China Environment and Health Awareness Week Launch

The China Environment and Health Awareness Week launched in ceremony in Beijing today. Sponsored by Beijing Forestry University, China Health Promotion and Education Association, the China Indoor Decoration Association, Beijing, and the Jackie Chan Foundation, the campaign focuses on man and nature living in harmony, to actively promote a low-carbon economy and carbon free living, to enhance environmental awareness, to focus on how improving the environment improves health and to build eco-friendly homes.

The Awareness week is just the start of the campaign that is going to recruit experts in all relevant fields to participate in various discussion forums, seminars and consultancies. It is going to reach out through all media, print, television and the internet. Various exhibitions will also be held. They want to involve industrial development, environmental protection, housing, urban and rural development, health and other related departments in major cities. Jackie and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation will participate in global advocacy initiatives and charitable activities.

Speakers at the launch included:

Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Chairman of the Central industrial party, "China Environment and Health Awareness Week" Group Leader Comrade Sang Guowei

Huang Yuejin, Vice Minister of the CPC Central Committee United Front Work Department

Deputy Director of the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, agricultural and Industrial Party Central Committee Vice Chairman, "Publicity Week" Comrade Wang Jirong

Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection, Comrade Wu Xiaoqing

Vice Minister of Agriculture

SFA head of discipline 中央纪委驻, the State Forestry Administration, party members, Comrade Chen Shuxian,

Head of Housing and Urban Planners Comrade Tang Kai;

Ministry of Water Resources Chief Engineer Wang Hong

United Nations Environment Programme representative in China, Mr. Zhang Shigang;

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme Resident Representative in China Mr. Zhang Zhenshan;

Deputy Minister of Health, Chen Xiaohong

Jackie, who is the President of the China Environmental Culture Promotion Association, was unable to attend the launch because he is filming in France.


China Environmental Culture Promotion Association

Organization Profile

China Environmental Culture Promotion Association (CECPA) is directly under Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China. It is founded by the social parties, experts, scholars, writers, artists, journalists, entrepreneurs and celebrities voluntarily. The China Environmental Culture Promotion Association carrying out studies of environmental and cultural theory and the theory of ecological civilization. It edited and published a "Green Leaf" magazine. It carries out international exchange and cooperation of environmental and cultural field.

Source: Business Environmental Council

Jackie Surprises Elderly Fans on Variety Show

Recently Jackie was asked to participate in a new Shandong Television variety program called 'Surprise! Surprise!". He was asked to surprise a group of elderly fans from the Heze University Choir who had participated in the music video for Beijing Welcomes You (2008 Olympics), Guo Jia and others. Their wish was to meet Jackie so the team from Surprise! Surprise! planned to surprise them. To their surprise Jackie agreed to participate in the TV show without hesitation when he heard what is was for. Some of the ladies were overheard during rehearsal expressing a wish that they could meet Jackie Chan. When Jackie walked through the door it was indeed a big surprise. Then Jackie surprised them further by bringing Liu Yuanyuan with him. One lady grabbed hold of Jackie and didn't want to let go.

You can see it was a very happy surprise from the faces.


  独家买断英国著名节目《surprise suprise》够不够给力?用最大的关怀给你惊喜够不够给力?如果还不够,那么让你亲眼见到真龙,并和他一起录影,这样够给力了吧?山东卫视《惊喜惊喜》,就是要给你这样无与伦比的惊喜。











"Dragon comes, the dragon is coming!! ... ..." Real dragon, your visit to this moment, the University of Heze older than 20 elderly people pleasantly surprised.

British exclusive buyout program "surprise suprise" enough to power? With the greatest care to give you enough to force a surprise? If not enough, then let your eyes see a real dragon, and video with him, would that be enough to force it? Shandong TV "surprise surprise" is to give you this unparalleled surprise.

