Kung Fu Yoga Theme Song

The theme song - a reworked version of The Myth theme - for Kung Fu Yoga has been released.

Some photos from filming the MV:

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Railroad Tigers Visit Happy Camp

Several cast members, including Jackie Chan, appeared on the game show "Happy Camp" recently.


Railroad Tigers Premier Photos

The premier for Railroad Tigers was held at the Jackie Chan International Cinema in Beijing on 22 December 2016. The movie was released in theaters on 23 December 2016.


Railroad Tigers Premier Video

Full video of the Railroad Tigers premier.


Celebrating UNICEF's 70th Anniversary

Jackie flew into New York for a very special celebration of UNICEF's 70th Anniversary on 12 December 2016.


Railroad Tigers Promo Song for Jackie

Ding Sheng and the cast of Railroad Tigers created a promotional song for Jackie, about Jackie. The song is called Big Brother / 大哥.

The lyrics can be found here: LYRICS 

Railroad Tigers Theme Song

Railroad Tigers has released the music video of the theme song. Titled  Play My Favourite Pipa / 弹起我心爱的土琵琶 it features Jackie Chan; Huang Zitao; Wang Kai; Wang Wang; Sang Ping and Wu Yonglun.

You can find the lyrics here: LYRICS

Photos: 8th Annual Governors Awards

Congratulations Jackie, we are all very proud of you!