Jackie Chan Appointed to CPPCC

According to multiple news sources Jackie has been appointed as a delegate from Hong Kong to serve on the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference for the next 5 years. The Committee meets once a year and its function is to serve as an advisory board to the National Congress.

The appointment still has to be officially announced. SOURCE: SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST AND MULTIPLE OTHER NEWS SOURCES.

Jackie Thanks Singapore

Jackie thanks Singapore in this short clip in both English and Chinese for the success of CZ12 at the box office.


Police Story 2013 Update in Pictures

A few more recent updates from on the set of the Police Story 2013

Ding Sheng (Director PS2013 & Little Big Soldier) designed these jackets
for the cast and crew.

Jackie cleaning the Director's area

Everyone must label their cup. Can you spot Jackie's?

Soup and Bread for every one to keep warm.
This was Pear Soup which is good for coughs and colds

More nice things in the tea room


Fashion Weekly Shoot

Photoshoot and pictures for "Fashion Weekly"


CZ12 Highest Grossing Chinese Film

Having achieved domestic figures of 850 million RMB making it the highest grossing action film and second highest grossing film in China, CZ12 is on its way to becoming the highest grossing Chinese language film of the past decade in foreign sales.

The release dates for Europe and USA have not been set yet but are expected to be in the second quarter of this year.

Outside JC Film Gallery

Some photos of the outside of the JC Film Gallery in Shanghai. Latest is that it will only be open to the public in June, although the restaurants are open for business should you find yourself in Shanghai.

SOURCE: Courtesy a fan who paid the gallery a visit.

Bentley Visionaries - Jackie Chan

Jackie shares his thoughts on charity.


This is not a Review of CZ12

This is not a review of CZ12 but rather just some of my thoughts for others who have seen the movie or will be seeing the movie.

  1. This is a "Jackie Chan" movie ie it has all the elements that make up a traditional Jackie Chan movie - great stunts, lots of action, lots of humour BUT Jackie's style has matured and evolved. In a recent interview Jackie spoke about how he has reviewed his traditional fights. His fight scenes evolved from being him dissatisfied with the old way of fighting one-on-one while the rest of the group waited for their turn to fight. Jackie showed the world intricately choreographed fight scenes with many opponents attacking him at the same time. However he spoke about how that isn't realistic either. Many opponents would simply over power one person. So he has evolved back to fighting only 1 or 2 opponents for the sake of realism.

    So be warned don't look for that old Jackie style of fighting.

  2. There are a lot of messages in the movie where Jackie takes the opportunity to express his point of view. Look out for them. One of them in particular explains something that was misrepresented in the press recently.

  3. There are a LOT of references to both previous Armour Of God movies. Look out for those too.

  4. Watch out for a number of notable guest appearances.

  5. Watch the outtakes at the end carefully - there is one in particular that is a surprise!
Enjoy the movie! 


Jackie's Appearance in F.I.R.

Jackie made an unusual and perhaps unplanned television appearance in an Indian sitcom called F.I.R..

F.I.R. is an acronym for First Information Report that Indian police prepare for each investigation. The central theme of the show is the unorthodox methods used by the characters to solve new cases.


Bentley Advert With Jackie

Bentley advert with Jackie driving the scenic route to the Great Wall


Hubei Spring Festival Show

Jackie recorded "Guo Jia" for the Hubei Television Spring Festival show on 15 January. Despite rumours that he and Jaycee would be singing together, Jaycee recorded his song for the show during the afternoon, while Jackie only arrived after 10pm to record his segment, after completing a full day's filming for Police Story 2013.


News from Police Story 2013

Police Story 2013 started filming on location in and around Beijing at the end of last year before moving to Huairou Film base. Here are a collection of photos of some of the behind the scenes action from filming.

Filming starts:

Jackie is spotted on set during night filming:

It is bitterly cold in Beijing and Jackie brings warm scarves and jackets
for cast and crew to the set:

He also surprises every one with KFC:

Filming moved to an outside location in a block of flats in Beijing
where an exciting action scene was filmed:

The arrow points to Jackie:

Don't worry this isn't Jackie jumping off the building:

Jackie brought disposable hand warmers to set:

Filming moves to the desert outside Beijing and Jackie complains about the cold.
His water and hairspray froze over night and had to be defrosted (top).
Jackie also brought packets of bread for every one. (Bottom)

Jackie returns to filming after being away promoting CZ12.
He brings biscuits for the tea room.

Jackie brings red bean soup and yummy noodles to put in it.


(Miss Rose is the official public relations person for Police Story 2013)

Videos: CZ12


Better Homes and Garden Magazine

For the feature on Jackie, titled, "His Film and Home" in the "Better Homes and Garden" Magazine Jackie helped design his own "home" for the feature.


Jackie in Hebei

A group of celebrities led by actor Jackie Chan went to a remote impoverished township in north China's Hebei province on Thursday and donated three million yuan worth of clothes, quilts, medicines, food and drink to local villagers.

According to Wang Zhiyong, head of Wangjiawan township, Jackie Chan Charity Foundation donated 400,000 yuan last year to build a motor-pumped well in a village to combat the severe drought that was plaguing the area for years. The well was put into use last December and started providing water to more than 200 residents in four villages.

Jackie Chan said he got to know Wangjiawan township and its poverty from news reports and that he then called on other celebrities through Weibo, a popular social networking website in China, to donate together.

"I have to say 'thank you' to the reporters who have reported the poverty in this place. I hope they can cover more impoverished places like here. China is so big that my charity fund and I are not able to know the hardships everywhere. We can only get to know these impoverished areas through news reports. That is why I have to say 'Thank you' to the media," said Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan has devoted himself to action movies for decades. His recent movie "Chinese Zodiac 12" was on the list of China's top three of highest box office at the end of 2012. Besides his success as a movie actor, Jackie Chan is also well known for his charity. He started his charity foundation in 2008.

SOURCE: http://www.todaysthv.com/news/story.aspx?storyid=241686

Charity in Hebei Province

Braving the cold Jackie and his team visited Hebei Province to distribute about 3 million yuan worth of bottled water, clothes, quilts, medicines and other materials to solve the problems of local winter conditions to the villagers.