Chenglong Wetlands Youtube Channel

Chenglong wetlands in Taiwan (I wrote about it HERE and HERE) have started a youtube channel with uploads of videos of the wetland. You can find the channel HERE

Here is a sample to wet your appetite:

New Shaolin Press Conference - VIdeo - UPDATED

At the press conference yesterday some more details about Jackie's part in New Shaolin came to light. In a report I have not posted Jackie revealed that he originally had the lead role in the movie but due to other commitments had to turn it down. The part was then re-written into a cameo. Jackie explained that the character he plays is very down-to-earth, illiterate, uneducated and does not know Kungfu but everything he does is very 'zen'. From this simplicity the character played by Andy Lau is able to learn to let go.

Benny Chan boasted that this is not 'Drunken Master' Jackie but a newly invented style 'cooking power'. Jackie immediately said that this is not invented by him but that everything in life was martial arts. He continued to say that working with dough was hard work and that if you do that for ten years, paying attention to strength and technique, if anyone hit you they would just bounce off.

The dialect Jackie's character speaks in is a Henan dialect. It was Benny Chan's idea to have him speak in dialect to make the character funnier but Jackie disagreed saying that it was difficult to concentrate on cooking, on the emotions of the scene, saying the lines and speaking in dialect and thought that the dialect would just be a distraction to the scene.

There was a small snippet of information about the start of filming for 'Chinese Zodiac' - previously Jackie said 'March' but yesterday said that filming, this year, had been delayed because it was too cold and that filming would start in March, or April or May.....

Video of the press conference at SINA.COM

Film "Shaolin Temple" released yesterday, the main poster and 3-minute trailer, carrying the director Benny Chan starring Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing unveiled. Released on January 19 next year, "New Temple" will pull the curtain Spring competition schedule of the film, specifically to the crew yesterday Chupin Fang presented a pair of drumsticks, Jackie Chan and Benny Chan is in the field beating drums. Cooking monks played in the movie Jackie Chan jokes, said, "I picked up the spatula, put fist, site into cooking monk."

Announced yesterday the "new Shaolin Temple" posters in the main temple of the explosion set fire to the background scene, starring you look dignified. Duration 3 minutes trailer for Shaolin monks practice their moves in the opening screen, great scenes, breathtaking momentum, to highlight the unity of the spirit of Shaolin Chan Wu. Then shoot, melee, car chase, explosions and other action scenes successive exposure, the martial arts and weapons, staged a double battle, touching scenes of burning the Shaolin Temple, Jackie Chan's performance is raised to the scene bursts of laughter.

Jackie Chan said he played the role of the character is a grass-roots, is illiterate, does not cook kung fu monks, "but his life and cooking both from Buddhist insight on high, in the end Andy fathom what Zen can inspire , learn to let go. "

Jackie Chan's role is thought they will not Kung Fu, but in fact from the sweeping, and face, doing the daily bread of these are very deep in one kind of martial arts practice. Directed by Benny Chan said: "You do not see when Big Brother and the surface, rather then play Drunken posture. This is a newly invented big brother 'cooking power', to become a kung fu action cooking, his best."

Listen to the director of a boast, Jackie Chan modest up immediately, not invented by me, but everything in life really are the martial arts. Physical dough is cost, but also pay attention to strength and technique, kneading dough a day than ten years, it was over, you will be able to bounce off him for a hit. "Cook monk enlightenment is sloppy, the role of lovable character, in order to increase the humor, the director Benny Chan Jackie Chan with the Henan dialect specifically to interpret. To Jackie Chan in Cantonese and English are alone for, but really difficult to speak Henan dialect. "'boxing is not boxing, is training the mind, is Zen. 'There are more convoluted than this it harder lines are classical, it is difficult to talk about. In particular, I would also like the side of dough, while cooking, while speaking lines, but also the text of the play scruples and feelings of Andy Lau, it is difficult, because I always thought the pronunciation of words in Henan, it will distract the attention. "







December 28, Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing debut film "Shaolin Temple" posters, trailers and the main conference for the film momentum. Exhibition at the scene humorous side of Jackie Chan, the director first dig very standard Mandarin, but also film their own accent is a joke, "Shandong, Henan," and play to their 20 points in Henan dialect, then it is the main posters in the opening big show playing for a burst of applause and laughter attracted the scene.

