his mind is not just a simple draft, it is hoped that the participating" Yue Fei "actors who can be a profound understanding of" Yue Fei "the spiritual and cultural connotations of loyalty . "

Jackie Chan's father, lazy reason good or bad name

The story of Yue Fei is famous in China, and in all the legends about Yue Fei, "Yuemucizi" is including women and children. Therefore, the TV series "Yue Fei" How will the performance of Yue Fei's families and individuals have also become a focus of media attention. But Chan, who played but had to sell off sub, claim to suspense to the last, "Give us a pleasant surprise."

When the media asked this Jackie Chan his family life and father role, Jackie Chan also tell the truth, "asked me if I was a good father. I find it hard to answer. As said before, I never pick off Jaycee school to school, but I have outside these times cause desperate Chuang. If I take him to school every day in school so, I would not have Jackie Chan's success. I think I worked hard for the children is the cause of the family. So It is not a good father, evaluation of the problem, it would be better left to others

腾讯娱乐讯 6月17日,成龙率唐季礼、周华健、刘承俊、新七小福等人为自己担任出品人的史实电视剧《岳飞》进行宣传活动。据悉,这部成龙唐季礼等人精心筹划10年之久的电视剧将为“岳家新军”和“金家新军”在全球范围内招募演员。不过当问及剧中主要角色的演员和剧情时,成龙等人却集体封口,声称要留到最后揭晓。




另外,唐季礼还表示“我们通过招募的方式来甄选演员,初衷不仅仅是简单的选秀,更是希望参演《岳飞》的演员们,都能深刻的了解 “岳飞”的忠义精神与文化内涵。”






There are in fact so many photos I am not even going to attempt to post them here. Here are the links:


(The photos of Jackie start at around 28 / 29)

The Karate Kid Beijing Premier & Jackie Chan Theatre Opening

To celebrate the official opening of Jackie Chan Theater and the Premier of The Karate Kid in Beijing many guests arrived to support both. Also present were the Smith Family, Li Bingbing (The Forbidden Kingdom), Xu Dongmei (Little Big Soldier), Lucky Seven and more. Proceeds from the opening day will be donated to the Yushu Earthquake.







LOS ANGELES Jackie Chan Jackie Chan set up the first cinema Lai Yiu International Studios officially opened on June 16. New film starring Jackie Chan is also the day of "Kung Fu Dream" Mainland premiere day, Smith 1, and Li Bingbing , etc. coming out the opening ceremony. Chan said that to "Kung Fu Dream" screened at the box office the first day in the theater are part of the Yushu all donated to the disaster areas.

Jackie Chan Lai Yiu Wukesong International Studios at the West Fourth Ring Road North, during the Spring Festival this year, the Studios has begun trial operation. Here has 17 screening rooms, the largest hall can accommodate more than 600 film while viewing audience, more lifting platform for activities, facilities are very advanced. The Film City is also currently the largest studios.

The official opening day and Jackie Chan's many friends - Li Bingbing, Tong , Li Xiaolu , Wu Jing , Chen Bo Lin , Xu Dongmei, etc. have come to join in, some of them want to cooperate and Jackie Chan movies, and some hope that their movies could become Long cinema, some even jokingly said that we must learn kung fu Jackie Chan ... ...

That same day, Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son Jaden Smith star in the film "Kung Fu Dream" also carry out a mapping of the Studios. Jackie Chan announced that he would film shown at the Cinema box office the first day is divided into parts in the theater are all donated to Yushu earthquake. He also hopes to build their own theater can help more new directors, so that their work will have the opportunity to meet with the audience on the big screen.

