Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cultural Collaboration Between The UK and China

Jackie attends a creative industry event to celebrate cultural collaboration between the UK and China at Lancaster House on October 21, 2015 in London, England.

British and Chinese technology and creativity collaborations were showcased. Companies and institutions have set up stands to highlight their products and services, at Lancaster House in central London, as an Anglo-Sino deal worth £325m is to be signed in “creative and technology partnerships,” such as low carbon taxis, zero-emission sports cars, and a TV training programme.


Annet said...

Those are a lot of flying hours and it seems like Jackie Chan has some time to adjust to his new character and film. Hope he had a wonderful time. He looks great, love the smile.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Pity that his visit was so short. I like Jackie´s white nice jacket.

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