Yes, this is not a fairy tale dragon incarnation of the Unreal, but the world-renowned film star Jackie Chan. Portrait of Jackie guest Shandong Satellite TV today, "surprise surprise" program to bring classes Heze University Choir and old aged people brought surprises.

Needless to say Jackie Chan's deeds do not go into details, but mention that the University of Heze older than 20 elderly people, and that name is ringing the first available. In 2008, the old people themselves Heze recorded an old version of "Beijing welcomes you" became a hit network, received millions of hits in the country caused a strong reaction. Subsequently, the old people but also recorded a series of MV: "state" and "Allah Lennon", "space welcomes you" and so on, has been in hot pursuit of the people at home. Over the East in addition to their TV series on local television, CCTV has also been reported, and participated in a global network of Chinese Spring Festival Gala.

Recently, these elderly people enrolled in first gear, Shandong Satellite TV, large-scale variety show "surprise surprise", although many of them have been nearly seventy years of age or sixties, but they are still eager to surprise. And their expectations of surprises, is to see Jackie Chan

Understand the demands of old people, "surprise surprise" program group determined to help these old people love life, whether tortuous process, the team should try to make old people realize their aspirations.

Program group had carefully planned, and disturbed mind With contacted Jackie. Unexpectedly, Jackie busy that after these elderly people, there is not even the slightest hesitation, readily agreed.

In fact, the show rehearsal, we do not know to see Jackie, several old woman muttered, "We especially like Jackie Chan, like his movies, like to sing his songs, if they can see that there is a real dragon how good ... .... " So to force the "surprise surprise" to help them to achieve the desire.

Jackie Chan said he had seen the old people before shooting MV "country", he was deeply passionate performances of these elderly people are touched, and he happily agreed to the program group's request, so the "surprise surprise" program recording the scene, appeared at the beginning of that scene. When Jackie door appears in the recording studio, the old people could no longer suppress his excitement mind, have shouted, "Long came, the dragon is coming" like a rejuvenated general, rushed in Jackie. Jackie is smiling with old people shaking hands, hugging.

Many elderly people meet because of this excitement. Moment as the young lady who a few years old, rushed to hold Jackie refused to let go. That battle, after more than 90 children Starchaser even more crazy.

Hello, my dear grandparents, the first Do not moved, except meet you outside, Jackie also brought a surprise guest to give you a special gift, surprise you ready for it?

More exciting content every Saturday night 21:21 you lock Shandong Satellite TV "surprise! Surprise! "


Making Movies is Hard Work


This photo was taken by my assistant. Carried a lot of filming equipment, does it look professional?

My answer: Making movies looks like hard work!

Source on Photo

And Staying with Food - Updates

Jackie's Cafe Coffee and Tea is still going strong in various places.

You can find one in Tanglin Road, SIngapore. Sorry but this one has also closed down sometime recently.

One in Malaysia not only looks good but serves the most mouthwatering looking Glass of Coffee, Chocolate and Brownie Pieces Blended with Ice, Topped with Whipped Cream and Mocha Sauce.

It even has its own facebook page (the restaurant, not the chocolate brownie thing)

and there is also one in Beijing.

Jackie's Kitchen Going Strong in Korea


Jackie's Kitchen: Jackie's Favourite Noodles and Dim Sum is going strong in Seoul Korea. More specifically in the Coex Mall:

and according to one reviewer serves the best 'authentic' Cantonese cooking in Seoul.

Looks good to me!

Jackie Chan and Movie Locations in Hong Kong


Min Sheng Site

Sina have an entire site dedicated to Jackie's new song Min Sheng 《民生》 or Livelihood with tons of links, pictures and more. Worth the bother of translating sections.


More From Dayne Nourse and Jackie

Well, we've been back from Hong Kong for four days now, but are still trying to shake the effects of our half-way-around- the world travel. What a trip. We'll never forget it!. And what a guy Jackie Chan is.

My son, Dayne, the recipient of a Make A Wish Foundation grant, is still thinking of how he can get back to Hong Kong and live with Jackie.