Will Smith's son also, and Jackie Chan for the day with the red lion eye-dotting ceremony, the lion head will also serve as treasures Zhendian Jackie Chan Yiu Lai in the permanent collection of the International Studios. Fan Chen / Wen Li Wang / photos

新浪娱乐讯 成龙开设的首家影院Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城6月16日正式开业。当天也是成龙主演的新片《功夫梦》内地首映礼的日子,威尔·史密斯一家及李冰冰等现身开业典礼。成龙表示要将《功夫梦》第一天公映的票房中属于该影院的部分全部捐献给玉树灾区。

  Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城位于西四环五棵松北,从今年春节期间,该影城开始对外试营业。这里拥有17个放映厅,最大的影厅可容纳600多位观众同时观影,更有升降舞台可供进行活动,设施非常先进。该影城也是目前国内规模最大的影城。



  威尔·史密斯父子还和成龙一起为当天的红舞狮点睛,这个狮子头也将作为镇店之宝在Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城永久珍藏。范晨/文 王黎/图


Harald Zwart Talks The Karate Kid

Interesting interview:

With The Karate Kid opening number one this weekend Harald Zwart must be feeling pretty good about himself! The innocence and epic nature of the this remake seemed to be no match for the off-the-cuff comedic violence of The A-Team.

Zwart may be known in the US for The Pink Panther 2 and internationally for Long Flat Balls I and II, but he’s yearned for some time to do something less silly and humorous, and something more artistic and dare I say epic. He jumped at the chance to join the Smith family in “retelling” the classic story in a beautiful, new way.

Even before the release of the film, Zwart was confident that his film would be a success with viewers…

How does it feel to go against another classic remake of The A-Team?

Harald Zwart: I’m feeling pretty good. We rely on tracking. We are going to do really well. The reviews have been terrific; everything I have read today. I am just totally confident that when people are in the theater they will have a great experience. Every screening we have had ended with applause and cheering, so I am feeling really good about that.

This film had the possibility of being cheesy, but you managed to avoid that. Was it important to you to develop the story and take your time with it?

HZ: Yes. This film is much more true to my own desire of filmmaking. It is much more of how I really am. When I came across the project, this was my opportunity to show a much more artistic and much more emotional movie, which is something I have always wanted to do. I actually feel the best doing.

When I came into the meeting, I came in with all the artistry that I thought the movie should have. I designed the whole shadow theme on the wall. I built a model of Han’s house so I could demonstrate to the studio how the shadows were going to play on the wall. I did that with a little flashlight.

How was it trying to combine the history of China and the ancient art of Karate with normal teenagers today and pop music?

I love the fact that I have [Fryderyk Franciszek] Chopin and Lady Gaga in the same movie, it is all the stuff that I bring with me that I have always wanted to have in a movie. I was also working really hard to make it visually interesting. I think what I told Will and the studios is that I want to treat this like an independent movie. I want to shoot it like an independent movie where you do take your time on the characters and it has an absolute realism and authenticity. I want to shoot on the real streets in China. I don’t want to do studios and set up extras. I just want to be right there in the middle. I want the fights to be completely realistic. That was my approach to the whole thing. Luckily, the producers, Overbrook, and the studios felt the same way, so we always pulled the same train in that sense.

The fight scenes were pretty realistic for a PG-13 movie, was that important to you that you could really feel the punches?

HZ: Yeah. I was never a fighter, but like any young boy I ended up in street confrontations. The fact is that no matter what age you are, whether you are young or a grown up, that stuff is as scary for anybody. I wanted to have that realism totally reflected in the movie. There is no filter where we go, “It’s just a kids movie. Should we do it this way or that way?” It doesn’t matter. I never looked at it as a kids’ movie. It was a movie with kids is how I looked at it. I wanted the fights to be just like they were with The Bourne Identity or The Bourne Supremacy.

Can you tell us about working with charismatic Jayden Smith?

HZ: Jayden was on board before I became on board. He is part of the reason why I thought the movie was a great idea. He is fantastic. He photographs unbelievably well. He is such a beautiful child. He has a mature soul. He has a very mature aura about him. He has a great sense of humor and he is incredibly focused. I think he was the hardest working person on our crew. Nobody worked more hours than him. He had to train everyday, he had to train between takes, he had to learn Chinese, and learn his lines. I just have such huge respect for him and still he always maintained his sense of humor. He is much like his dad.

