BTS with Wu Gang

Wu Gang, one of Jackie's top stunt men / stunt co-ordinators and manager of the JC Film Gallery in Shanghai posted some behind the scene photos of himself and Jackie on Weibo today.


Mega Cities: Hong Kong

A National Geographic special from 2008.


Help Preserve Jackie Chan's Official Website

The Internet Wayback Machine is an archive for the internet. If you want to know what a website looked like last week, or last year or even 10 ten years ago it is the place to go. It is an amazing resource if that interesting article you know used to be on that website that has now gone, you can find almost anything - anything provided that an archive record was made of the site. This is where you come in. There is place on the site where you can make a record of a site at regular intervals to help preserve it.

This is the LINK TO THE WAYBACK MACHINE SITE and below is a snapshot of the page showing where you can enter the address for the official website to capture a snapshot of it. To be really effective you need to enter the address for each part of the site that change often - so the main page and the scrapbook will need to be captured more often than the other pages that don't change much. So if you are on the net and having nothing much to do, spare a moment once a week or once a month to record a snapshot of jackiechan.com. Become an archivist for any of your favourite sites, lets preserve history.


Video: BTS The Myth

Old news footage of a behind the scenes report on The Myth.


Video: Jackie In Japan for New Police Story

Jackie gets to taste Dragon Beard candy while promoting New Police Story with Daniel Wu.

Dragon's beard candy (or Chinese cotton candy) is a handmade traditional art of Ancient China. It is also a traditional Chinese sweet similar to spun sugar, which can be found in many Chinese communities. Dragon's Beard Candy was initially created in China, but soon spread in popularity and became a regional delicacy in other parts of East Asia, as well as (and more recently) Canada, Singapore, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. Dragon's Beard Candy is a highly prized sweet within the Korean royal court as well.


Jackie Chan elected President of HK Performing Artiste Guild

Jackie was elected President of the HK Performing Artistes Guild last week by an overwhelming majority, getting 90% of the vote from members. Jackie was on of the founding members of the guild and has previously served as president.

17 Feb – After a lot of controversy surrounding the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild's presidential nomination, it was recently announced that international superstar, Jackie Chan has been elected the new President.

HK Channel reported that the actor, who was absent from the election, won majority of the votes to become the president, while Simon Yam, Stanley Tong, Maria Cordero and Michael Miu serve as the vice presidents.

Meanwhile, the recently resigned Astrid Chan was re-elected as the executive secretary, while Chin Kar Lok, Carlo Ng, Andrew Cheung and Lo Fu were named vice executive secretary.

This is not the first time Jackie was elected president. He had once served as the Guild's president many years ago, and was elected due to his reputation and influence within the showbiz.

However, the actor's election has triggered concern from some, who are worried that Jackie's busy schedule and his constant promotional tours will limit his availability and may result in inability to handle the Guild.

However, Eric Tsang assured that it will all be fine, saying, "Everyone is concern and have offered a lot of opinions, but we still believed that Jackie is the best to play the role. Jackie is not often in Hong Kong, so that's why he has a strong team to support him."


Jackie singing Descendents of the Dragon

Labelled as being from the reunification concert in 1997. I suspect it is more likely to be a later concert commemorating the 1997 reunification of HK with China.



CNN Interview

Max Foster interviews Jackie on Illegal Wildlife Trade


More Videos from London

More videos from the Wildlife Conservation Conference:


Interview with Jackie and Peter Knights (Wild Aid)

In nearly every ecosystem on Earth, threatened animals are being killed and trapped to meet the demand for illegal animal parts, a trade that falls only behind drugs, counterfeiting, and human trafficking in size. Along the way, an untold number of species, from charismatic ones like rhinos and tigers to little-known turtles, are disappearing under the weight of consumer demand.

Thankfully, global leaders are increasingly focused on the trade. Today is the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade, a major event hosted by the UK government aimed at developing concrete plans for fighting wildlife trafficking. Some new steps have already been announced: The US will reform ivory rules as part of a new wildlife plan, while China, which crushed its ivory stockpile this year amid widespread criticism over its role in the ivory trade, has signaled that it will take renewed efforts to combat illegal markets. A new international plan is also expected to be announced later today.

"We want to support the amazing work already done in Africa, Asia and elsewhere and send the unequivocal message that this stops now," said UK Foreign Secretary William Hague. "We will confront the crisis and we will beat it."

Also in London are many of the NGOs and advocacy groups whose awareness campaigns have had demonstrable effects globally, such as a marked decline in the shark fin market. One group that's been very vocal is WildAid, which is supported in London by the Duke of Cambridge, along with David Beckham, Yao Ming, and Jackie Chan, who have all been featured in WildAid's campaign.