On the martial arts: We wanted to make a stronger than foreigners

When asked whether the favored abroad when martial arts, Jackie Chan, Chinese martial arts that has been very popular in foreign countries, but wanted to make something of her own expertise to cater to foreign markets, do not shoot 3D, "spider Man" ("Spider-Man ") that, but we ranked them. Jackie said with a smile, "Even if I shoot 100 billion 3D, I also play, but they" would like the film we can only put in the country, is the kindergarten level to foreigners, so we wanted to make them stronger than the so that they learn us, then we can better learn them. Jackie Chan martial arts admonition directed to make an action movie to be careful not to rush the fly.

On the new work: Toupai will begin shooting the film early next year

This year's Lunar New Year stalls can be described as crowded, a reporter asked whether the idea Jackie Chan investment Lunar New Year stalls, in the busy then incumbent on the side of the Fan Bingbing said "ah", Jackie Chan smiled default, saying the film Toupai to begin Last year, because the work took too much, this would have been planned, "Zodiac" because "too cold" not implemented next year by the end of March, April or May is about to start shooting new movie, and now is being changed, "Revolution "But he is also the default Fan Bingbing site may be participating next year's new works.







Press Conference for New Shaolin Temple

In a pre-launch press conference a new poster and 3 minute trailer were released today. The press conference was attended by Jackie, Benny Chan, and Fan Bingbing.




The Legend of Silkboy

Jackie voiced the character Xu Rongcun in this Chinese made animated movie 'The Legend of Silkboy'. Xu Rongcun took the first finely made silk to the first World Expo in 1851 and was awarded by Queen Victoria for his contribution to the Expo. The story the film is based on was written by his 70 year old descendent Xu Xizeng.

Plot summary from IMDB:

The Legend of Silk Boy is a story about an ambitious little boy who stumbles into a magical world filled with fun, laughter, adventure, danger and the most amazing and colorful characters you've ever seen. Along his journey, Silk Boy discovers the history of his country and becomes a hero by fighting against the evil Filthington The Fourth who will stop at nothing to obtain all the riches of the world - especially the control of the rarest silk on earth made by the beautiful Goddess of Silk

The Legend of Silkboy (IMDB)

Legend of Silkboy (English)

Legend of Silkboy (Chinese)

The site is well worth a visit with lots of background information on the movie, some wallpapers to download and some movie clips.

The Chinese 3D animation film "The Legend of Silk Boy" dedicated to the Shanghai Expo is set to open on Friday (August 20) in the Expo Garden, M1905.com reports.

Jackie Chan is the voice of the hero, Xu Rongcun, while the film's director, David Liu, also worked on "Star Trek", "Transformer" and "Toy Story".

"The Legend of Silk Boy" is set amid China's first attendance at the World Expo in 1851 in London.

Xu Rongcun, dubbed "China's First Businessman at the World Expo", won the gold and silver medals for the Chinese silk he sold in London.

The film is based on the book "Adventure of the Silk Boy" written by his 70-year old descendant Xu Xizeng.

The cast also includes Li Bingbing, Li Yang and comedian Zhou Libo, who speaks in a Shanghainese dialect for his character.


The Score

The score was written by Alain Mayrand (you can listen to the main theme below) and read about his thoughts on the process of composing the score HERE on his blog.

You can read a review of the OST CD at FILMSCORE CLICKTRACK and listen to excerpts from more of the tracks.




More behind the scenes footage of Jackie on Shaolin. Edited slightly to only leave Jackie so if you understand the Chinese soundtrack and it jumps - that is why.


Jackie With Pandas Video Clip

I noticed that many of the photos of Jackie with the pandas from the previous post were taken sequentially so I put them a short clip as best I could:


Wonderful Photos of Jackie with Panda's

An absolutely stunning series of photos of Jackie with the pandas at the Chengdu Research Center - many of them unseen:

A very select few of the very best:

Please follow the link to view the rest (78 photos in total):


Jackie Behind The Scenes on Shaolin


Wallpapers - The Fairy Tale Series

A new series of wallpapers. Please use and share freely.

To download large format (more or less 1024 x 800 pixels for all) CLICK ON the photo
(Do not right click as that will only save the small image)


Lin Peng Donates to Thailand Children

Lin Peng represented Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Beijing yesterday and donated money to support children's education in Thailand. The ceremony was held at the Thai Embassy in Beijing. She will also go on a charity trip to Thailand in the New Year.

