Kung Fu Yoga: Finished in Dubai

Although Jackie wrapped filming in Dubai some time ago (and is busy in China with Railroad Tigers) the rest of the team continued to film some scenes in Dubai. Sonu Sood posted this picture of the final, final day in Dubai. Production (without Jackie) returns to Beijing to continue filming.

The Dubai Film Commission were the lucky recipients of Jackie's Kandura signed by Jackie.

Everyone got 'thank you' biscuits.


SKIPTRACE: More Posters

Skiptrace Official Weibo has been sharing new posters:


Kung Fu Yoga: Bugatti Veyron

One of the many super cars to be seen in Kung Fu Yoga are several different models of Bugatti Veyron. This movie promises to be a treat for every fan of super cars - there is something for everyone.


Kung Fu Yoga: New Investment Deal

After news about Viacom18's disinvestment spread, Taihe Entertainment and Sparkle Roll Television released a statement today that all is well with the production of Kung Fu Yoga. Filming has not been interrupted and the film will be released as expected next year. They said that the film has attracted the attention of many investors, and during the process of negotiation, some declined to invest. The film is still a joint Indo-Chinese venture and a new India investment partnership deal is expected to be signed shortly. In the meantime filming continues with Chinese funding.

A few behind-the-scenes photos were also released:


Skiptrace: Poster

The official Weibo for Skiptrace released a version of the latest poster without text.


Railroad Tigers: Jackie Has Arrived!

After the excitement in London last week Jackie made a quick stop in Hong Kong to pick up Eric Tsang, before they both flew to Shenyang to join Railroad Tigers. Director Ding Sheng likes his new chair so much he posted photos on Weibo.


Kung Fu Yoga Loses Viacom 18

According to this report from the Wall Street Journal Viacom18 Media has pulled out of Kung Fu Yoga.

MUMBAI—Indian entertainment company Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. has pulled out of a movie project aimed at marrying the film traditions of China and India, an executive involved said.

The film, titled “Kung Fu Yoga,” stars martial-arts legend Jackie Chan and a less well-known Indian actor. Shooting has started in Dubai on the feature, which is expected to include fight scenes as well as a Bollywood-style dance number.

“We called it off because we couldn’t agree on the terms,” said Gayatri Gulati, head of international business at Viacom18, a joint venture between New York-based Viacom Inc. and India’sNetwork18 Media & Investments Ltd.

Ms. Gulati declined to give more details about the reasons for Viacom18’s decision to drop the project, which also involves two Chinese companies, Taihe Entertainment Corp. and Shinework Media.

People familiar with the matter said Viacom18 wasn’t ready to invest in the film as it felt it wasn’t getting enough say in how it was being made.


Video: Jackie Meets Royals

Action movie icon Jackie Chan was the surprise guest at a cultural event in London on Wednesday, to help celebrate ties between Britain and China. He was greeted by Prince William, his wife the Duchess of Cambridge and Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Cultural Collaboration Between The UK and China

Jackie attends a creative industry event to celebrate cultural collaboration between the UK and China at Lancaster House on October 21, 2015 in London, England.

British and Chinese technology and creativity collaborations were showcased. Companies and institutions have set up stands to highlight their products and services, at Lancaster House in central London, as an Anglo-Sino deal worth £325m is to be signed in “creative and technology partnerships,” such as low carbon taxis, zero-emission sports cars, and a TV training programme.


The Foreigner Is A Go!

Jackie meets up with the director Martin Campbell and other members of the production team to discuss their upcoming project 'The Foreigner' based on Stephen Leather's 'The Chinaman'.


Skiptrace Posters

New promo posters for Skiptrace.


Official Letter From JC Group To All Fans

Posted on Weibo, this letter is applicable to all fans so please take note. The issue is so serious that the Chinese fan forum has received an order banning them from forwarding stills and behind the scenes shots of Railroad Tiger. Please do not do it!

Everyone understands the excitement around a new movie and the eagerness to see what Jackie is doing, however forwarding pictures of the production affects the safety and security of the production (which includes everyone involved in it), this makes it more difficult to protect the stars and the movie production. Forwarding pictures that reveal details of the costumes, plot, characters, and sets infringe copyright and make the management of the production more difficult and contribute to a lower quality movie.

We hope that fans understand this and that they can be a positive force that helps facilitate production and actively cooperate with protecting the work of their favorite stars because of their love for the stars and the movie industry.

The recent participation in particular to a few fans of Big Brother, currently filming of the movie and the general love for movies, a love of Jackie Chan of the big brother of fans, special tips hope fans can understand movies safeties process of complexity and difficulty in protecting their own favorite stars, your favorite movies mentality, the protection of the movie production process.

In film production process, including dissemination of the production team team content is a consideration, and to the non-disclosure of the plot, characters, styling, programs such as the capture the contents of the need for confidentiality as the prerequisite, and fans may be due to the lack of understanding and unwittingly released the filming content available for the analysis of pictures, or be exposed locations for film producers, management more difficult, and these are likely to reduce the level of indirect film.

So fans also hope that Members can be in front of the fans and positive force facilitating film production and, participation in the work of the concert for fans actively cooperate with the performance of their idols and their love for the film industry.





Railroad Tigers Boot Ceremony

Although Jackie has not yet joined production, he is expected, and the boot ceremony was held this morning 19 October to bless the production of Railroad Tigers.