This morning I chatted with Chan and WildAid executive director Peter Knights about their efforts to quell the demand for wildlife parts.

Motherboard: How's it going in London?

Peter Knights: Jackie got to meet Prince William last night and he was very supportive, and we're hoping this conference get some renewed commitment internationally from governments.

Yeah, today's kind of the big day isn't it?

Knights: They won't announce it until this evening, but they're supposed to be signing a declaration which hopefully has some specific things in it and not just generalities. They were very bullish about it last night, thinking they were going to make a breakthrough, so we're very hopeful. In the meantime we're going to keep banging away at the market.

Jackie, how did you get started in advocacy?

Chan: I think WildAid found me. They called me up and I wanted to do it. One time, for instance, I saw on TV how people kill sharks, rhino, elephants, tigers, and I thought it was wrong. When WildAid called me, I said yes immediately. Right now it's been almost 12 years, and every time they call me to do anything I do it right away.

When I was young, I got a lot of wrong messages. I was taught that tiger bone oil can help you with your health, or these kinds of suspicious things. So when grew up, I wanted to share the right message with the world.

Has your career helped you send that message?

Chan: It definitely has. When I was young, when I traveled around Asia, wherever I went they'd set up a big party for me. They always had shark fin soup, because they treated me as a very important person. After I saw how they killed the sharks, I kept the video and showed my friends. From now on, wherever I go, there's no more shark fin soup.

Shark fin demand has gone down so much in China, is it because people now understand how the industry works?

Chan: Yes! In the old days, nobody said where the sharks came from, where their fins came from. I think human beings, everybody has a good heart. When they see what's happening, they stop eating, they stop buying.

We need education, day by day and month by month, to teach them. If we can use celebrities and famous people at the same time, we can correct and right things more quickly.

Do you remember in your movie First Strike, at the very end, a shark almost eats you.

Yes. (laughs)

Now you stopped eating shark fins. Are you and sharks even now?

Chan: Yes. I love animals. When I was young, I had two St. Bernards, I still have a dog, I have a lot of cats in my company. My wife always says, "You spend a lot of money on animals. More than even me!" [laughs] It's a commitment. When you're caring for a dog, you have to take care of it for its whole life.

I think as a celebrity, we have to teach the young generation how to speak with the old generation. The old generation still thinks that goose blood and pig blood can clean your stomach of dust. Every day you eat a lot of dust that sits in your stomach, and when you eat goose blood and pig blood, that cleans your stomach.

That's nonsense. You can eat it, but it's not like it cleans your stomach. When I was young, they said you should eat pig brain because it makes you clever.


Chan: Yeah! I hated this kind of thing, but I ate it because I wanted to be clever. It's nonsense. This is why we should correct the young generation, tell them that these kinds of superstitious things are wrong.

This week there's a lot of talk about ivory and the Chinese government. Why is there so much pressure on the Chinese government about ivory and ivory markets?

Chan: I think the Chinese government has banned ivory for a long time, but China is too big. There are so many bad people underground who are still trading these kinds of things. You cannot find them, it's difficult.

Knights: They still have some legal trade in ivory, but it's still quite small. What's happening is that there's a lot of illegal trade on top. From what we understand, the government is looking at eliminating the legal trade, they're looking at it right now.

There's a new administration in China, and they're looking at this again, which is very hopeful. At the same time, we need the education to turn consumers off.

The thing that happened in January of this year is very encouraging. They destroyed six tons of ivory publicly, which is very encouraging.

Yeah, that was very good to see. And what about other markets, like tiger and bear parts?

Knights: Well, Jackie's done messages on a number of these different species, and obviously it's the same principle: We need to stop the buying. I think that as time goes on, they are declining.

Look at tigers: There's only 3,200 of left in the wild, so by definition, there can only be a tiny, tiny number of people that are actually consuming real tiger parts. You're trying to find a needle in a haystack. What we're trying to do with this campaign is make it socially unacceptable, as Jackie was saying. We've seen incredible results in the shark fin campaign, and I think that education is getting. It needs to be coupled with law enforcement, and if we can put those two things together, then we believe we can protect these animals.

Excellent. I had one last question for both of you: What's your favorite animal?

Chan: My favorite animal… I like cheetahs.

Is it the spots?

No, it's because cheetahs run fast.

Knights: And you like dogs as well, right?

Chan: Yeah. And also the eagle. They can fly really high and see very clearly. Those are two animals I really like.