And what was it like working with Will Smith behind the camera?

[Will] as a producer is a dream for a director. There was just constant motivation with positive energy. As a director you are always looking for perfection, but sometimes you are limited by the producers. They tell you to move on and it is good enough, but it was never that. It was always, “Let’s make it the absolute best we can, and we are not going to stop until we got it.” For a director, that is just a dream. I had such a good time working with them.

Did you feel like this is a remake or like you are introducing the film to the newer generation in a whole new way?

HZ: Well this is part of the reason people are skeptical to us remaking it. I always say that I am not remaking the original movie. I am retelling a story. I think it is a story that deserves to be retold because it is such a great life lesson for young people. It is such a motivating movie and you learn so much from it that it deserves to be retold again. We have honored the original one, and we sort of homage it.

It seems to work well for both those who have seen it and those who have not seen it.

HZ: I keep hearing that too. After ten minutes, people forget that it is a remake.

In the film we get to see more of Jackie Chan’s serious side, was that something he wanted to show or that you pushed out of him?

HZ: We always wanted to go deep with the character. When I met Jackie for the first time, I saw right away that he is a man with the heart in the right place. He is very emotional and a very connected man. He wanted to go that mile himself, so it was kind of a mutual thing. He always wanted to go to that place himself, but I think that people will see that he isn’t only a movie star, he is also a great actor.

I had taken a picture of a guy in the street in Beijing; a man on a bicycle with. I thought that was the character. He had that leather hat, the blue jacket, and the button up t-shirt. I showed it to Jackie and told him, “That is your character.” This is the man, but you have to cut your hair. He said, “I never cut my hair for a movie.” I said, “Well this is the guy. I need you to look like this. You can’t have that full set of hair. You need to look a lot more like the tired, soulful character.” Then he said, “Okay. I’ll cut my hair only for you” (laughs).


The Karate Kid Behind The Scenes


The Karate Kid Collection

Movieweb.com has an interesting collection of videos and photos for The Karate Kid. There are some new photos in the gallery so take a look.

Jackie and Jaden on The View

Jackie and Jaden on The View. This has to be one of the better if not best interviews I have seen. Of course I had quite forgotten that Whoopi Goldberg made a movie with Jackie - 10 points to the first person to remember what it was ... answer next week LOL ha ha ha








Ok so I decided to tell you - it was "An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn" in 1997

Nice behind the scenes look at The Karate Kid


Jackie and Cowboy Troy in LA

Found this while searching:

Here are photos of him and Jackie

And one of his songs:


Young at Heart or Still a Kid?

Jackie may be youthful in both body and spirit but a 'kid' he is not but I have to laugh at the idea that he thought they were offering him the part of the kid in Karate Kid.

Only in Hollywood
Jackie Chan still a kid at 56

LOS ANGELES—-JACKIE CHAN is 56, but he’s young in spirit. When Jackie’s manager told him that his friend, actor and producer, Will Smith, offered him to be in an update of “The Karate Kid,” the Hong Kong star thought for a minute that he would play the “kid” title role.

Jackie, smiling and animated as usual in our latest encounter, recalled, “I said, ‘Good. Am I the karate kid?’ My manager said, ‘No, no, no. You’re the teacher.’ Honestly, sometimes I forget how old I am.” We believe him. Ever friendly and energetic, Jackie is youthful in his demeanor.


“I really forget my age,” said the versatile Jackie, who’s also a director, stunt choreographer, martial arts hero, singer and producer. To Jaden Smith, Will’s son who is the “kid” in the update of the 1980s hit, Jackie is the “master.”

Jackie stood up (as he did several times during our interview to demonstrate something) and pretended to climb up. Then, he said, “Sometimes, when I’m standing somewhere high, my students try to catch me, in case I fall (he showed how they spread their arms). They say, ‘Careful.’ I’m not that old, but I forget. Then, I realize, wow, I’m 50-something already. Sometimes, I want to be young again. But, I’m happy.” And, with those words, he broke into hip-hop moves he learned from Jaden.

