David Dobkin Answers "THE" Jackie Chan Question

David Dobkin directed 'Shanghai Knights' and recently did an interview with the Huffington Post in which he was asked 'THE' Jackie Chan question:

Does Jackie Chan really do all of his own stunts?

Yes. It's an incredible thing to watch. He popped his ankle out one day while jumping onto a boat in a scene for Shanghai Knights. He designs and choreographs his action scenes the way Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire would choreograph a dance sequence. The Ideas flow out of him in real time, and we actually had to chase him around with a film crew to adapt to what he was thinking up.

One of the things that was really amazing was watching him use sleight of hand. He understands what the camera sees, what the camera doesn't see, and understands how it's going to be entertaining for an audience to watch him do what he does. He's a bit of a magician...as well as a stuntman.


Extreme Makeover China

The popular TV Series "Extreme Makeover" has come to China. Jackie is the producer for the show. The main thrust of the show is going to be highlight people who quietly help others with the little they have.


A Few Photos from Skiptrace

An assortment of photos from behind the scenes on Skiptrace which is filming in China at the moment.

A town in China gets transformed into Russia

Planning a stunt

And Jackie's car gets another outing in a movie.


Promo Poster for Dragon Blade

New promo poster for Dragon Blade


Jackie Attends Opening of CAC Fuzhou

Jackie attended the opening of the Cathay Courtyard development in Fuzhou on 12 October 2014. He is the spokesperson for the housing development which aims to combine traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern design. Jackie spoke his love for conservation of old houses at the opening.


Jackie Dubs Documentary for Wild Aid

Jackie has dubbed an anti-poaching documentary "Bloody Ivory" for Wild Aid. The film was made by the BBC in 1978 and was nominated for a BAFTA (Best Documentary).

Because of the length of the film this is the link to the dubbed version which has been released by Wild Aid.

Or you can buy a legal copy from Amazon and support the African Environmental Film Foundation.

Jackie Reaches Out To Hong Kong Protesters

As you may know Hong Kong has been brought to a standstill by protests in recent weeks. Students are demanding further concessions from Beijing with regard the election and nomination of Hong Kong's chief executive and have taken to the streets in protest. Estimates place the loss of business at about 80% or approximately HK$350 billion [US$45 billion] which, to put it in perspective, is more than the losses incurred during the SARS outbreak.

Jackie reached out the protesters via Weibo on October 9th with this message:


I found out through the news that Hong Kong’s economic losses reached HK$350 billion and I’m really worried…I believe every Hong Kong resident loves Hong Kong and wishes it well! Hong Kong’s bright tomorrow requires everyone’s support and hard work…In the song "Country," one line goes: "There is no prosperous home without a strong country." I am willing to work hard with everyone and return to rationality, to face the future, love our country, love our Hong Kong.


Jackie in New PIXMA CM

Jackie has made a new commercial for CANON PIXMA printers.


Yeon Jung Hoon Cast In Skiptrace

Korean actor Yeon Jung Hoon has been cast as the sidekick to the main villain in Skiptrace. He was handpicked from a video audition by Renny Harlin. He joined the cast in Beijing on October 9th. Filming is expected to end in mid-December.