Since signing with Jackie Lin Peng has been involved in numerous charitable activities and has her own "Lin Peng Gold" fund which builds libraries.

Lin Peng and the Thai Ambassador

Dec. 22, Lin Peng as the "Beijing Jackie Chan Foundation, "Jackie Chan appointed Special Representative for Children in Thailand donated 100 million baht for charity. The donation ceremony was held in Beijing, Embassy of Thailand, Thai Ambassador to close Bing Longchamp personally accepted donations. According to Lin Peng said the donation of objects chosen Thailand as a child because of Jackie Chan lived in Thailand for a very long time, have a deep affection for Thailand.

Jackie Chan Thanksgiving childhood living in Thailand

After the ceremony, Lin Peng explained to the media to choose Thailand as the reasons for donor countries, the original is that Jackie Chan has a special feeling in Thailand, "Why do we choose Thailand? In fact, because Jackie is a very long a child lived in Thailand period of time, have a deep affection for Thailand, so he also learned some of the lives of children in Thailand are very poor. and Jackie has been taught us to love the mentality of the charity in the world. "According to the Foundation staff, the funds will be transmitted directly to the embassy in Thailand for Thai local education programs for poor children.

Set up a foundation to actively do good

Lin Peng said that she was "Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" was established under its own charitable funds, "Lin Pengji gold", and has been to Wen County in Gansu Province and the affected area into the county as the "Dragon Heart" library construction project to conduct investigations. This time, attended on behalf of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Lin Peng said "I hope to uphold Jackie has always been engaged in charitable purposes, the charity from the start bit by bit, starting from the side, the best of its ability to spread the love to be down- every need of the corner. "

It is reported that 2011 New Year, Lin Peng will leave for Thailand on behalf of the "Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" to a local charity for several days for the visits, January 1, 2011, "Thailand's New Year's line of charity" will be the local official start.







(There are several more photos at the link:)

Forbes List of Highest Grossing Actors in 2010

Forbes has just released the list of highest grossing actors for 2010. Leonardo DiCaprio heads the list but Jackie and Jaden slide into a joint 10th place on the list with The Karate Kid having earned $359 million.


Leonardo DiCaprio has been named the highest-grossing actor of 2010 by Forbes magazine.

The US actor appeared in two blockbusters over the past 12 months, headlining Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller Inception, and also taking the lead in Martin Scorsese's mystery noir Shutter Island. The films took $825m and $295m around the world respectively.

DiCaprio emerges just ahead of surprise entrant Mia Wasikowska, who takes joint second spot on the list thanks to her appearances in Alice in Wonderland, the second highest-grossing film of the year with $1bn, and indie comedy The Kids are All Right, which has so far managed $29m on a budget of just $4m. Wasikowska's Alice co-star Johnny Depp is equal second, having appeared in Tim Burton's film and teamed up with Angelina Jolie on The Tourist, which has also taken $29m so far.

In fourth place is Robert Downey Jr, whose films Iron Man 2 and Due Date took $585m and $186m respectively this year. Britain's Daniel Radcliffe is the highest Briton on the list in fifth, thanks to the $780m haul taken by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

The success of the latest Twilight film, Eclipse, which took $695m, means that stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart take the sixth and seventh spots on the list, Pattinson edging ahead due to the fact that his other film this year, romance Remember Me, outperformed Stewart's other film, rock biopic The Runaways, by some distance. The Top 10 is rounded out by Sam Worthington, who appeared in Clash of the Titans and Avatar, Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, both of whom appeared in the highly successful Karate Kid remake.


Four More Stills of Jackie from Shaolin

Even more stills from Shaolin which now has a January release date.


Zhou Libo, Charity and Marriage

Zhou Libo got married yesterday (December 20th) in Shanghai and although the news has been available since late last night I have hesitated to post it as I don't post 'gossip' type news. However with this news report below which speaks about the charity he and his wife have started I have changed my mind and will post the news.

The Happy Couple: Zhou Libo and Hu Jie



Take a careful look at the background of these two pictures of Jackie's arrival and see who else attending the ceremony...



Jackie and Carina Lau



A message of congratulation for the bride and groom.



THE charity fund established by Shanghai comedian Zhou Libo and his wife Hu Jie has received nearly 37 million yuan (US$5.1 million) in donations as of yesterday, the Shanghai Charity Foundation said today. The fund was set up especially to sponsor needy college students.