In turn, Jaden learned quite a few stunts from his master. “When I teach Jaden, he learns everything so fast,” Jackie revealed. “I taught him how to do the flip. Jaden asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I said to him, ‘Trust me. Lie down, boom! Okay, do that too.’ He’s a young kid—he’s a quick learner.”

In narrating how he was cast in “The Karate Kid,” which was coproduced by Will and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jackie brought up what he considered a curious Hollywood habit. “I remember a few years ago, I was in Japan,” he said. “I was eating in a restaurant. Somebody told me, ‘You know who’s outside? Will.’ So, I went out and saw Will. He said to me, ‘We should make a movie.’ I replied, ‘Okay, let’s do it.’”

He added, “In Hollywood, so many people told me in the last 10 years, ‘Let’s do a movie together.’ It never happened. Slowly, I learned the American way. So, I just go, ‘Okay, bye bye.’ Then, I turn around.”

“But, in Will’s case, one year later, my manager got a call from him,” he recalled. “Will wanted me to do ‘The Karate Kid.’”

After months of filming in China, the movie opens this weekend in the US, the Philippines and other countries. The moviegoing public will decide whether “The Karate Kid” is a worthy update of the blockbuster that starred Ralph Macchio and the late Pat Morita.

When we told Jackie that Jaden, 11, said in a separate interview that his favorite Jackie Chan movie is “Drunken Master,” he reacted by saying, “I really like ‘Drunken Master 2.’ Why? Because I corrected something there. When I was young, I didn’t know a lot. ‘Drunken Master’ seemed to tell children, ‘The more I drink, the more I can fight.’ I thought, ‘No, it’s the wrong message.’ How can you teach children to drink and fight? I did ‘Drunken Master 2’ with the message, ‘Don’t drink, don’t fight.’ That made me happy. I corrected myself. I’m still learning. I know there are many children watching my movies, so I have to be careful.”


Jackie also shared that he learned the importance of the story in movies. “The story should be first in importance,” he said. “Not like in the old days. Thirty years ago, action was first. We didn’t care about quality or the script. Now, it’s different. I found that out after watching ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’—the whole movie is a drama, but suddenly, there was one punch in the bar. I said, ‘Wow.’ Everyone was clapping. In my old movies, I fought for half an hour and nobody clapped. The audience got tired seeing me still fighting. I already got 200 kicks, and I was still standing. But, in ‘An Officer,’ there was just one punch and, boom! I realized how important the story was, and how to mix it with action to make it work.”

Hollywood may have been slow to embrace Jackie’s trademark action style. But, the star eagerly recalled the day when he realized he was making an impact on American action movies: “I remember when I saw Sylvester Stallone,” Jackie stated. “He said, ‘Hi Jackie. Come to my trailer. Look at this.’” Jackie demonstrated how Sylvester pointed at a video monitor. “Stallone told me, ‘When we run out of ideas, we just look at your video.’ That made me so proud!”

SOURCE: showbizandstyle.inquirer.net

New Chinese Karate Kid Poster

Now I REALLY like this one!


Interesting Interview with Taraji Henson

Taraji P. Henson Interview: The Karate Kid, Beijing Culture and Working for Will Smith

Taraji P. Henson plays Jaden Smith’s mother in The Karate Kid, opening June 11, 2010. Unlike the original incarnation of the film where Daniel moves with his single mother from Newark to Los Angeles, this updated version of the classic portrays Taraji’s character, Sherry Parker, uprooting her son Dre (Jaden Smith) to Beijing where martial arts are a way of life.

In many ways the storyline of The Karate Kid reflects Henson’s own life as a young single mother who moved with her young son across the country to California with the hopes of launching a film career. For Taraji P. Henson the risk paid off. One Oscar nomination and close to twenty film credits later, Taraji has hit her professional stride. Though I suspect it wasn’t always a cakewalk for the Howard University graduate.

