Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jackie Surprises Elderly Fans on Variety Show

Recently Jackie was asked to participate in a new Shandong Television variety program called 'Surprise! Surprise!". He was asked to surprise a group of elderly fans from the Heze University Choir who had participated in the music video for Beijing Welcomes You (2008 Olympics), Guo Jia and others. Their wish was to meet Jackie so the team from Surprise! Surprise! planned to surprise them. To their surprise Jackie agreed to participate in the TV show without hesitation when he heard what is was for. Some of the ladies were overheard during rehearsal expressing a wish that they could meet Jackie Chan. When Jackie walked through the door it was indeed a big surprise. Then Jackie surprised them further by bringing Liu Yuanyuan with him. One lady grabbed hold of Jackie and didn't want to let go.

You can see it was a very happy surprise from the faces.


  独家买断英国著名节目《surprise suprise》够不够给力?用最大的关怀给你惊喜够不够给力?如果还不够,那么让你亲眼见到真龙,并和他一起录影,这样够给力了吧?山东卫视《惊喜惊喜》,就是要给你这样无与伦比的惊喜。











"Dragon comes, the dragon is coming!! ... ..." Real dragon, your visit to this moment, the University of Heze older than 20 elderly people pleasantly surprised.

British exclusive buyout program "surprise suprise" enough to power? With the greatest care to give you enough to force a surprise? If not enough, then let your eyes see a real dragon, and video with him, would that be enough to force it? Shandong TV "surprise surprise" is to give you this unparalleled surprise.

Yes, this is not a fairy tale dragon incarnation of the Unreal, but the world-renowned film star Jackie Chan. Portrait of Jackie guest Shandong Satellite TV today, "surprise surprise" program to bring classes Heze University Choir and old aged people brought surprises.

Needless to say Jackie Chan's deeds do not go into details, but mention that the University of Heze older than 20 elderly people, and that name is ringing the first available. In 2008, the old people themselves Heze recorded an old version of "Beijing welcomes you" became a hit network, received millions of hits in the country caused a strong reaction. Subsequently, the old people but also recorded a series of MV: "state" and "Allah Lennon", "space welcomes you" and so on, has been in hot pursuit of the people at home. Over the East in addition to their TV series on local television, CCTV has also been reported, and participated in a global network of Chinese Spring Festival Gala.

Recently, these elderly people enrolled in first gear, Shandong Satellite TV, large-scale variety show "surprise surprise", although many of them have been nearly seventy years of age or sixties, but they are still eager to surprise. And their expectations of surprises, is to see Jackie Chan

Understand the demands of old people, "surprise surprise" program group determined to help these old people love life, whether tortuous process, the team should try to make old people realize their aspirations.

Program group had carefully planned, and disturbed mind With contacted Jackie. Unexpectedly, Jackie busy that after these elderly people, there is not even the slightest hesitation, readily agreed.

In fact, the show rehearsal, we do not know to see Jackie, several old woman muttered, "We especially like Jackie Chan, like his movies, like to sing his songs, if they can see that there is a real dragon how good ... .... " So to force the "surprise surprise" to help them to achieve the desire.

Jackie Chan said he had seen the old people before shooting MV "country", he was deeply passionate performances of these elderly people are touched, and he happily agreed to the program group's request, so the "surprise surprise" program recording the scene, appeared at the beginning of that scene. When Jackie door appears in the recording studio, the old people could no longer suppress his excitement mind, have shouted, "Long came, the dragon is coming" like a rejuvenated general, rushed in Jackie. Jackie is smiling with old people shaking hands, hugging.

Many elderly people meet because of this excitement. Moment as the young lady who a few years old, rushed to hold Jackie refused to let go. That battle, after more than 90 children Starchaser even more crazy.

Hello, my dear grandparents, the first Do not moved, except meet you outside, Jackie also brought a surprise guest to give you a special gift, surprise you ready for it?

More exciting content every Saturday night 21:21 you lock Shandong Satellite TV "surprise! Surprise! "



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