How To Start An Internet Trend

An explantion for the origin of 'duang' which has become an internet sensation on Weibo almost overnight. If something is amazing it is 'duang'.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Be a world famous movie star fond of speaking in sound effects.

2. Endorse a product [shampoo] using said sound effect

3. Many years later be spoofed and have sound effect transliterated:

4. Transliteration of sound effect [duang] takes off and becomes a buzzword for anything cool and amazing.

Da Ge Strikes Again

"Jackie is quite possibly one of the most generous public figures I have ever met. In Chinese we call him 大哥 which means big brother. He frequently treats the production crew to dinners and brings food to set. He does this all out of his own pocket. He doesn’t have to do this, but he sees how rough it is to be working day in and day out on set and he chooses to take the team and crew out to dinners. He is amazing in so many ways. First keep in mind he is a 60 year old man, but he is still super fit and active. He is out doing stunts, choreographing, action directing, acting, AD-ing, camera operating, and doing pretty much everything on set. He has more energy than many 30 year olds. haha! He really knows his stuff on set. You can tell he loves making movies. He has been making movies for over 4 decades now." -- Alfred Hsing, actor, stuntman.


An Assortment of Dragon Blade Interviews and Appearances.

An assortment of videos of various lengths of all the Dragon Blade promotions:


InSIng TV Interview Dragon Blade

English and Chinese with subtitles


Dragon Blade Promo in Wuhan

Jackie was back promoting Dragon Blade in Wuhan today.


Video: Dragon Blade Interview

Jackie Chan was in KL recently and was joined by Choi Siwon, John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Lin Peng and Mika Wang to promote their latest movie Dragon Blade.


Video: Hidden Energy

Watch to the end.


Dragon Blade hits record at Box Office

Dragon Blade scoops the opening day box office in China earning 120 million yuan (192 000 USD). This gives it the opening day record for Jackie as well as coming very close to beating the all time opening day record for Monkey King (2014) which stands at 128 million yuan.


Translation of UWeekly Interview

Admire Each Other:
It is known that Jackie Chan is always taking care of the younger generation, especially from the little things he did. For example, when he talks about his son, Jaycee Chan, he will use Mandarin to answer, and translate to English for Siwon to understand. He also mentioned, that due to the movie duration, he had to cut a lot of screens that he had with Siwon, which he finds it a waste.

Question: If he is really your father/son...?

Siwon: "If Jackie Chan is my father, I will want him to be healthy always, with longevity."

Jackie: "If Siwon is my son...there are a few that I would want to have as sons, like Lee Hom, Siwon, Jay Chou, but he (Jay) is a bit on the bad boy side. People are always behaving like this, always see others' sons as good sons. It is true, that I can never stand my own son. I have already scolded him till I am scared of scolding anymore, and now got into trouble."

Question: Was Siwon afraid of working with Jackie Chan?

Jackie: "He respects me very much, in fact I was the one who will tease him. He has the Korean tradition in him, will turn himself around to drink tea, when I stand he will stand as well, I like such tradition culture. Nowadays, many youngsters use 'yo, yah, what's up?'. When Jaycee was in US, he used 'what's up Dad?' (Jackie stood up to imitate his son). I told him to stand straight when he is talking to me, but the moment he cannot move, he can't speak a word. Youngsters are all like that, Asian youngsters learning the hip hop culture. I told Jaycee, that we have to know our own culture.

Siwon: "I didn't dare to speak like that to Jackie, because I respect him. Being friendly with each other and respecting each other are two different things, I respect Jackie's life experiences, that is one thing that money can't buy at all."

Question: Why did you chose Siwon for the movie?

Jackie: "I didn't chose the cast for the character. I just want to work with him.....You see that I don't even choose my own son, where I should promote him and bring him up, but I don't. I told the director, that I want Siwon and my godson Sammy Hung (son of Sammo Hung), these 2 are the people that I want to use."

Question: What did you like about Siwon?

Jackie: "He is very pure, cute, and polite. In the beginning, we only cooperated in the charity concert, after that I went to Korea for promotion, he came to support me. When I had the charity concert in Beijing, he came to support once again. When someone did not ask for a return after he gave out so much to support others, I would want to help him as well. Now is just Dragonblade, in the future, I would want to bring him to US, or China to develop. I like this kid.

Siwon: (After he heard Jackie answering in Mandarin, he used English to speak) "Jackie is really an awesome person, I am really honoured to be able to work with him.

The act of a big brother: Cooperating with actors, many will have sparks and learn a lot from one another. Jackie assumed that he has the rights to act as a father for Siwon, to teach him and promote him, but yet he did not have anything to learn from Siwon. Big brother indeed a big brother, straightforward.

Question: Did you learn anything from each other?

Jackie: "To be honest, I didn't learn much. I only like this person (Siwon)......He should be the one who learnt more. If I am in Korea, of course I will be the one who will learn from him."

Siwon: "After knowing Jackie, I will think about the generation after me. Because he is always so caring towards the younger generation, using his heart to teach the next batch of actors."

