Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Legend of Silkboy

Jackie voiced the character Xu Rongcun in this Chinese made animated movie 'The Legend of Silkboy'. Xu Rongcun took the first finely made silk to the first World Expo in 1851 and was awarded by Queen Victoria for his contribution to the Expo. The story the film is based on was written by his 70 year old descendent Xu Xizeng.

Plot summary from IMDB:

The Legend of Silk Boy is a story about an ambitious little boy who stumbles into a magical world filled with fun, laughter, adventure, danger and the most amazing and colorful characters you've ever seen. Along his journey, Silk Boy discovers the history of his country and becomes a hero by fighting against the evil Filthington The Fourth who will stop at nothing to obtain all the riches of the world - especially the control of the rarest silk on earth made by the beautiful Goddess of Silk

The Legend of Silkboy (IMDB)

Legend of Silkboy (English)

Legend of Silkboy (Chinese)

The site is well worth a visit with lots of background information on the movie, some wallpapers to download and some movie clips.

The Chinese 3D animation film "The Legend of Silk Boy" dedicated to the Shanghai Expo is set to open on Friday (August 20) in the Expo Garden, M1905.com reports.

Jackie Chan is the voice of the hero, Xu Rongcun, while the film's director, David Liu, also worked on "Star Trek", "Transformer" and "Toy Story".

"The Legend of Silk Boy" is set amid China's first attendance at the World Expo in 1851 in London.

Xu Rongcun, dubbed "China's First Businessman at the World Expo", won the gold and silver medals for the Chinese silk he sold in London.

The film is based on the book "Adventure of the Silk Boy" written by his 70-year old descendant Xu Xizeng.

The cast also includes Li Bingbing, Li Yang and comedian Zhou Libo, who speaks in a Shanghainese dialect for his character.


The Score

The score was written by Alain Mayrand (you can listen to the main theme below) and read about his thoughts on the process of composing the score HERE on his blog.

You can read a review of the OST CD at FILMSCORE CLICKTRACK and listen to excerpts from more of the tracks.



Michał Kolhman said...

Interesting movies was it made in final, can't find it in internet just some audio/music. its loks like was never finished.

Anonymous said...

It was finished and released in 2010.

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