Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jackie's Birthday - Video and Announcement

成龍 Jackie Chan

I'm so happy and surprised because my son Jaycee is making preparations for my 60th Birthday Party! I'm so touched and grateful for my son, especially for understanding what I've always wanted.

Jaycee and his team are preparing for my 2014 “With Heart, With Love, With Happiness” 60th Birthday Party. Of course, I would like to invite my fans to take part in this monumental event as well!
The theme of my party will be love, peace and harmony. Tentatively, a lineup of events will be held in Beijing and Shanghai between April 6 – April 10, and will include a concert, fan club party, and an opportunity to visit my JC Film Gallery in Shanghai.
If you’d like an opportunity to celebrate with me, keep a close eye on my Official Jackie Chan website for Jaycee’s latest updates. The number of participants to the event is limited so Jaycee and his team will announce further details on the selection process soon. If selected, you just need to prepare your own return airfare tickets and necessary visa documents for China. Expenses during your stay in China, including concert tickets, entry to my museum, food during the trip, accommodation, and local transportation will be covered by me, Jackie Chan.
This pre-announcement from Jaycee is for all my fans. Further details on how to participate in this event will be announced early February. So, keep your eyes posted for the latest updates. I look forward to seeing all my fans very soon.

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone for your unconditional and continuous support!



Anonymous said...

This news is fabulous, I just burst out crying as I read how wonderful great Jackie is !!!! I wish full of luck to all the fans of Jackie to get there and celebrate with him !!! I am soo happy that Jaycee going to prepare with a wonderful birthday surprise to his daddy, and wish love ,peace and full of harmony forever to them.

Dimitar Dimitrov said...

Thank for all of your hard work! You inspired a lot of people including me in my childhood years, what I do now is because I grew up with your movies and stories.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Jackie looks soo great...I love His smile soo much !!! my loved movie. I always admire how wonderful and clear all the interiors wonderful photo are - here we would my heart and can't think new about, LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU JACKIE CHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOOOOOOORE AND MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE !!!

Dagmar said...

This is the nicest gift from Jackie to his fans! His generous heart is always prepared to give happiness to all who love him. Thank you our idol!

aymara said...

Desde La Paz - BoIivia muchas Felicidades Jackie por anticipado que sea un lindo cumpleaños necesitamos mas armonia, paz y amor en este mundo es un gran deseo para tu cumpleaños, gracias por celebrarlo con quienes te queremos y te admiramos te ves bien feliz recibe abrazos y mucho pero mucho amor en la distancia.

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