Monday, January 20, 2014

Jackie's New Year Message on Charity

From JCCF website:

Yesterday (31 December 2013), many of my friends were celebrating New Year's Eve. Some time during every New Year's Eve, someone will ask me: "What is your New Year's wish?" My answer is the same every time:. "I hope for world peace, no disaster" To make such a remark is easy, but it is often not as easy as people would like. Whenever there is time of war or disaster, the powerlessness of people, always makes us feel helpless. However, the old saying goes: "Do not fail to commit an act of kindness just because it is small in scale" If everyone has an indifferent attitude towards the world, then how we can see a hope for a better future?

On the contrary, if we are willing to share some love, it is always warm others and also warm the world. I look forward to developing one's own strength, to provide impetus to change the world as more people get involved in charity operations within China.

In the past year 2013, we have done some good work. With the arrival of 2014, we will continue to work hard, and perservere. I sincerely hope that someday, this wonderful world will have peace, and no longer need any charity. I do not know if that day will come but I am willing to work with everyone who has been walking on the road in pursuit of this goal.




Dagmar said...

Wonderful words! Thank you! I believe at the end of the year 2014 Jackie´s words become true and the world will be a better place to live as it is now. Maybe it will last longer but let´s hope such a day comes.

aymara said...

Trabajar por la Paz en el mundo es un gran sueño llevarlo a la realidad debe ser un aporte de los habitantes de este planeta como decia mi abuelo la gota de agua labra la piedra tenemos que ser muchas gotas para terminar con este flajelo.

Anonymous said...

I wish that wonderful world as Jackie imagined , for everyone peace, and love and no more suffering in the world. !!! LOVE YO^U^ JACKIE !!!! <333333 :)

Anonymous said...

JC is so wish that wonderful world I love you, So many nice news !!! Congratulations Jackie !!!! You are the BEST of All TIME !!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU JACKIE CHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!PHOTO MOOOOOOORE AND MOOOOOOOOORE !!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH....

Saturday, 16 November, 2013

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