Friday, December 9, 2011

Helping Hearts

Yesterday 8.12.11 Xiao Yonghua arrived in Beijing to receive free medical treatment for her congenital heart defect. JCCF funds the program which supplies free medical treatment for underprivileged children from all over China. She was met at the airport by the New Seven Little Fortunes to help make her visit to the Big City less traumatic. They took her to see some sights of Beijing including a visit to the set of 'Chinese Zodiac' to meet Jackie.

Jackie wore a mask to protect her from any germs as she is especially vulnerable. He took good care of her on set making sure she was warm and comfortable and had enough to eat and drink. After visiting Jackie it was time to check in at the hospital. Yonghua was accompanied by her grandfather.

The "Believe in Love - 2012" Charity Auction will fund more children like Yonghua who so desperately need otherwise unaffordable life saving medical treatment.

This picture is from Lucky Seven on Weibo



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