I am still shaking my head in wonderment, over how suddenly this came about and the whirlwind tour in which it all happened.

It seems like just a month or so ago Dayne, who suffers from a form of brittle bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (his bones fracture easily and he's been completely supported, head to toe, with steel rods surgically placed inside those bones) asked to meet Jackie Chan. It's actually been almost a year since Dayne made the wish. But Jackie Chan agreed, a passport was obtained for Dayne, celebrations were planned in preparation for the the trip and it all finally happened. Where was I, ask myself? But, of course I was there. And how fortunate I was. It was about Dayne. But, his mother, sister and I were also the recipients of a grand and glorious visit with one of the most talented and gracious celebrities of motion pictures.

Our first scheduled meeting with Jackie Chan, a recording session while he voiced a tract for the new motion Picture Kung Fu Panda Part Two, fell through. Uh-oh, we thought, what if? But left it at that. So, we spent the next two days shopping, as you might expect in probably the biggest shopping market in the world. We bumped and paced our way through crowds all over that wonderfully friendly city. Friendly, except for the men, who always go first. First in line, first through a door. My thoughts quickly raced back to my childhood, to a thump on my head and to what I've tried to teach Dayne, women and seniors go first. It's a matter of respect. But, we laughed and bumped along the rough handicapped unfriendly sidewalks of that towering city, amid the warnings to my daughter Brittani, who is also Dayne's Special Needs Nurse, "You're buying too much. You'll never get it home." But, it was for her daughters, my granddaughters. And, it's hard not to buy, especially in a place like Hong Kong.

It was now coming on Thursday, they day of our next scheduled visit with Jackie Chan. Certainly nothing would get in the way of this one. This non-stop , sleepless flight, half way round the world would not be futile, would it? Well, it wasn't. It proved to be all we had hoped and then some.

There was a car at our hotel at 4 o'clock. The idea was to take us to Jackie's new movie complex and office, where he was interviewing and shooting pictures for an article in an upcoming issue of Forbes Magazine. Then, he would spend some one- on-one time with us, on a walking tour of some of his most prized collections. Then, if you can imagine, take us to dinner.

Jackie Chan is a collector. He'll be the first to tell you, "I never throw anything away. I didn't have much as a child. So, everything is treasure." We peered through antiques Jackie has collected from most of the Chinese dynasties. Pieces, he says, which will end up in his museum in Shanghai.

We were in awe of the costumes, saved, from his many movies, and, privileged to preview still photos, taken in preparation for his next motion picture, "Operation Condor", which will be shot on location in Hong Kong, Paris, Beijing and Taiwan. A remake of the old Condor series. And, all the while, I noticed one thing, Jackie hardly took his eyes off Dayne. This was Dayne's day. Jackie Chan knew this and took the time to make it a day my son will never forget. With his two dogs, J.J. and Jonsey tagging along, Jackie even blew off a few stunts, much like the out takes from his many movies, falling a few times, just so we wouldn't get bored. He had us in stitches. We were truly charmed and captivated.

Jackie Chan's studio and office complex, sits in the new territories of Hong Kong, high in the hills and somewhat removed from the bustling city. From here, is and unobstructed view of the ocean, with its own, seemingly private cove and harbor. Only a few other homes dot the landscape. As we a boarded our transportation, we wondered if we would ever have the opportunity of seeing this magnificent view again.

Soon, however, our thoughts turned to dinner. Jackie said he was buying and we headed to one of his favorite restaurants, "Lei Garden," complete with private dining room and authentic Chinese cuisine. In attendance were a dozen or so of Jackie's friends. He says, he always takes them to dinner before he leaves town for extended periods and included us in that elite group.

Dinner, itself, was something else. Dishes, never before tasted by most of us westerners. Very good! Just different.

