Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Help Preserve Jackie Chan's Official Website

The Internet Wayback Machine is an archive for the internet. If you want to know what a website looked like last week, or last year or even 10 ten years ago it is the place to go. It is an amazing resource if that interesting article you know used to be on that website that has now gone, you can find almost anything - anything provided that an archive record was made of the site. This is where you come in. There is place on the site where you can make a record of a site at regular intervals to help preserve it.

This is the LINK TO THE WAYBACK MACHINE SITE and below is a snapshot of the page showing where you can enter the address for the official website to capture a snapshot of it. To be really effective you need to enter the address for each part of the site that change often - so the main page and the scrapbook will need to be captured more often than the other pages that don't change much. So if you are on the net and having nothing much to do, spare a moment once a week or once a month to record a snapshot of Become an archivist for any of your favourite sites, lets preserve history.


danny said... is the only site i want to restore so much memory i lost with this site.. i cant explain

SuperChanBlog said...

Dannny, I understand how you feel. I suggest you join the forum and have a look, you might find some of those lost memories, and also I suggest you write and tell them how you feel about all the lost diaries.

danny said...

i am cheking i can see so many things we lost

danny said...

already join the forum and enjoying it..u hv sent me lost jackie chan diaries

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