Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kung Fu Yoga: New Investment Deal

After news about Viacom18's disinvestment spread, Taihe Entertainment and Sparkle Roll Television released a statement today that all is well with the production of Kung Fu Yoga. Filming has not been interrupted and the film will be released as expected next year. They said that the film has attracted the attention of many investors, and during the process of negotiation, some declined to invest. The film is still a joint Indo-Chinese venture and a new India investment partnership deal is expected to be signed shortly. In the meantime filming continues with Chinese funding.

A few behind-the-scenes photos were also released:



Annet said...

Great news. Love de first foto, doing Kung Fu or Chi Kung (metal position?). By the looks of his arms Jackie Chan is very strong and trains hard still, though no idea what the guy behind him is doing. Great foto's. Thank you for posting.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

All fans cannot wait to see this movie.Great that regardless some problems the filming is still smooth.

Tirry said...

@Annet: the guy behind Jackie Chan seems to be Stanley Tong

Annet said...

@ Tirry: thank you.

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