Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mega Cities: Hong Kong

A National Geographic special from 2008.


danny said...

thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Very interesting documentary about Hong Kong ! Money moves the world around, but without spirit and hard work we can't reach our goal. I love soo much as Jackie loves his work soo much, and want to know and learn everything about the world, and he always put his full heart in !!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU MOOOORE AND MOOOOOORE JACKIE CHAN !!!!!! <3_<3 <333333333333

Anonymous said...

He is just soo amazing always, and very cute as he eating !!! as he speaking !!! LOOOOOOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH JACKIE !!!!

i like you very mutch... I Love It soo much Jackie chan is for you!
Have a great touch, good JC, great fans and a great year for all your projects!
Happy smile more and some more, with you forever!!!!

Laura Hernandez said...

Jackie lives in HK or in Beijing?

SuperChanBlog said...

His home is in HK.

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