Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jackie Chan Donates Replica Zodiac Heads

Jackie donated the third and last set of replica heads he created especially for CZ12 to Yuanmingyuan today. (The first set was sold at the Bazaar Charity Auction, the second set was donated to the Birds Nest Stadium). It took Jackie over 3 years to create the 3 special replica sets of the original Zodiac Clock Heads. His demand for perfection saw the first 48 heads cast out of a special copper alloy being destroyed. Originally it was planned to create 4 sets of the heads but time constraints prevented them from making a fourth set. It took 6 sculptures more than 2 500 man hours to create the accurate replicas of the original Zodiac Heads.

Two years ago Jackie accepted a special Ambassodor of Relics position from Yuanmingyuan and today returned to the garden to donate the replica Zodiac Heads to be placed on permanent display in the garden. He said "Today I have fulfilled my dream to return the Zodiac Heads."

Yuanmingyuan and CZ12 have had a very close working relationship with experts from the garden working closely with Jackie to supply background historical information as well as giving Jackie to film in the garden.

The heads were carried out and placed on display by the New Seven Little Fortunes. Also revealed today were new posters for CZ12 featuring the zodiac heads.

Jackie poses with his certificate of donation

watching the trailer for CZ12

greeting fans who came out on a very cold and windy day to support Jackie



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I’ve been thinking about this all day… this is a significant and wonderful donation to the place where the originals were stolen from. I had to look up Yuanmingyuan today on Wikipedia. This history isn’t taught in US schools, nor anything about the Opium wars, so it’s all new to me.
Bravo Jackie!
BTW: love the suit! wonderful material

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2 or 3 of your pictures are not showing up

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sorted thanks!

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