Knights: And when he's got a break in his schedule, I'm hoping to take Jackie swimming with whale sharks.

Chan: Ah, yes, yes! It's a very cool shark.


"Tools of the Trade"

African Wildlife Foundation video with Jackie and Spike the rhino:


Jackie Chan Supports Anti-poaching Campaign

Jackie is interviewed by the BBC on anti-poaching:


"I don't eat Shark Fin Soup"

Jackie Chan: I turned down shark fin soup

Jackie Chan, the martial arts star, describes the importance of challenging the beliefs in traditional remedies which is leads to the trade in rhino horns and how he turned down shark fin soup at a government dinner

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan says it was a documentary, that changed his childhood beliefs in traditional remedies and made him realise "how important it was to save the wildlife".

The 58-year-old Chan, now a spokesman for wildlife charity WildAid, said: "When I was younger I thought shark fin soup was good for the skin, for collagen. I thought tiger bone oil was good for when you get hurt.

"When I see [the documentary] I say 'Wow!' and realised [I was] so wrong. Then I told my friends. I told my son.

"I asked the doctors – is that true that rhino horn helps people? They said no, it’s nonsense. It’s the wrong message."

He is not afraid to stand up for convictions, refusing food at government functions if it comes from endangered animals.

"Ten years ago, when I was making a film in China, the government brought me a dinner.

"I sit down; boom – they give me shark fin soup. I said put it away. I said can I have some other soup, I just don’t like shark fin soup.

"They buy a dinner for me, one person, but [but there are] 20 people [eating] around with me. If I stop, 20 people stop."

Chan says it will take time to change attitudes that date back millennia, but he hopes that now the Chinese government is backing his projects the situation will rapidly improve.


Conservation Event in London

Jackie is attending a conservation event in London to launch the Wild Aid Rhino Poaching video he made last year. At a reception at the Natural History Museum Jackie met Prince William, who has also campaigned for Wild Aid.


Happy Together (Eng Sub)

Finally! Enjoy!


Video: Making of Wild Aid Advert

A teaser promo for the upcoming Wild Aid advert featuring Jackie and Spike the Rhino.


Jackie's New Year Greeting to Fujian

At the end of 2013 Jackie announced a donation of one of his historic houses to a restoration project in Changting, Fujian. He made this new year greeting for the people of Fujian in which he expresses his hope that - "the construction can be more beautiful, let us work together to protect the ancient city Changting, developing and building!"


Jackie Presents the Oscars 1996

Jackie Chan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar presenting Christine Lahti and Jana Sue Memel with the Oscar® for Short Film (Live Action) for "Lieberman in Love" and Nick Park with the Oscar® for Short Film (Animated) for "A Close Shave"at the 68th Academy Awards in 1996.


Guerrilla Date

The advert / trailer for the show is subtitled:

The full episode:


Video: Opening Anmiation to the 100 Films Concert

This is the opening of the concert held in Hangzhou on 1 October 2013. Enjoy.


Ningxia Wine CM Photos

Some semi BTS photos of the Ningxia Wine CM.


Celebrate CNY in London with Madame Tussauds, Jackie and Bruce Lee

Paying a flying visit from Hong Kong just for CNY!

We're joining the largest Chinese New Year celebrations outside Asia as the Capital gears up to wish Londoners and international visitors “Kung Hei Fat Choi”, with a special visit from the wax likenesses of Chinese martial arts masters Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

The striking figures will travel from our attractions in Hong Kong and Shanghai to take up residence here in London in time to welcome in The Year of the Horse on Friday January 31. BUT, visitors to London’s famous Chinatown can get a sneak preview as both figures will be paying a special visit to Gerrard Street in the run up to Chinese New Year on Wednesday January 29. Members of the public will be able to get up close to the legendary Lee and Chan and pose for pictures with them.

The figures will be in Gerrard Street for the afternoon before returning here to Baker Street to take up residence at the attraction, where they will remain until mid April 2014. We will be throwing Lee and Chan a New Year celebration on Saturday February 1, with performances of the high-energy, high-impact traditional Lion Dance at regular intervals. Our attraction will also feature customary decorations and music, with the historic building also being lit up in lucky red. Guests can also have a peek at what’s in store for them in the coming year with a free fortune cookie*.

Guests will be able to pose alongside legends Lee and Chan throughout the New Year period. Lee is portrayed in his trademark yellow and black all in one, his face deep in concentration poised ready to spring into action. Chan is in a more relaxed pose with his familiar large smile and dressed casually in a denim outfit.


New Commercial

A new commercial for a new product - Evergrande Spring Water was just launched at the end of last year.