Shanghai Design Week 2016

The Shanghai Design Week is an annual event featuring design in fashion, art, technology and hand-crafts. This year's theme is “Design the New Function and Meet the New Demand.” Jackie took part last year with a mini-exhibition with the "Jackie Chan Mini Green Park". This year Jackie donated a number of movie related items to various designers for recycling. The resulting exhibition is called "遂.回.龙.觉" (Unexpected. Recycle. Dragon. Awareness)


Bleeding Steel: Taiwan

Production for Bleeding Steel has moved to Taipei, Taiwan and gears up for some action.


Railroad Tigers: Posters

Two new posters for Railroad Tigers have been released:


Railroad Tigers: Editing Over!

Ding Sheng has posted that after 6 months and 4 000 clips the first edit of Railroad Tigers is done. He posted some photos of his desk.


Bleeding Steel: Filming in Sydney Wrapped

Production for Bleeding Steel in Sydney has wrapped. 

Last shot!


In Conversation With Jackie Chan

Recently Jackie gave a talk at the Sydney Opera House to an enthralled audience. Enjoy.