Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another New Project for Jackie Announced

A US delegation to introduce the working model of the Film Finance Fund to the newly created Chinese Film Industry Fund also announced a joint Sino-US venture consisting of 3 films - The 'Password' series of films.

The three films "Dunhuang Password", "Shangri-la Password" and "Native American Password" are action-adventure films that are not just entertainment, but will have both cultural and mythological components combining archaelogical facts and theoretical hypotheses in presenting a cultural history.

Jackie has been linked to "Dunhuang Password", which has been approved for production along with "Shangri-la Password". "Native American Password" is still in development. No further details about the films are available other than they will be 'block bloster' action-adventure films.



Anonymous said...

Cool :)

Anonymous said...

I just dont want this movie to be another Spy next door and Tuxedo kind of movie if they want to make this movie action then make it like Police Story,Rumble in the bronx otherwise I want Jackie to stick to the Drama gerne

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a completely different kind of project - more cultural and historical - from what I understand I kind of imagine it to be like the History Channel crossed with an action movie.

Tirry said...

In my opinion, it will not be a pure cinema film. It looks more like productions for channel like History Channel, Discovery ... etc ...

Jackie Chan is involved in the project. But to support the project. The real movies production are CZ12 and "Police Story 2013".

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