Taraji P. Henson achieved instant recognition from Hollywood with her portrayal of Brad Pitt’s devoted adoptive mother in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And as she expressed to me during our interview, she is attracted to roles that reflect her own life history.

Signing on to be a part of the 2010 version of The Karate Kid was not just another acting job, but a true adventure for the actress. The Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith-led production team took their entire cast and crew half way around the world to the city of Beijing, China. While there, all of the American actors had to learn to work alongside Chinese performers and Chinese production crew members who spoke little to no English. The production also had to work within the parameters of a Communist government to obtain permission to shoot at many landmark locations, such as China’s Great Wall.

During our chat, Taraji filled me in on bonding with Jaden Smith and the entire Smith family, taking in Beijing culture beyond the mapped out tourist attractions, and her early life as a young single mom from DC with a dream.

PR.com (Allison Kugel): How long were you in Beijing, and were you able to bring your son along for the trip?

Taraji P. Henson: I was there for three months, and yes, I had my son there with me for three weeks because of course he had to come back to the states and go back to school. It just worked out perfectly that he was on summer break.

PR.com: You shot The Karate Kid last summer?

Taraji P. Henson: Yes, last summer. I got there the beginning of July and I didn’t leave until October.

PR.com: What was it like having to live there for a while and immerse yourself into the Chinese culture?

Taraji P. Henson: At first when you land, it’s like “Oh my God, I’m so excited!” You’re there for awhile and then you realize it’s a communist country and you ain’t in Kansas City anymore, you know? I kind of take on things sometimes, and I felt myself a little depressed sometimes. I had to snap myself out of it. It’s just a different way of living.

PR.com: When I watched the movie it felt like Beijing was this fun, cosmopolitan city. But you really felt the black cloud of communism over your everyday living when you were there?

Taraji P. Henson: Well I won’t say that, because if you stick to the touristy attractions, no. But I’m always the one to venture off. I like to go to where the people live and to where the pulse of the city is, the people who make the city run. So I was all in the hutongs. I ventured off the beaten path. And that’s when you can feel the weight. And then I started talking to a lot of the locals. They smile, but you know, it’s like when you’ve lived a certain way and then you go to different cultures. It’s like, dag! You realize how lucky you are! It wasn’t all bad. The people are beautiful. They smile, the cater to you, they really want you to have a good time. The plus side I did see is that because they are not driven by material things, that was the beauty. You know here in America we’re so driven by what kind of car you have, and what kind of house and what kind of shoes and bag you’re carrying. There it’s the bare necessities, and that’s refreshing.

PR.com: And our karma is catching up with us here in the states.

Taraji P. Henson: Uh, yeah ya think (laughs)!

PR.com: The Karate Kid was shot at some pretty spectacular locations, but it was mostly Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith who got to shoot some of those particular scenes. Did you ever go along just to watch?

Taraji P. Henson: Yeah, or days when I wasn’t working I would do my own sightseeing. I went to the Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China. Especially when my son was there, that’s when I did all of my sightseeing, because I saw everything incredible. The only place that I didn’t go to was Wutong Mountain where the monks live. I didn’t go there because I had to come back to the states to promote I Can Do Bad All By Myself.

PR.com: Obviously you didn’t have to train for any of the movie’s Kung Fu scenes, but did you take any Kung Fu lessons while you were in Beijing?

Taraji P. Henson: No, I left that up to Jaden (laughs). I’m not really into martial arts. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

PR.com: And what was the name of that Chinese festival that was portrayed in the movie?

Taraji P. Henson: The Light Festival.

PR.com: Was that an actual festival or was that all created for the film?

Taraji P. Henson: No, that was all created. All of that set was built for that scene.

PR.com: Does that festival actually take place every year, or was that fictional as well?

Taraji P. Henson: That was actually a very new soundstage that The China Film Group has over there in Beijing. It’s a studio that they built. So that was actually a back lot that looked like the hutongs. They built it and it’s only used for filming.

