Friday, December 10, 2010

Jackie Attends The Australia-China Film Industry Forum

Jackie attending the opening night of th Australia-China Film Industry Forum in Beijing on 9 December. The event was attended by the Australian Ambassador to China Dr Geoff Raby and other dignitaries. The theme of the event is 'Imagine Australia. In his speech Jackie thanked Australia for taking care of his parents for 47 years. He also mentioned his long association with Australia, having made two very successful films there - 'Mr Nice Guy' and 'First Strike'. With the co-operation of the Australian Government and the Australian Film Commision as well as the police and other support filming went very well and both films made a good return.

Chinese film by the State Administration of Radio Film Board and co-sponsored by the Australian Film and Television, China Film Corporation and the Australian Embassy in China jointly hosted the first Australian film industry in the Forum on December 8 -12 held in Beijing. To celebrate the forum, the organizers specially in the evening of December 8 held a grand opening ceremony. Jackie Chan attended the opening ceremony, triggering hot pursuit of Australian filmmakers.

Australian Film Forum is "Imagine Australia" Culture Year activities. As "Imagine Australia" cultural image of the official spokesmen of the night Jackie Chan Film Forum is pleased to join in Australia. Speech at the reception on, Chan said, thanks to the Australian government, as well as the Australian people, take care of his parents in Australia.

In addition, Chan also spoke of his long relationship with Australia 10 years ago, he had shot two movies in Australia: "a good man" and "simple task." Both films are the Australian Film Commission, government officials, police and other aspects of the support and cooperation, shooting very well. Jackie Chan says with a laugh, "when the company made a lot of money, wants to continue making movies in Australia and continue to make money."

中国电影网讯 由国家广电总局电影局和澳大利亚电影电视局共同主办,中国电影合作制片公司和澳大利亚驻华使馆共同承办的首届中澳电影行业论坛于12月8日—12日在京举行。为庆祝此次论坛,主办方特意于12月8日晚举办了盛大的开幕仪式。成龙出席了开幕仪式,引发澳洲影人的热烈追捧。




For photos please visit the Official Page of the Australia-China Film Industry Forum


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