Thursday, June 17, 2010

Press Conference For General Yue Fei TV Series

Today 17 June 2010 there was a press conference for the TV series about General Yue Fei in Shanghai. It was attended by Jackie (producer), Stanley Tong (director), Steve Yoo Seung Jun and Emil Chau Wakin. An unusual feature of the production is that there will be an international recruitment for members of the two armies. You can log on to http://http://www.岳家军.com/ to register. There will be a selection and training process. The New Seven Little Fortunes and Steve Yoo Seung Jun will be responsible for the two opposing armies.

LOS ANGELES June 17, rates of Stanley Tong Jackie Chan, Emil Chau, Seung Jun, the new Seven Little Fortunes and other people who own the historical facts as produced TV series, "Yue Fei" promotional activities. It is reported that this Stanley Tong Jackie Chan, who meticulously planned the 10-year-old TV series will be "loyalty to the New Army" and "Golden new army" actors in the global recruitment. But when asked about the play the main role of the actors and story time, Jackie Chan, who are collectively sealed, claiming that to leave to the last announced.

Global recruitment of "Yue Jin Xinjun"

"Yue Jin Xinjun" global network of training camps recruitment held in 17 epic system "Yue Fei" news conference officially started. The recruitment activities, "Yue Fei" cast for the world to play two excellent Teams - loyalty to the "New Army" Golden House "New Army" the selection of performers. Everyone can log on recruitment official website application, while the final selection out of the elite, after comprehensive training, have the opportunity to participating, "Yue Fei."

New Seven Little Fortunes captain kindled He Korean actor Seung Jun Jiang respectively as "loyalty to 新 army" and "the gold New Army," Zhe 2 Dui Wu Di coach, right out of De actor Jinhangweiqi Zhenxuan half of training. And Stanley Tong as "Yue Fei" and the martial arts director of the system, for loyalty to the "new army" and the gold "new forces" these two teams have a very profound insight: "They are loyal Fuji soldiers, afraid of life and death move forward. In fact, no matter what the time, this spirit we need. "

In addition, Stanley Tong said, "We recruit the way through the selection of actors, his mind is not just a simple draft, it is hoped that the participating" Yue Fei "actors who can be a profound understanding of" Yue Fei "the spiritual and cultural connotations of loyalty . "

Jackie Chan's father, lazy reason good or bad name

The story of Yue Fei is famous in China, and in all the legends about Yue Fei, "Yuemucizi" is including women and children. Therefore, the TV series "Yue Fei" How will the performance of Yue Fei's families and individuals have also become a focus of media attention. But Chan, who played but had to sell off sub, claim to suspense to the last, "Give us a pleasant surprise."

When the media asked this Jackie Chan his family life and father role, Jackie Chan also tell the truth, "asked me if I was a good father. I find it hard to answer. As said before, I never pick off Jaycee school to school, but I have outside these times cause desperate Chuang. If I take him to school every day in school so, I would not have Jackie Chan's success. I think I worked hard for the children is the cause of the family. So It is not a good father, evaluation of the problem, it would be better left to others

腾讯娱乐讯 6月17日,成龙率唐季礼、周华健、刘承俊、新七小福等人为自己担任出品人的史实电视剧《岳飞》进行宣传活动。据悉,这部成龙唐季礼等人精心筹划10年之久的电视剧将为“岳家新军”和“金家新军”在全球范围内招募演员。不过当问及剧中主要角色的演员和剧情时,成龙等人却集体封口,声称要留到最后揭晓。




另外,唐季礼还表示“我们通过招募的方式来甄选演员,初衷不仅仅是简单的选秀,更是希望参演《岳飞》的演员们,都能深刻的了解 “岳飞”的忠义精神与文化内涵。”






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