Jackie: "What he means is, I am always helping those weaker group of people, and working with new actors, I will give them a chance.

Siwon: "And he always care for a lot of people."

Jackie: "That is why I have many scandals."

Siwon: "Jackie owns many things in life, yet he is still as humble. He can just leave me alone, but I guess that probably in his mind, he will think of the days when he was a newbie or when he was struggling in life. He has a lot of patience in teaching, that is one thing I would want to adopt from him. Because us in this generation, we are so much more self-centred."

Question: Jackie wants the audiences to learn about "treasure" in Dragonblade. What about your own definition?

Jackie: Treasure everything that you have, because there are wars all over the world. I like the song from the movie "Tell The Wind, Bring Dad Home", when singing the song will tear. Peace is what many countries would want to have, and yet, when we have it, we never treasure it."

Siwon: "My thinking is the same as Jackie, when I read the script, I thought of how the world it is now, fighting and wars...(But you never experience wartime?) But I am going to get enlist next year! Haha, so I need to know now, and very engrossed in it."

The future cooperation: Jackie praised Siwon's learning ability is strong, so Siwon took the chance to promote himself, seems like there is hope to work again in the future.

Question: Did you get hurt when you filmed the fighting scene? How was Siwon's fighting ability?

Jackie: "John Cusack hacked in a rather messy way, my hands were full of cuts from him and yet I didn't dare to let him know. When we swing the sword, we used the strength and is not painful, they used the strength yet is painful, even when they didn't use the strength they could feel pain too. Same goes to Adrien Brody, they didn't hack the sword, but they hacked the hands. However, Siwon was fast in learning this. Speaking of this, I am truly sorry for Lee Hom, the way that he used the sword was weird. After finished with the movie, he (Lee Hom) told me he was left-handed! If he mentioned earlier, I would have design the scene using left hand."

Siwon: "I wasn't hurt, the filming was fun. I was telling Jackie last night, that I hoped to be his son in his next movie."

Jackie: "He asked me on the plane, if he can act as my son next. This maybe...."

Siwon: "Good thing I am a right-handed."

Question: Ever thought of cooperating in music? Dance and sing with Super Junior?

Jackie: "I did, we can sing songs that talk about bromance, I like to sing duet. Previously in The Myth, I sang duet with Kim Hee-sun. (And he started humming the song.)

Siwon: " I am anticipating on that, we are waiting for Jackie's call."

Jackie: "I can't do Super Junior's songs. Maybe on the charity concert, we wear the same, and after they performed, I will go up the stage to do the ending pose."

Siwon: "That is why everyone likes Jackie, because he is always full of ideas to support the youngers."

Jackie: "I like interesting stuffs, and surprises. I like to sing, as it is fun, a good way for relieving. All these years, I am considered lucky, I had filmed many movies that people remembered, and sing a few songs that many remembered (started to sing a chinese song again) If there is god in the world, this god treats me real good, so I want to spread my good luck to everyone."

Sidenote: Jackie Chan taught Siwon to scold bad words?!

During the interview, Siwon was very prim and proper, it was Jackie who was rather bubbly, the old and the young seems like a character switch. The interview was done at the roof of a community club, the moment Jackie reached the venue, he walked to the windows to admire the view, and even took his phone out for phototaking. During the interview, Jackie was very excited, waving his hands around like a big kid. Talking about Singapore, he mentioned: "Everything when I came to Singapore, the moment I got out of the airport and saw the flowers on both sides of the road, I will shout 'so f****** pretty' (in cantonese), add in the bad word, can further emphasised how pretty the place is."

After he was done, he turned to Siwon: "What did I teach you in the morning? Have you forgotten?" With the face like an angel, Siwon shouted out without thinking: "So f****** pretty! (in cantonese)"

The others at the scene immediately burst out laughing, while Jackie was smiling and nodding his head at the side. Perhaps, someone like Siwon who is so 'clean' and free from scandals is the good son that he wanted.

Translated by: @Minology0301


VIDEO: Dragon Blade Promotion

Jackie and the crew appear on TV.


Person of the Year Award

Jackie was awarded "Person of the Year" in Thailand.


Uweekly Singapore Interview

Jackie and Choi Siwon did an interview and photoshoot for the February issue of UWEEKLY magazine in Singapore.

You can read the interview HERE

Dragon Blade In Thailand

A small assortment of photos of the Dragon Blade promotion in Thailand.


Watch "You Are The Best"

"You Are The Best" talent show has an official Youtube Channel where you can watch the full episodes of the show as they air.

Episode 1:


Promoting Dragon Blade in Taiwan Part 2

The rest of the photos:


Promoting Dragon Blade in Taiwan Part 1

After Singapore and Malaysia promotions moved to Taiwan. Wang Leehom was a surprise guest at the premier arriving with a huge bunch of flowers and good wishes for the movie.

There are too many good photos for one post, see the rest in part 2.