Jackie Chan Donates Replica Zodiac Heads

Jackie donated the third and last set of replica heads he created especially for CZ12 to Yuanmingyuan today. (The first set was sold at the Bazaar Charity Auction, the second set was donated to the Birds Nest Stadium). It took Jackie over 3 years to create the 3 special replica sets of the original Zodiac Clock Heads. His demand for perfection saw the first 48 heads cast out of a special copper alloy being destroyed. Originally it was planned to create 4 sets of the heads but time constraints prevented them from making a fourth set. It took 6 sculptures more than 2 500 man hours to create the accurate replicas of the original Zodiac Heads.

Two years ago Jackie accepted a special Ambassodor of Relics position from Yuanmingyuan and today returned to the garden to donate the replica Zodiac Heads to be placed on permanent display in the garden. He said "Today I have fulfilled my dream to return the Zodiac Heads."

Yuanmingyuan and CZ12 have had a very close working relationship with experts from the garden working closely with Jackie to supply background historical information as well as giving Jackie to film in the garden.

The heads were carried out and placed on display by the New Seven Little Fortunes. Also revealed today were new posters for CZ12 featuring the zodiac heads.

Jackie poses with his certificate of donation

watching the trailer for CZ12

greeting fans who came out on a very cold and windy day to support Jackie


New Set of Posters for CZ12

New set of posters featuring the 12 heads of the Chinese Zodiac from Yuanmingyuan for CZ12.


Jackie Chan Scholarships for Film Announced

Some months ago applications were requested for the Jackie Chan Scholarship for Film Studies at the University of Kent, today the first recipients of this scholarship were announced.

First Jackie Chan Scholarships for Film studies announced

Two Hong Kong graduates are the first recipients of Jackie Chan Scholarships at the University - enabling them to study for a master's degree in Film.

Lucia Yuen and Man Man Wong, who began their degrees at the University's Canterbury campus last month (September), are the first studying outside Hong Kong to receive Scholarships from the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. The scholarships are worth £15,000 over one year towards tuition fees and accommodation.

Lucia said: 'I feel very lucky to have received the Jackie Chan Scholarship this year. The scholarship has enabled me to come to Kent and provides me with an opportunity to receive a proper academic training in film.

'As a film art teacher and scriptwriter who graduated from film school over eight years ago, it wasn't easy for me to go back to studying full time, especially overseas. However, with Jackie Chan's generosity in support of my education, everything has become possible.'

Man Man said: 'Studying abroad was always my dream but funding this was a big problem. Receiving the scholarship relieved my family of the financial burden and gave me a chance to pursue my studies at the University of Kent.

'The Film department at Kent brings together many students who have specialized in film studies before, which provides a great opportunity for me to learn by shared experiences.'

Sir David Akers-Jones, Chairman of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and former Chief Secretary and Acting Governor of Hong Kong, said: 'We are delighted to be able to make the first award of this scholarship to these two very talented graduates. I am sure they will both make the most of this great opportunity to study at one of the UK's most exciting Film departments.'

Dr Jonathan Friday, Head of the School of Arts, said: 'I am very pleased to welcome Lucia and Man Man to the School. Our Film department is rightly regarded as one of the very best in the UK and I'm sure they will both find the master's course provides them with the skills needed to take their careers forward.'

The launch of the postgraduate scholarships represents one of a number of exciting initiatives which the University has developed in Hong Kong and China over the past two years. Many of these developments are focussed on the University's Hong Kong and China Portal, which raises funds to support scholarships for students from the region, student exchanges and joint research activities between Kent and its university partners in Hong Kong and China.


Recording CZ12 Song

Jackie and Wakin (Emil Chau) have been having fun recording one of the song's for CZ12. The name of the song is <妙手空空>


16th Annual Jackie Chan Challenge Cup

In 1997 the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation donated funds for the construction of the Jackie Chan Gymnasium at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. To celebrate the opening of the gymnasium the inter-collegiate basketball invitational tournament was started. Known as the Jackie Chan Challenge Cup, the tournament has expanded to include soccer, volleyball, rowing and table tennis and is a week long event at the university.

The winners' cup has a unique design modelled on Jackie's hand holding a basketball

The 16th Annual Jackie Chan Challenge Cup was held this past week in Hong Kong. Jackie and Sir David Akers-Jones (Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Hong Kong) were on hand to hand out the prizes. Unexpectedly Jackie also gave out cash prizes to the winners and encouraged young people to take part in sport and exercise more.


Another New Project for Jackie Announced

A US delegation to introduce the working model of the Film Finance Fund to the newly created Chinese Film Industry Fund also announced a joint Sino-US venture consisting of 3 films - The 'Password' series of films.

The three films "Dunhuang Password", "Shangri-la Password" and "Native American Password" are action-adventure films that are not just entertainment, but will have both cultural and mythological components combining archaelogical facts and theoretical hypotheses in presenting a cultural history.

Jackie has been linked to "Dunhuang Password", which has been approved for production along with "Shangri-la Password". "Native American Password" is still in development. No further details about the films are available other than they will be 'block bloster' action-adventure films.


New Set of CZ12 Stills

Latest set of Zodiac stills: