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10 Photos of Jackie you probably haven't seen


Jackie To Be Honoured By WildAid

Picture says it all :)


Little Big Soldier Limited Edition Model

Did you know that there is a limited edition (only 12 000 were made) model of Jackie from Little Big Soldier. This particular was handed out as a promotional item at the opening of Jackie Chan Cinema in Beijing. The model stands about 18 cm high.


JCCF funds medical treatment for children

Yang Yonghua came to Beijing to receive surgery for her congenital defect. This life changing medical treatment was made possible by donations from JCCF and the China Social Assistance Foundation for funding medical treatment for underprivileged children. This is her story.

You can read more about her visit with Jackie HERE

VIDEO: Premier of Portraits: China

Recently Discovery Channel held a premier press event for the new series Portraits: China Profiling the Chinese Dream.


"Portraits: China - Profiling the Chinese Dream"

In 2010, Discovery launched a nationwide search for candidates for "Portraits: China" and viewers cast votes online for five heroes who personify the dreams of modern China. These 5 heroes are Yang Liping - an incredible dancer who used her dance to preserve the dance culture of ethnic minorities. Dr Shi Zhengrong, a global leader in solar technology and founder of Suntech Power, the world's largest producer of solar panels; Jackie Chan, focusing on his charity; Zhi Nanshan, an academic who was at the center of the 2003 anti-SARS campaign; and Team China, which refers to five individuals whose efforts contributed to China's success in the 2008 Olympics. This documentary will be aired in China on 26 TV stations starting on December 22nd, and will also be aired in over 200 other countries and regions on the Discovery Channel.

CHINA'S modern-day heroes in science, medicine, culture and sports are profiled in a series of five documentaries produced by the Discovery Channel and starting to air from Thursday.

"Portraits of China," to be aired on the Shanghai Documentary Channel at 11pm every Thursday, aims to capture the dreams of a nation through the achievements of modern-day heroes.

The portraits include Yang Liping, a world-famous dancer who is using dance to preserve China's tribal culture; Dr Shi Zhengrong, a global leader in solar clean-tech; world-renowned kung fu star and philanthropist Jackie Chan; Zhong Nanshan, a leading virologist trying to bring modern medicine to the masses and build a healthier China; and Team China, which refers to five individuals whose efforts contributed to China's success in the 2008 Olympics.

Dancer and choreographer Yang created an award-winning trilogy of musicals showcasing folk traditions of various ethnic groups in Yunnan Province.

Dr Shi, scientist, entrepreneur and environmentalist, has developed cost-efficient solar panels and built an empire that aims to rival oil conglomerates. Behind China's Olympic success is a massive, state-sponsored sports program that includes special schools for gifted youth and an ultra high-tech sports science program.

The Team China episode features five individuals - a young athlete, a local official, coach, sports scientist and superstar athlete - who epitomize the formidable gold-medal system.

The Jackie Chan episode shows how the charismatic movie star is turning himself into a philanthropist.

Dr Zhong, a leading specialist in respiratory disease, dreams of making modern medicine accessible to China's vast rural population.

"We are bringing to our viewers China's amazing stories of development and progress through these outstanding individuals who are contributing to their country's unprecedented growth in their own unique way," says Tom Keaveny, president and managing director of Discovery Networks Asia Pacific.

In 2010, Discovery launched a nationwide search for candidates for "Portraits China" and viewers cast votes online for five heroes who personify the dreams of modern China.

In addition to the series, 30 of the most remarkable stories submitted by viewers about their own dreams will also be broadcast, five or six following each episode of "Portraits of China."


From January 2011:

The Discovery Channel is launching a nationwide search for suitable candidates for the series, in cooperation with SINA.com, one of China's major portal sites. The candidates should be iconic Chinese individuals who personify the dreams of modern day China, whether through their personalities, abilities, achievements, or areas of expertise, while reflecting the spirit of a country that is part of a global community.


Yang Liping dancing:


Believe in Love Charity Auction

On 17 December CCTV6 in conjunction with JCCF and China Social Assistance Foundation hosted the premier charity auction for the 'Believe in Love' initiative. The "Believe in Love" initiative is a platform to utilise the star power of the movie industry to draw to promote and support charity. The auction raised a total of 14.78 million RMB. Jackie donated a scarf (signed by himself and Will Smith) and a chair. The scarf sold for 1 million RMB, the chair for 2 million RMB and Jackie donated a matching amount of 2 million RMB.

Funds from this event will go to JCCF (Build a School) and for their program to provide medical treatment for underprivileged children. The amount raised will provide medical treatment for approximately 200 children.

One of the items included a full size replica of a space suit.


Jackie on the red carpet arriving at the auction (+slideshow of other photos on link)


"Believe in Love" Charity Auction Opening. Jackie sings the theme song.
You can see the music video HERE

There is a video of Jackie, Lucky 7 and other artists singing at the auction here.


Jackie shows off the scarf that he designed himself.


Jackie demonstrates the merits of his chair and the buyer (unnamed) takes a seat.


The little girl in blue in these photos is Xiaohua. She just had surgery for a congential heart defect. You can see photos of her visit to Jackie on set of "Chinese Zodiac" here.


National Association of Public Television in Beijing

Jackie and Stanley Tong were invited to be special advisors to the National Association of Public Television in Beijing.


December 17 morning, the National Association of Public Television in Beijing. Jackie Chan (microblogging), Stanley Tong (microblogging) was invited as an Honorary Advisor. Are closed-door filming new movie "Zodiac" said Chan, who is also produced their own, directors, producers in one, you can freely control the filming, so we enjoyed the filming process, but the film is a great scene of his last action movies, because "the age to, and do not want to fly or the."

Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong Public Television Association honorary consultant

The morning of December 17, the National Association of Public Television in Beijing. Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong was invited as an Honorary Advisor. Shi Jianzhong, Can Liu, Zheng Xiaoguang served as Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Association by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of the public security organ culture of publicity officer. Association of Public Television will focus on the theme, to carry out works of creation and production of film and television, film and television work organizing the collection and public security awards and the organization of seminars, comments, founder of "Chinese police film," the association publications.

This time was invited to serve as honorary consultant, Jackie Chan said with a smile can get honest information, to collect real case adapted into film and television scripts. He admitted that the establishment of the association for film and television industry in Hong Kong provides a good platform, with more security the theme of the script for director selection. Stanley Tong said that, in fact, the public security system, there are many typical cases, but did not find a good expression. Some had worried about their subject matter will be constrained, and the Ministry of Public Security of leadership and communication, we found that the environment is relatively open, there are many real cases can be taken.

Jackie Chan film retreat, "Zodiac," I do not know to join King Ge

Recently, the Jackie Chan movie "Zodiac" has released the first trailer, and declared to be one year ahead of December 12, 2012 release. Jackie Chan said in the past six months of the time after a series of shooting all over the world, and from 23 countries martial contest of strength, and the next year to spend time to post-production. Because long-term retreat preparing for the film, Jackie Chan said with a smile did not know King has joined the gang, but he said the very future of hope and Ge, Feng Xiaogang (microblogging), Jiang Wen, who co. The "Zodiac" is also a great scene of his last action movie, because "the age to, and after a fly or do not want to."

Jackie Chan admitted that he enjoyed the film "Zodiac" process, because who is also produced, directors, producers in one, free to control the shooting schedule, "making other people's drama, because there are budget pressures, often provide a games to play play thirty-five days to complete, but my own film I can shoot a movie a month, day staff tired need to rest, I do not shoot the next day to continue, and now I have this right. "laughs Jackie Chan words, his childhood wanted to Interpol, Interpol played more like when plainclothes police officers, that go abroad to catch fugitives is a challenge. Side of Stanley Tong also said with a smile, like Jackie Chan's life when the traffic police are also often "education" does not comply with traffic rules chaotic car driver.

新浪娱乐讯 12月17日上午,全国公安影视协会在北京成立。成龙(微博)、唐季礼(微博)受邀担任名誉顾问。正在闭关拍摄新片《十二生肖》的成龙透露,自己身兼出品、导演、制片于一身,可以自由控制拍戏进度,所以非常享受拍摄的过程,而该片也是自己最后一部大场面的动作片,因为“年龄到了,不想再飞天遁地了”。

公安影视协会成立 成龙唐季礼任名誉顾问



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