Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jackie off to Cambodia?

Jackie Chan, one of the most easily-recognisable faces in world cinema, will be strutting his stuff in Siem Reap and Cambodia in July for nearly two weeks as he brings his film-making roadshow to the Kingdom. I've heard different versions of what the film is about though information that emerged recently suggested it will be called Cambodia Landmine, a drama-comedy with a $25 million production budget, to be directed by Ding Sheng. Though at the time filming was scheduled for February next year. Chan first visited Cambodia in 2004 to promote awareness of HIV/Aids, in 2005 to focus on landmines and was back a few months ago to give a lecture and to get permission to film at Angkor Wat. He's known as Chin Long amongst the Cambodian community and to the world for his acrobatic fighting style, his innovative stunts and his comic persona.



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