Jackie's Movie and Media College

Jackie has finally realised a life-long dream to open his own school for film studies. He will be actively involved in the running of the school as the Dean.

Action superstar Jackie Chan has recently launched his first college, the Film and Television Academy in Wuhan.

As reported on Sina News, the actor, who will personally serve as the college's dean, stated that he has finally completed the life-long dream of establishing his own school, and hopes to use his and his peers' experience in the industry to teach the next generation.

He revealed that he intended to buy a land in Beijing for the purpose of building an academy ten years ago, but was unable to realise his dream.

"Today, I am able to establish it through the assistance of the people who do care," said the actor.

Jackie also invited friends such as Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan, Li Bingbing, and Feng Xiaogang to become the visiting professors of his new school, adding that in the future, he will also employ more professional film workers to teach students not only in classes but also on set and exchange programmes with foreign academies as well.

Jackie stated that in the past, movies usually employed foreign crews and directors, causing the lack of local talents. As someone who has cultivated the talents of his fellow stunt team until they became martial arts directors and choreographers of their own, Jackie hope to do the same with his students.


Xia Hao Wins New Chinese Director Award

Congratulations to Xia Hao and No. 23 for their win.
Xia Hao and his project No. 23 was awarded the top prize of RMB 1 million ($161,000) to support a young director taking part in the third New Chinese Film Talents Fund Forum (NCFTFF) during the Cannes Film Festival and market.

The prize was a collaboration between action superstar Jackie Chan and the Marche du Film, and the prize is to be invested in the costs of the production of the NCFTFF-winning director’s new project, which they were in Cannes to pitch with the support of the Marche and the NCFTFF.

Marche du Film executive director Jerome Paillard presented the award.

Song Yuefeng and his project The Wild Horns was given a special mention.

There were eight young directors participating in the NCFTFF, which was established three years ago by the Marche and Champs Lis with the goal of encouraging and supporting promising young Chinese filmmakers in their understanding of the global cinema marketplace, of the commercial requirements of the film industry, and of their approach to the international production business.


Opening of the Jackie Chan Movie and Media College

Jackie, Zhang Guoli and Xu Fan attended the opening of the Jackie Chan Movie and Media College at the Wuhan Institute of Design and Engineering today.


Jackie Films Reality Show

Jackie took part in a variety show filming in Jiaxing. His role was described as 'mysterious'. The program will air in mid-June.


Jackie Funds Young Filmmaker Award At Cannes

Chinese superstar Jackie Chan and the Cannes Market have created an RMB1 million ($165,000) prize for the Chinese filmmakers taking part in the Cannes festival’s 3rd New Chinese Film Talents Forum.

The money comes from Chan’s Project A: Young Filmmaker Development Fund. The financial prize is specifically to be invested in the costs of the production of the winning director’s new project. The forum is in its third year and this year is host to eight young directors.

The eight get to pitch their projects at a session May 18 at the Olympia Cinema in Cannes. The winning project will be announced on Tuesday (May 19) at the Marche’s NCFTFF Press Conference at the Majestic Hotel.


Hung Yan-yan Talks About Jackie

Hung Yan-yan, stunt double, actor, action choreographer and director, was asking his opinion about action stars in an interview recently. He said that he felt that there was no-one who could compare to Jackie, that in the whole world there were no other action movies that were more realistic than Jackie's. He added that Jackie's action was very real, the way Jackie performs action is completely real.


Low Key Visit to Jiangmen

Jackie paid a very low-key visit to Jiangmen, Guangdong over the weekend. Jackie did some sightseeing and then attended some meetings to discover investment possibilities in the cultural development of Jiangmen, as well as the development of the local film and television industry.