Jackie made sure he had a seat at each of four tables. At our table, it was right beside Dayne. And, while I devoured a fish-rice soup, Dayne did not. Enter Jackie Chan, who explained to Dayne what it was and scarfed it down himself. Then, there was the Shrimp Fried Rice. Again, not to Dayne's particular liking, though he did manage a few bites, with chopsticks. Once again Jackie was seated beside him. And, much like a father would do, he recited what it was like when he was growing up in Hong Kong in a boarding school, and how he had to eat every piece of rice in the bowl, whether too much or too little, every piece, or he was sternly disciplined. But only in Jackie Chan style, could we find such humor in his childhood. And, following another quick monologue, he cleaned up Dayne's bowl of rice, in seconds, as my son rolled with laughter.

This is pretty much how the evening proceeded. With one last exception, Dayne's request from Jackie Chan was for Jackie to be his teacher in Martial Arts. The look on Jackie Chan's face was easily read, "Mmmm, the second lesson is going to be difficult to give in person", but quickly moved into action and taught Dayne a new move that he could practice and bring home to show his friends. Jackie stood behind Dayne and his wheelchair, took hold of his hands and helped Dayne perfect the move. He sat down, leaned over to Dayne and in his Chinese accent, said, "There! I am your teacher." Not one of us wanted it to end. But, of course, it did. And, this one ended with an exchange of gifts. Dayne is the proud owner of several Jackie Chan autographs, on shirts, flips-slops, towels, hats, even chopsticks (used by Jackie Chan) and a couple of Jackie's first movies. Dayne presented Jackie with an official Real Salt Lake jersey, since the actor is a huge soccer fan, signed by Dayne and a Paul Milsap autographed Jazz hat, along with autographed pictures of the entire Jazz team, at least as it is rostered right now.

But, the shining moment, as emotional as it became, was worth every sleepless minute on the airplane, every ache and pain, along with every other moment of unrest, as Jackie Chan moved in to kiss the girls, hug them and wish them well. He then hugged me, that solid man. I wished him well and promised to keep an eye on the rest of his career, which won't be hard to do. Then, it was Dayne's turn to say farewell. A hug that kind of embarrassed my son, as tears rolled down his red cheeks. But, a hug he is still feeling and talking about today. And, a promise from Jackie, that he would continue his worldwide fight against hunger and disease, no matter the cost.

I've never met an actor quite like Jackie Chan. Nor a man quite like Jackie Chan. I only hope Dayne, someday, can hook up with this talented and gifted person again. That's his dream. His motivation now. And, Dayne's happiness is mine. In the meantime, there are still the movies. I will watch them all again. And anxiously await the new ones, watching and feeling now, however, from a different perspective.

Good luck, Jackie. Thanks for caring. Keep up the good work. Keep us entertained. You're always in our thoughts.

For Dayne, Debi and Brittani, I'm Dick Nourse


Jackie In Paris

Jackie snapped out to dinner in Paris with crew from Chinese Zodiac.

A Clean Environment


Only in a clean environment can we work with joy ...

SOURCE: http://weibo.com/jackiechan

Unless I am wrong - that looks like the office for Chinese Zodiac in France. If you live in France somewhere in the environs of Paris keep a look out for Jackie.

Kwon Sang-woo Confirmed for Chinese Zodiac

Speaking at press conference today Kwon Sang-woo revealed that he will be joining Jackie in Paris after his current film 'Repeat, I love you' wraps.

I guess that the start date for June has been pushed back a bit by this scheduling conflict. Jackie is also expected to be at the Shanghai Film Festival mid-June as well. So I guess we have to wait a little longer for Chinese Zodiac to start filming.

After building a name for himself in the South Korean film and TV industries, Kwon Sang-woo is setting his sights on another booming Asian entertainment market _ China.

The 34-year-old actor is shooting a Chinese-language romance alongside Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung and will next join the Jackie Chan project "Chinese Zodiac."

Kwon, who shot to fame with the 2003 TV drama "Stairway to Heaven," on Friday took a break from shooting in the southern Chinese city Shenzhen to promote "Repeat, I Love You."

