Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lin Peng Donates to Thailand Children

Lin Peng represented Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Beijing yesterday and donated money to support children's education in Thailand. The ceremony was held at the Thai Embassy in Beijing. She will also go on a charity trip to Thailand in the New Year.

Since signing with Jackie Lin Peng has been involved in numerous charitable activities and has her own "Lin Peng Gold" fund which builds libraries.

Lin Peng and the Thai Ambassador

Dec. 22, Lin Peng as the "Beijing Jackie Chan Foundation, "Jackie Chan appointed Special Representative for Children in Thailand donated 100 million baht for charity. The donation ceremony was held in Beijing, Embassy of Thailand, Thai Ambassador to close Bing Longchamp personally accepted donations. According to Lin Peng said the donation of objects chosen Thailand as a child because of Jackie Chan lived in Thailand for a very long time, have a deep affection for Thailand.

Jackie Chan Thanksgiving childhood living in Thailand

After the ceremony, Lin Peng explained to the media to choose Thailand as the reasons for donor countries, the original is that Jackie Chan has a special feeling in Thailand, "Why do we choose Thailand? In fact, because Jackie is a very long a child lived in Thailand period of time, have a deep affection for Thailand, so he also learned some of the lives of children in Thailand are very poor. and Jackie has been taught us to love the mentality of the charity in the world. "According to the Foundation staff, the funds will be transmitted directly to the embassy in Thailand for Thai local education programs for poor children.

Set up a foundation to actively do good

Lin Peng said that she was "Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" was established under its own charitable funds, "Lin Pengji gold", and has been to Wen County in Gansu Province and the affected area into the county as the "Dragon Heart" library construction project to conduct investigations. This time, attended on behalf of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Lin Peng said "I hope to uphold Jackie has always been engaged in charitable purposes, the charity from the start bit by bit, starting from the side, the best of its ability to spread the love to be down- every need of the corner. "

It is reported that 2011 New Year, Lin Peng will leave for Thailand on behalf of the "Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" to a local charity for several days for the visits, January 1, 2011, "Thailand's New Year's line of charity" will be the local official start.







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