Happy New Year of the Horse 2014

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

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DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE CHINESE YEAR ART COMPETITION! Reinstated at Jackie's request this competion has had bonus winners in past years who also received Lucky Red Packets from Jackie. I can not guarantee Jackie will do this again this year, but you never know what might happen. So enter now!! Jackie will judge this competition himself personally, so celebrate the Year of the Horse with Jackie.



CCTV Spring Festival Photos

An assortment of photos from before and during the performance.



CCTV Spring Festival Gala Video UPDATED



3D Painting in JC Film Gallery

Wu Gang posted these photos of a 3D painting that is sure to provide a lot of fun for visitors in the JC Film Gallery on Weibo today:

SOURCE: weibo.com/wugang

New Years Drawing Contest

It is the Year of the Horse and Jackie has reinstated the New Year's Drawing contest. Let's make this contest such a success that they keep it around next year and the year after that too! So put on your artist's apron and get creative! The joy of participating is that Jackie judges the contest himself, so express yourself, wish him Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi or just Gong Xi Fa Cai!!


Year of the Horse New Year Special

The movie channel in China launched a special new year program with a special tribute to Feng Xiaogang on the 31st and a tribute to Jackie on the 1st. The launch last night was attended by several well known directors who swopped behind the scenes stories and anecdotes.

One of the movies to be shown is Police Story 2013 setting a new record for a film to go from the big screen to the small screen being released on TV just 39 days after its release in theaters.


Jackie's Birthday - Video and Announcement

成龍 Jackie Chan

I'm so happy and surprised because my son Jaycee is making preparations for my 60th Birthday Party! I'm so touched and grateful for my son, especially for understanding what I've always wanted.

Jaycee and his team are preparing for my 2014 “With Heart, With Love, With Happiness” 60th Birthday Party. Of course, I would like to invite my fans to take part in this monumental event as well!
The theme of my party will be love, peace and harmony. Tentatively, a lineup of events will be held in Beijing and Shanghai between April 6 – April 10, and will include a concert, fan club party, and an opportunity to visit my JC Film Gallery in Shanghai.
If you’d like an opportunity to celebrate with me, keep a close eye on my Official Jackie Chan website for Jaycee’s latest updates. The number of participants to the event is limited so Jaycee and his team will announce further details on the selection process soon. If selected, you just need to prepare your own return airfare tickets and necessary visa documents for China. Expenses during your stay in China, including concert tickets, entry to my museum, food during the trip, accommodation, and local transportation will be covered by me, Jackie Chan.
This pre-announcement from Jaycee is for all my fans. Further details on how to participate in this event will be announced early February. So, keep your eyes posted for the latest updates. I look forward to seeing all my fans very soon.

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone for your unconditional and continuous support!


Videos: Happy Together

Some videos are available of Happy Together:

This video has embedding disabled so here is the LINK

This video may not be availabe to view but here is the LINK

Embedding also disabled on this one - LINK

Happy Together

When Jackie was in Korea promoting PS2013 (or PS2014 as it was renamed for Korea) he appeared on a variety show called Happy Together with Choi Siwon and other stars. The special episode is called "Jackie Chan and Friends". It airs on Korean TV today. A few preview photos were released by the show:

Jackie Chan recently recorded an episode of KBS 2TV variety program ‘Happy Together 3’ called ‘Jackie Chan and Friends’, and also featured his close Korean celebrity friends which include Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha.

When asked for the reason for choosing to appear on ‘Happy Together 3’ over the multitude of other Korean variety programs, Jackie Chan pointed to Yoo Jae Suk and replied, “Because of you!” Yoo Jae Suk answered, “He is a big brother that I know who lives in Hong Kong,” which led to much laughter in the sauna.

Faced with all sorts of questions from the MCs, Jackie Chan was able to answer them all with his wit and show his extraordinary variety sense at the same time. He also shared stories like his romance in Korea, protecting the environment, and many more.

Jackie Chan also participated in the ‘Late Night Cafeteria’ corner, where he brought along his recipe that definitely fitted the concept, and raised viewers’ anticipation.

This particular episode will air on the night of January 23rd through KBS 2TV.



JC Film Gallery Shanghai, has opened an official weibo account and has been posting some pictures.

SOURCE: JC Film Gallery Weibo

Jackie's New Year Message on Charity

From JCCF website:

Yesterday (31 December 2013), many of my friends were celebrating New Year's Eve. Some time during every New Year's Eve, someone will ask me: "What is your New Year's wish?" My answer is the same every time:. "I hope for world peace, no disaster" To make such a remark is easy, but it is often not as easy as people would like. Whenever there is time of war or disaster, the powerlessness of people, always makes us feel helpless. However, the old saying goes: "Do not fail to commit an act of kindness just because it is small in scale" If everyone has an indifferent attitude towards the world, then how we can see a hope for a better future?

On the contrary, if we are willing to share some love, it is always warm others and also warm the world. I look forward to developing one's own strength, to provide impetus to change the world as more people get involved in charity operations within China.

In the past year 2013, we have done some good work. With the arrival of 2014, we will continue to work hard, and perservere. I sincerely hope that someday, this wonderful world will have peace, and no longer need any charity. I do not know if that day will come but I am willing to work with everyone who has been walking on the road in pursuit of this goal.



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