"This movie marks my first foray into international markets, so I take this movie very seriously," Kwon told reporters.

The South Korean entertainer said he has been a fan of Hong Kong and Chinese film since his student days.

"My childhood memories are filled with fondness and worship for Chinese entertainers, so I am very happy for this opportunity. Even though there is the language barrier, we share the same emotions," he said.

Kwon, whose recent film credits include "Destiny," "More than Blue" and "71: Into the Fire," praised Cheung, who plays two characters in the movie _ both of whom Kwon's character falls for.

"One role is a very feminine, sophisticated woman. The other is very tough. She was able to draw a clear distinction between the two," Kwon said, adding that he was already familiar with Cheung from her starring role in the 2001 South Korean drama "Failan."

Casting South Korean talent revives a trend in Chinese film. Veteran Ahn Sung-kee costarred with Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau in the 2006 costume drama "Battle of Wits." Ji Jin-hee was one of the leading men in Peter Chan's 2005 musical "Perhaps Love." And Cheung worked with Jang Dong-gun on Chen Kaige's 2005 fantasy epic "The Promise."

Dan Mintz, chief executive of DMG Entertainment, the Chinese studio behind "Repeat, I Love You," said he was looking to breed creativity through cultural exchange _ and wasn't necessarily thinking about South Korean box office numbers.

Directed by Hong Kong pop lyricist Calvin Poon, "Repeat, I Love You" also features Taiwanese singer Angela Chang and Taiwan-based model Sphinx Ting, as well as mainland Chinese entertainers Jing Tian and Jing Boran.

"What we look for is very different points of view. And what helps different points of view is by having different people from different places come together," Mintz told The Associated Press, noting that instead of having Kwon master Chinese, he speaks Korean in the movie.

Kwon told the AP after Friday's news conference that after finishing "Repeat, I Love You," he will go to Paris to join the cast of Chan's "Chinese Zodiac." He is also in talks to co-star with a Chinese actress in a TV series next year.

Chan hasn't announced details for "Chinese Zodiac" and Kwon didn't elaborate on his role, but the South Korean star said he felt the offer was "a big honor for an Asian artist."


Wang Ping Jiu talks about working with Jackie

Interview with Wang Ping Jiu and Liu Yuanyuan promoting Ming Sheng (Livelihood). Wang Ping Jiu talks about working with Jackie.

You can listen to the song below:


Try This At Home

So you are sitting staring at your extensive collection of Jackie Chan movies but you don't feel like actually watching any of them. Well here is another idea to try. Stairs are an optional extra.


Where in the World Was Jackie?

So in the absence of news I am resorting to creating a little quiz for you. Test your knowledge of Jackie. Here are ten recent (within the last year) photos of Jackie. Tell me where he was and what he was doing in each photo. Some are really easy and some will test your memory and knowledge.


10. ˙ɯnǝsnɯ uɐɥɔ ǝıʞɔɐɾ ıɐɥƃuɐɥs ˙

9. ˙oǝpıʌ ʇsǝʇɐl s,ɥʇıɯs ʍollıʍ ɹoɟ ʇooɥs ʌɯ sǝlǝƃuɐ sol
8. ˙uoıʇɐɹqǝlǝɔ ʎɐpɥʇɹıq s,ǝıʞɔɐɾ puɐ ƃuıuǝdo ƃuıɾıǝq nqou ˙

7. ˙ǝɹoʇs ǝllıɯ pɹɐɥɔıɹ ʍǝu ǝɥʇ ƃuıuǝdo ıɐɥƃuɐɥs ˙

6. ˙ʍǝıʌɹǝʇuı/ʇooɥsoʇoɥd ǝuızɐƃɐɯ ssǝɔɔns ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ ıɐɥƃuɐɥs ˙