Much of the money in the fund was collected from the "red envelops" Zhou and Hu received at their wedding last night. The couple and their friends also donated to the fund. Money from the fund will be distributed to outstanding college students and post-graduate students through scholarships. Hu will manage the fund.

"Outstanding students can feel free to apply for a scholarship," said Hu, who is from Zhejiang Province. "We hope our beneficiaries can also spread goodwill in society by getting involved in some type of charity work."

Zhou said 10 yuan from every ticket sold for his Shanghai-style clean talk show will be donated to the fund to ensure its smooth operation. The fund has received great support from the couple's friends, who are mostly directors of firms in Zhejiang.

Also today, Zhou launched the fund's website, www.gongyibobo.org. Students who receive a scholarship will be listed on the website.

Zhou and Hu tied the knot on Monday in Shanghai. More than 700 guests attended the wedding, including Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan and movie director Chen Kaige.


Two New Wallpapers

Two more wallpapers:

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Please use/share freely.

Ever Wondered About DFX

Ever wondered what into the digital effects (DFX) of a movie? I stumbled upon this magazine article which goes into some depth of the process of making The Forbidden Kingdom.

Article Focus: A Creative Cow Exclusive! DigitalFilm Tree's Zed Saeed has helped create pioneering digital workflows built around FCP, custom-designed for large-scale productions. Their biggest challenge so far has come on "The Forbidden Kingdom," an epic film partnering Jackie Chan and Jet Li for the first time -- with production and post in China, Korea, Australia, and multiple locations in the US. Here's a look at how they put it all together with FCP, Xserve, XML, Color, file-based workflows...and hard, hard work.


Karate Kid Interview

Italian subtitles but the interview is in English.


Speed painting of Jackie


Behind the scenes look at recording a PSA

Recently Jackie recorded a PSA with his JC Family, including the New Seven Little Fortunes and JC Girls. This is a behind the scenes look at the recording.



Dayne Nourse, son of veteran KSL broadcaster Dick Nourse, received his black sash in martial arts from the Red Lotus School of Movement in recognition of his inner strength. Dayne suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta -- or brittle bone disease -- but he hasn't let it get him down.

The ceremony was also a chance for the Make-A-Wish foundation to announce it has granted Dayne's wish -- to meet Jackie Chan.

"Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to meet Jackie Chan and I'm just happy that Make-A-Wish surprised me and tricked me into coming here," Dayne said.

Dayne is still waiting to hear when that meeting with Jackie Chan will take place, but until then, we at KSL offer him our congratulations.

*** Photos on original post

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

We hope your visit with Jackie will be very soon Dayne, but however long it takes to finalise we know that it will be a memorable one.

Congratulations on your Black Belt!

Richard Mille Opens First Store in the US

Richard Mille opened his first boutique in America last week on Beverly Hills’ most famous shopping street,Rodeo Drive.

The 1,400-square-foot Richard Mille Boutique resides at the apex of Via Rodeo, a cobblestone walkway lined with elegant cafes, galleries and luxury boutiques. Here, Southern California’s year-round sunshine illuminates massive engraved glass window panels, the iconic watch sculptures that welcome guests to Richard Mille boutiques worldwide.

Upon entering the contemporary space, visitors will find that natural wood, glass, dark leather and stone provide a neutral backdrop for the full collection of Richard Mille watches. Each timepiece is given a starring role in its own spotlight, with abundant space for visitors to admire it from every angle. In addition to such popular Richard Mille models as the RM 010 Automatic, the RM 021 Aerodyne Tourbillon, the RM 016 Flat Automatic, the RM 020 Tourbillon Pocket Watch and the diamond-set RM 007 for ladies, the boutique also carries exclusive limited editions such as the RM 027 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal, and the RM 011 Black Ti Flyback Chronograph, which is a limited edition of 50 pieces available only at the Richard Mille Boutique Beverly Hills.

Illuminated portraits of Richard Mille’s brand ambassadors, including Rafael Nadal, Felipe Massa, Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh, adorn the boutique walls, while comfortable semi-private seating areas nestle discreetly near the back of the boutique.


Richard Mille Website


Short news report on Jackie's fight scene in Shaolin. Really not much more than a teaser than anything else but it works because it does leave you wanting more.


