Jackie's Book

Some photos and table of contents from Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Older.

Table of Contents


普通,不普通 9
缘起 10
第一章 人傻钱多
拿命搏 16
“死就死吧!” 21
禁令 25
豹口脱身 31
这一跳,献给师父 35
暴发户 39
购物狂 43
人傻钱多 49

第二章 凡人一个
小小“女朋友” 58
初恋 60
“九号”小姐 64
Latisha 66
她是谁 67
再见,邓丽君 70
爱唠叨 76
管“闲事” 86
拔刀相助 96
为什么要读书 99
我的理想 103
我也会害怕 107
凡人一个 119

第三章 越挫越勇
那些挫折 126
没钱的时候 141
在片场 144
我的电影态度 153
什么是成龙电影 160
献给影迷 163
越挫越勇 172

第四章 大智若愚
黑社会 178
要学习 181
为什么穿唐装 185
与儿子相处 186
处世哲学 191
慈善没有止境 194
感谢骂我的人 199
国宝回归 206
大智若愚 208
世界永远不荒凉 214

第五章 本性难改
三个奇人:蔡澜 马云 马未都 224
见面熟:威尔·史密斯 226
“魔鬼制作人”:李宗盛 228
第一个助理:陈德森 231
兄弟、儿子:吴彦祖 233
爱死你了:王力宏 236
真功夫打星:杨紫琼 238
敢豁出去:张曼玉 240
“见死不救”:林青霞 243
永远的传奇:张国荣 梅艳芳 246
我的父亲母亲 248
像父亲一样:何冠昌 252
一生所爱:林凤娇 256
我和房祖名 265
宠物们 275
本性难改 281

第六章 大哥炼成
阿炮 296
戏剧学院 298
小武行 310
龙虎武师 311
第一次远行 313
就是成龙 318
重整旗鼓 321
爱恨好莱坞 326
全身受伤地图 333
大哥炼成 336

附表:成家班历代成员 346
后记 347
感谢 351
Ordinary, not ordinary 9
Origin 10
The first chapter silly money
Take life stroke 16
"Death on the go die!" 21
25 ban
Leopard mouth to get out 31
This jump, dedicated to Master 35
Upstart 39
Shopaholic 43
Silly money 49

The second chapter of a mortal
Little "girlfriend" 58
Love 60
"9" Miss 64
Latisha 66
Who she is 67
Goodbye, Teresa 70
Nagging 76
Tube "big deal." 86
Badaoxiangzhu 96
Why should read 99
My ideal 103
I would be afraid 107
Mortal a 119

Chapter III Yuecuoyueyong
Those setbacks 126
Money when 141
144 in the studio
My attitude to 153 movies
What is Jackie Chan movie 160
163 dedicated fans
Yuecuoyueyong 172

Chapter IV Taizhiruoyu
Underworld 178
To learn 181
Why wear a costume 185
186 along with his son
Philosophy of life 191
Charity never-ending 194
Thank people call me 199
DAVID return 206
Taizhiruoyu 208
Never desolate world 214

Chapter Five die hard nature
Three Warren: Chua Ma Ma did not have 224
Meet cooked: Will Smith 226
"Devil producer": Jonathan Lee 228
First assistant: Teddy 231
Brothers, sons: Daniel 233
Love you: Lee Hom 236
Kungfu playing Star: Michelle Yeoh 238
Dare to fight it: Maggie 240
"Neglecting": Brigitte Lin 243
Forever Legends: Anita Leslie 246
My Father and Mother 248
Like father, like: Leonard Ho 252
Love life: Lin Feng 256
I Jaycee 265
275 pets
281 die hard nature

Chapter VI to Make Big Brother
A gun 296
School of Drama 298
Xiaowu line 310
311 dragon martial
The first travel 313
Jackie Chan is 318
321 rally
Love and Hollywood 326
Map 333 injured body
Brother to Make 336

Schedule: stunt Chronicles 346 members
Postscript 347
351 thanks


Jackie Publishes A New Book

Jackie has just published a new book (in Chinese) titled 成龙:还没长大就老了平装 (Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older). The autobiography was co-written with actress 朱墨 (Zhu Mo) and contains many never-before-seen photos of Jackie's life. It took 3 years to finish.

I'm not sure if they ship internationally but the book is available for pre-order on Amazon.cn


Jackie Will Attend AIFFA 2015

Jackie will be attending the Asean International Film Awards (AIFFA) which will be held from 9 - 11 April in Kuching, Malaysia.


Jackie Supports New Canon Showroom

Jackie was a surprise guest at the opening of a new showroom for Canon in Shanghai today.


Jackie and Tim Cahill

Jackie spent the day with Tim Cahill yesterday filming a documentary about their mutual interesting in helping the lives of children through charity. Tim taught Jackie some football moves(shhh we won't tell him Jackie used to play), while Jackie taught Tim some kung fu moves.


Shanghai Baby House Photos

Some more photos from today posted by Wu Gang.


Jackie Visits Orphanage in Shanghai

Today Jackie visited an orphanage in Shanghai for babies abandoned due to congenital disease. The orphanage "Shanghai Baby House" finds foster and adoptive parents for the children.

From Jackie on Weibo:

Today in Shanghai to visit the "Shanghai Baby House" children, these children are abandoned because of some congenital illness, a group of mothers accept them, and slowly build this organization, hosting more and more children to participate so there are as many as 70. There are many foreign couples, knowing that the children are in good enough health to adopt or to provide a home for them, very grateful to these parents.

Looking at these children, how I wish I was a doctor, let them all of a sudden back to health, but now I can only make Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation help them with financial and material resources, to help these great mom, but also hope that through I my own microblogging can appeal to everyone to pay attention to those doing good mom and innocent children. A single person's power is limited, the more people focus on, there will be greater the force!


看着这些小朋友,我多希望自己是个神医,能让他们一下子恢复健康,但是现在我只能让自己的@北京成龙慈善基金会 在财力物力上帮助他们,帮助这些伟大的妈妈,也希望通过我自己的微博能呼吁大家都来关注这些做善事的妈妈和无辜的小孩子。单个人的力量有限,越多人关注,就会有越大的力量!