Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jackie & Liu Yuanyuan Record MV

May 19, the song "the people's livelihood," lead singer Jackie Chan , Liu Yuanyuan first "realignment" a major site of the CPC Shanghai, completed the final shooting. "Livelihood" MV shooting and it took a month, a number of cities and regions in the country shooting for the "people" drawn "livelihood." In the afternoon, had produced 2009 remake of the old edition of "State" MV Heze, Shandong University for the Aged over 20 elderly people more unexpectedly turned his sixtieth visit the set of Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan surprise that the scene was very warm. Old people said that they remake old interpretation of the thousands assembled the "livelihood" MV shooting in Shandong on the same day, and the Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan portrait of a guest so that they are moving.

As the performance of "livelihood" theme needs, "livelihood" MV shooting fought in various provinces and cities across the country, concerned about the people's lives, drawing a lot of ordinary people's life situations, which the two singers in the whole song in the appearance of the lens MV not a lot, so even more Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan day of shooting the "opposite" is very important, to play go-between, the finishing touch. Shooting the scene, Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan full understanding, cooperation from the current "national" Start, the two had become good friends now, so the match with a very natural and at ease. Two also said that the red spot to participate in such "people" theme song music film makes them feel special significance. Jackie Chan comes to the hope that the history of the footprint of MV to shoot, shoot people's lives change. Liu Yuanyuan also quite excited: "from the" State "to" livelihood ", the expression can be the first time singing voices of the two outstanding works I am very proud of."

Heze in Shandong University for the Aged More than twenty fans coming out, but also to Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan quite moved. For the old people remake of "livelihood" MV, two more guest immediately vowed to thank a few shots. 2009 remake by these old "national" MV high click-through rate on the network, touched countless friends. Today, they are relying on the song "livelihood" and the two key creative love, self-organized to Shanghai, that is, two times with songs like to express a greeting. A grizzled old aunt told reporters: "" people "really sing this song in our hearts, we started to remake MV participated in the concert version of thousands of people, that is, to pay tribute to the idol, ninety years to the founding gift. "

According to the director MV group, the "livelihood" MV creative direction is the "look through the lens of people's livelihood", shooting in different parts of the selected camera are very detailed scenes of life the people involved in the daily life of ordinary people, MV will pass on these details the people's "happiness." "In addition to revealing the obvious flavor of the times outside," MV director Wang Leiqing said, "MV has also designed a concept similar to the time the picture gallery, I hope the party that each period of 90 years of Communist mind Images show the people's livelihood it reflects the Chinese Communists for 90 years serving the people heart the spirit of heritage and promote the people's livelihood.

It is reported that the song "livelihood" MV will be 5 at the end to complete the final production and will premiere ceremony in Beijing and Shanghai.








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