Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jackie Thanks Fans For Gifts

At his birthday party in April last year Jackie promised that fans would have an opportunity to attend the premier of Dragon Blade. Over the course of the promotion for the movie there have been various opportunities for fans to win tickets to the premier. In all 298 fans attended the premier, some coming from outside of China. A few fans brought gifts for Jackie and with the help of JC Group and the local fan club fans were collected from the airport, taken to the premier and time was found for Jackie to pose for a quick group photo.

After the premier Jackie also posted photos of himself with all the gifts he received and thanked all the fans for their support as well as thanking the Chinese Fan Club for the help they gave foreign fans.

SOURCE: Jackie Chan Weibo


Annet said...

Really great, they were so lucky to meet Jackie Chan and see the film already. Should pay closer attention to the official site. :-)

SuperChanBlog said...

@Annet - you would need to follow the official Dragon Blade feed on Weibo.

Annet said...

Thank you SCB. This is going to be a challenge. Found the official dragon blade. Is there an official Jackie Chan site. I've tried the same name as on fb but that didn't work. I got so many Jackie Chans but not 1 I should get.

SuperChanBlog said... = Dragon Blade = Jackie

Viczian Christy said...

Some of the "fans", even they were there, but they couldn't give their gift to Jackie.

Viczian Christy said...

actually, nobody picked me up at the airport, even they were there, they forget about me So I had some scary moment, when I arrived at the airport. I took a taxi, and accidentally found them.

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