5.˙ɹǝʇɐǝɥʇ uɐɥɔ ǝıʞɔɐɾ ǝɥʇ ɟo ƃuıuǝdo ƃuɐʎuǝɥs ˙

4.˙lɐsɹɐǝɥǝɹ lɐʌıʇsǝɟ ɹǝʍolɟ ɐlouɐɔ ɐnɥƃuıx ˙

3.˙uɐdɐɾ uı ıɯɐunsʇ/ǝʞɐnbɥʇɹɐǝ ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ ʇɹǝɔuoɔ 113 ǝɥʇ ʇɐ ƃuoʞ ƃuoɥ ˙

2. ˙ɐuıɥɔ ɟo ɹǝıɯǝɹd ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ ɹǝuuıp ɐ ʇɐ ǝsnoɥ ǝʇıɥʍ ǝɥʇ

1. uɐuunʎ uı sɐǝɹɐ uǝʞɔıɹʇs ʇɥƃnoɹp oʇ ɹǝʇɐʍ ɹǝʌılǝp oʇ ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ uo ʇɹodɹıɐ ƃuıɯunʞ

So You Want To Be A Stuntman?

"When you stage a fight for a film, it's not the same thing as a real fight."

Stunt Coordinator Peng Zhang's tips for breaking into the business as a stunt and fight coordinator for film!

So You Want Be A Stuntman?

Top Hollywood Stunt Coordinator Peng Zhang Tells Us About His Cool Job And How To Break Into The Business

Peng Zhang is one of Hollywood's most sought-after stunt and fight coordinators. He got his start as a stunt double for Jackie Chan and since then has worked on such films as "The Last Samurai," "X-Men: The Last Stand," "Rush Hour 3," "Percy Jackson and the Olympians," and the forthcoming "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn." Meanwhile you can catch some of his best work in the amazing action sequences in "I Am Number Four." Zhang not only choreographed many of the fights in "I Am Number Four," he also trained actress Teresa Palmer for her role as a deadly martial arts expert. We'd say he's got one on the most exciting jobs in the world, but if you think that being a stuntman is all about jumping off moving trains and punching the bad guys, think again. There's a lot more to being a stuntman or stuntwoman than that and we asked Zhang to give us the lowdown on his profession and some advice for anyone out there who wants to break into the business.


Zhang says that the number one mistake made by people who want to be Hollywood stunt performers is thinking that martial arts are the easy way in. Zhang is an expert at numerous martial arts himself, but he says you have to master all sorts of other skills too: from driving a motorcycle to scuba diving, horseback riding and rock climbing. "The more skills you have, the more useful you are on a film," Zhang says, "and there simply isn't enough work to go around if all you're good at is one thing."

Acting Out

The other essential skill for a stuntman? Acting! "A stunt man or woman is actually an actor," Zhang says, "because you're making something look real and convincing when it's not real at all. You are also there to help the director tell a story through action, so knowing something about acting really helps." In Hollywood at least, stunt performers also need to be members of the actors' union, the Screen Actors Guild, and the best way of qualifying for membership is to work as an extra on as many films as possible. Working as an extra not only gives you a foot in the door, it's a great way of watching stunt coordinators and performers at work.

Did You Know?

Silent movie superstar Buster Keaton performed one of the first film stunts. It involved the front of a house falling on top of him while the window fell around him to leave him unharmed and still standing. The secret of this early bit of movie magic? Very careful measurements!

Be Safe!

The popular image of stunt performers is of people who love danger and all kinds of risks and it's true that if you hate heights, this probably isn't the job for you. But, as Zhang points out, safety should be the number one concern of stuntmen. "Of course we have to come up with exciting stuff to put up there on screen," he says, "but the skill is in doing it in ways that avoid danger and risks to ourselves or the actors we are working with." Zhang says shooting a scene involving lots of horses and lots of explosions is probably the most dangerous stunt work he has ever done, but he has never suffered any serious injuries.