PR.com: Both you and Jaden were working with so many Chinese actors. How did you find that cultural gap was when you were working? And did Jackie Chan help to bridge that cultural gap for you with the Chinese actors?

Taraji P. Henson: Jackie Chan absolutely helped to bridge that gap. A lot of the time the extras wouldn’t know what in the world the PAs were saying or what to do, and Jackie would just kind of translate. We also had a translator on the set as well. But it was weird at first. It was always a delayed reaction. They’d go, “Action!” and then they’d have to translate in Chinese, and then we’d all start.

PR.com: Was Will Smith in Beijing with the cast and crew?

Taraji P. Henson: Yes, every day, Will and Jada.

PR.com: Will and Jada Smith were very hands on as producers?

Taraji P. Henson: Very hands on. Any time I had a problem I could call them and they would sort it out. I don’t really have problems (laughs), I’m pretty low maintenance, but that’s how accessible they were. And we continued to rehearse every day too, so that Jaden and I could build a relationship, so before we actually started filming I would see them every day in rehearsals and we would sit and bang out the script and each moment. It was great.

PR.com: What inspired Will Smith to re-make The Karate Kid?

Taraji P. Henson: He was trying to search around and find a perfect vehicle for [Jaden] and then he just thought about this movie. And I thought it was a great idea. I wish I was Jaden (laughs).

PR.com: I love the fact that with the re-make it focused on Chinese culture and Kung Fu rather than Karate. It brought a whole new life to the story of the film. And the landscape of China breathed new life into the story as well.

Taraji P. Henson: Absolutely, because China is a character in this film.

PR.com: That’s how I felt when I saw the film. Were you a fan of the original Karate Kid?

Taraji P. Henson: I still have a crush on Ralph Macchio!

PR.com: Ralph Macchio then or middle aged bloated Ralph Macchio?

Taraji P. Henson: (Laughs) Ralph Macchio then.

PR.com: That was so bad!

Taraji P. Henson: I didn’t say it. You said it (laughs)!

PR.com: Tell me a little bit about the orchestration of the final tournament scene?

Taraji P. Henson: It was a lot of work and I didn’t really have to do anything but sit in the audience and cheer. But China is a very humid part of the world, and I mean humid on levels that are inhuman. I don’t think hell gets that hot. It was excruciating when they would turn the air off and it’s all those people and bodies in there. I really felt for the kids because they had to jump around and do all the martial arts in that heat. And then when you add the lights, it was pretty trying. Kids were getting hurt. The one kid who plays the bully, he got a concussion.

PR.com: During one of the fight scenes?

Taraji P. Henson: During one of the fight scenes, yeah, he fell and hit the back of his head. In that culture they really are perfectionists, and this baby wanted to continue to work and we had to say, “No, you can’t.” He felt bad because he felt like he was letting everybody down. We didn’t care. We wanted him to get better.

PR.com: Were they all extras who were in the stands watching the tournament?

Taraji P. Henson: Yeah, all extras, and that was trying because the director said in English what he wanted, and then we would have to get the translator to come in and translate to all of the extras.

PR.com: You, yourself, are a single mom. And I remember reading about you moving from DC, where you are from, to Los Angeles with your son to pursue your acting career. I couldn’t help but notice the parallels with this character.

Taraji P. Henson: That is what I noticed when I read [the script]. At the time California was my Beijing. It was the unknown world for me. I had visited California when I was two. I moved 3,000 miles away from everything that I knew and loved, and took a chance; just me and my baby.

PR.com: Did your son hit any stumbling blocks in adjusting to your new life in California?

Taraji P. Henson: He was one. He was like, “As long as my mommy’s smiling, I’m smiling.”

PR.com: Is that what attracted you to the role of Sherry Parker in The Karate Kid?

