More CPPCC photos

Some more photos of Jackie at the CPPCC in Beijing.


CPPCC 2015

Jackie signs in and attends the opening session of the CPPCC today.


Jackie Shows Off Dice Skills On Hidden Energy

The contestant featured in this clip works with his father warning people about the dangers of gambling and demonstrates how easy it is for professional gamblers to cheat. Jackie demonstrated some of his own skills with dice.


How To Start An Internet Trend

An explantion for the origin of 'duang' which has become an internet sensation on Weibo almost overnight. If something is amazing it is 'duang'.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Be a world famous movie star fond of speaking in sound effects.

2. Endorse a product [shampoo] using said sound effect

3. Many years later be spoofed and have sound effect transliterated:

4. Transliteration of sound effect [duang] takes off and becomes a buzzword for anything cool and amazing.

Da Ge Strikes Again

"Jackie is quite possibly one of the most generous public figures I have ever met. In Chinese we call him 大哥 which means big brother. He frequently treats the production crew to dinners and brings food to set. He does this all out of his own pocket. He doesn’t have to do this, but he sees how rough it is to be working day in and day out on set and he chooses to take the team and crew out to dinners. He is amazing in so many ways. First keep in mind he is a 60 year old man, but he is still super fit and active. He is out doing stunts, choreographing, action directing, acting, AD-ing, camera operating, and doing pretty much everything on set. He has more energy than many 30 year olds. haha! He really knows his stuff on set. You can tell he loves making movies. He has been making movies for over 4 decades now." -- Alfred Hsing, actor, stuntman.