"What people don't always think about is that when you stage a fight for a film, it isn't the same thing as a real fight," Zhang says. For one thing, a real fight would involve people getting hurt. Secondly, Zhang says, a real blow to the stomach doesn't even look convincing. "Our job is to choreograph action almost like someone might choreograph a dance sequence in a film. You have to think about where the camera will be, how the sequence is going to be edited, what the story is and who the characters are."

Did You Know?

The cars used in onscreen car chases and crashes aren't the same ones you can buy at your local car dealers. They are fitted with all sorts of special equipment, whether it's a roll cage or pneumatic arm to help them flip over safely, special mounts for cameras, or simple fire extinguishers.

The Next Step

Many stunt performers are happy simply to be the people who stand in for the stars and do the jumping out of planes, throwing punches, firing guns or driving getaway cars. As a stunt and fight coordinator, however, Peng Zhang's work has taken him to the next level. He not only trains actors to do some of their own stunts, but he also works closely with the director of a film and the visual effects department to plan action sequences and find ways to make them as exciting as possible. "It's a really varied job," he says, "and it can be very creative."


What makes a really great action sequence? It's never just the number of explosions or crashed cars, Zhang says. "The action should always be there for a reason," he explains. "It's about using our art and our skill to help the director and the actors tell the story through action. You should never do a stunt just because you think it would look cool."

Did You Know?

In "I Am Number Four" actress Teresa Palmer did many of her own stunts. In preparation for her role in the film she worked with Peng Zhang for two months before shooting began, practicing martial arts kicks, sword fighting and acrobatics.

Not All Glamour

Stunt work is definitely exciting but it often involves very long hours and difficult conditions and only the top performers make a lot of money. Stuntmen sometimes work 14-hour days and may be up to their necks in icy cold water or dangling from a helicopter for hours on end. Would-be stunt performers should also realise that if you do your job well it's likely to be the star you are standing in for or the director of the film who will get most of the credit for your work. "Fortunately I don't want to be a star myself," Zhang says. "My reward is seeing great action sequences on screen."

Still Interested?

If you still think being a stuntman could be the job for you, Zhang's advice is to get to the peak of fitness, practice lots of different sports, including martial arts, and watch as many film as possible to try to understand what makes a great action sequence. In some countries you can find stunt schools that will teach you some of the tricks of the trade. Just make sure the schools are properly accredited and that everything you are doing will be safe.


1911 Teaser


Cleaner Air In Jackie's Movie Theaters

Jackie is using an air filtration system designed by a Florida based company RGF Environmental Group, Inc. You can read the PDF press release HERE.

From the press release:

RGF entered into a strategic partnership with Jackie Chan International Theater Group, to supply on an exclusive turnkey basis, indoor air purification systems utilizing RGF's proprietary Photohydroionization (PHI) technology designed for Jackie Chan's high-end cinema multiplexes throughout China.

RGF's PHI technology is a proprietary unique technology that is utilized in RGF's induct indoor air quality product line, which provides low energy air purification that has been proven to kill mold, odors, bacteria, and 88% of an airborne sneeze germs at three feet. Also VOCs, viruses and up to 99% of MRSA, H1N1 and the Norwalk Virus, to name a few.

RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products providing the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals. RGF has sold over one million PHI cells in 33 countries including numerous office buildings and government projects in China.

Jackie Adverts!

Jackie did a series of adverts for Gree Airconditioners in 2009/2010. The one advert is clearly influenced by the opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympics. The other plays on Jackie's concern for the environment and promotes the greenness of the airconditioners. Paradoxically Jackie doesn't use Gree in his theaters but an advanced airfiltration system from the US. The last advert of the 4 is just beautiful and like the Olympic inspired one is one of those adverts Jackie does that are worth watching in and of themselves.


Jackie Sings at 90th Anniversary Celebration

Jackie, Lucky 7 and other artists performed at a large scale concert in Shenmu, Shaanxi Province on 20th May.

SOURCE: http://www.719300.net/thread-18095-1-1.html There are many photos of the Lucky 7 and the other artists on this link.


An Assortment of Photos