Taraji P. Henson: Absolutely. First, I always have to be attracted to the material. And then I’m a huge fan of The Karate Kid, and just a huge fan of Will and what he has been able to accomplish, and the Smith family in general. And I love Jaden. I just wanted to be a part of it, and why not? Go to another country on someone else’s dime, and you get to work and do what you love to do. That’s what actors dream of.

PR.com: I read that you actually worked at The Pentagon at one point in your life. What was that experience like?

Taraji P. Henson: It was interesting. I guess I really didn’t get where I was working. I knew where it was and all of that, but I really didn’t get it! This might sound really sad, until 9-11. I was like, “Wow. I was working in a place where terrorists target.” It is the Department of Defense, but I couldn’t really fathom the [meaning]. I was a college kid, and I was an art student so I just knew that I had a job and I could go shopping (laughs). You know what I mean? My dad was in the service, but by the time I grew up he was done. He fought in [Viet] ‘nam and things like that, but I didn’t really get it. Yeah, we would have bomb threats and things like that, but again, I was an artist. So when 9-11 happened and they targeted The Pentagon, I was like, “Oh my God! I used to walk down that corridor every day.”

PR.com: The gravity of it suddenly hit you.

Taraji P. Henson: Yes!

PR.com: I know that you can sing. Will you be singing in any upcoming films?

Taraji P. Henson: I should hope so. You can never say never. Singing is something I can do, but it’s not my first passion. I don’t wake up and vocalize every day, but if it’s required of me in a movie, for a character, yeah, I’m all about it. Can never say never, but I don’t know if I’m going to drop an album.

PR.com: How did you go about bonding with Jaden Smith to create that mother/son dynamic that comes across on the screen?

Taraji P. Henson: Before we went away to Beijing, we had rehearsals here in California for like a two week period. That gave us a chance to bond here, and then once we got to Beijing we had more rehearsal time and alone time. Will and Jada, they just created such an easy and free atmosphere and they gave us the space to create that bond. He is like one of my friends for life, that little kid. I love him, and I kind of feel like I’m his mom in a weird way (laughs); a screen mom, if you will.


Photos: Premier of 'The Karate Kid' Assortment

Another series of albums of Jackie and every one else at the premier for 'The Karate Kid'.

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Jackie invests in 3D Traditional Opera Movie

June 8, 2010 Jackie Chan in Hong Kong from mainland China will invest eight classic shoot the model operas, "Modern Peking Opera", directed by Hsu Hsiao-ming, invested about 30 million U.S. dollars, or more than 200 million Hong Kong dollars or more, and be prepared to 3D production. The Director Hsu Hsiao-ming said the details of the film that Jackie Chan for the film at the original schedule to advance to the Hollywood movies shot in this film, would rather delay the shooting of Hollywood film to show him this piece of great importance.

Casting pro-Taiwan

Hsu Hsiao-ming said that in this month's Shanghai Film Festival, in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan co-operation forum for the trend described in "Modern Peking Opera", as China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, in the movie, they will work with 8 a studio collaboration, Jackie Chan will go to Taiwan, casting, will play "Modern Peking Opera" film actor, "Yang Zirong."

In addition, Hsu Hsiao-ming said earlier previous years, the Northeast to see King, later to Canada and South Korea, to find the Snowy Mountains with the shooting advantageous terrain. As the "Modern Peking Opera" film involves a lot of action scenes, such as avalanches, snow, etc. World War, and now a lot of production are taken to add 3D effects, Hsu Hsiao-ming said they would be prepared, even in a Jackie Chan: "We are moving the goal 3D." Tsui Siu Ming said that if 3D production, the cost will be more expensive, but because the vast scene of the play, there are a lot of special effects, it is definitely worth the investment.

2010年6月8日 香港 成龙将投资开拍属内地八大经典样板戏的《智取威虎山》,并由徐小明执导,投资约三千万美元,即超过港币二亿以上,并准备以3D制作。而导演徐小明透露此片的详情,表示成龙为了此片不惜把原本给好莱坞电影的档期提早给此片开拍,宁愿延迟好莱坞片的拍摄期,显示他对此片之重视。