Backgrounds with a Difference

Two wallpapers of Jackie:

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1,060 x 700 pixels

1,024 x 800 pixels

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New Stills of Jackie from Shaolin



UPDATED: Jackie (Doesn't) Sign Classic Pianist Xue Xiaoqiu

Just to prove that even when an article doesn't seem to be exaggerated or untrue - sometimes it is. A few days ago I read the report below however it was the result of a few comments that were misinterpreted during an interview. Jackie has NOT signed Xue Xiaoqiu - however having said that - when Xiaoqiu corrected the error made by the reporter he said that while he is signed with Universal Music, he didn't want to close the door on the opportunity to work with Jackie should it be possible as a result of a slip of the pen.

In an interview before the course, there have been so ridiculous that he's "amusing incident," Asked whether the senior is willing to cooperate with other types, he said he appreciated Jackie, but he had not seen , the reporter mistakenly think he is now the company signed Jackie Chan, Xue Xiaoqiu said he is Universal Music's artists, but in case there is a chance, I am looking forward to cooperation and Jackie, the reporter's slip of the pen so that he quite helpless.




Jackie has signed classic pianist Xue Xiaoqiu to his record label. A representative for Jackie said that they had signed him because of his potential to combine classic piano with pop music and hoped that that as a young artist Xiaoqiu would show young people that classical music is still relevant.

Xue Xiaoqiu was born in Nanjing and studied at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and his music is popular in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He is currently promoting his album 'The Magic Finger'.

Born in Nanjing, studied at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, piano, popular in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan regions wit Xue Xiaoqiu, yesterday came to Chengdu for his album "Magic Finger" to do publicity. Chengdu Commercial Daily in an interview, Xuexiao Qiu said China has signed with Jackie Chan as Jackie Chan's first signing of a classical musician, and Jaycee Chan, who became fellow with the door.

"We signed Xue Xiaoqiu, eyes on him endless potential, to classical music and pop will be the perfect combination of elements." Jackie Chan with China's relevant responsible person said that the signing of a young pianist's mind, she hopes the work will Xue Xiaoqiu people know that "classical music would do the play."





New Trailer for Shaolin with Jackie

New trailer for Shaolin includes two scenes with Jackie - this movie is looking really good - can't wait for it to come out.


Jackie Attends The Australia-China Film Industry Forum

Jackie attending the opening night of th Australia-China Film Industry Forum in Beijing on 9 December. The event was attended by the Australian Ambassador to China Dr Geoff Raby and other dignitaries. The theme of the event is 'Imagine Australia. In his speech Jackie thanked Australia for taking care of his parents for 47 years. He also mentioned his long association with Australia, having made two very successful films there - 'Mr Nice Guy' and 'First Strike'. With the co-operation of the Australian Government and the Australian Film Commision as well as the police and other support filming went very well and both films made a good return.

Chinese film by the State Administration of Radio Film Board and co-sponsored by the Australian Film and Television, China Film Corporation and the Australian Embassy in China jointly hosted the first Australian film industry in the Forum on December 8 -12 held in Beijing. To celebrate the forum, the organizers specially in the evening of December 8 held a grand opening ceremony. Jackie Chan attended the opening ceremony, triggering hot pursuit of Australian filmmakers.

Australian Film Forum is "Imagine Australia" Culture Year activities. As "Imagine Australia" cultural image of the official spokesmen of the night Jackie Chan Film Forum is pleased to join in Australia. Speech at the reception on, Chan said, thanks to the Australian government, as well as the Australian people, take care of his parents in Australia.

In addition, Chan also spoke of his long relationship with Australia 10 years ago, he had shot two movies in Australia: "a good man" and "simple task." Both films are the Australian Film Commission, government officials, police and other aspects of the support and cooperation, shooting very well. Jackie Chan says with a laugh, "when the company made a lot of money, wants to continue making movies in Australia and continue to make money."

中国电影网讯 由国家广电总局电影局和澳大利亚电影电视局共同主办,中国电影合作制片公司和澳大利亚驻华使馆共同承办的首届中澳电影行业论坛于12月8日—12日在京举行。为庆祝此次论坛,主办方特意于12月8日晚举办了盛大的开幕仪式。成龙出席了开幕仪式,引发澳洲影人的热烈追捧。




For photos please visit the Official Page of the Australia-China Film Industry Forum

Tea in Taipei with La and Zy

Recently Jackie sat down to tea in Taipei to talk about La and Zy's adventures around the world and he showed off a number of recent pictures of them and few other photos as well.

With Air Supply

With Will Smith

With Andy Lau

At Twitter HQ